Sisterly Loving


My love life hadn’t been going very smoothly as of late. The woman I was seeing for the past two years decided to leave me. She wanted to get married with no more delays. I said no and she took a walk. I was really in a bad mood when I got a call from my sister Sue. She knew I wasn’t happy and she offered to take me out to dinner one evening.

I met Sue at a restaurant one Friday night. We had dinner and more than a few drinks when she said we should go back to her place to wind down. Sue and I sat down on her couch and had a heart to heart talk once we arrived.

“You need to get over her Jeff, it’s time to move on,” my sister said to me.

I knew she was right but I was still moping around. Sue started to rub my back and shoulders as we were talking. I wish she wouldn’t have done that. I looked at Sue and thought how attractive she was. My sister has long black hair and was shapely. She especially had big breasts. I just love big breasts. As my sister rubbed my back my cock started getting hard in my pants. I knew that wasn’t a good sign.

I looked at my sister’s face and then I did something I shouldn’t have done. I leaned in and I kissed her directly on the mouth.

“No Jeff, we shouldn’t,” she told me.

I just didn’t care at this point. I pulled my sister into my body and I brought my one hand up to her top. I started rubbing her tits through the material. Sue tried to pull away but I wouldn’t let her. I was so damn horny, sister or no sister. We sort of wrestled as Sue tried to break free from me. I pushed her down onto her back. I locked my lips onto hers. My hands were trying to work her top up off her body.

I think my sister gave up and let me get her top off. She had a bra that snapped in the front and I undid it. Her big tits came free and I lowered latin sex tapes porno my face and took each one in my mouth. Sue let out a loud sigh and I figured I was going to have my way. Her nipples were so hard as I sucked on each one.

“Oh my God, Jeff!”

I just had to have my sister, there was no other way around it. I stood up and started to strip out of my clothes. I got undressed in a minute or so. My cock was erect and standing straight out. Sue just stared at my thick member. I reached down and pulled my sister’s pants and undies off.

“I need you Sue, please don’t say no.”

My sister didn’t say a word. I took that as a ‘yes’ so I got back onto the couch. I pulled my sister’s thighs apart and I lowered my face one more time. I began to lick her wet folds and prepare her for my cock. Sue was moaning loudly now. I slipped my tongue into her gash and I tasted her hot juices. Sue placed her fingers around my head and pulled me tightly to her pussy.

I lapped at my sister’s gash until I figured she was ready for me. I pulled away and took hold of my stiff dick. I guided my mushroom to her opening and positioned myself to enter her.

“Oh my God!” My sister let out this low scream.

I started to push past her wet folds. I was giving her more and more of my dick. I finally had myself all the way inside my sister’s pussy. I started going faster, feeding Sue with long, deep strokes. I soon felt my sister wrapping her long legs around my waist. I think we both needed each other that night. Sue was panting like a dog in heat. I fed her all seven inches of my erect cock.

I was stirring my dick around rubbing Sue’s pussy walls. I must have been hitting the right spots. I could feel Sue’s pussy going into convulsions. I knew if I kept lezbiyen porno this up my sister would be having one giant orgasm. I just kept pounding my raw dick into my sister. That’s when I felt her warm juices splashing against my groin.

Sue just lost control and was spraying me with her hot love cream. I had never felt anything like that before. A few more strokes from me and I felt my balls tightening up. I just couldn’t hold back from all this hot sister sex. I buried my dick in the whole way and I sprayed Sue with my love seed. You should have seen the expression on my sister’s face. She wasn’t expecting me to cum, that was for sure.

I blasted her pussy with a stream of my hot oils. Sue’s pussy muscles tightened around my rod and she milked me of all my cum. I have to admit I had never had sex quite like this. Our fucking together was so intense. Maybe it was because it was brother and sister making love. I must have had large load saved up. It felt like I hosed my sister for a good twenty minutes. Unfortunately, I felt myself going soft.

When I pulled out a gusher of my cum spilled out of my sister’s pussy. I watched as it ran out and down her ass crack. Sue didn’t move for a few minutes. It seemed like she was spent from all our lovemaking. She finally came out of her haze and looked up at me.

“You need to let me up so I can clean myself.”

I got up from my sister and she weakly got to her feet. She went to the bathroom and didn’t come back for a long time. When I heard the bathroom door open I looked up. My sister had a bathrobe on and she sat down next to me on the couch.

“We need to talk,” she said to me. “I am not on any protection.”

It was my turn to be surprised. I figured my sister had been on birth control pills. I had just liseli porno fucked her with my bare dick and shot a large load of my baby cream into her belly.

“I’m sorry Sue, I just lost control of myself.”

“I wanted that as much as you did,” she said to me.

Sue said she hadn’t had sex in a long time. That and the alcohol had gotten her horny as well. We talked some more and Sue said I better stay the night. We walked back to her bedroom and picked up where we left off. I was naked on my back when Sue took off her bathrobe. She climbed over top of me. I felt her hand taking my cock and rubbing it against her opening.

I didn’t think I could get hard again so soon. I was dead wrong. That rubbing against Sue’s pussy got me hard in short order. Sue guided my dick to her soaked pussy and she sunk down on me. Fuck, did that feel good once more. My sister began to ride up and down my shaft. My hands went first to her ass cheeks. I was pulling them apart as I pumping my dick to meet her thrusts.

“Pinch my nipples, Jeff,” my sister pleaded with me.

I reached out and tweaked each of my sister’s big nipples. That made Sue go nearly crazy. I never thought our lovemaking could get hotter than when we did it on the couch. I was so wrong. Sue was bouncing up and down on my dick. We must have done it for a good half hour before I felt my cum rising up. I was shocked when I hosed my sister’s pussy with more of my seed. Sue had an orgasm where her whole body shook. I then took hold of her hips and felt her fall onto my chest.

Sue started to cry a bit. I guess the sensations she had were so intense. We eventually uncoupled and we held each other for a long time.

“What are we going to do Jeff?”

Sue was afraid I had made her pregnant. I began to worry as well about my stupidity. There wasn’t much we could do now. I had given Sue two large loads of my cream. We would have to see what happened down the road. We did agree on one thing. Sue and I were going to keep making love with each other. I need her as much as she needs me, it seems.

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