Sister’s Surprising Discovery Ch. 02


The day I ended up having sex with my sister was one of the best days of my life, but the following week was like hell. With Covid restrictions in full force, my sister and I were in the house nearly all the time but so was our step mum! I even tried to persuade my sister to let me sneak into her bed in the middle of the night, but she wouldn’t risk it.

“You know how we can stop having to sneak around!” she said with a smile. There was no way I would risk what she was suggesting, but I was horny as hell.

A bit of catch up for you – my sister had discovered that I had been writing stories about her, our step mum and loads of other people on Literotica. I expected her to freak out, but we ended up having the most amazing sex together as she allowed me to cum in her mouth, her pussy and even her ass! She wanted us to try and seduce our step mum as well, but I feared this would ruin everything. I struck lucky with my randy, big titted sister, Beki, but surely our step mum would not react the same way. Our dad was working most of the time in shops and seemed to be missing a lot as well somehow. My sister didn’t have a lot of time for him, and I didn’t either really but he was still our dad. I dreaded to think of the consequences of an attempt at getting my 30-year-old step mum to have sex with us going wrong. Not that I hadn’t fantasised about it going right! Louise was only 9 years older than me with long blonde hair and a figure to die for. Quite what she saw in my 45-year-old dad I’ll never know, but in the last couple of years I had been really turned on lusting after her. I’d also lusted after my sister, Beki, since she turned 18 and we had shared a drunken kiss at her birthday party. I’d never imagined those fantasies becoming reality, but it was too much to think that both of them would!

The Friday after Beki and I had fucked, our mum had finally gone out to go shopping. I left it five minutes then went to my sister’s room.

“No Tom!” she said as I slid up behind her and put my hands on her tits. “Mum is not out for long. We can’t risk it!”

“Come on Beki, you know you want to!” I whispered as I leaned in and kissed the back of her neck whilst I continued to cup her gorgeous breasts.

Beki let a soft moan escape her lips, but she still tried to be firm with me.

“Just imagine if you would help to get mum into bed,” said Beki. “You could have either of us whenever you wanted when dad isn’t home! And that’s a lot of the time!”

“I need you Beki!” I whispered in her ear as I slipped my hands under her top and tried to pull it over her head.

I knew Beki could feel my stiff prick poking into her bum and felt I was wearing her down.

“We really shouldn’t!” said Beki as I managed to pull her top off her followed by her bra. I turned her around and leaned down to suck one of her tits into my mouth. Her nipple was rock hard, and I swirled my tongue around it causing Beki to let out another moan.

“I suppose if we are quick,” she said as her hands dropped to undo my pants and she gave in to her own pent up lust. My boxers swiftly followed, and her hand wrapped around my engorged member. After a week of just masturbating and fantasising in bed, I was surprised I didn’t lose it there and then as she began slowly pumping up and down my hard shaft.

Sinking to her knees, Beki slipped the tip of my engorged cock into her warm mouth and began to gently suck. She ran her tongue over the head of my penis and licked the slit of my knobhead. Now it was my turn to moan as she began to slide more of my solid cock past her full lips until I was bumping up against her throat. Beki pulled up for air and then proceeded to swallow even more of my throbbing prick till I felt czech streets porno it go into her throat. She lovingly cupped my balls as she allowed me to start pumping in and out of her mouth with gusto.

I started to feel my meat throbbing as she expertly worked on my solid shaft and ran her tongue around the rim of my bulbous knob. Just as I was about to explode, we heard footsteps on the stairs and realised mum had come home without us realising. Quick as a flash Beki dived under the bed sheets and lay as flat as she could.

I had nowhere to hide and as our mum threw open the door, I couldn’t hold back a torrent of cum that flew out of my penis as my mum just stopped and starred. I went beet red and our mum went beet red before she shut the door again and fled downstairs.

“How are we going to explain this?” I asked Beki as she emerged from under the covers.

“Maybe say I was out and you sneaked a girl in,” suggested Beki.

“Who? And why would we use your room?” I stammered.

“Maybe Jane and hope she doesn’t ask anything else,” Beki tried to suggest.

