Slumber Party


“This is going to be a great night” said Michelle, shivering a little as she walked along the street. Her boots clicked on the footpath, almost unheard as traffic whizzed by. Her thin, bony hand clutched a bottle of Baileys, the alcohol she had volunteered to bring when the party was organised.

She looked over at Marie, her enthusiasm infectious as they got closer to the hotel.

“I’m getting shit-faced tonight” smiled Michelle.

Marie laughed, a silvery ripple of sound. “I think we all are, babe. Why shouldn’t we?”

She had a point. They were staying at the hotel, along with everyone else. Originally a joke, it had soon become a real event, and it was shaping up to be the best idea Jake had ever had.

As the two girls turned into the lobby, they saw Patrick and Danielle, standing at the elevators.

“Hey, Patrick! ” shouted Michelle. He turned, a self-effacing grin spreading over his features.

“Hey girls. Ready?”

The lift doors opened before they could answer, and the four of them stepped inside. Michelle was nervously chatting about nothing, much to the amusement of the others. The lift came to a grinding halt on the fourth floor, and the doors opened.

Standing outside the lift, dressed in flannelette pyjamas and a bathrobe, was Matthew. He smiled as he recognised them, thin face lighting up in a heart-melting grin.

“Well hello children. Welcome to the party and come inside!”

He turned, opening the door to the hotel room and ushering them inside.

Inside, the first thing they saw was that the furniture had been moved aside, and that mattresses had been set up in front of the television. The bar was lined with alcohol bottles, and upbeat music was playing.

Behind the bar stood Jake, casually pouring a round of shots. His hair stood straight up in spikes, and a cigar perched in the corner of his mouth.

As Matt shut the door, he turned, puffing out a thick stream of bluish smoke and butting out the cigar.

“The party crowd has arrived! Ladies, into the bedroom to get changed, Patrick, into the bathroom. I want you in your sleepwear in five minutes.”

Michelle smiled “What if I sleep naked?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“In that case, either get changed right here where I can see you, or borrow something.” laughed Jake.

“Can I wear your robe then? You’ve got pyjamas on under it.”

Jake bent close to her ear, “Do I?”

Marie and Danielle burst into laughter, exchanging pendik escort glances as Michelle blushed a deep red, secretly thrilled that beneath his robe, Jake was naked. From the bedroom came more laughter.

“Who else is here?” asked Patrick, rummaging around in his bag for his pyjamas.

“Gemma, Rachel and Kerry are all changing in there,” said Matt, gesturing at the bedroom door, “so hop to it, gang.”

As the girls headed into the bedroom, chattering and laughing, Jake turned an apologetic face to the other guys.

“I know, I know. Don’t have sex with your workmates. But I can still tease ’em, can’t I?”

“You’re a shocker, J-boy.” Matt chuckled as Patrick walked into the bathroom, clutching his pyjamas and laughing.

Passing over a Bacardi and Coke, Jake tipped his shot glass, then downed his shot in one quick swallow. “The night is young, big guy. Let’s get this place going!”

When the girls reappeared, they paraded in front of the guys one by one, giggling. Karen wore long, red checkered pyjamas, and made her way over to the couch. Gemma and Rachel wore sensible girly sleepwear, pastel colours and long sleeves. Marie wore a long t-shirt nightie over tracksuit pants, and Danielle some PJ pants and a singlet top over her bra.

“Come on Mishcka,”called Jake, grinning, “if you’re not ready, we’ll understand.” The girls laughed, drinking and dancing a little to the music.

Michelle opened the bedroom door, stepping into the light. She wore a v-neck camisole top in white satin, with a pair of matching short French knickers. Her hair was down around her shoulders, and she was smiling shyly.

As she walked in, Jake let out a low whistle of appreciation. He picked up a drink for her, walking over to her as she stood near the couch. “Very nice.” he whispered, handing her the glass.

“Thanks.” she smiled, taking a long sip

After everyone had drinks, the music was turned off, and everyone settled on the mattresses and couch to watch a movie. Jake sat on the mattress, sprawling and chatting to Danielle, Marie and Matt, careful to arrange his robe when he moved. The movie was a comedy, and Matt’s natural wit only made them laugh harder.

“Anyone want a refill?” asked Michelle.

A round of glasses were passed over to her, and she poured everyone’s drink in turn, delivering them to their owners.

