Slutty Little Sis


I glared at the stupid thing. Why did I always have to leave laundry until the last possible day? It used to be my favorite bra, but it was now my backup. It wasn’t even that old, how could I be outgrowing it already? I shoved it on anyway, groaning in anticipation of the discomfort I knew I was in for. Why couldn’t I be one of those girls who could go bralass without anybody being able to tell the difference?

I threw on my usual tank top and jeans, did my morning stuff, then rushed downstairs. Mom and Jeff were already in the kitchen. Dad had probably already left.

“Moommm, I need new bras!”

“Again, Julie? Christ, you’ve really exploded up there, haven’t you?”

“I guess,” I said, and glanced at Jeff who had his face hovered right over his cereal. “Staring contest with your breakfast, big brother?” It was mean, but it was so easy to tease him. He hated being called that, and he was awkward enough as it was.

“Shut up,” he mumbled.

“Fine, I’ll take you this afternoon, okay?” Cut in Mom, “come home right after school.”

“How ’bout I just skip school and we go now?”

Mom glared at me. “I have work anyway, Julie. You’re only a few months away from graduation, you can make it.”

I groaned, but said nothing. Having a birthday in early January sucked. It didn’t make much sense to me to be both 18 and in high school. I was so ready to move on. I grabbed a banana and headed for the door.

“For someone who wants to skip, you sure leave early for school!”

I twirled around on one heel and flashed a grin at my mother, “I’m a good girl!” I said. Jeff coughed out his cereal.

Thirty minutes later and my good girl mouth was stuffed with Mr. Johnson’s cock.

“Here I cum!” He growled and I looked up at him and giggled. The older but handsome teacher put both his hands on the back of my head and pushed down. Not too hard, thankfully. Seconds later and I felt his hot load splatter the back of my throat and I gulped it up best I could. I still needed to wipe some off my bottom lip with my finger and lick it off after his dick left my mouth, however.

“Holy shit, Julie, you’re a talented little cocksucker,” Mr. Johnson said.

“Thank you, sir,” I giggled, “So I’ll get my good marks, right?”

“Oh yes, that was definitely an A+ blowjob.”

I smiled and stayed on my knees as he left the stall. I pulled mints out of my purse and popped in three. I knew I should have felt guilty, but I truly didn’t. I liked being a slut and I hated school. This was a win-win for me. I would have gone down on a hot guy like Mr. Johnson anyway. I waited five minutes and left the boy’s washroom. Some random dude came in just as I was leaving, but he was too distracted by my tits to even seem to notice a girl was in the boy’s washroom.

The day continued like that. I get lots of stares anyway, but the combination of my bra being too small and my shirt being really tight, I don’t know if a single person looked me in the eye that day. Boy or girl. All the attention got me really horny. When last class finished, I ran to find Kenny, my current fuckbuddy. He wasn’t the star athlete or anything, but boy was he fit. I bit my lower lip just looking at him putting his books away. I needed him to rip me apart. I snuck up right beside him and clasped my hands together in front of me. The cleavage it created should have been illegal.

“Hey Kenny,” I said in that stupid baby voice he liked, “wanna play?”

“Holy fuck do I ever!” He said, his eyes zipping to my chest, “Did those tits get even bigger?”

“I think so!” I giggled, “Wanna find out for sure?”

“I’m going to cum in my pants if you’re not careful, jeez. You’re like the walking talking version of pure sex. You’re the wildest wet dream.”

“So stop talking and let’s find a place to fuck!”

He finally yanked his eyes away from my chest and looked in my eyes with a pained expression. I raised an eyebrow and bit my lip again.

“I really, really wish, Julie. But I need to rush right home. I’m flying out with my folks to visit my Aunt for the weekend, remember?”

I didn’t expect that. “Oh! Um, not even a quickie in the bathroom?” I was hornier than I expected.

“Holy shit, Julie, really? That’s hot, but crazy. The bathrooms are packed after school, plus, I’m already late just from talking to you. I have to go. But be proud of the fucking purple balls this conversation is going to give me for the weekend!”

He flashed a smile, and I couldn’t stay mad at him. He was an amazing fuck, but he was also a pretty nice guy. I smiled back and grazed his crotch with my hand. “Fine. See ya, stud. Me and my big tits will miss you tonight.”

