Slutty Janice


Janice “J” S. April ’08 – Jan. ’09

I met J through a personal ad I had posted on Craigslist. I was still fucking Rachel, but she was a boring fuck and I wasn’t that attracted to her to begin with. It figured it couldn’t hurt to see what might come from meeting J. I was a bit misleading in the ad, implying that I wanted a relationship when all I was looking for was a good piece of pussy.

J was one of three women to reply. She had just moved to Charlottesville from Louisiana and didn’t know anyone. We talked through AOL Instant Messenger for a day or two before exchanging numbers to text. Within another couple of days we agreed to meet for lunch and see how things went.

I met J at a restaurant on a weekday afternoon. When I got to the restaurant and parked I called to see where she was. It turned out I had parked beside her. She was getting out of her Chevy Impala as she answered the phone. We hadn’t exchanged pictures, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When she was out of the car and standing I was relieved. She had a nice body, she was skinny, nice shapely ass, and average tits, c-cup at least.

I got out of my car, went over and gave her a hug. Her face wasn’t all that great, but I could deal with it. With a body like hers I’d put up with a homely face after fucking a fat girl for a few months.

We had lunch and hit it off. She told me she had to meet the movers after lunch, they were delivering the last of her stuff, then suggested meeting again later that evening. I hoped she wasn’t trying to blow me off. I suggested a bar I was going to a lot, The Lazy Parrot. She agreed to meet me there around 7:00 that evening. I wasn’t sure if she would show up or not but what could I do? I was going to be at The Lazy Parrot that night anyway. If J didn’t show up I would meet a few friends a little later in the night, around 9:00 or so, and have a few drinks.

I was already on my second beer when J showed up. I was glad she came but I didn’t want to introduce her to my friends. I had just under two hours to figure out a way to get us out of the bar without anyone I knew seeing us. We sat there and had a few drinks each. She was easy to get along with and the more I drank the more I wanted to fuck her. Finally, at about 8:30, I came out and just asked, “Do you smoke weed?”

“Not often but I have,” she replied.

“Would you mind if we took a little ride, so I can smoke a joint?” I asked.

“Not at all,” she said, “will my car be ok here?”

“Yeah,” I told her, “we won’t be long.”

I paid the tab and we went out to my car. It was already dark, perfect for finding a dirt road and burning one. I already had a few joints rolled so as soon as I hit the closest back road I lit one. J took a few pulls on it, coughing each time. As I drove around we talked about all kinds of things.

I stopped at a little country store and asked if she needed anything, she said no. I went in and got a pack of cigarettes and a twenty-two for each of us. When I got back to the car I put the bag in the backseat and drove off. I went to a little place in the middle of nowhere. It was a landing zone for the local university’s helicopter, Pegasus. There was a long driveway I could pull off on, and there wasn’t a lot of light pollution from Charlottesville. I parked and opened the sunroof, so we could see the stars. I grabbed the beer from the backseat, handed J hers, and we sat and talked.

After the beer was gone I got out and put the empties in the trunk. When I got back in the car the conversation had died. After a couple of minutes, I looked over at J, she was looking back at me. I couldn’t help but notice her hips were slowly gyrating in her seat. She started to lean toward me. I put my arm around her shoulders and leaned in to kiss her. At first, we kissed each other timidly but after a moment her tongue found its way into my mouth. Almost immediately my cock sprang to life. I put my arm around her back, pulling her to me but the gearshift and emergency brake were in the way of her getting closer to me.

After about fifteen minutes, most of which time she spent on the gearshift and e-brake, she pulled away from me. By now my cock was throbbing. I was hoping she was going to suggest we get in the backseat. Instead, she said, “You want to take me back to my car…”

I was shocked. Why did she want to leave all of a sudden? Luckily, she kept talking after a brief pause that seemed like an eternity. “…if you want you can follow me back to my place. My roommate shouldn’t care.

“Yeah, sure,” I replied, starting the car.

The ride back to her car was pretty quiet. I was glad we didn’t have far to go. On the drive back, I noticed she kept discreetly gyrating in her seat and slowly running her hands up and down her thighs. She wanted to fuck worse than I did. I dropped her off and followed her home, smoking another joint along the way. We got to her house around 11:00 and she showed me where to park so I wasn’t taking anyone’s spot.

