sj33 and jim……


sj33 and jim……id need to have had a drink or a joint before jim got there, id b nervous aswell as excited n I kno u wld too. jim would arrive n we’d hang out down stairs n chill for a bit. after a while id take a deep breath n lean over n kiss u then stand n go over n kiss jim n squeeze his crotch n say “im going to get Bella”. I go upstairs n change into bellas biker corset, lace knickers n biker boots. I tie my hair up high n lay out black ribbons n toys, drawing the curtains n pulling back the duvet, arranging the mirror n putting a kitchen chair where I want it. I call down the stairs in bellas voice telling u both to come up n bring me a glass of wine n my cigarettes. u roll a couple of joints n come up, I take the glass of wine n drink deeply, place it on the side n kiss you long and hard, ur arms around me, ur hands all over me, I kno Bella dsnt kiss but I just need to feel u, connect with you, reassure you that jim is kadıköy escort just our fuck toy, that tonight is my present for you.I pull your jumper over your head, give u one last kiss n whisper “il see you later baby”. I pinch ur nipple hard n move to jim.I say “james, im Bella n sj seems to think ur up for playing hard. to be honest, I doubt ul manage it but would you like to try? ul need to call me Bella and ul need to obey. if u dnt there wont be any kind of pretend punishment, you just wont b allowed to play. do you understand?” jim nods n says “yes Bella”. I stand infront of him n reach for his crotch, pulling his top over his head n then squeezing both his nipples, getting harder, watching his face. he moans n I laugh at him n walk back to you. I stand in front of you n play with both ur nipples too, pinching hard straight away, pulling üsküdar escort n digging my nails in. I love watching ur face. I kneel down n remove ur trousers n leave u standing as I move back to jim. I lick his nipples as I undo his fly n reach inside for his cock, im ruff with it n pull hard, he tries to steady himself by holding me but i tell him he cant touch me without being ordered to. he says sorry Bella n I take his trousers off n move him closer to you. I reach for ur cock too n play with u both. I sit on the bed with my legs wide n tell u to kneel n remove james’ pants, u look nervous but do as ur told. I say “do u like kneeling infront of james cock, sj? what does it make u want to do? to stroke it, kiss it, suck it?” u nod n say “yes bella, all those things”. I tell u to stand n jim to kneel n take ur shorts off, I ask him what seeing ur cock makes him want. he says “please Bella, tuzla escort let me suck his cock” i tell him im impressed, I didnt think he would b this gd a fuck slut n that as a reward he can kiss ur cock. u feel his lips on u n cant believe this is happening.I tell you both to lie on the bed n I kneel in btwn you. I switch btwn the two of you, pinching licking biting ur nipples, making u both moan n squirm. I kneel up n take a cock in each hand, slowly n q gently giving long strokes from the base to the tip, building harder n harder then rubbing my thumbs hard round n round the heads of ur cocks, the pain feeling so good. I drop ur cocks n start to pull n squeeze ur balls, working into them. ur both moaning n begging bella for more. I take a hand each n allow u both to stroke n squeeze my thighs as I play. then I take those hands n put jims on ur cock and urs on jims cock. I move to the bottom of the bed n say “im bored boys, im having a cigarette n want to watch you wank each other” I light up n its sooo horny to watch you two do as ur told, I slip my fingers into my knickers as I watch u wanking jim n him giving ur cock long hard strokes. every so often I reach in to pull his balls or slide my fingers into ur ass….and thats just the start of our playnight….

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