Skeletons in my Closet part 12


Skeletons in my Closet part 12Skeletons in my closet part 12 End of perfect worlds and Hell is but a footstep awayI was about to have a birthday in a few months as I would be 37 and Michelle would turn 20 some months after me. However, there would be no party for either of us as hell would come calling for us all.It was around October of 1997 when my world would come tumbling down as would our happy little family as well. We all worked at the same place, we all lived together. We all even had fun together as a family.It was a very chilly Saturday I remember as I saw Michelle and her daddy off for work they had their cold-weather gear on. They were headed to the office to do some maintenance on equipment. I only worked Monday through Friday so I had Saturday off. I would work from home as well. I was going to do just that today however my paperwork was on my desk as I had forgotten it Friday. I jumped into my SUV and drove to work at 10:00 am I saw John’s truck parked at the maintenance building. I saw no reason to disturb them as they would be home around 4 p.m. I went to the main office doors to find them unlocked. That was unusual unless someone was working in the office today. I ran the office so I knew no one should be here. I heard voices coming from John’s office. I saw his door was open I figured maybe he had left his radio on or something. I got to his doorway and I froze in horror. I originally thought Linda was sucking John’s cock as I could only see a blonde with long hair sucking on his cock. However, There was my daughter on her knees sucking her daddy’s dick as he leaned back on his desk just like I had done to him many times. John was not pushing her away either instead his hands we’re on her head helping her take his cock.Now I do admit to being a good cocksucker but believe me I don’t think I could hold a candle to my daughter’s skills at sucking dick. That girl had all of his cock deep in her throat as she bobbed her head up and down upon it without missing a beat.Spit and precum strung from his cock to her lips each time she removed her mouth from his cock. I thought I was watching one of those porno reels at the glory hole. She would kiss and lick his dickhead then go to licking his balls. Strangely I felt my pussy to tingle as I watched her suck his big cock. Michelle stood up and slipped her work boots off then dropped her work pants to the floor. She removed her sweatshirt then her white tank top. All the while John was pulling on his cock as he watched her undress. Michelle stood there in front of her daddy in just her push up bra and thong. I did notice her hands covering the scars at her front by her tummy caused by her accident Her scars were like stretch marks but much worse and cut much deeper. John skillfully unhooked her bra freeing her 40 DD boobs. Michelle slipped her thong off as her daddy bent over removing her hands from her scars. Her daddy was kissing and licking at those scars she had tried to hide all the time.Michelle lifted John’s head as she kissed his lips lightly 5 or 6 times before she said, ”Thank you, daddy, for giving me the love I need.”Michelle bent over wrapping her big firm tits around her daddy’s dick. She spits at the head of his dick getting it wet as it slipped between her huge tits. Michelle would tease the head of his dick each time it appeared at the top of her tits with her tongue. She used her tits on his cock until his precum was flowing from the head of his cock. She kissed him passionately as she smeared that precum all around the head of his cock using it as lube.Michelle wrapped her arms around her daddy’s neck and jumped up into his lap as she kissed him she used one hand to guide that huge cock to her pussy. She slipped her pussy easily down onto his cock. She moaned slightly as she got him all up inside of her. This was not the first time she had taken that cock. I knew because I remembered my first time taking it.Michelle started to rock back and forth on his cock. Her pussy was soon making those wet sloshing sounds as she rode his cock. John’s hand went to her ass as he starts to thrust upward with his cock driving it into her hairy blonde pussy. I could see Michelle’s pussy juices running down the length of his cock down to his balls.Apparently talking pussy runs in the family as Michelle’s was leaving off loud wet farts each time he slammed that cock up into her. I felt my own pussy juices start to flow. I suddenly realized just what I was watching. At first, it was rather sensual watching Michelle fucking her daddy.Michelle was bouncing hard on his lovely big cock. I felt that jealous feeling as it seemed to just fill me with rage. Hearing her moaning only added flames to the fire burning inside me. As she was getting pleasure which should have been mine and not hers. I completely lost it when I heard.”AHhhh fuck me daddy give me your cum, ” Michelle cried out.”What the fuck do you think you are doing you fucking little cunt, ” I screamed pulling her off of John by her long blonde hair Michelle landed on her feet as she replied, ”We weren’t doing anything mom.””Don’t mom me as remember she left many years ago, ” I said as I slapped her hard across her face twice. ”Why Michelle Why?” I asked as I turned toward John.”You fucking bastard, ” I yelled as I slapped him hard across his