Snippets: Arrival of C


…but come–if ever before
having heard my voice from far away
you listened, and leaving your father’s
golden home you came

I recently turned a young 48, have been happily married for 10 years, have been working in the same job for the past twenty years and living in the same house for the past 25 years. This is especially surprising considering how wild I had once been in my teenage and twenty something years. The way in which I met my wife, Sam, our whirlwind romance and how well we still get along has definitely contributed to my sense of well being, and I frequently have felt that my years have been, in many respects, charmed. After ten years of marriage however, we inevitably have settled into a pretty comfortable routine with one another, as often happens and this has included our sex life. While satisfying and diverse, what can I say – you learn one another’s bodies, habits, mannerism, desires, and even fantasies pretty well after ten years. We are both successful, both earn good money and have managed to work our way into a house which if we had to come here today and pony up the cash, wouldn’t be able to afford it. So that was my life.

I have a very extended, in fact bizarre, family tree and as a result I have had virtually no contact with most of my family. I have whole brothers and sisters, half brothers and sisters, step brothers and sisters, foster brothers and sisters, and probably brothers and sisters I know nothing about. That was and is the kind of parents I come from. They were born in the 30’s, coming of age in the 50’s, obsessed with themselves – me and mine. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but my parent’s generation has got to be one of the most narcissistic ever. My dad in one of his later ‘marriages’ had a child named Cristy who now was calling me and asking if she could live with us for awhile. She had turned 19 and was explaining to me how she couldn’t stay in my fathers house another day, which is something I for one thoroughly understood. So my half sister wanted to come and live with us?

It had been years since I last saw Cristy, not since she was seven or eight years old. I used to baby sit for my dad and his then wife and mother of C (pronounced ‘See’ — what I called her). She was an absolutely adorable child who loved to play games, was very smart and if you closed your eyes you would swear you were talking to an adult the whole time. She had a rich full vocabulary, terrific imagination, heartfelt laugh, was touching and emotional, caring of animals – really a great kid. I used to call her C-horse or C-saw or C-weed and she would laugh and laugh, correcting me each time that she was just C to me. My dad had at various times also told me that she had a crush on me, and one time I even asked her about it and she had gotten so embarrassed that she couldn’t even talk to me for most of the evening. Later on though she would tell me that we would get married some day, and I had to explain to her that we were half brother and sister and so that we couldn’t get married.

She would reply, “but half of me’s not. I’ll marry you with the half that’s not your sister.”

Good head on her shoulder I thought for an eight year old. And now here she was twelve years later showing up on my doorstep.

She arrived, somewhat disheveled, at the door carrying a stuffed animal and a small box full of CDs under her arm. Her car was in the driveway filled with all the worldly belongings of a normal 19 year old girl, which amounted to basically one thing – clothes.

We hugged at the door, I squeezed her as I said, “Hi C! Welcome.”

She chirped, “You remembered!” And she gave me this smile which reached back into my distant memories.

I helped her carry everything in and up to her new room in a large section of the house which 100 years earlier had been the servants quarters. It made for a nice private area with three rooms along a hallway and only one point of access. I lingered longer and was probably a little more helpful than I otherwise would have been, but for the unexpected effect her presence had upon me. Her beauty and youth was like an enormous wave lifting me. I kept looking to be sure it was HER, it actually shocked me. All my ancient love I had felt for her returning.

The fact that she was 27 years younger than me full of budding youth, combined with her still adolescent-slender-girl figure, smallish stature (which I love), white white teeth, large eyes, red full mouth and baby doll pout. Wow! She was wearing this short red loose skirt set right at the hip exposing her indrawn abdomen, in combination with a white half top which formed a deep V between her breasts (no bra – was I checking?). And her breasts held their shape perfectly no matter how much was exposed to view, no sagging, so the thin fabric simply formed itself around perfect swells of flesh, no sense of weight at all. Her blonde hair fell around her collar and she had bangs which framed her large blue eyes and honey skin.

