Sneaking Away

Big Tits

You get an opportunity to come visit one afternoon and I am thrilled to see you. I really want to strip you naked the minute you walk through the door but there is a problem with that plan. The kids are home and inside watching television.

You can tell when you come through the door how badly I would like to kneel on the floor in front of you. I smile, walk over to you and wrap my arms around your neck. I whisper in your ear how badly I want you. You feel my nipples harden through my shirt on your chest. As I back away from you, I see you look down to see if you were right. I love the look on your face as you watch my nipples get even harder while you are watching.

We have lunch together and enjoy one another’s company. We casually brush against one another as we prepare the food, feeling the electricity between us. We enjoy lunch with the kids, stealing quick glances at one another across the table. Those looks say a million things without a word being spoken.

The kids go back to their movie as we continue to visit and enjoy one another’s company. While I do enjoy your company always, naked really is my favorite way. To my surprise, when the movie is over, the kids decide to go play outside. You see the look of naughty come into my eyes as I tell them they may go outside for an hour.

When they leave to your surprise I continue with the laundry that had my attention already. I go into my room to put clothes away and you casually pendik escort follow me. You act just as ‘uninterested’ as I am trying to convince you that I am. I go into the closet to put away some sheets and I feel you come up behind me. I feel your hand on my hair as you grab me and pull me back to you.

“You are trying to tease me, aren’t you?” You say directly in my ear. I don’t answer you, I merely sigh with relief as you touch me. I feel you press your body into mind and can feel your nice hard cock attempting to spring free. The closet has a window that views the road so if one of the kids were to come back home, you would see them come up the driveway. This is perfect, you think. “How about I fuck you, right here?” You say again in my ear.

At first I don’t answer you, but then you reach around and start to massage my breasts. I purr with delight and then finally softly say “Please do”. You reach down and pull my skirt up to reveal some black lace panties. I can tell you approve but I am just dying for you to touch me.

You reach down and feel that my panties are wet. “Beautiful”, I hear you say and just the sound of your voice, the closeness of your body makes me that much wetter. You grab my panties and in one swift motion, pull them down, allowing me to step out of them. You push my upper body over so my hands are resting on the wall and then slide your hands down to my very pink, wet pussy.

When you slide a finger into maltepe escort my pussy, you feel my entire body welcome your touch. I arch my back to get close to you. “Please fuck me” I say and as I do, I hear you pull down your shorts. You stand right behind me and guide your cock right into my body. As much as I love to play with you, to put your cock in my mouth and feel your tongue on my clit, this is exactly what I needed. I wanted you from the minute you walked in the door and don’t want to wait another second.

I can feel your hands on my hips and feel your body behind me as you slowly slide your hard cock into me. Those slow strokes only last for a minutes when the very slow sex that we started, quickly switches to hard and fast fucking. Here we are in the closet, filled with the sounds of our bodies slamming together and the smell of fuck, lost in each others bodies.

I am literally begging you not to stop, begging you to fuck me hard until you cum. My breasts are bouncing, my clit is rock hard, my back is arched and you can feel my pussy contract around you. I briefly wish that there was a mirror close by so I could see your body move behind me. I can feel it and imagine it which sends another orgasm through my body. That orgasm starts yours. I can hear your groan and feel the intensity change.

You grab me with more passion and fuck up into me with such vigor. I spread my legs and arch my back to accommodate, knowing kartal escort full well that you are about to cum deep inside me. I momentarily consider moving to change the feel so you don’t cum yet but then I want you to so badly that I can’t. Your hands pull on my hips as you slam deep into me and you start to cum. You stroke deep into me Cumming each time, deep.

We both start to catch our breath, your cock still in my soaking wet pussy. I can feel our juices start to drip down my leg. That sensation drives me to turn and slide your cock in my mouth, licking you clean as you look down at me. You are still winded but do enjoy the look of my face as I lick your cock. You grab hold of my hair and watch me slide it in and out of my nice wet mouth.

You stand me up and kiss me, tasting the mixture our juices on my lips. Your hands wandering across me as you do so. As much as you would like to take me to the other room and do this again, we both know that our time alone is limited. We are so thrilled that we could sneak away unnoticed. Rather than risk it, we decide to redress and continue to tease one another with subtle touches and looks across the room. When it is time for you to go, you hug me again.

This time you whisper in my ear “Thanks for the afternoon” you tell me. “And just so you know, I am going home to stroke my cock just for you”. You know how much I love that thought and I smile at you as you get in your car. I can’t wait to be alone tonight, I think. I want to get out my toys with the picture of you naked in my closet in my mind. Imagining the time we will talk again and I will tell you all about it, which only builds up the anticipation to be alone soon.

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