face.Michelle and John both started to get dress. I told them not to trouble themselves and go ahead and finish their fuck as I was leaving. I slapped Michelle hard again as I asked, ”How could you do this to me you fucking cunt.”I turned to exit his office I stopped and I told them both it might be in their best interest if they didn’t come back home tonight. I ran from the office with John asking me to let him explain. I paid no attention to him as I got in my SUV and raced from the parking lot. I cried all the way home. Once at home I pack a few bags and left leaving my wedding ring on the table with a note telling John we were no longer married as to Michelle I told him to keep her as she was of no use to me as she was no longer my daughter.I drove until I could drive no more I was just outside of New York City when I was too tired to drive. I got a hotel room using the company card, after all, I still owned 45 percent. I stayed for 4 days in that hotel room thinking about what to do and also why hadn’t I seen this coming. I realized I had but had just turned a blind eye to it. I thought it all started with that simple kiss back when she was sixteen I wanted an explanation from both of them then I was going to take everything away from them both by filing for a divorce bringing their perfect world down as they had done to mine.I returned to home-packed some more bags while they were at work and moved out. I found a charming little house to rent far enough away from both home and work. I was a little surprised that John had not removed me from the bank account. For the first time in my life, I was alone. I had no husband, no daughter and my mother was dead. I sat mostly at home drinking, crying and stewing about what had happened. About a month later I went to see a lawyer.He was a true sleaze bag as well not only did he tell me we would take John for everything he had. He told me to come back in a couple of days as he would have papers for me to sign. He escorted out of his office, as he did his hand grabbed at my ass as he told maybe he would take me out for dinner as well. I left never to return to him.I traded my SUV in for a brand new 1997 Cadillac Seville STS Sedan Luxury vehicle. I used John’s money to buy it as well. Perhaps I had just to make him mad or maybe to make him come find me.I drove to the office one day and walked in. Linda came running to me wrapping me in her arms.”Kay you are back so glad to see you again, ” Linda said to me.I told her I was not back I was only here to clean out my office. I walked away into my office stopping to look to see if John was in his as I was going to let him have it again. However, he was not. I walked around my office gathered only one thing leaving the empty box on my a box. I turned my light off and closed the door to my office. As I walked away I thought the party was finally over as well as my life.Linda stopped me as I was getting into my car. She told me it didn’t have to end like this. She asked me to give John a chance to explain.”Would you if it had been her daughter he was fucking?” I asked getting in my car and driving away.I would often drive by the office. A few times I saw John and Michelle together in his truck she would be cuddled up to him just like I once used to be. It only made me feel angry and sad as I missed that cuddling but at the same time, I hated him for what he had done to our family.I was miserable sitting at home with nothing to do but drink. Drinking only made it worse as the only thing I was doing was remembering what I had seen that day being my daughter fucking my husband. I decided to do what any woman would do I went shopping.I brought new sexy clothes and new high heels. I was still amazed none of my credit cards had been canceled. I even went to the bank and drew money out daily just to see if my account had been closed or my name removed from it, however, It had not.After about three months I decided to go out one night. I went to a bar I knew John or anyone anadolu yakası escort from work never went too. I was dressed for sex as well. I had a short skirt, no panties low cut top, nylons, and high heel. I sat down at the bar ordering a drink. In a little bit, a man in his fifties or so asked me if the seat next to me was taken. I told him no. He introduced himself to me. His name was Ted and I told him to just call me Ms. K. I thought to myself just how much I hated people calling me that while also thinking of how much I missed being called that now. We talked I told him I was recently divorced, he told me the same. He was about my size in fact with my high heels on I was taller than him.Ted was checking the girls out as I felt his hand on my thigh. His hand rubbed at my nylons. I allowed his hand to briefly touch my hairy pussy. As we talked and drank I found him to be rather charming and sweet. He seemed very interesting and to be truthful I would have just about fuck anyone as I needed sex. Ted’s hand roamed under my skirt again. One of his fingers rubbed between my pussy lips as his finger felt my wetness. I grabbed his hand from between my legs. I licked at his finger which had my wetness on it as I asked him if he would like to go back to my place. He smiled telling me it would be his pleasure. Ted followed me back to my place I sat him down on the sofa excusing myself while I slipped in