Sniffing The Cleaning Lady’s Bum

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Sniffing The Cleaning Lady’s BumBeing a fat, lazy, slob, I hate doing housework! Truth be told, I haven’t done my own housework in years, I just hire a lady to come in and clean up after my fat ass! The lady I hired years ago was an older romanian lady, who spoke little english, kept to herself and always did an excellant job! Earlier this year though, she became ill and had her niece fill in for her while she underwent surgery. Now her niece is also from romania although she’s been here for only a few years, speaks english fluently, albeit with an accent. Her name is Teadora, and she’s a stunning 19 year old! She has long dirty blonde hair that she keeps in a ponytail, slender, firm body, little titties, and the tightest ass I’ve seen in a long time! She always wears loose, baggy clothes, so it’s hard to see her beautiful body most of the time!Teadora’s aunt usually came every thursday to clean, but since Teadora attended hairstyling school, could only fit me in on saturdays. Now I didn’t want to lose her aunt as my cleaning lady so I agreed saturdays were fine as long as it was in the afternoon as I like to sleep in. The first couple weeks she showed up, let herself in, cleaned and left. We chatted a few minutes but nothing more and I didn’t think about it as anything more then an employer-employee relationship. That was until the forth saturday Teadora showed up. I had been out drinking the night before, and was very hungover! Now when I’m hungover, I get super horny! I don’t know why, I just do and that saturday was no exception! To make matters even worse, Teadora showed up in tight spandex shorts, and a loose fitting t-shirt. When she came into the kitchen where I was nursing a coffee, she explained she had been biking all morning with a friend and had actually ridden here on it couldn’t wait to finish work so she could take a shower! She then asked if she could use my mop and supplies as hers were at home. I said no problem and went to grab her a mop and old rags. Now my mind was reeling with how to sniff her sweaty ass, and then an idea just popped into my head! I told her that her aunt had promised to clean the tops of my kitchen cabinets kadıköy escort before she fell ill,(she actually did) and I asked if she would do it that day, for extra money of course. She shrugged and said sure, and I went to the garage to fetch my step ladder. I told her that I’d hold the ladder for her like I usually did for her aunt, but she told me she’d be fine, and didn’t want to trouble me! I responded by telling her it was no problem, and that if she fell, technically it was my responsablilty, and she could then sue me! She chuckled and said she’d never do that, but if it made me feel better, I could hold the ladder. She climbed up a few rungs and I stood behind her gripping the ladder. She looked down at me and asked if it wouldn’t be better if I held the other side, but I told her that it was better to hold the side the person was standing on and told her some bullshit physics thing about how the ladder was more likely to jump if I was holding the other side, and actually make her fall off! She bought it and started to wipe down the tops of my cabinets!I was now in the perfect position to sniff her young ass! It was literally inches from my face! I could smell her ass stink without even getting closer, so I just stood there chatting with her, smelling her wonderful bum sweat! After a few minutes, she said we had to move the ladder over, which we did, and as soon as she was up cleaning I was again sniffing her teen butt stench! I moved in closer as she talked and basked in the powerful ass aroma that filled my nostrils! It ended all too soon, as we again had to move the ladder, but again, as soon as she was in position I put my nose so close to her spandex shorts, I could feel the heat coming off them! I wanted to jerk off right then and there, but knew if I did, Teadora would notice! If not my one hand missing from the ladder, then by the shaking of it! Common sense took over and I didn’t want to risk freaking her out and losing her aunt as my cleaning lady! So I just kept sniffing her sweaty spandex shorts, wishing I could put the aroma in a bottle and smell it forever! It took about half an hour to üsküdar escort clean all the cabinets, and as I put the ladder back, knew I had to sniff her ass while jerking off! I noticed her bike in the garage and went over to it and sniffed the seat. I could detect a little smell of her ass, but my sense of smell was mostly over come by the smell of the vinyl. Disappointed, I walked back into the house. I went to go into my room to jerk off when another idea struck me! It was crazy, but I had used it before on other women!I found Teadora in the living room, vacuuming with the central vac, and when she saw me, stopped. I asked her if she would be into making fifty bucks extra, and she looked at me wierd and asked how. I told her I had been out with an old college friend the night before, and we had always been pretty competative. I told her we had met a few women at the bar and had drank with them until closing. The one he was interested in was going across town and he was headed in the opposite direction, while the girl I liked, was going to the same area of town as me and we split a cab. As we waited I told my buddy I’d try and get this woman to come home with me and that I would sleep with her. He bet me a hundred bucks I couldn’t do it and said if I did, to get her panties as proof! This was all bullshit of course, as I had been out by myself the night before, but Teadora didn’t know that! I told her the woman shot me down and I had the cab drop her off at home. Anyways, I told her it was a strange request, but if she would give me the panties she had on, I’d win the bet and more importantly, save face with my friend!My stomach was doing flips as Teadora looked at me wierd, before breaking out laughing! I laughed as well and when she asked if was joking I said no, I was serious, but she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to and I reminded her it was a strange request. She laughed somemore and asked why I didn’t just buy a pair at the store, and I told her my friend was coming here soon and that he’d know if the panties were new, as you could tell if someone had worn them! She thought for a minute and said tuzla escort I was right, and that it would be funny to help me trick my friend, and she asked if she gave them to me, if she could get them back the next week as she didn’t have a lot of underwear! I assured her I’d return them to her, and that I’d even throw them in my laundry so they’d be clean! She laughed and said ok, and went to the bathroom and came out blushing. She told me she didn’t realize how dirty they had gotten from her bike ride, and didn’t want me to be grossed out by them! I told her it was fine and that I didn’t care, and the fact they were dirty would make it more believable to my friend! She said ok, and handed me a pair of cotton thongs! They were blue with orange stripes on the front, and as I put them in my pocket thanking her, noticed the insides were white cotton. I offered her fifty bucks for them, and she declined, saying I wasn’t even sure if I had won the bet yet and that it didn’t matter anyways as I was such a nice guy for keeping her aunt as a cleaning lady, when a lot of other clients had found someone else! I said ok, and went into my room to look at my treasure!I unfolded Teadora’s thongs and loved what I saw! The crotch area was white, stained with yellow pee spots, and the thong itself was pretty much all brown on the inside from her sweaty bum! I stripped down and lay on my bed, rubbing my dicklette as I sniffed her pee stained crotch! I sniffed that for a bit before sticking the thong part right under my nose and sniffing up her heady ass stink! I came almost at once and folded the thongs up and put them in my drawer! I showered and changed and just as Teadora was leaving I came out. She laughed and told me she hoped her underwear would help me win my bet and took off, telling me she’d see me the following saturday! I spent the whole week sniffing her dirty sweaty, sk** marked thongs and came a gallon over them! I threw them in the wash friday night and they came out pretty clean. I then jerked off into them and let my cum dry on the crotch and thong before neatly folding them up and giving them back to Teadora the next day! She thanked me and I told her the plan had worked and again offered her the fifty bucks, which she again declined! She laughed and thought it was very funny that we had tricked my friend! The next week she came and I pictured her wearing the thongs I came in and how my cum was nestled up against her smelly little bumhole!!

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