He groaned and hit his head against his locker then dashed away. My last tease backroom casting porno had obviously worked, but it wasn’t helpful for me either. He was obviously rock hard under those jeans and feeling that bulge made me weak in the knees. I looked around and noticed about four guys staring at me, slackjawed. They had obviously heard everything. I pushed my tits together then gave them the finger and left. I didn’t mind being a slut, but I didn’t want to sleep with just ANYbody. Oh well, I would just have to frig myself into oblivion tonight.

I usually took the bus, but I didn’t want to be around more people, so I walked home. Mom would be mad that I was a little late, but whatever, she could deal.

I got in the house and was met with the sight of my brother sitting exactly where he had been that morning, his face in another bowl of cereal.

“Really, Jeff? Have you moved at all?”

“Shut up, Jules, of course. I had class today.”

“Was it cereal class?”

“You’re such a bitch. And that doesn’t even make any sense.”

“Shut up,” I said. I was feeling extra mean and I knew it was because I was horny, but I wasn’t about to tell Jeff that. “Where’s Mom?”

“Gone,” Jeff said, “and left you this.”

It was a note.

“Sorry honey, I forgot about Sam’s wedding this weekend! Your Dad and I will be back Sunday night. We can go bra shopping on Monday.”

“Uggghhh,” I said. “Is it that time of year again?”

I was exaggerating, but Dad’s best friend Sam got married often enough that it was pretty close to being the truth. Jeff chuckled at the joke and I allowed myself to grin at him. It wasn’t his fault that I needed to get off really, really badly.

“Seriously,” he said, “if they can forget about a wedding, that’s when you know it no longer means much!”

“Ha ha, he’s an actual wedding-holic. I have no idea how he finds women still willing to tie the knot!”

“Me neither,” said Jeff. “But does it matter? Why don’t you just go shopping yourself?”

“Because if Mom is willing to pay, I’m going to take it for as long as I can.”

“I guess,” he said, his face turned back downward, “but underwear is cheap, isn’t it?”

“I’m not buying boxers, dumbass,” I said, “thin girls with huge boobs aren’t exactly super common. My size is rare and expensive.”

“Oh, okay,” he said.

Hm, I didn’t expect that. Jeff and I liked each other, but we were obviously siblings in that we would fight over the stupidest shit. Usually when some bickering started, it took a while before we got it out of our system.

“That’s all you got?” I asked.

“I dunno, you’re my sister, it’s weird,” he said, looking up for a second. Then, before looking back down at his cereal, he stole a glance at my chest. My heart leapt.

“Er, yeah, good point. Sometimes I forget you’re my brother!” I laughed nervously and dashed off to my room. I locked my door and lay down on my bed, my heart beating fast. It wasn’t weird that he looked at my tits – he’s just a guy after all and he had done it before – but it was weird for me to react that way. And now he saw me act so weird after he looked. He probably felt so guilty! Ugh, it was this stupid horniness why I was acting so weird. I pushed the awkward incident out of my mind, undid my jeans and shoved my hand under my panties. I got myself off four times over the next hour. I felt a lot better.

I decided I should go say something to Jeff to make things less awkward. Not even to bring it up directly, but just to let him know we were cool. I changed into more comfy jeans and threw a huge baggy sweater over my tank top and walked down the hall to his room. His door was open, so I just walked in, but he wasn’t there. What was there, however, was his computer open to one of my more racy Facebook profile pictures, and a ball of tissue on his desk. It took me a bit to connect the dots. I was even stupid enough to pick up the tissue and smell it. That’s when I couldn’t deny the fact that my brother had just jerked off thinking of me. I heard the bathroom door open and my stomach dropped. Jeff’s room was at the end of the hall, there was no escape. Of course he was in the washroom! I didn’t even try to hide. I couldn’t. I was stunned to where I was standing. Although I did thankfully drop the cum tissue back on the desk.

Jeff was horrified. “Julie?!”

I could finally move. And I ran past him without saying a word.


I have no idea why, but that was the moment when I chose to get angry. I turned back around.

“So, what? You think it’s okay to jerk off to your little sister? Huh?”

“I don’t, I-“

“I, uh, uh, I-” I mocked, “Don’t try to deny it, you pervert, just apologize.”

“Look, bangbros porno I’m sorry, Julie.”