something more comfortable. I returned in a brand new leopard nylon bodysuit covered in a long black robe. I walked to the small bar I had set up in my living room. It was stocked with the best liquor John’s money could buy.”Care for a drink?” I asked Ted.”A scotch would be just fine, ” Ted replied.I poured his drink thinking about tossing it in his face as that was John’s favorite. Instead, I made his drink then walked sexy back to him. As I handed him his drink I allowed my robe to slip open showing what I had on under it.It worked I thought sitting down next to him seeing that boner he was sporting. As we talked I placed my hand upon his thigh. I was slowly moving my hand to his boner. Ted finally got the message. He placed his drink down and took me into his arms. Ted kissed me as I kissed him back. Our tongues slipped into the mouth of the other. I broke our kiss stood up removed my robe. Standing before him in my leopard nylon catsuit bending down giving him a view of the girls. I turned around showing him my ass and the cute tail attached to my outfit.I dropped to my knees in front of Ted. I unzipped his pants and pulled out a below-average cock about just five inches. I took his cock directly into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on it as I sucked at it.I had only been sucking on his cock for maybe five minutes. I felt Ted tense up then his cock swell a bit. His hands went to my head pushing it down on his cock.”Ahhhhhh shit, ” Ted moaned out as his cock twitched in my mouth.I was waiting for the big blast of cum. The kind that splashes down your throat as it flows into one’s mouth. Instead, I only felt a small tasteless squirt of cum landing in my mouth. I removed my mouth and moved up to kiss him. Ted stopped me laughing as he told me I had just sucked his dick. No shit dumb ass I thought to myself as I gave him a look. Ted stood up zipping his pants looked at his watch as he said it was time he got home. I was still on my knees as he kissed the back of my head. Then heading toward the door. He opened it and stood outside of it. Suddenly, my eyes were drawn to that wedding band upon his hand. As Ted stopped at my opened door. I slammed the door in his face telling him to tell his wife I said hi. I returned to the sofa and cried. I had been a fool to trust that man or any man.I picked up that picture of John and I. The one Fred had taken of him in uniform and me in my pirate’s outfit. I had taken it from my office in fact it was the only thing I had taken. I carried it with me to the bar grabbing a bottle and returning to the sofa. I sat there gazing at that photo as I drank from the bottle.I awoke in the morning bottle empty. That framed photo lie smashed against the far wall in the living room. I couldn’t remember doing that however, I did remember my night with Ted. I removed my outfit tossing it into the trash as I went to go shower.I showered as I thought of my night with Ted. The first man I had been with for months and I had to pick a fucking loser. I dressed in normal clothes and made coffee. I sat at my kitchen table thinking about all the cups of coffee I had shared with John and Michelle at that kitchen island. As I did all I seemed to see was my daughter sucking his dick.I cleaned the mess up from last night. I smoothed out that picture of John and l placing it into another frame. I returned it to the coffee table in front of the sofa. I sat down looking at it as I cried my eyes out once more. In a way, it had become my most prized possession from my past.Why had both of them ruined my perfect world? I thought of sitting there. I came to two conclusions. I needed to work this out between the three of us. Or two replace them at least John as to Michelle I had no daughter any longer. I had even burnt all the photos of her even her baby pictures that I had. I could barely stand to even think about her.I probably never hated anyone as much I did her. There was no motherly love left in me. I guess I sort of blamed her more than John. After all, he was just a man like any other man one who would fuck anyone if given the chance. As to my daughter, she was a woman. One which I hated and also was jealous of because she now had what I once had. I thought what we once all had.I decided to move on with my life. I did not have to work as the bank never refuses any of my withdraws or checks I wrote for rent. My credit cards we’re mysteriously always paid in full each month. I went out one night to a spot John and I often went for dinner and drinks often teasing there as well. I was just plainly dressed as I was not looking for sex. I sat at a table not wanting to sit at our usual table just too many memories. I ordered but hardly ate anything. I paid my bill and moved to the bar. As I sat at the bar a man in his forties I would say about 5’8” and of average weight asked if he might sit next to me. I told him smartly that it was a free country. The man sat down gave me that look of well fuck you to bitch and ordered a drink. I told the bartender to put it on my tab.I held out my hand to the man as I said, ”My name is Kay.”The man lightly shook my hand as he replied, ”Nice to meet you Kay my name is William but please call me Bill.”I asked him to forgive me for my smart remark earlier as it had been a bad day. Bill told me he understood as he has had many bad