After czech amateurs porno awhile she looked at me, fluttered her eyes and tipped her head, “Thanks Jack. Thanks a lot! I Think I got it from here though.”

At that point I realized how long I had been hanging around.

“Sorry,” I said and then, “I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.” I went downstairs thinking, that was stupid, where else would I be.

The first week was uneventful, she was trying to find work and get her school situation in order (she would be starting in college in the fall), so we barely saw her at all. One thing that relieved my thoughts greatly was how pleasant and nice she was to my wife, who had been worried that we would be letting in some snot brat kid into our house who would make messes and be obnoxious. Just the opposite, she was polite, kind, helped around the house, kept things clean – just like I remembered her.

The following weekend she wanted to reconnect with some of her friends in the City and asked if she could have a sleep over. I was an absolute pushover and I explained to Sam that this would not be a permanent thing and that we could get off to a smooth start, and that I would go over the rules of the house (which so far I had neglected to do) with her at the earliest convenience. For her part, she was just so impressed with Cristy that she had no problem whatsoever.

“Great” I said, “I’ll go down and tell C.”

Sam looked at me, “C?”

“Uh yeah, it’s what I used to call her years ago.”

I think she sort of wondered at my excitement and as I left she added, “It’s not your sleep over.” I ignored her.

I came back down and said yes she could have a sleep over, she clapped her hands together. “Thanks. It’s like so great!” and she leaned in lightly took my arm and kissed my cheek. I felt a shiver run up my spine.

“I just want to invite my three best friends. Caryn, Sil, and Joe. Is three ok?” she said in this little girl sing song voice and was leaning forward, the fabric of her top lifting lightly from between her breasts allowing me to see partway down her blouse. Her hair was falling forward into her face, and her blue eyes looking up at me. (I remember it like it was yesterday). Oh my God, what she did to me! She still had her hand on my arm, and at that moment, I caught her smell – an intoxicating combination of powder-sweet-earth-flesh, and just felt myself melt. I nodded my assent, and quickly went back up the stairs, around a corner and into one of the side rooms letting myself fall back against a wall, my heart was beating hard in my chest and I just shook my head – I needed to catch my breath. Oh my god, there’s going to be four of these little nymphs here this evening!

I didn’t want to interfere though and so I stayed upstairs and remained generally out of the way and out of sight, though I couldn’t help but peek a little. They watched TV, listened to music and really were good kids. I caught a few glimpses and noted that each of the girls were about the same age, and had the same freshness and beauty of youth. Two with brown hair (one darker than the other) and a another blonde. In fact among the four of them, they were equally amazing to me. I couldn’t help but notice.

My wife and I had no trouble sleeping that night, there were just these occasional muffled giggles every so often. Later on I woke slightly and noticed how quiet the house had become, and listening awhile – hearing nothing – assumed that they had gone to bed. I had to take a pee and was a little thirsty and I figured they were all crashed in her new room. I sleep naked (so does my wife) and when I first rose I had intended to just slip out into the hallway and down the stairs, but thought how embarrassed I would be if anyone saw me. So, I grabbed my silk summer robe and pulled it over myself (thank god as it turned out) and went downstairs. The room where they had been was empty, generally clean with pillows scattered around the floor, some cd’s. The TV was still going but the sound had been muted – I turned it off. Sitting behind one of the cushions was a half empty bottle of spiced rum, ah they found our stash. I grabbed the bottle, mainly to get it out of sight so that my wife wouldn’t accidentally see. I then went into the kitchen poured myself a glass of water and sat down. I just had the stove light on and so it was me in the shadows of my kitchen inside a quiet house.

Then I heard a door, it was a muffled opening and the unmistakable fruump! as the door was pushed closed again, followed by whispers and a quiet giggling.

“Did you see his eyes! He could NOT stop looking at you.”

“I can NOT believe you did that!”

“They were saucers. Totally. Oh god we need to do that again,” followed by giggling.

