Sister – Sister Ch. 01


An ex-nun, who said she had been in a very similar situation, related the outline of this story to me. Many of the details were told to me with the knowledge that I would bring them to light. I hope you enjoy this story as much as you have expressed an interest in “Seven Mile High Club” and “Joan the First Female Pope”.


Robert English peered out the window of the speeding train. It was taking him home for the first time in eight years. Now at twenty-nine years old, he felt strong enough to take on the parents who had almost driven him insane. As he looked out the window, it didn’t seem that the train was moving, as much as the scenery was moving passed the train.

He wondered how his brothers, James and Eric were fairing. Jimmy had been married the year before Robert had left. Eric, however who was only sixteen at the time, had remained at home while Robert opted to escape and go west. He had always felt guilty about leaving them, especially Eric. The train trip turned out to be a long and tedious one with a long layover in Chicago. He probably should have flown, but his fear of flying wouldn’t let him. Actually Robert wasn’t afraid of flying; as much as he was afraid of crashing.

It was now October 17th, and September 11th was just two months ago. Who knows what those Muslim screwballs had planed now. Them and their seventy-two virgins. A lot of good the virgins would do the idiots, when they are dead.

Well it wouldn’t be long now. The conductor had just announced they would be pulling into Cincinnati in fifteen minutes. He wondered if anyone would be at the station. If they weren’t he would take a cab. Robert grabbed his two suitcases and moved through the train car toward the exit.

As the train pulled into the station Robert saw his brother Eric standing on the platform. He was pleased they hadn’t forgotten him. Eric was easy to spot, as he towered over everyone else by at least three inches, and was wearing a very tight fire engine red t-shirt that accentuated his massive physique.

Climbing down the stairs, he waived at his brother and yelled,

“Eric … Over here.”

With a quick stride, Eric ran to his brother and threw his arms around him.

“I’m so glad you are home Bob, Mom has been nuts for a week worrying that you might not show up.”

“Yah … I’m here. God Eric you look great. You been working out?”

“Everyday! I can bench my own weight now; 215 lbs. Maybe we can get to the gym before you leave.”

“That would be great. How are Jimmy and Dad?”

“Jimmy and Erin are in the middle of a divorce, and Dad? Well you know Dad. He doesn’t change much. The only thing he talks about is the weather, Mom’s crummy meatloaf and the Bengals. If he didn’t have his football every year, there would be no living with him.”

“What about you kid? What’s going on besides the gym?” asked Robert as Eric pushed Robert’s suitcases into the backseat of his Volkswagen Bug.

“Well do you remember Darla? Darla Peek?”

“Yes, of course. I used to call her “Peek a boo”. She really hated that.” Robert laughed.

“I took her to the senior prom. We danced and made out on the floor of the Boy’s Gym, until the teachers raised hell. They said that we were dancing too close. I can’t understand what the problem was; we were both adults. Who knows, maybe they were right. Darla was rubbing her crotch on my leg, and I was rock hard. It’s difficult to dance like that, yah know?”

“I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been there once or twice myself. So what happened?”

“Darla laid her head in my chest in the middle of a slow dance to “Earth Angel”; and whispered, ‘Eric I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk any more.”

“You’re kidding me. Little “peek a boo” your tomboy buddy, you have known since elementary school?”

“Yah, but she ain’t no tomboy no more.”

“Double negative Eric; maybe triple. How the hell did you ever graduate high school?”

“Football! They couldn’t keep me, ‘cus one of the coaches, Mr. Dantonio wanted me to play for the “Bearcats”.

“You’re at the University of Cincinnati?”

“Yah, but Dad won’t be happy until I’m playing for the Bengals.”

“Face it kid; Dad will never really be happy!”

“I guess. So I was at the dance with Darla. She has the sweetest ass I have ever seen. Well she was humping my leg again and two of the Lesbo girl’s gym teachers ordered us out of the dance. Like I gave a shit. We got in the car and drove around town looking for a motel, but it was graduation night and everywhere we went, all we saw was No Vacancy signs.

Darla was as hot as a summer in Panama and really wanted to fuck, so we went to Miller’s creek, and parked under a grove of trees with the rest of the kids who couldn’t get a room. Darla got out of the car, and pulled her panties off. I sat where you are sitting and she got back in and sat on my lap, looking down at me smiling. Bro she has such a tight pussy.”

Robert squirmed a little, knowing his brother and peek-a-boo, were fucking where he was now sitting.