We want in and her roommate was walking around talking to someone on the phone. Her roommate was fucking hot. She was bahis firmaları wearing a short, somewhat tight nightgown that didn’t quite cover her amazing ass cheeks. She looked a little upset that J had brought a guy home unannounced. J quickly showed me to the living room then left, I assumed to apologize to her roommate. She wasn’t gone long.

“Why didn’t you find something to watch?” she asked.

“Because I’d rather be in your bedroom about to fuck you,” I thought. “I don’t like messin’ with other people’s stuff,” I told her.

“You could have at least turned a light on,” she said, laughing a little.

“The dark is fine,” I said.

She came over and sat beside me on the couch, picking up a remote from the coffee table. I put an arm around her as she flicked through the channels. She stopped on an old episode of The X Files that was just coming on. “Is this ok?” she asked, looking over at me.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” I said, not caring what she stopped on since I was hoping we wouldn’t be watching it very long anyway.

We ended up watching the entire episode, talking a little during commercials. Then another episode came on and she seemed interested, so I wasn’t sure what to do. My buzz was wearing off so if she was going to sit and watch TV I was going to leave. Thankfully, not long into the second episode she looked over at me and said, “I don’t like this episode.”

As soon as she finished the sentence she leaned forward and kissed me. She was definitely a passionate kisser. I started to caress her body slowly, trying not to cross any lines. After about fifteen minutes, I was timing the kiss based on the show, I moved my hand between her thighs. She didn’t really respond at first, I was starting to think I wasn’t going to get the chance to fuck her. A couple of seconds later she started to open her legs a little more, I was relieved. When I got to her crotch her jeans were damp. I put my hand over her pussy and pulled away from our kiss. “Your jeans are damp,” I told her.

“Probably because my pussy has been wet since I was in your car,” she replied.

“That’s was a while ago,” I said.

“You wanna go to my room?” she asked.

“Of course, I want to go to your room,” I told her.

She turned the TV off, hopped up, and motioned for me to follow her, then put a finger to her lips telling me to be quiet. She led me to her room, opened the door, and let me enter first. There was a small bedside lamp on that put out just enough orange-ish-yellow light to see and it gave the room an interesting come-fuck-me ambiance. There wasn’t much furniture and she had clothes everywhere.

“You can lay your clothes on there,” she said, pointing to a moving box by the bed.

I took my clothes off, folded them, and set them on the box, then laid on her bed. She was across the room getting undressed. I just laid there watching her and stroking my already hard cock. Her body was better than I had hoped. Her ass and tits were amazing, and she had a cut shaved pussy. Her tits were perky with perfect little nipples. She came over to the bed and slowly crawled up to me from the foot. “Goddamn, your cock is huge!” she said, excitedly, as she grabbed my throbbed cock out of my hand and took over stroking it slowly.

After a few seconds she let go of my cock and crawled further up the bed, now her pussy was right above my cock. I reached down and started fingering her, she was extremely wet. Her pussy felt tight around the finger I was trying to get inside her, I could only imagine how good she was going to feel on my cock. “Go easy on me until I loosen up a little,” she said, almost pleading.

I moved my hand and said, “Ease onto it, take your time, just let me know when you want me to fuck you.”

I licked my fingers, her pussy tasted sweet. My cock was throbbing again by the time she grabbed it and put it between her pussy lips. Then she leaned forward and put both of her hands on my shoulders, tucking her face in her own shoulder, she seemed to be wincing in pain. She gently and slowly started to ease her pussy down my cock. I don’t think I’ve ever had a girl go so slow down my cock as J did, it seemed to take forever. Her pussy was unbelievably tight. I just laid there with my hands behind my head watching as my cock slowly disappeared into her sexy, pink pussy.

Almost halfway down my shaft a stream of pussy juice came shooting out of her tight, little slit. I had never seen anything like that, it looked like a stream from a water gun. “Holy shit!” she said, trying to steady her breathing, “I came already!”

“You’re welcome,” I said, smiling up at her.

“Normally I can only cum by being eaten out or if a guy plays with my clit while he fucks me. Your dick feels so fucking good,” she said.

It was so tempting to grab her by the hips and thrust the fest of my cock into her but since this was our first time together I decided against it. She was biting her lower lip, slowly easing herself down on me again. I was still having a hard time believing how tight she was. She hadn’t gotten another full inch in before pussy juices kaçak iddaa started spraying out again. “Did you cum again?” I asked.

“No,” she managed to say, “that’s still from the first time.

She raised up and before all of my cock was out of her pussy juices flowed out of her. “Oh, fuck!” she said.