“We didn’t have to pay.”

Where else could we go?” “What time is it?”

“Shhh, we have to be quiet.” I recognized C’s voice.

“Did we remember czech bitch porno the food?” they were walking into the living room and I got up and stood in the kitchen doorway.

Someone had turned on a light in the living room, and the four girls were standing, giggling, bending at the waist to pick pillows up, wearing the sheerest of baby doll nighties. In fact when they stood in front of the light they had turned on, their nighties went transparent and I could see these exquisite lithe little bodies in outline! One was clad only in a pair of panties and a half top T! C was wearing this little pink baby doll, and as her hair fell about her shoulders it gave the illusion that the whole outfit was being held up by the swell of her breasts. I couldn’t believe my luck. The pink fabric was so thin, it seemed almost see through, and I found myself staring at C and squinting to see everything I could from my vantage point. Her nightie reached down to just below her crotch, and when she was in front of that light I could make out the narrowing of her waist, her hips and follow her thighs up through her center. I could hear my heart. Two of the other girls were wearing nearly the same thing, one red and one white.

C was the first to notice that the TV was off and then that the light in the kitchen was on, and looking over noticed me standing in the doorway.

“Oh, Jack?” I heard her say and then all the girls were silent looking my direction. “Sorry. I thought you had gone to bed,” she said as she put her hands together and bent sideways in the living room, as I held up my glass of water.

The girls now all at once fluttered into the kitchen like a flock of little birds, literally twittering as they moved, lighting and settling on all sides of me in the kitchen as I sat back down at the table. There was laughter and breath, the faint smell of rum all around, and these small warm bodies beneath the sheerest of fabric in this bright kitchen light.

C introduced me, “This is Jack. This is Caryn , Sil , and Joe .”

I was thinking that I needed a stiffer drink than the water that was in my glass just at this moment, that was sure. I was getting just the beginnings of an erection beneath my robe – god I hope no one notices. I began to adjust and smooth my robe, making out like I was shifting in my chair while secretly trying to adjust myself so as not to be embarrassed. I couldn’t take my eyes of panties.

I just said, “Hi,” all around.

“You will not believe what we just did! Oh, my god.” said red nightie.

“Were you out?” I inquired. What an idiot, they just came in. I knew they were out.

Panties now explained, “We were hungry and there was like no food in the kitchen that we liked. So we thought of going to the grocery store, but then like we were already in our pyjama’s so we thought we would need to change, but our clothes were up in Cristy’s new room and we didn’t want to wake you guys, and then we thought oh fuck it.”

Red nightie reached out her hand to Panties, sort of making a ‘stop’ gesture to her, like it wasn’t ok for her to say ‘fuck it.’ Wow, I am old now I remember thinking, before saying, “No its ok. Fuck it, yeah,” I repeated.

“Anyway, we decided just to go to the grocery like this,” and panties just held her hands out presenting herself to me. I was staring now at her navel which was centered between cream panties below and cream half top above. “So we were at this store and sort of like moving along the aisles, running our hands along the shelves, and like no one was working. No more than three people in the whole store, but they were all totally in view of us – you know – seeing us!”

Red nightie was laughing, bending her knees.

White nightie then piped in, “And Cristy, well you won’t believe!”

C just looked at the floor swinging her foot. I could see a smile as she looked down.

“You tell it,” encouraged white nightie with her hand on C.

“It was nothing. It was an accident,” C demurred.

Red nightie started again, “After I went up to the manager and asked him where we might find some film, because we had run out. . .”

My mind was reeling at these girls all around me, and now I was thinking – my god, they were taking pictures? I could tell that each one of them was a little inebriated. A little glassy eyed, a little wobbly and over friendly.

“So he helped us by pointing to the end aisle right at the front of the store and then. Then! Cristy walks over and just says ‘oh, here it is’ and bends over to pull the film off the rack and she’s, um, like not wearing any panties. Nothing!”