“I ankara escort slid my cock into her tight little quim, grabbed her bare ass with both hands and fuck her for two hours. She must have cum six or eight times, all over the pants of my rented tux. Man the people at the tux shop were pissed and started cussing me out in Chinese. I gave them an extra ten bucks for the stains. It was worth it. I told the guy at the tux shop that he should at least give the pants a whiff, ’cause Darla’s pussy smell was all over them. She has the best cunt smell ever. He said,

“You not come back no more.”

Robert couldn’t help but laugh at his little brother’s adventures on prom night. He was rough, but he had a way of telling a story that made you sit up and listen.

“So? Are you and Darla still dating, if you can call it that?”

“Naw! We went out for about three months after that. She almost wore my pecker off. She is a great fuck. But she joined the NAVY right after 911. She said she wanted to help fight the war on terrorism. I don’t see it, ’cause there ain’t no fuckin’ A-rabs out in the ocean. She’s kind of a dipsy bitch, but a great fuck.”

Eric’s car turned down Lark Avenue, and all of Robert’s childhood memories came flooding back into his head. Like the time he crashed his bicycle into the ice cream truck, trying to get the guy to stop. He recalled falling out of old lady Henshaw’s apple tree and breaking his arm.

Then there was the time Jennifer Conley the girl who lived next door, let him feel her up in the orchard behind her house. She came all over his hand then she sat him down and jacked him off. They dated her last year of High School, and another year before she went off to college. Whenever he couldn’t get the car, they had great sex in the orchard, sometimes as much as four or five nights a week.

They both cared a lot for each other and talked about marriage, but her parent’s sent her away to a girl’s college in Texas of all places. Robert believed that they did it just to get her away from him. What a fantastic girl he thought. She was his first love, and they got each other’s cherry. He wondered if she was still single. Probably not more likely she’s got six kids by now.

Eric grabbed Robert’s bags and carried them up to the old house. It hadn’t changed much. Maybe a new coat of paint, or maybe the old paint had just faded. They walked in the front door and Eric yelled out,

“Hey anyone home, ‘the practical son has returned’.”

“That’s prodigal son, Eric, not practical.”

“Whatever, you’re home Bro.”

Their Dad was sitting on the other side of the room with his back to them, and when Eric called to him, his Dad just raised a hand and said,

“Wait a minute that black kid, is going for a touchdown. Oh fuck, they got him. Ok Bengals first down. Let’s go!”

Their Mom came running out of the kitchen, as much as she could at a hundred an eighty pounds, and threw her arms around Robert.

“My baby. Oh Robert I missed you so much. I made your favorite meatloaf for dinner. Mashed potatoes, gravy and string beans; the French cut type you like so much.”

“You gotta eat the meatloaf Robert,” said his Dad still not turning his attention away from the football game. “We don’t need no more fuckin’ door stops.”

Robert and Eric just looked at each other. Robert wondered if there was a set length of time he should allow his mother to squeeze the crap out of him? Maybe one minute for each year he had been gone? Shit that was eight minutes. He would be dead by then.

“Mom”, Robert said in defense, attempting to get his mother’s thoughts onto something else. “Do you have anything to drink; water or maybe a soda?”

“We only drink beer in this house. Give him a beer Marge.”

His mother broke her grasp on Robert, as if a phantom referee had called holding in a boxing match. She again attempted to run to the kitchen, her excess weight holding her back like she was dragging Eric’s VW Bug. Eric finally dropped the bags and both of the boys followed their mother.

“Glad you’re back son,” said his Dad, still mesmerized by the Television.

“Thanks Dad. It’s good to be home … for a while.”

In the kitchen their mother poured the boys glasses of lemonade and handed it to each of them. They both sat at the kitchen table, much like they did when they were little. Robert felt his mother was going to ask how school was that day, but she didn’t.

“Robert, are you dating anyone special?”

“No mom. I was dating for a time, but girls in California are …”

” … weird?” Ask Eric. Finishing his brother’s sentience.

“Yah … a lot of them are weird, and I guess some of them are OK, too. All the girls I have met are weird, though. At least weird to me.”

“What kind of girl are you looking for Bro? Cause I know some that …”

Eric stopped short in his description as his mother was staring at him with her disappointed look.

“Let’s just say that I know some girls, and I could fix you up. How long you gonna’ be here?

“A escort ankara week maybe. It depends how things go.”

“What things son?”