“You’re damn right, you are! I’m your eighteen-year-old sister, you dirty fuck,” I said. It was weird. I was starting to enjoy yelling at him. The anger was actually leaving me as I got more mean. Jeff was always awkward, but he was always my big brother and so he usually got the last word. I kept going.

“So what, you do this all the time?”

“No, no, this was the first time, I promise.”

“Why today, huh? I’ve seen you stare at my tits before, you perv.”

“I don’t know, stop it, Julie,” he said.

“Is it because of my old bra, huh?” I ripped my sweater over my head and my tits came crashing out inside my tight tank top and even tighter bra. “Just because I told you that bras are hard to find for super busty skinny girls?”

Jeff said nothing and I realized that I had been walking closer and closer to him while yelling. He actually appeared to be shaking.

“That’s it, isn’t it? It was finally too much to keep thinking of your kid sister growing such huge tits so fast that you had to jerk off to pictures of them. What about now, Jeff? They’re so close to your face right now. Are you getting a boner now?”

“Fuck you, Julie,” he said.

I don’t what it was. I don’t know if it was my anger, my sexually frustrated day, or even the fact that I missed my chance to go bra shopping, but I went the extra step. I grabbed my big brother’s crotch. He had just jerked off, so I did not expect him to actually be hard again. But he was hard. And he was big.

“Oh,” I said.

Jeff pushed me away and ran into his room. He didn’t lock his door, however. I gave it a minute or so and gently opened the door.

“Go away!”

“Look, I’m sorry, Jeff. I shouldn’t have reacted that way. This is just weird for me. You have to understand that.”

He said nothing, so I walked toward his bed slowly. He was curled in a ball turned away from me. I sat down on the edge, and I could see him twitch. I was starting to feel really bad.

“I really shouldn’t have yelled at you and teased you like that, but you get it, right?”

“I’m just really embarrassed.”

“It-it’s fine, Jeff. Plus, it’s kinda a compliment in a weird, twisted way.”

“Don’t do that,” he said.

“No, it’s true! Yeah, you’re my brother and everything, but it’s still nice to feel like boys find me sexy.”

“Oh like you don’t know already.”

I blushed. I put one hand on his arm and he flinched again, but he didn’t stop me.

“It’s still nice to be told, big brother.”

“Well I didn’t really TELL you…”

“Actions speak louder than words sometimes.”

“Heh,” he said. It was a huge relief to see him lighten up. It was still really weird for me, but I just wanted him and I to be okay. Plus, although I was trying to deny it, I couldn’t get the thought of how big and hard his crotch felt in my hand.

“Still,” he continued, “I’m sure you’re told all the time too.”

“And you’re not?”

“No way.”

“Oh shut up, you bring tons of girls home,” I said. And it was true. Jeff was a little awkward, but he was still a great guy and really good looking, even if a bit on the scrawny side.

“Yeah, but they still don’t call me sexy!” He chuckled a little bit, realizing how silly he sounded, and he turned around a little bit.

“Are you fishing for compliments, big brother?”

He suddenly got awkward again.

“Nono, I’m not teasing! I promise. I was trying to be friendly,” I said.


“Um, I guess, haha? Is it really possible to flirt with a sibling?”

“Well I think we’re a little past that, don’t you?” He said.

I knew he was finally just feeling as comfortable as I was trying to make him, but I felt my heart beat quickly again. Now he was the one who was ribbing, but my mind was slowly becoming fixated on his crotch.

“Um, I guess you’re right. But yeah, I can tell you if you want.”

“Er, wait what?” He said, “Like, tell me I’m sexy?”

“Sure,” I said, “unless, you know…” I stopped myself.

“Unless what?”

I had to say it. The tension was growing. He had fully turned over in his bed and had full view of my young massive cleavage spilling out of my shirt and my mind was now entirely set on the possibility of my brother’s cock. So I just had to say it.

“Unless you want my actions to speak louder than my words.”

His hands went immediately to his pants and he started tearing them off as I pounced on his face. We made out furiously, our lips attacking each other’s like it was the last time anybody would be able to makeout in the world. He got his jeans off and I straddled him beurette tour porno still wearing mine. I didn’t look, but his dick felt giant between my legs. I shoved myself down on him while he thrust upward and we continued to mash our faces together. I took one hand and grabbed one of his wrists and crashed his hand against my right tit. I took my face off his for a second.