days. Except for today. Bill smiled as he said, ”Always a good day to met a lovely woman like you, Kay.”I thought that was rather nice of Bill to tell me that. I asked what he was doing in our neck of the woods. Bill told me he was a farm implement salesman. I looked at him funny like. He handed me a business card.Bill took my hand as he said, ”I sell tractors and stuff to farmers, Kay.”Bill explained he was here to meet a new client. Who seemed to be running late. About this time I saw John and Michelle walk into the place. John in his three-piece suit and Michelle dressed in a very low cut mini skirt. All eyes in the place followed her. Her lovely ass shaking and the girls bouncing with each step she took with those so lovely legs. She didn’t seem comfortable with the attention she was getting neither. I would have been loving it.My blood boiled and hate-filled my heart. I watched John pull her chair out and sat her in her chair. He then kissed her on top of her head just like he always did to me. John sat down at the table reading the wine list.”Is something wrong Kay you seem preoccupied?” Bill asked me.I sort of laced my arm through his as I cuddled up next to him as I told him no just thinking that was all. I was hoping John would see me. Bill smiled at me as I did. Bill asked me what I did I told him I worked in an office as a secretary. ”Your boss is a lucky man, ” Bill said smiling once more at me.I thought a lucky man indeed as I should have killed him and her as I looked at them both. I pushed those thoughts from my head as Bill and I talked. He asked me to excuse him as he had to use the boy’s room. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned toward that tap.”Mom is that you?” Michelle asked.”Sorry miss you have mistaken me for someone else, ” I replied in that hateful tone.Bill returned and asked me who was that checking her out as she walked back to her table. I told him just a case of mistaken identity.Michelle walked back to her table hung her head and started to cry. I saw her point to me. John went to her, he stood her up and walked her from the restaurant with his arm around her glaring at me as he gave her comfort.Bill’s client soon showed up and told me he had to do business but I had his card and to call him if I wanted too. I finished my drink and walked outside to my car. As I opened my door a rather large hand which I knew closed it.”Kay that wasn’t very nice to treat your daughter like that, ” John said to me with anger on his face.”Oh and you fucking her is, ataşehir escort ” I replied angrily at him. ”How dare you bring her here where you and I used to eat, ” I added with more anger in my voice slapping him as well.”Kay we all used to eat here together, please let’s talk, Kay,” John said.I opened my door as I told him we had nothing to talk about. I closed my door and drove away stopping before leaving the lot. I watched John return to his truck. He gave comfort to Michelle as he once would have to me.I cried all the way home. Once at home I climbed back into the bottle. I awoke the next morning with the empty bottle on the floor. I looked to that picture of John and I at least I had not smashed it again I thought.I cleaned myself up and the mess I had made on the floor as I must have gotten sick sometime during the night as well. I also found liquor bottles s**ttered throughout my house some empty some almost empty. I realized I did indeed have a drinking problem.It was a little after 12 noon I had just sat down on the sofa when my doorbell rang. I opened the door to find Michelle standing there dressed in her work gear her hard hat tucked under her arm just like a man would have done. I started to slam the door however she sort of pushed and powered her way inside. ”Get out Michelle or else as I have nothing to say to you, ” I said in a very harsh and angry tone.”Your tone or angry doesn’t scare me, mom, ” Michelle said laughing as she walked around my living room, running her hand lightly over everything in it. She had this look in her eyes as well.She stopped at that picture of John and me as she picked it up she said, ” Believe me mom John’s bark and his bite is a lot worse than yours.”Michelle looked at me with hate in her eyes almost like she wanted to cause me harm as she said, ”If you don’t want to talk fine mom but you’re sure in the hell are going to listen, ” as she sat down on the sofa. I sat across from her in a chair. She picked that picture up again smiling at it as she asked, ” Do you still love John, mom?” I told her it was none of her business. Michelle glared at me just like John used too. She told me it was her business because she loved him too as she hung her head.Michelle told me I had asked her why once. She explained for the same reasons I needed that man. Because of the comfort, the warmth and security of being in his arms. That man nursed me back to health and had always shown his love for me in many ways.”However he never gave me his love as he did to you mom, ”Michelle said rubbing her hand over that picture.She placed the picture down on the coffee table. She told me if he wouldn’t give it to her then she would take it. She told me it happened when she was learning to walk again. They were in his weight room working out.”It wasn’t his fault mom I seduced him, ” ” I gave him no options, no way to escape,” Michelle said