Small Piece Of Paradise


We met by chance. A friend of a friend. He just out of a marriage and me, too busy to get involved. We saw each other a few more times over the next year or so. Mostly, when with our common friends. He always made a point of saying hi and giving me that great smile. Then it happened. We were all out listening to a local band. I must say I don’t remember the band that well. My memories are more intimate than that.

I had a couple of drinks that night. I was very relax and he asked me dance. Once on the floor, I forgot we were in public. He felt great next to me. My head rested on his chest. He began to rub my back lightly; moving me to the music. He titled my chin up and gently kissed me. We danced a couple more songs. Just enjoying our bodies touching and moving slowly to the live music. We went back to our friends, not wanting to be rude. Now he made a point of sitting next to me. By the end of the evening we were unable to keep our hands off each other. Our friends had had enough. Everyone was going home. All I could think was, now I will have him all to myself. We dropped off a mutual friend and then we took a drive.

We ended up at the end of a side road, down by the river. It was clear out and not too cold. We sat and chatted for a bit. He had slid over and was rubbing my leg through my skirt. My one hand on his leg and the other on his shoulder; running my fingers through his hair. He kissed better than any other man I had kissed. His tongue flicking mine. Kissing me long and hard. He was making me very hot and he knew it. He was teasing me. I so wanted him, right there and then.

After a bit of heavy petting and kissing, this gentle man, was lightly caressing my tits through my top. He asked if he could see them. I couldn’t say no. I pendik escort sat up and lifted my sweater over my head. I started to remove my bra; he stopped me. He leaned forward and began licking and kissing my chest. He found my nipple and nibbled through my bra, making it hard. By this time I was arching my back to get closer to him. My pussy was so wet by this point. I could feel how wet my panties were.

Finally he reached behind me and unhooked my bra. It fell free and the cool breeze reacted with my hot tits; making my nipples stand out even more. My back arched and a moan escaped my throat and mouth. When he whispered in my ear, my pussy contracted. He was asking me if I was enjoying myself. Oh Yes, was all I could manage. My breathing was getting deeper and quicker. Oh was I going to enjoy this.

He grabbed his coat and folded it to make a pillow for me to lie on. Locking my door, I leaned back, while he lifted my legs up onto the seat. Thank god for the older model trucks; single seat. He nestled in beside me and tried to get comfy. His hands now had better access to my hotness. Running his hand over my legs and up my tummy to my naked tits. I was beside myself with passion. I was kissing him deeply and nearly begging him to touch me. I was young and didn’t really know how to ask. He played with my stiff nipples, rubbing his fingers around them. Making me wiggle on the seat, my back arching.

I had never wanted to have sex so much before. Now he was on top of me; his leg in between mine. Rubbing my pussy, still kissing me and playing with my very sensitive nipples. My skirt was rising up my legs. Soon my panties were exposed and he wasted no time checking out my hot wet box. He slide down the seat, bending over to blow on my maltepe escort box; even through the material , it felt fantastic. He hooked his fingers onto my panties and pulled them down.

He now had access to my womanhood. I was incredibly wet. He ran a finger over my pussy lips. This caused my ass to lift off the seat. He moved up and ran his wet finger over my lips and then kissed me. Sharing my juices was very exciting. He then moved down my naked body. Kissing his way down. Once he got to back to my pussy, he began to eat me so amazingly. He flicked his tongue on my hard clit and then he ran it up and down my slit. Narrowly missing my tight hole. All of a sudden he plunged his tongue deep in my hole. My body arched and stiffened. He made me cum so quickly.

Once I came down a bit, he asked if I was ready for a small piece of paradise. Yes, yes. Please give it to me. I had no idea what he had in store for me. I reached out to assist him in getting out of his jeans. His hard cock jumped out of his shorts and my hands went directly to it. I ran my tiny hands over his hot hard cock. It felt great in my hands. He asked me lie back and enjoy. His fingers were rubbing my clit and finding their way to my hole. He was rubbing my sweet juices all over my body. He gave me his finger to suck on. He told me how erotic it was that I was sucking him after he fingered me. I told him how great I was feeling. He informed me that I would feel even better, shortly.

He helped me spread my legs; not so easy to do in a truck. I had one foot braced on the dash and the other on the back window. He kissed my pussy and gave my clit a nip. I was dripping wet. He then got between my legs and placed his beautiful cock at my tight opening. I held my breath kartal escort and he slowly entered me. With every inch I got more pleasure. My pussy walls were wrapped tight around his hardness. He took his time and made sure I was ready before he started to really pump his cock into me. I wrapped my legs around his lower back and we rock together for a bit. I could feel him deep inside me.

He kept whispering in my ear. Telling me how great this felt and how tight I was. He was enjoying it. Again he spread my legs apart and began to give me a serious fuck. The windows of the truck were all fogged up. I was close to coming again and he asked if he should pull out. I said yes. I wanted to see him cum. He made sure I was close and then changed pace. I was going crazy. I so need to cum now. I grabbed his hips. No you don’t. I guided him back to my waiting and wanting hole. He said he was going to cum. I begged him to finish me off. I was now rubbing my clit. His cock filled me again. He began to pump into me. I furiously rubbed myself while he watched. I started to moan. Low at first and then I closed my eyes tight. It was happening. I squeezed my muscles tighter and he really had to work at filling me. My pussy contracted around his hardness. I was thrashing about the seat. My moans now louder and more intense. He pulled out and gave his cock a couple of strokes. He shot his load over my chest and stomach. He then lied down beside me and kissed me; softly and tenderly. I was still shaking from my orgasm. He offered me some tissue to tidy up some. He gently rubbed my arm and shoulder. Kissing my face and lips. The heat inside the truck was intense. We lay there for a bit longer. Chatting. We got dressed and headed for home. He ended up staying the night with me. We made love again before going to sleep and again when we awoke. It was a great first time with someone new.

We ended up dating for a few months. I have other great stories. But they are for another time. Hope you enjoyed.


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