“Just … things Mom. Just things. Besides I have to be back to work in about ten days,” he lied, feeling nervous, as when he was younger his Mother could always tell when he was lying. He didn’t want anyone to know he had a full month off from work.

“We’ll talk later Bro.”

“OK Eric … Thanks.”

Addressing the two boys again as though they were in the forth grade she said,

“Dinner is almost ready. Go wash up boys.”

Robert and Eric looked at each other smiled and shook their heads, then walked into the front room. Their dad was still in his “Lazyboy” recliner yelling at the TV.

“You fucking idiots. You couldn’t win a game with a High School team. Just look at those assholes. What a bunch of jerks. They should have their salaries cut … OK … that’s more like it. That little black fucker is gonna’ get a touchdown. Good work guys.”

“Dad …” said Robert, “You are an enigma.”

“Not me son, it’s those fucking Bengals.”

“What’s an ignigma?”

“Not ignigma Eric. It’s an e-nig-ma.”

“What’s that?”

“An enigma is, something or someone that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable.”

“I know ‘puzzling’ Bro, but what is the other two?”

“What are the other two?”

“I asked first Bro.”

“Well ambiguous is …”

“Don’t waste you’re fuckin’ time Robert. Eric wouldn’t know a multi syllable word if it jumped up and bit him in the ass,” said their Dad. “Eric is a football player, nothing else.”

“Earl, leave the boys alone and quit picking on them.”

“Shut up and get dinner on the table.”

“If you ever looked away from the TV, you might have seen, that dinner is on the table.”

“Well get me a plate; it’s only the start of the forth quarter. And get me another beer too, and not that light shit either. Get me a real beer.”

Marge looked at her husband, wishing her thoughts and her nasty glances would put him out of her misery. She really hated him after thirty-five years of a loveless marriage, and she wished she hadn’t wasted her life just being with the self-centered bastard. Marge then turned on her heals, and went to the kitchen to get another beer for Earl.

“Dad … Why do you talk to Mom like that? She doesn’t deserve that.”

“You are right son … she deserves a good swift kick in her big fat ass; and mind your own fucking business. You weren’t here when we got married, and you won’t be here when we kick off.”

Robert knew that he shouldn’t have come home. Nothing had changed. He had only been in town for two hours and twenty-two minutes, and a new record in stupidly had already been set, he thought. Robert, Eric and their Mom sat at the table. Their Mother said grace, while their father ate, cursing the meatloaf and the football team simultaneously, burping and yelling at the TV.

I’ll never make a week, thought Robert. No way in hell.

“Your meatloaf is great Mom. Just like always.”

“Whad-you-do Kid, leave your taste buds in California with your brains?”

The phone rang. Earl stated that he wasn’t in. Marge retorted that he never was.

“Hello? How is it going Jimmy? Is everything working out OK son? Yes Robert’s here. Yes, I’ll tell them son. They’re eating right now. Meatloaf why? Oh … don’t say that … you know that you always liked my meatloaf … Ok bye … love you.”

“Boys that was Jimmy. He would like you to call him at his apartment when you are done eating.”

After that, the boys ate in silence, and except for their father, everything was fine. Dinner was over and the boys helped their mother with the dishes. She told them to call their brother Jim, as he was very lonely living by himself. Eric called and whispered to Robert, that Jim had an emergency, and he wanted them to come over ASAP.

They got in Eric’s bug, and he was doing sixty-five on surface streets. When they arrived, they jumped out of the car and ran up the stairs that led to Jim’s second story apartment. It was cool out and in all the haste Eric forgot his jacket. They were both concerned as they banged on the door. A calm voice answered,

“If you are Robert and Eric come on in. Everybody else fuck off.”

Robert opened the door and they walked in. Robert asked,

“What was the emergency Jim?”

Jim was seated in a recliner naked except for a t-shirt, looking much like his father watching TV, except there was a triple X rated movie playing instead of football, while a girl not much over eighteen was kneeling between his legs. She had one hand lightly squeezing his balls and the other was jacking him off, while she sucked his cock.

“The emergency is, I’ve got three gorgeous young girls here and only one cock. You guys did bring your cocks with you? Didn’t you?”

“Shit,” said Eric. “I left mine at home on the dresser.”

A cute little blond with wide eyes, but obviously nothing behind them, who was wearing ankara escort bayan a royal blue football jersey with a white number “5” on the front, and sexy pair of white lace panties, looked at Eric and asked,


“No Lisa, Eric was joking. Cocks don’t come off.”