as she started to cry.Michelle told me John told her this was wrong and I needed to stop as I rubbed at his jogging pants. I told him I loved him and needed him. He removed my hand telling me sternly to stop it. Michelle told me she cried telling daddy no man loved her or ever would because of these as she raised her work tee shirt showing me her scars. She told me she told John she could have no man’s baby and that meant never a man’s true love. Michelle smiled as she told me daddy didn’t put up a fight when her hand went back to his jogging pants. She told me she sucked his cock for the first time that day. Michelle told me she had watched me suck that same cock many times. Always wondering what it would be like. She had trouble that first time. That man has a lovely big cock she told me. But she had at least made him cum even if she could not swallow all it.Michelle told me it just sort of progressed out of control until that day you caught us. She told me anytime she got a chance she would use her girlish charms on him. Just like you taught me, mom. Michelle told me daddy had warned her no one was to ever know. Not her friends. She told her daddy it would be their little secret. John had told her if they were ever caught they both were going to hell.I noticed Michelle seemed to not know whether to call him daddy or to call him John or that man, as she told me this story. My mind took me back to her doctors telling me reasons for her thinking John was her real daddy.Michelle’s head went to her hand as she cried into them she said, ”Please mom help me out of this hell she had placed us all into.”I went to her and wrapped her in my arms. I told her I didn’t know how that I was stuck in my own hell looking to the liquor bottles. Michelle picked up that picture telling me he could help us both if we let him.Michelle told me that Daddy was also stuck in his own hell as well. She told me he worked long hours and got no sleep. As to love between them it had stopped after I had caught them. She tried many times but he would tell her he was not in the mood.Michelle told me John needed me to get his ability to love again back. Michelle told me she was here begging me to return home and at least talk to John and daddy both.”Michelle is everything alright with you?” I asked concerned about her confusion about John and daddy as well as the way she was acting like she was.”My shrink tells me I have a daddy complex as well as daddy issues and some other problems.” Michelle replied wiping her eyes.” You’re seeing a shrink? I asked surprisingly.Yeah daddy’s idea not mine, ” she replied.Michelle took my hand as she said, ”We could share him, mom.” ”We both could have what we want and what we need.” ” I would follow any rules you place upon me.” ”I am very submissive ask daddy, ” she added smiling at me.”John needs you mom and I need John so that means I need you as well, ” Michelle said giving me her puppy dog look.I patted her hand as I replied, ” Let’s not rush things I haven’t even agreed to speak to him yet.””Please mom bring back peace, happiness and joy back into our family we all have missed you, ” Michelle said to me giving me her puppy dog look once more.I told her I would talk to him. Michelle told me to be at his office at 4 pm today as he would be there like he has been every day for the last six months. I though had it been that long since I had been gone. I realize now when one drinks days are but minutes in reality.I asked her why every day at that time. She told me he sits there for an hour just looking at this picture which hangs on his wall she told me pointing to that picture of him and me.Michelle looked at her watch and said, ”Shit daddy is going to have my ass if I am late getting back from lunch again.”Michelle hugged me and kissed my cheek as she added, ”Thanks mom I need you as much as he does and oh please don’t tell him I had come to see you, ” as she rubbed her hand on her butt.I knew that meant her daddy still spanked her if he thought she had done wrong. She left as I sat down picking up that picture of us. I thought of what Michelle had told me.About bringing peace, happiness, and joy back to the family. I thought about the peace, happiness, and joy it might bring back to me as well. I also thought about her saying we could share him and she would follow any of my rules. I was unsure about her remark I am very submissive at least at this time.I was unsure about even going but I dressed casually not sexy. I rather thought this could turn ugly quickly. I drove to the office I arrived at 4 pm the office doors were locked as it was Friday so everyone would be gone. However, I still had my keys. I unlocked the door and walked in. Michelle was at Linda’s desk. She ran to me and hugged me tightly. She told me quietly that John was in his office. She was filling out daily reports to give to him. She told me I knew the way she returned to Linda’s desk.I slowly walked to his office. I looked to see him just staring at two pictures on the far wall. One I thought we had buried forever. That being the picture of him, Danny and those men he lost one night a long time ago. Beside it hung the one of him and me in the bar that same one he carried during his wars his bloodstains still upon it.I walked in over to that picture rubbed my hand over it as I said, ”We were younger in those