Sister Needs Me Again


Author’s note:

Please read ‘Sister Needs Me’ for the first part in this story.


I went back to my room and slumped on my bed, dropping my clothes on the ground as I lay on my back, naked. I couldn’t believe my luck. I stared at the ceiling for ages, thinking about the amount of joy that I could and will be having with Hannah. Being exhausted on one hand, and recklessly plotting my next encounter with my hot sister. I eventually found rest.

I woke on Sunday morning to the sound of my parents hassling Nathan to get out of bed and ready for church. Nathan would consistently use the ‘but Andy (that’s me) and Hannah don’t have to go’ excuse, knowing how much we enjoyed not having to go, but to no avail — he was going. I heard my mum heading toward my bedroom. She knocked and opened, telling me she and the other two would be going to church and lunch at the minister’s house after. I made some noise in acknowledgement and they left.

I decided I’d get up now that I was awake. I put some briefs on and hobbled into the kitchen to see what I could scavenge for breakfast. As I was halfway into eating what I’d served myself, I heard footsteps coming from behind. It was Hannah, of course, and I looked back at her, and we exchanged devilish grins and ‘good mornings’. I turned back round on the couch to finish my cereal, and not long after, I felt Han hug me from behind, and could feel her braless breasts melt into my back through her white singlet. I’d never really seen her this undressed around the house, but I can only assume last night was a catalyst for her doing so now. I leant my head back and gave her an upside down kiss. Hannah then walked over to get some breakfast of her own, and I used the opportunity to scan her more. Her breasts were large enough to stretch the arm hole of her singlet so that I could fully see her naked side boob bobble slightly as she walked away. Her underhalf was clad only in cotton panties, which I could only barely see, because her singlet ran down to just past her hips.

My cock began to twitch in my briefs, and this sent signals to my brain that said ‘you two are alone. START FUCKING ASAP!’ much of my conscience was telling me this also, and I got up and walked over to Hannah as she served herself at the counter. I pressed myself and my ‘semi’ against her, and roamed my hands under her singlet around her waist and pulled her back into me. I was dying to be with her right now. I wished I knew what she was thinking. She then stuck her butt out further and ground it into my slowly stiffening penis.

I reminded Hannah of what I thought she already knew; that we were alone for the big ass porno next 4 or so hours. She must have taken the hint that it meant ‘time to get busy’ because she turned around and slid her hands down the back of my briefs, grabbed my ass cheeks, and searched for my lips with hers. I met them with my own, and my hands resumed their wandering around her abdomen. She quickened her movements, signalling her intention to get freaky some more, and quickly pulled her hands out of my boxers and whipped her singlet off. She then put her arms around my neck, and with some gestures, pulled herself up so her legs wrapped around my waist, and her breasts danced with my chest as we continued progressively frantically kissing.

By this stage my cock had burst through the hole in my briefs, with its head spasmodically flying around her panty clad mound, occasionally swiping her slit. This caused Hannah to elicit a number of short moans, which I hadn’t been privy to last night, at least with the unrestrained noise police of my family. That I knew how I was making her feel, and that she wanted me just as much as I did her, was unmatchably arousing, and I joined with her in making noises according to the flurries of pleasure we shared. I was holding her light frame with my hands squeezing and holding her butt cheeks. With her hands still around my neck, Han would occasionally lean back, causing her lower half to pivot down onto my steely pride. We began to gather a rhythm, mainly through me lifting and lowering her entire body.

On the lift, her nipples grazed my chest, and she gained momentum to fall down onto my cock. I supported her weight with one arm, while the other yanked off my obsolete briefs, before resuming this movement. It caused our kiss to be apprehended, but we focussed on the movements and connections of our bodies. One of my hands ventured off her ass and toward her sweet cavity, and discovered its inherent wetness. I held her stationary for a moment as I grabbed my cock’s base and rapidly strummed the head back and forth over her clearly swollen lips. With this, Han made a myriad of noises that told me that felt good.

My arms were getting a bit tired, so I carried her over to the nearby lounge room, and placed her down on a couch, and with the same movement, peeled her panties off. We were both completely naked now, and we both spent some time catching our breaths. We looked at each other, abandoning whatever prejudices might be thrown at us, and smiled at each other.

I had been with 2 virgins before, and both times, I don’t think they were mature or mentally ready for it. But I knew that Hannah was ready. big tits porno I could read the lust in her eyes, and knew her boyfriend wasn’t the guy to do it for her.

“Are you ready, baby,” I inquired.

