sleeping beauty sleeping bitch


sleeping beauty sleeping bitchI have very fond memories of summers at the lake with my aunt and uncle and all my cousins but the one I remember most was my last summer with themwe had found a secluded cove where we set up camp sleeping under the stars for a few hot nights by day we would swim and ski and I always had fun tossing myyoung girl cousins into the water sometimes they would sit on my shoulders allowing me the chance to hold onto there small firm bottoms letting my fingers slip under their suits.brushing there budding breast with my hands. But the thing I loved most was watching my aunt when she wasn’t looking her perfect sagging tits were always on displayin her suits that never seemed to fit quite right .her and my uncle were fighting about something she kept calling bakırköy escort him a perv.My aunt was in a fowl mood when she caught me staring at her tits usually she would just blush and ignore me but this time she made a big scene embarrassing me in front of everyone was so hurt and angry with her I vowed to make the bitch pay .round the campfire I made sure her beer was never empty and her whisky glass was always full. My uncle was just as drunk when my aunt Mary fell out of her chair all of us got a good laugh , then uncle Jim said take her to her bed which was a sleeping bag on an air mattress about 100 feet away .we all helped her into bed I was able to get some pretty good feels in while I carried her,all the while planning how I beşiktaş escort would get even with her. About an hour later I left the fire to take a piss on the way back I went by where my aunt was passed out she was laying still with her left tit almost fully exposed her suit had fallen away but her pussy was covered by the sleeping bag I am glad now not knowing what I might have done to her. When I shook her she did not stir so Ishook a little harder she was motionless thank god for booze. I softly traced my finger tips across her exposed breast giving me the hardest boner I have ever had. then I got braver squeezing and pulling on her tits.I could not control myself any longer and took my cock out of my swimsuit I noticed a big drop of cum beylikdüzü escort on the tip I placed the head of my cock against her cheek anddrew it down the side of her face leaving a shiny trail of precum glistening in the moonlight after a few more minutes of this her face looked like a dozen snails had criss crossed it leaving their shiny trails.That’s when I heard someone call my name thinking I must have got lost.My left hand was pumping my cock while a played with her tits with my right.At that moment I knew I was ready I was going to spray my load into the sand next to her bed when I remembered what a cunt she had been to me so I stood over her and unloaded the biggest load of hot cum I have ever had all over her face and neck. She did not even flinch I stood there for a few more seconds watching all my sticky sperm running off her pretty face. The next morning not a word was said but we all noticed that her and uncle jim were not speaking to each other. Later that year they got a divorce when I asked my aunt why she just said your uncle was a sick twisted man.

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