I just kept laying there smiling up at her. Part of me couldn’t believe what was happening. Had she ever been fucked by a decent sized cock before? She reached down and grabbed my cock again, putting it back in her pussy. We were both soaked, the wet spot under my ass was huge. She got my cock back in her to about where it was before, it seemed a little easier for her this time. Halfway down she started getting tighter around my dick again.

She finally got all of my cock in her tight pussy. The whole ordeal had to take well over half an hour. Once she had it all in her she tried to sit up. When she raised up I could feel my cock go deeper inside her and the tip brushed her cervix. “Holy shit!” she gasped and fell forward, bracing herself on my shoulders again.

She took a few deep breaths then tried sitting up again, this time raising up a little as she did so. She looked fucking amazing sitting on my cock. Her body had a slight glisten from sweat even though the AC was on and the room was a little chilly. My cock was throbbing inside her, I knew she had to feel it. It took all I had not to grab her and fuck her hard.

“You’re fuckin’ huge,” she said, “I’ve never had my pussy stretched out so much by a guy’s dick.”

I laughed. “I’m serious. I’ve never had a guy this big before. My husband is tiny compared to you,” she said, “Plus, I’ve got a smaller than average pussy. The doctors weren’t even sure if I’d be able to have my daughter naturally, but she didn’t want to wait for the scheduled C-section.”

“You had a kid?” I asked in disbelief, “Naturally? Like, out of this pussy, the one my dick almost didn’t fit in?”

She just smiled slyly and nodded, then started moving her hips a little, still trying to adjust to my size. “So, you have a smaller than average pussy, huh?” I asked, trying not to laugh, “What does that mean?”

“Pussies come in different sizes too, just like dicks,” she replied, “I have a small opening and narrow hole. My pussy lips are smaller too. You’re really stretching me out right now. If you were any bigger I don’t think I’d be able to fuck you. It hurts a little, but it feels incredible too.”

I made a mental note to check all of that when I ate her pussy later. “That’s one reason I married my husband,” she said, “his dick is long but skinny. It was the biggest I could take at the time. I’ve been with a lot of guys since, I thought I had made progress, but your dick is massive.”

“Well, for what it’s worth your pussy feels fucking great,” I told her, “by far this is the tightest pussy I’ve ever been in.”

“Thanks,” she said, blushing a little, “I think I’m relaxed and loosened up enough to ride your dick. Just let me know before you cum, I’m not on birth control.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you know. I can last awhile, so just let me know when you’re ready for me to cum.”

J gave me a funny look. I love the way she looked impaled on my cock wearing nothing but her geeky glasses. I knew she would probably take them off soon, since she had just begun to slowly start easing herself up and down the length of my shaft, and she had already pushed her glasses back on her nose three times.

It was starting to look like J was going to need encouragement. I reached up and grabbed her tits, they were soft, yet firm, and felt great in my hands. Her nipples were hard, and now they seemed a little large for her tit size, but her areolas were perfect, about the size of a quarter. As I started to cup and squeeze her tits J started to moan a little, and move her hips a little more. I moved my hands down to her hips, “Do you want to cum again?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she replied.

I got a firm grip on her hips and started to move her on my cock. Within seconds J was moaning louder, her eyes rolled up, and she tilted her head back. I held her hips and encouraged her to grind her pussy on my cock. I was careful not to go to deep so I didn’t hit her cervix again.

J started grinding on me harder, all on her own, she was really getting into it now. I could feel that she had adjusted to the size of my cock. I moved my hand, cupping a tit with one. I used the other to push her pubic mound with my palm so I could tease her clit with my thumb. Her clit was about the size of the tip of my pinky and really hard. As soon as I touched it J fell forward, putting her hands back on my shoulders. “Oh, god! Don’t stop! Fuck me, fuck me! Please don’t stop rubbing my clit!” she said, almost screaming it.

J tried to start riding my cock up and down in longer strokes, but she was still too tight, and she was going too fast. My cock was having a hard time going back in her, it was bending in the middle and it hurt. I moved my hands back to her hips and held her down on me. “Oh, god! No! What are you doing!?” she whined loudly.

“Shh… kaçak bahis calm down. You got too into it,” I told her, then asked, “Do you want to grind on me while I rub your clit, or do you want me to fuck you hard?”

“Fuck me!” she yelled.