“There you go, you perv, is this what you wanted?” I grinned to make sure he knew that I liked it.

“Uh-huh,” he said, playing along, “Does my little sister like me feeling her up?”

“Oh yes,” I made sure to exaggerate my moans. Not that I wasn’t horny, but because I knew that it would make both of us hornier, “you feel me up so good, big brother. Be rough with your slutty little sister. Treat me the way you always fantasize about.”

He growled and pulled my face back into his and thrust up extra hard into me and I giggled lustfully. I pulled off my shirt and Jeff practically ripped off my bra and we continued to dry hump while he kneaded and mashed and squeezed and felt up and slapped my giant full tits. Even Kenny never paid my tits this much attention. Maybe it was because they had only been this big for a few years, but I loved the attention. I knew I was soaked. I loved the titplay, but I was going crazy, I needed to get a good look at his cock.

“I’m glad you like my slutty tits, big brother,” I said in the little girl voice that Kenny loved so much. Jeff also seemed to approve. “But I really wanna see your big hard dick. Don’t you want to find out if your little sister can suck cock?”

My brother convulsed a little and I was scared for a second that he had already blown his load. He later admitted that he might have if he hadn’t jerked off earlier. Instead he pushed me off of him and jumped off the bed.

“On your knees, slut,” he said. I giggled again, glad he was getting into the role. I loved when boys had their way with me. I got on my knees in front of him, making sure to make as bouncy of a show as I could out of it. It worked because his eyes never left my juicy udders the entire time. But once I was eye-to-one-eye with his cock, it was my turn to be mesmerized. Mr. Johnson used to hold the title of “Julie’s Favorite Cock”, but my brother’s gorgeous piece of meat easily took the prize away from the middle-aged teacher. It was long and thick and had a curve that I was already convinced was designed just for my throat.

“It’s beautiful, big brother,” I said.

“J-just suck it already,” he said, but I could tell my words touched him. Still, I couldn’t deny those orders. It’s what I wanted to do anyway. I took it in one hand and shoved my other hand down my jeans after undoing the top two buttons. I stroked his cock firmly, still in denial of how big and hard it was. Without even thinking, I pulled down on it slightly and sat up a little bit straighter and smoothly slid it into my eager mouth.

My pussy still felt a little raw, but I couldn’t stop rubbing my clit as I sucked on my big brother’s dick. I never minded the taste of cock, but Jeff’s was delicious to me. The more I tasted, the more I wanted to keep tasting it. The farther I jerked it down my throat, the deeper I wanted to try and go. I sucked hard and bobbed quickly.

“God, your moaning is so hot,” he said. I didn’t even notice I had been moaning. I was in heaven. If I hadn’t spent an hour getting myself off, I’m sure I could have made myself cum just from sucking Jeff’s dick and playing with my own pussy. As it was, I didn’t have the time.

“Oh god, Julie, I’m going to cum, you’re going to make me fucking cum!”

I giggled and pulled my mouth off. “I’m gunna swallow it, kay?” I said and wrapped my puffy lips back around that thick cockhead. Not a split second too soon either as my big brother’s cum started immediately filling my mouth. It was strange as I realized that this was the first time a boy had cum in my mouth and not right down my throat. I don’t know if it was because it was Jeff, but I preferred it. I loved the feeling of his seed filling my mouth and swirling around my tongue. I sucked firmly and slowly pulled my lips off of him, making sure to take all of his tasty cum with me. I leaned back against his bed with my eyes closed and just felt his sperm in my mouth. I swished it around and let it slowly drain down the back of my throat.

“Mmmm,” is all I could manage.

“Wow, you really ARE a slut, aren’t you, Julie?”

I opened my eyes and smiled. I jumped up and kissed him on the cheek. “You don’t know the half of it. And please just call me ‘lil sis’, okay? I want my big brother to take care of me all weekend.” Then I started to walk out of the room.

“Wait, where are you going then, lil sis?”

“I need to take a shower if you’re going to fuck my ass later. Duh!”

I giggled at my slack-jawed brother as I gave him one last tit squeeze show before leaving his room. I was sure a wave of guilt and horror would hit me at some point, but it sure wasn’t hitting me yet. I still couldn’t believe my big brother had such a perfect cock!

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