“Yeeessss! Let’s gooooo.”

I spread her legs some, as she had them dangling in the air.

I then assured her that I wouldn’t cum inside her, and that the small chance of us conceiving was very small. Of course I knew this was BS, but I was condomless, and nothing was going to stop me from burying my meat in the kennel.

She uncertainly approved, and I aimed my penis at her entrance. I teased her by flapping the head of my dick up, down, left and right for some time. This also served the purpose of concealing my first push into her, which she might otherwise close her front door.

She screamed, “Aaaaah! Aaa..a..a.a…Oooow.”

I stayed silent as I focussed on entering her without hurting her too much.

Hannah instinctively tried to push me away from the sharpness of the pain, but I pushed inside her again. She responded similarly, but this time with a hint of ‘ooo…ok…I see.’

She was wet enough for me to perform a few faster ins and outs, and as quick as that, Han was moaning softly, “Yessss…mmm…oooOOooommm.”

I had managed to invade 3 or 4 inches into her, and I was definitely going to settle here.

I continued pumping the 3 or 4 inches I had at that stage while leaning forward and playing with her nipples. They grew desperately hard within seconds and seemed to raise the intensity of her pleasure.

I, meanwhile, was so swept up with taking my sister’s virginity, and was lost in pleasure, as half my cock was being massaged by this silky vice that was progressively allowing it to glide further in. I gained so much joy from seeing the relief and release on my little sister’s face, and her moaning beckoned me into her further. In continued flickering around her nipples, as I leaned further forward still, to kiss her upper nape, just below her ear.

“AHH…Ooooo my Goddddddddddd! Yes yes yesssssss!” She wrenched out of her lungs.

I was getting in deeper, about 5 or 6 inches now, as I moved my mouth up to her ear, and played with it with my teeth as I continued pumping in and out. Normally I would have come by now, but last night’s episode helped me prevent blowing.

“FUCK YES!” I shouted.

Hannah had stopped moaning, and was instead breathing heavily and in staggers. As I would enter her deeply, her breath would release heavily, and as I pulled out, she would take a massive breath.

I pulled out of her, and got her to kneel on blacked porno the couch, facing away from me, so we could doggy for a bit. I knew I was getting dangerously close to cumming, and as good as this felt, I couldn’t stand the tension much longer. I needed to soon cum all over my baby sister, and doggy was the way to do it.

As Han obediently succumbed to her knees, she knew how to work her body, and stuck her amazing buns out at me as her lower back arched downwards. I couldn’t wait to begin pounding my cock in that hole which was now leaking fluids down her leg.

I wasted no more time before having to work my cock back in her tight pussy. Her wetness made it much easier to work my way in, and before long, I had almost all 9″ of me sliding in and out of her pussy, as Hannah now pushed back on my cock as I slammed into her. Her hair was splayed over her smooth back as she tilted her head back in ecstasy. I was forcing myself into her hard now, and while she continued moving back in rhythm with me, my forward thrusts jolted her forward on the couch. We were working ourselves up a lot.

“I love you, Han.”

“Uh…uh…uh.” In a high pitched nausea, “I…uh…uggghhh…uh…love you too…ooooh!”

Her body would every now and then buckle from one of many orgasms. I could see in front of me how much this was taking out of her. She was looking spent, as I was becoming.

I slammed my cock in hard through her vice 6 or 7 more times, before feeling like exploding. My balls would slap against her legs as they swung with the movement. I neglectfully pulled out of her and whispered quickly, “Babe… I’m… cumming.”

She quickly rolled over and sat on the couch facing me as if to watch the show. I shuffled forward, to make sure I didn’t get near her pussy, and aimed toward her face and let go.

“AAAaahhh, yeh! Fuck. Fuuuuuuck. Oh, fuck. Shit. O my fucking God. FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK,” were the words that commentated the 8 or 9 spurts that pasted Han’s face, neck and breasts.

The emotional and physical climax released all that had been pent in my thoughts last night, and I knew this was right. She was breathing heavily, and I could tell there must be some anxiety within her, yet her persistence and beckoning of us being together made me know that we were ok together.

Han tried to clean some of my liquid off her face with her tongue, but eventually decided she would use the shower’s liquid instead. I watched her walk away, with her proud ass swaying. She looked back and me and pouted me a kiss, which I smiled at as I leant back with my hands supporting my head.

“What would my parents think of this,” ran through my mind.

I could only think that we would be disowned and be forced to live in remote and rural place where no one would know we were siblings.

It would really only be a matter of time before my parents did find out.

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