days.”John stood up walked over to me as he said. ”Maybe a lot wiser to Kay.” His hand touched the other photo,” I betrayed those men that night just as I had betrayed you, ” John added hanging his head.I lifted his head as I told him that he looked like shit. Then I asked, ”When was the last time you slept, John?””When did you leave me, Kay, ” John replied as he wrapped his arms around me.I felt everything I had been missing for the last six months. I finally felt that warm, comforting and secure feeling coming over me. John started to ask me to let him explain, but I pressed my finger to his lips as I said, ”Michelle had come to see me today.” ”She had already explained everything.””MOM, you weren’t supposed to tell him, ” Michelle yelled out loudly and with anger.John glared at her then asked if she had her daily reports finished. Michelle walked over to him with her head down.”Yes boss, here they are, ” she replied with her head still hanging down handing them to John.John told her to go to the truck. He would deal with her in a few ümraniye escort minutes. Michelle walked out closing his door behind her.John took my hand as he asked, ” Kay she didn’t hurt you did she?”I told him no and he told me to thank God for that. I asked why would she hurt me. John told me she might or might not as she is sometimes unstable. ”Is that why you sent her to a shrink?” I asked him.”She told you that too, ” John said with a wondering look.”John, what is wrong with her?” I asked.He told me it would take him all night to explain it. I smiled at him as I told him I had all night if he would invite me back to his place for the weekend. John smiled as he told me our place Kay and that I was welcomed there anytime.I told him we had a lot to talk about as I turned his office lights out as I opened his door. John took my arm and laced it through his as he walked me out of the main office. He searched for his keys. He told me Michelle had them. I used my keys to lock up as John smiled at me. He walked me to my car and I saw Michelle sitting in my car. She handed John’s keys out through the window to him as she said, ” I am riding home with mom.”John looked to me with worry in his eye. I told him it would be ok. John kissed my cheek as he told me he would see us at home. As I drove away Michelle told me nice car mom which daddy had paid for. I asked her why she wanted to ride with me. She told me she was in trouble for coming to see me as John had told her she was not allowed to come to see me. I asked how did she find out where I lived anyway. Your credit card invoices had your address on them as well all bank withdrawal I had asked Carol to give your address to me. Please don’t tell John as I will get in trouble for that as well.I promised her I wouldn’t get her in trouble again. She cuddled up to me just like she used too as a c***d. She laid her head on my arm as she said, ”It’s good to have you home again mom, ” John I mean daddy will be so happy again.”There she went with that sort of confusion over what to call him. I just kissed her head and drove home. She walked me into a fucking wreck. That perfect living room had her clothes, his clothes, newspapers, and empty pizza boxes everywhere.”Excuse the mess mom I will clean it later, ” Michelle said walking me into our family room.At least it was clean and the same as I remember it. She went to the bar asking me if I wanted a drink. I told her no thanks I was cutting back. She went to the bottle of Macallan 25 Year Old Sherry Oak Scotch.She poured a glass of it and then make a screwdriver telling me she loved them. I heard John walk in the back door. Michelle waited till he walked into the family room she handed him his drink telling him he would not kiss him out of respect for her mom. John told her there was pizza out in the kitchen and for her to serve us all some.John kicked that drink back then shook his head. I asked what wrong. John looked to me as he replied, ”Nothing Kay nothing at all. I knew he was lying to me.Michelle came back into the family room. She had 3 plates full of pizza. She handed John a plate. Then handed me a plate.”Your gonna love it trust me, mom, ” Michelle said to me.That coming from someone who had fucked my husband behind my back. Michelle told me it was from a new place only a ten-minute drive from here. John told me 20 minutes when one doesn’t speed as he glared at Michelle. She was right as it was some of the best pizza I ever had.After we ate John asked me if I would excuse him and Michelle for a minute as he wanted to talk to her. John walked her back to her bedroom about 20 minutes later he returned without Michelle. I asked him if I had gotten her spanked. John laughed as he replied I haven’t spanked that girl since her before her accident but maybe I should have. I patted the sofa beside myself telling him to sit down and tell me all about it.John sat and told me pretty much the same story Michelle had. About how she had seduced him and sort of used her accident and her seductive girlish charms which she told me you had taught her to get him to do things he knew was wrong. He also explained to me about her mental issues as sometimes she had an outburst of anger.I asked him if those outbursts we’re directed toward him. He shook his head no never but everyone else was an open target. He told me it started with outbursts