“Here you go Jake” she smiled, standing over him. He looked up, reaching up to grab his drink from her outstretched maltepe escort hand. As she stood again, he flinched as he realised that, because her knickers were so high-cut, he could see into one side, catching a glimpse of pale thigh. As she turned, he could clearly see the brown, springy curls of her pussy. Amazed, he only realised the danger when he felt his cock stiffening.

He quickly adjusted his robe, resting his glass in his lap to hide his erection. Surely, he thought, she doesn’t realise. But when he looked up at her again, she gave him a sly smile, and tipped her glass at him.

He stood, trying for casual and just failing, and stepped through the crowd, heading for the bathroom. “Back in a minute.”

He walked into the bathroom, pushing the door mostly closed behind him. He looked at himself in the mirror, trying to decide whether anyone could have seen his hard-on. It was noticable now, while he wasn’t holding it down, but he was pretty sure he’d gotten away with it. Chuckling to himself, he let his robe fall open as he splashed water on his face.

He saw a movement in the mirror when he looked up, and turned quickly, hand reaching to coverh himself. Behind him, leaning against the inside of the closed door, was Michelle. She’d snuck in behind him, just to scare him, but when she saw his cock in the mirror, standing thick and proud, she couldn’t move. She hadn’t expected to be confronted with this, and her mind was racing. She felt the first tingles of arousal stir in her body, and a part of her mind, shocked that she could react like this, began to fantasise about what would happen.

Jake was suprised. Why would she follow him in here? He smiled, letting his robe fall open again.

“Do you mind?” he asked, watching her eyes flicker from his face to his cock, mouth dropping open a little as she took in the size and state of his throbbing erection. He had to stifle his laugh as he walked closer to her.

She smiled nervously, watching him intently as he reached down to gently stroke himself, fingers wrapped around his shaft. “You really should learn to knock, Michelle.” he said, mock-sternness in his voice. “You could have embarrased me.”

She was hypnotised by the movement of his hand, running along the length of his shaft in long, languid strokes. Her eyes flicked up to his face, then back down to his slow masturbating, the moisture gathering in her pussy.

“After all, Michelle, ” he smiled “this reaction kartal escort is all your fault. “

“Why mine?” she stammered.

“I’ll show you.” he grinned, walking towards her.

She backed away as he advanced, until she was hard up against the door. He never took his eyes from her face as he ran his finger up her thigh, sending shivers of delight up her spine, then sliding his hand through the gap in her knickers. She gasped as she felt his hand against her bare pussy, stroking the hair above her clitoris.

Suddenly, he dropped to his knees, cock standing up as his knees bent. His hands pushed her knickers to one side, exposing her bush of brown pubic hair and the moist pink slit of her pussy lips. Without hesitating, he pressed his tongue against her labia.

She flinched, body going rigid at his touch. Her hands instinctively grabbed the back of his head, legs opening a little wider. He pressed his head against her further, tongue searching for and finding her clitoris. He tasted the sweet, sticky juices of her arousal, and licked harder, making her shiver and twitch as erotic sensation coursed through her body like wildfire.

She trembled, feeling the first signs or an impending orgasm gathering in her body, when there was a knocking on the door. She jumped, and as Jake pulled away from licking her dripping pussy, she felt a pang of loss. She turned from the door, quickly yelling “I’m in here!”

From outside, she heard Matt’s voice “Me and Patty are just going downstairs. Do you know where Jake is?”

Fighting panic, she stammered “I think he’s downstairs too!”

She heard Matt laugh, and then listened to his receding footsteps. Exhausted, she looked down at Jake’s shiny, wet face.

“That was too close.”

Jake smiled, standing again, cock twitching and just touching the fluffy hair at the top of her pussy. He leaned in to kiss her, but she turned away, unwilling to taste her own juices. He kissed her neck instead, lips fastening on her skin and sucking gently, making her head swim again with newly awakened passion.

“Then we’ll have to wait until everyone’s asleep, won’t we?”

He walked past, reaching to open the door. Feeling shameless and daring, she reached out, rubbing his cock. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft, and she marvelled at the thickness of it, and the unmistakeable feel of his soft skin.

“They’d better sleep soon, then.” Michelle said, squeezing him gently, then walking out as he opened the door for her.

He covered himself as her hand retreated from his robe. Walking back into the lounge room a few minutes behind her, he thought to himself, “When you lot go to sleep, I’m going to be having a lot of overtime to do!”

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