“Ok,” I said, moving my hands behind her to her ass cheeks, “put your hands back on my shoulders, lean your weight forward a little, let me have control, and trust me.”

J shifted her weight a little and moved around to get comfortable. I squeezed her ass cheeks, spreading them apart. I purposely brushed her asshole with the tips of my fingers to see how she would react. Her pussy clenched on my cock and she gasped.

“Never had your asshole played with, huh?” I asked.

“Not really,” she replied, somewhat bashfully.

Before either of us said anything else I started moving her up and down my cock slowly. Her pussy felt so good sliding up my cock, it was getting cold outside of her. I pulled her up until I felt her pussy lips brush the bottom of my dickhead. I loved that feeling. Then , without warning I pulled her back down, slamming her onto my cock, pussy juices flew everywhere. J started moaning and cussing like a sailor. The more she got into it the harder and faster I fucked her. I started squeezing her ass cheeks harder, trying to test her limits. She just moaned, cussed ,and begged me not to stop. All of a sudden J screamed out, ” HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM! DON’T STOP! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! OH GOD! I’M CUMMING!”

I did exactly what she said, I fucked her harder. I slammed her down on my cock as I thrust my cock into her as hard as I could, hurting the tip of my dick a few times by slamming into her cervix.

There was a loud bang on the door and I stopped. J’s roommate yelled through the door, “Please keep it down, Janice, It’s late.”

“Fuck you, bitch! I pay rent! If you can fuck this cock without screaming, I’ll eat your pussy!” J yelled back. J sat up on my prick, “Bitch!” she said, “Every goddamn time I get fucked she has to bang on the goddamn door.” She raised her pussy up a little and looked down at all of the pussy juices I was covered in. “Did you cum?” She asked.

“Nope,” I replied, smiling.

“How did you not cum? Hell, after all of that if you had cum inside me I wouldn’t even care right now.”

“You gonna make me cum?” I asked.

Sure, do you need anything special?” she asked.

I sat up and hugged her, “Fuck me slow and kiss me like before,” I whispered in her ear.

J wrapped her arms and legs around me and started to ride my cock very slowly, alternating between riding me up and down and grinding on me. She was kissing me passionately, her tongue in my mouth was making my cock throb. I reached down and grabbed her ass, taking control of her. At this point I really wanted to cum, and it didn’t take very long. I pulled away from her kiss, “I’m gonna cum,” I told her.

As soon as I had gotten the sentence out she planted her lips back on mine. She raised her pussy off of my cock and grabbed it with her hand, slowly jerking me off. My cock was so wet from her cum I could barely tell I was no longer inside her. Our bodies were pressed so closely together I could barely move. I started bucking my hips helping her to stroke my cock. As soon as her tongue entered my mouth again I came. My cum shot up onto our stomachs, quickly spreading all over us. J arched her hips and I could feel her pussy lips at the base of my cock. The wet warmth of her cunt gliding over the bottom of my shaft made me cum again. We were soaked.

My cum was all over J’s hand and both of our stomachs. J kept kissing me, she put her cum covered hand on my cheek, holding my head and kissing me harder. After a moment she pulled her lips from mine, kept her hand on my face, and asked, “Are you done?”

I nodded, “I think so, at least for now,” I told her.

“Good,” she said.

She hadn’t finished talking before she arched her back, raised her hips up, and had me back in her pussy. She had loosened up a lot, but she was still insanely tight. She went back to grinding her pussy on my cock, I was as deep in her as I could go without hitting her cervix. “I hope most of your cum is on us and not in me,” she said, looking down at our stomachs.

“I think…” I started to say.

“Fuck it! I don’t care anymore, shut up and fuck me!” she said.

I put my arm around the small of her back and flipped her onto her back, getting on my knees between her legs without my prick ever leaving her tight, little cunt. I grabbed her legs and pushed them up, pushing her knees up to her armpits. If she wanted to get fucked, I’d fuck her. I kept my hands behind her knees for support. In this position her pussy was almost pointing straight up. I got a good balance and started to pound her pussy as hard as I could. She had definitely loosened up, but she was still tight enough that she was hurting my cock on some strokes. I didn’t care anymore, I was in a frenzy, I wanted to punish her pussy. Every time I slammed into her our crotches made a loud, wet, smacking sound. Her pussy juice was flying up and hitting her in the face, she had wet spot on her glasses. That only turned me on more. Her arms were out to her sides and she had the sheet under her balled up tight in her fists.

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