toward her crew. John told me he removed her from that position and she was only allowed to work with him. However, her anger spilled over to their public life. John explained they were at the grocery store when she went after a woman she thought was eyeing him up. Stacy her best friend they were no longer friends, in fact, she had no friends at all. John told me he had told Danny, Sara, and Linda about the sin he had committed. John told me they did not judge him or Michelle instead they tried to help us both.Then she went after Danny one weekend who only turned her over his knee. She came running to me claiming Danny had hurt her thinking I would go after him. However, I knew Danny would never harm her even when spanking her.John told me he sat her down and asked her what was wrong he told me she cried as she told him she did not know. Other than she seemed to have your love Kay but his anger and while she could control that love the hate or anger, she could not. John told me he took her back to the doctors they all told him the same thing she had PTSD. They all suggested I send her to see a psychologist. He told me she had pills which helped but sometimes they don’t. I asked John how long had this been going on. He told me since that day you caught us. The day he stopped loving again.”I am so sorr…” John started to say but I pressed my finger to his lips. I told him he had already explained that and I did not blame him or her now that I knew the truth.It seemed this man gave her the same feelings he gave me. As to my scars perhaps that was the slut in me. No other man other than John would put up with me fucking other man and my drinking problem.Michelle walked into the family room I was shocked to see her dressed in a very cute pajama set nothing sexy just cute. But then with her tits and ass, anything she wore was sexy on her. She sat down beside John but at the very end of the sofa not cuddled up to him as I was.John told me to excuse him he would be right back. I looked to Michelle who sat there curled in a ball shaking. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped her in it. John came back in with two pills and some water handing them to her.Michelle said, ”Thank you, daddy, you have always taken care of me, ” as she took her pills.Less than 20 minutes later she was out like a light. I asked John if that was normal. He told me they were the strongest pill on the market.John scooped Michelle up and she sort stirred from her slumber. I heard her say, ”Don’t leave me, daddy, not again daddy,” as her arms went around his neck.John carried her back to her bedroom as I followed. He placed her in bed and covered her up. Michelle took my hand as she asked me to stay with her a bit. I looked at John as he told me it would be ok as he walked out of her bedroom.I sat on her bed as she hugged me laying her head in my lap. I stroked her long blonde hair like I had watched John do so many times. She told me it was good to have me back. I kissed her forehead as I told her it was good to be back.When she fell asleep I eased her head from my lap placing it on her pillow. I walked from her room to that main bathroom. I washed my tears away before returning to the family room.John was at the bar he had another Scotch in his hand. I walked over to him and took the glass from him sitting it onto the bar. I told him that was not going to help. I told him I knew from experience. I took his hand as I led him to that leather sofa. I sat him down then I sat down beside him.I told him I wanted the family back we used to have. John told me it could never be the same because of what he had done. I told him he only gave love to someone who needed it just like he had always done to me.”Kay I had sex with your daughter, ” John said.”You don’t have sex John you make love with feelings like no other man can, ” I replied. ”That is why Michelle had fallen for him in the first place.”I told him Michelle had suggested that we share him. John looked at me. I told him I was okay with that as long as we had some ground rules. I told him Michelle had even told me I could make those rules. Which I would leave up to him.”Kay you don’t have to do this, ” John said to me.I told him she needed him as much as I needed him. Besides if he didn’t agree I would not return. I told him I was not blackmailing him but making our family whole again.John told me he was unsure as she can be a handful sometimes and he was not sure Michelle would even play by the rules. I told him she had told me she was very submissive to you. Use it as a tool to force her to play by the rules or she would not be playing then.John rubbed his eyes. I told him I would put him to bed. I walked him to our bedroom, not a thing was out of place, in fact, it looked as if our bed had never been slept in. I helped him from his work clothes he told me he needed to shower. I told him he needed sleep. I placed him on the bed telling him I would be right back.I went into our bathroom once again nothing was out of place or anything. I undressed and returned to bed. John was fast asleep as I climbed in next to him. I cuddled up to him and laid my head upon his chest. I close my eyes wondering if my hell was over or just beginning as I had made another deal with a blonde hair blue eyed she-devil this time.

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