Sisterly Bonds Ch. 01


Note: All characters are over 18

Part One

“Nrgmmmmmph!” Came the protests of the little sister as her older sister worked on her bindings.

“Oh hush; it’s the same as it’s ever been.” The older sister said, grinning as she continued working on her younger sister’s bonds. “You’re going to be just fine.”

In a house in a certain place, two sisters are in a room. One is tied to a chair with ropes binding her wrists behind the chair as well as ropes securing her waist and ankles to the chair. The rope around her waist is also tied to her wrists, keeping them from going too far. She also has a handkerchief shoved in her mouth with another tied over it to prevent her from spitting it out. The other is fawning over her currently.

The older sister was dressed like a schoolgirl, wearing the typical sailor costume of schoolgirls, white shirt, and blue skirt. She wore black socks and her hair had a single bun in the back.

The younger sister was dressed in a similar manner to an office secretary, with a white shirt and a skirt. She wore white socks and her hair was in two buns on the sides.

“You’re always the cutest when tied.” The older sister said, smirking a little. “Letting me satisfy my desires like this… it’s so great that I have such a cute younger sister.”

The younger sister struggled in her bonds, but to no avail. The very action made the older sister take great pleasure. This was an everyday ordeal between the two sisters, the older taking advantage of her younger sister and gizli çekim porno binding her. Ever since her older sister had turned fifteen almost six years ago, she’d engaged in this ordeal, starting with binding her (at the time) thirteen year old sister. Though, in between her being twenty, with her younger sister being nineteen, and fifteen, she’d gotten stricter, inflicting harsher punishments for escape, though, her younger sister’d never been bod enough to try, knowing the consequences might be severe.

“Hmmph NrrrG! —Please do not enter my room and tie me without permission sister!—” the younger sister muffled through her gag.

“I’m just getting started.” The older sister said. “I’ve got to show this to everyone as my twenty first birthday reel. I’ll go get my camera!”

Due to her gag, the younger sister couldn’t respond, the older sister not even expecting one in her completely consuming lust.

“Oh, wait, my camera’s dead.” The older sister said, pouting for a split second. “I’ll go charge it while I do my homework. I’ll be back soon so you can just wait here. Byyye, cutie.”

“MMPHH!! —Don’t charge it while I’m bound!—” the younger sister tries to shout. But, it is too late. Her older sister ignores her moans, shutting off the lights to her room, leaving and locking the door, the only light in the room a dull lamp.

“HMMMMPH —now’s my chance—” the younger sister said. “But, what do I do?”

She began to wiggle in the chair, but to no avail. Spinning doesn’t help her glory hole secrets either as she huffs in disappointment.

“If only I could dismantle this chair or get out of it, I could gain some freedom.” She thought. “But, how? There’s nothing around here I can reach.”

However, her gaze is directed to a small booklet on the floor near her socked feet. She strains in the dim light of the lamp, noticing that it resembles a manual.

“Is this what I think it is?” she thought. “Let me see if I can reach it…”

Her legs were bound to the leg of the chair, which restricted her movement quite a lot. However, she was able to carefully use her toes to move the booklet out into the light.

“I knew it!” she thought excitedly. “It’s the manual to this chair. I can definitely use this to escape the chair!”

Using her toes skillfully, she turned to pages to discover that the chair had screws holding the legs on as well as a screw holding the back on. Knowing she had no way of removing the screws on the legs at present, she decided to start with the chair back screw.

She reached her bound hands behind her, reaching for the screw. Fortunately, it had a large knob attached to it, which allowed her ease of turning it. She reached, struggling against her binds and shifting the chair in the process. Unfortunately for her, she tipped the chair over, falling forward and finding herself mostly unharmed, save for the pain in her chest and chin from the impact with the ground. However, grup sex she chose not to give up, instead doubling her efforts. She managed to reach the screw, managing to loosen it.

“Almost there” she thought. “If I keep going, I’ve got it.”

After ten minutes, she finally succeeded, loosening and removing the screw from the chair. The backrest slid off of the rest of the chair, allowing her to move her arms more as well as move her upper body a little more.

“Perfect!” she thought. “Now, I need something to escape from the legs with. Maybe there’s something on the bookshelf I can use?”

She looked around, unable to see the bookshelf. She carefully turns herself so that she can pull on the lamp cord, pulling it to the ground, thankfully intact. She aimed the lamp at the bookshelf, seeing under it as well.

“Say, that’s the tool we used to build this bookshelf when I moved into this room.” She thought. “I can use that!”

She reached carefully under the shelf with her bound hands, grabbing the tool, a screwdriver.

Twisting her body in a certain way, she was able to loosen and remove the screws that were holding her to the chair. She kicked the legs off, sighing in muffled contentment at her removal of the legs.

“I’m finally fully free of this chair.” She thought gleefully. “Every day, it’s like this, getting bound by sister, but today, I’m going to give it my all and resist her to the last minute!”

However, just as she had finished celebrating her victory, the worst possible thing happened.

“Oh no!” she thought in a panicked voice. “I hear big sister’s footsteps! I’ve been under the suffering of her games all these years, so that sound’s ingrained in my head! Oh no! If she finds me like this, it’ll be all over! I’ve got to come up with an idea!”

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