As it turned out, our step mum’s response to the whole incident was not to talk about it at all which was something of a relief. Although what she was thinking was a bit of a mystery to me, my night time fantasies started to fixate on the way she had starred at my hard cock as I shot out a load of spunk in front of her. Was she just disgusted, or maybe I had detected a hint of lust in her eyes as she stood there for what felt like ages but probably was no time at all. Still, I added the incident to my dreams as I imagined that instead of fleeing she had dropped to her knees and licked my cock clean and swallowed my sticky load. Of course, all this was just fantasy and in reality Beki and I endured more days of tension and awkward times around mum until dad dropped a bombshell on our family that would change our lives forever.

It was Saturday afternoon when mum got a call from a friend and went to her room very upset. She wouldn’t tell Beki and I what was up, but we soon found out as my dad arrived home and she went to confront him.

“How could you sleep with my younger sister?” screamed Louise at my dad.

Beki and I were in the lounge and could not believe our ears as our dad struggled to make a response.

“Its not true!” he stammered, but mum was not in any doubt.

“You’ve been seen and Kath has confessed!” she shouted back at him. “I want you to get out and don’t come back!”

My dad hung his head as he knew there was no point in denying it.

“I’m really sorry!” he replied as mum just glared at him. He turned to Beki and me with a tear in his eye.

“Do you two want to get some stuff?” he asked, clearly thinking we would leave with him.

“We’re staying dad, just get a bag and go!” replied Beki. She hadn’t asked me, but I too had no desire to leave home with dad.

Louise dropped onto the sofa as dad packed a bag and headed out. Beki and I just sat down beside her and took hold of her hands for a while as the emotion of the evening took hold. Finally, Louise broke down and sobbed, and I stood her to her feet and hugged her. Beki stood behind Louise and hugged her from behind as she laid her head on my shoulder and allowed her emotions to burst forth.

“Its going to be alright,” I said as I stroked her blonde hair. “Dad is such a prick.” Louise looked up at me, and I instinctively leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. Louise paused, and then leaned in and we kissed again. The second kiss was not the kiss of a mum to her son, but our mouths opened and I thrust my tongue into her mouth as we both felt passions rising.

Beki allowed her czech taxi porno hands to stray around to cup our mum’s breast and she began to knead at the swell of mum’s tits.

Mum pulled away from me and tried to take control of the situation.

“What are we doing?” she cried. “This is wrong.”

Beki pressed in as she began to unbutton mum’s top and expose her heaving chest for me to gaze upon. Before Louise knew what was happening, Beki had fully opened her top and freed her tits from her bra. Mum moaned softly but I could tell she was torn.

“Do you want us to stop?” I asked softly as I leaned in and kissed her again. Beki glared at me – she so wanted something to happen but I wanted it to be mum’s choice rather than something she was coaxed into in a vulnerable state. I was guessing our relationship with our dad might be pretty strained after this, I didn’t want to risk losing mum too. I knew she was just out step mum, but we’d been with her for years. I so wanted to fuck her, but I also didn’t want to risk her not being in my life.

For what seemed like an age but was just a few seconds, I watched as mum wrestled between her lust and her conscience. Beki kissed her neck as she kept massaging mum’s exposed titflesh lovingly.

“Do you want us to stop mum?” I asked again as I reached forward and cupped one of her tits in my own hand.

“No…” Louise moaned as she gave in to the sexual tension in the room. I leaned in and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth as Beki stepped back and threw off her own top and bra before pressing her naked boobs into mum’s back and continuing to knead Louise’s tits and kiss her neck.

As I continued to feast on mum’s breasts, Beki moved around and pulled my clothes off me. Beki pulled down my boxers and guided mum’s hand to my throbbing cock. God, I was so hard.

Louise starred at my stiff member, now with undisguised lust in her eyes.

“Getting a better look this time?” giggled Beki.

“So, it was you under the sheets?” said Louise still grasping hold of my throbbing shaft. “I did think it might be, but I couldn’t believe it.”

“He has such as nice cock though, don’t you think?” replied Beki as she sunk to her knees and slipped my knob into her mouth. As she worked my foreskin back and forth with her tongue, Beki pulled off the rest of her clothes. Mum just stood and watched until I put pressure on her shoulders and encouraged her down to kneel beside Beki.

Beki allowed my prick to fall out of her mouth and guided it to mum’s lips. I closed my eyes in ecstasy as I felt mum open up to swallow my knob into her mouth. Meanwhile, Beki pulled mum’s skirt and pants off and was sliding a couple of fingers into mum’s wet snatch.