“Ok! She said with a big smile … then I’ll take the one in the red t-shirt. The big guy with all the muscles,” she smiled biting her lower lip, looking at Eric.

“Good,” said the brunet. “I’ll want the one with the sultry eyes and the sexy lips. He looks like he can fuck all night.”

“OK Gina, he is all yours. He is my brother Robert.”

“I don’t need to know his name. How big is his cock. I need something really large to fill me up.”

“Jimmy we didn’t come prepared for this. I don’t have any condoms.”

“It’s OK Bob, the girls brought a whole bunch of them.” Jim said, pointing to a brown paper bag on the coffee table. “You don’t really need one for Gina if you don’t want. She’s on the pill.”

“Where do the girls come from?”

“School. They are in my Lit class at City College. I promised all of them an “A”, if they do well here tonight. He pointed to Karen, who was still sucking his cock and said,

“She already has an A plus, but she won’t quit until I cum in her mouth. I don’t know what to do; I can’t give her a better grade than an A plus. I know what, I’ll eat her pussy. That will make her happy. She really loves a good mouth fuck.”

As Robert looked over at Eric, the little blond, Lisa had her panties and his t-shirt off. She was kneeling in front of him, jacking him off, mumbling,

“God look at these muscles and this cock. I won’t be able to walk for days and it’s only Saturday. Oh well.”

The dark haired girl waked up to Robert and slowly took off his jacket, then unbuttoned his shirt. As she stared straight in his eyes, she removed his belt, and then unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor. She then got down on the floor and removed his shoes, and socks, rubbing her cheek against the bulge in his jockey shorts. Lifting his legs one at a time, she pulled his pants clear and tossed them in a heap.

“You won’t need these for a long time.” She warned pulling off his shirt.

Robert felt funny standing in the middle of his brother’s apartment wearing only a pair of Jockey shorts. However that didn’t last long, as Gina pulled them down also, leaving him totally naked, his cock hard and pointing straight at her.

“If somebody didn’t know you guys were brothers,” said Gina, stroking Robert’s cock. “They would know it after checking your peckers. Girls we have hit the “mother load”. They’re all good.”

“Great,” said Lisa her twin pony tail, blonde hair in bouncing as she sat on Eric’s lap facing him on the couch, his cock disappearing into her vagina, then showing itself again.

“Mmmmmm.” Said Lisa, “I like this one.” Smiling she looked in his eyes and asked, “What’s your name again big guy?”

“ERIC” he yelled as he came in the cute little blonde’s pussy.

“Ooooo girls you’re going to like him. He really fucks good. Do me harder Daddy. I like it.”

Jim moaned as he began to squirt his cum in Karen’s mouth. She gulped it down like it was something that had been on a menu.

Karen got up and asked,

“Which one do I get next? I need more cum in my diet. It has lots of vitamins.”

“You can have this one Karen,” said the blond moving over to Jim. “But take it easy, I just fucked the shit out of him.”

Eric sat on the couch leaning back as though a mule had kicked him. Karen got between his legs and lifted his rather large cock. She licked it for a few minutes and then sucked on its head.

“You know Lisa,” said Karen. “You don’t taste bad at all. If it ever happens that we can’t get some guys, you can count on me to go down on you.”

“Thanks babe, me too.”

Robert had Gina bent over an ottoman, holding her hips tight, shoving his cock in her cunt as hard as he could.

“Fuck my ass baby,” said Gina. “Stick that thing in momma’s asshole. Come on baby fuck momma. I really need it hard. Shove it in my ass. Fuck my ass.”

Robert was glad he had worn a condom. When he pulled his cock from her vagina, he eased it into her butt and slowly began to fuck her rectum.

“I told you to fuck my ass hard. I’m not a beginner; I’m eighteen. Do it harder. I can take it. Shove it in me. Make me cum guy.”

“Robert … my name is Robert.”

“Whatever … just fuck me harder.”

That was the first time Robert had pure recreational sex; if you could call it pure. No emotions to drag you down. Although he had never been with a whore, he imagined that it wouldn’t be much different. The girls weren’t really whores; but actually, when you thought about it they were. They were just fucking for grades and not for money.

Robert felt like he and his brothers were pieces of meat. He felt dejected, probably like a woman felt when her pussy was used as an available sperm dump. He took an oath as he began to cum in Gina’s butt, that he would never again treat a woman like, just a piece of ass. If he didn’t really care for the girl emotionally, he wouldn’t fuck her. Robert was twenty-eight and finally becoming an adult. It was about time he thought.

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