I pulled out of Louise’s mouth to sink more of my now throbbing meat into my sister’s mouth and revelled for a while in switching between the two of them. Finally, I could take no more and unloaded my seed into first my mum’s mouth and then over Beki’s face. I couldn’t believe it as mum first swallowed my load and then leaned in to lick my cum off my sisters face.

Beki guided Louise onto her back and kissed down her body slowly. I sat back and watched as the two of them kissed passionately before Beki began to suck on mum’s tits with a passion. Beki kissed down her stomach and then trailed kisses down to her wet pussy. My cock had barely got soft at all, but it definitely rose to full mast as I watched Beki begin to lap lovingly at mum’s moist sex. Louise groaned as Beki expertly thrust her tongue into her delicate folds and rubbed at her clit before thrusting one then two fingers into her tight pussy.

“I think she’s ready to fuck you now,” said Beki as she digitalplayground porno pulled away from mum.

I slowly lay on top of her and aim my throbbing penis at her sex lips. Slowly, I parted her labia and then thrust myself forward in one quick movement.

“Yes… God… fuck me!” squealed Louise as I began to thrust in and out of her. She felt so wet and tight. It was all I hoped it would be and more.

I turned mum so she was on her hand and knees before I slid back into her warm cavern and began to really pound her like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Beki moved around and sat with her legs either side of her head. I’m not really sure if Louise was aware of what was happening, but Beki grabbed hold of her head and brought it to her own sex.

“Lick me mummy!” she screamed as she held Louise’s head to her crotch.

Louise just reacted on instinct and started lapping at Beki’s pussy as I continued to violently thrust in and out of her love hole. I sucked a finger into my mouth and then started to probe her ass as I continued to saw in and out of her cunt. Louise stopped lapping at Beki’s sex and looked back at me.

“I don’t do that!” she said with a bit of fear in her voice.

“You mean dad has never fucked you up the arse?” asked Beki.

“No, no one has!” said Louise as I now slid another finger in to join the first.

“You should really try it. Its great!” encouraged Beki. “Plus, its something else dad is missing!”

I could tell Louise was wavering as I continued to pump in and out of her tight pussy whilst I worked on opening up her back passage with my fingers. Beki disappeared briefly and re-emerged with some lube which I smeared on my fingers and worked a third finger up mum’s shithole.

Beki went back to mum’s head and got her to resume munching on her cunt. I slipped my dick out of her pussy and added a generous amount of the lube to my stiff member before aiming it at mum’s tight rosebud.

Mum squealed as my knob slipped past her defeated sphincter muscles and I began to ease into her tight arsehole.

“It’s too big, it hurts!” Louise cried as I got about halfway in.

Beki slid her body under mum and began to rub her clit as I gradually pulled out and then fed more of my stiff prick into her bowels.

“It will soon feel great!” said Beki as she continued to work on mum’s pussy as I now had nearly all of my cock buried in her back door. Finally, mum started to scream from pleasure rather than pain as I began fucking her arse rapidly and Beki frigged her pussy with three fingers and kissed her passionately.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer as I rammed in and out of my mum’s back door and my balls began to boil. As I felt the cum rising up, I pulled out and went around to where mum and Beki were kissing before spraying my spunk over both of their faces and tits. Both of them wiped my seed into each other’s skin and exchanged my warm cum in their mouths before we all collapsed totally sated.

“Well, that was unexpected!” said Louise as we regained our senses.

“You should read some of his stories!” said Beki with a laugh.

“Oh, do you have a kinky imagination?!” replied Louise as I cringed that my dirty stories might be seen now by my step mum as well as my sister!

“We’ll have to see how many of them we can make come true!” said Louise with a grin.

Beki looked like a cat that had the cream lying beside her. “Oh I think we have made a good start” she added as she licked her lips and looked at me with lust in her eyes I felt my cock beginning to rise again as I thought what else might happen.

“I can’t believe dad cheated on you with Aunt Kath,” I confided to mum.

“I don’t know, she has a great rack and is a younger model! Still, you have a better sized cock so I guess I’m the winner!” grinned mum.

“Maybe you should try and seduce Aunt Kath and steal her from dad? It will serve hm right!” grinned Beki.

God, I love the way my slutty sister thinks.

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