Peels of giggles and the girls are bending and leaning against one another, like loose rag dolls.

C just said matter of fact, “I never wear underwear.”

Red nightie continued, “They got a perfect view – of, like EVERYTHING!”

And all three girls were clapping their hands together, and putting their hands over their eyes. czech casting porno “Oh my God.”

This vision of C flashed in my mind, literally was burning into my imagination. I looked at C and she was looking right back at me still swinging her foot, her lips pressed together. She was blushing. I know my stare had pure lust in it, and as I looked at her I saw this mischievous sparkle rise in her eye as she stepped away from the counter, “And THIS is what they saw!” she announced to all as she spun around and without warning bent at the waist letting her baby doll nightie rise up her ass and over her waist.

I was seated no more than a foot away as her full nakedness came into view and I stared openly in front of these girls at C’s bare bottom. She stood with parted legs, her pussy swelling open before me like a piece of fruit, downy surfaced cunny lips, flesh and tufts of blonde hair curling along in an arc to her abdomen. It would have fit perfectly in my open hand. And at the moment just before she stood upright, her puss lips parted slightly, like an opening flower, revealing its glistening pink line running up through her center. She was so wet! I could have reached out my hand and cupped her little muff, right there, could have caressed her thighs and ass, stroked her at that moment, pressed my fingers inside – I could have fucked her right in the kitchen in front of these girls. It was quick, like a flash, but also felt as if it lasted much longer. The other girls had their hands to their chins, eyes wide, and I had gone immediately hard and found myself setting my glass of water down and pressing my now extended cock down beneath my robe with both hands as it tented out my front. It was so obvious what I was doing.

All eyes were on me, and I tried my best to act like this was somehow normal, ok, that I wasn’t flustered (even though I was now blushing red, holding my cock down into my lap with my hands, and trying to wet my mouth so that I could speak). Cristy, was turned around again and leaning against the counter, her face was mottled and she looked winded, eyes afire, smiling and looking now at the other girls.

They giggled, and someone said, “Like that.”

Then someone chimed in, continuing the stories, “That wasn’t all though. When we were at the counter to buy our stuff. Cristy scratched her hip and totally lifted her nightie from the front. The manager guy had a perfect view of her then too!”

“From the front?” I asked and looked at C again, with obvious anticipation, half expecting her to reveal herself to me again – from the front! A second demonstration.

C didn’t move this time as she looked at me and said, “I had an itch. I forgot.” She was swinging her foot again.

“The manager guy just waved us through and said, no charge. I think he had totally screwed up the cash register.” Panties clapped her hands together.

I sat there clutching my robe and saying as best as I could, “Did any of you other girls try, uh do anything?” It was my attempt at appearing that all was normal. My mind was completely muddled at this point and I wasn’t really hearing anything.

“Well, I reached up to get something high, like this,” white nightie volunteered, as she lifted her arms up giving me a perfect view of matching white panties held in place only by thin strips of string, the little triangle held in place before her puss was opaque so that I could see her dark bush curling up at the small V between her thighs, and pubic hairs splaying on all sides. The expanse of white skin above her panty line and vertical line of a navel was intoxicating to me, I could feel my body drinking her in. Jesus, I was getting so I couldn’t stand it. I was again just openly staring at this girls pussy. I felt like I was almost going to come, could feel my silk robe stimulating my skin. I wanted to slide my hand along my cock under my robe, I was dripping, but resisted moving. I was hunching over in my chair now in the throes of passion.

“But you got panties on,” one of the girls added.

I realized I was still staring at white nightie now whose top remained elevated as I said absently, “Sounds like you girls had fun then.” Fun? What am I Bing Crosby? Everything I said was sounding lame in my ears. “You’ll have to do that again sometime, and each of you try something daring.”

C was leaning against the counter again with her legs extended pressing herself upward and backward toward the counter causing her nightie to wave up and down slightly as she said matter of fact, “you could come with us.”

And she pushed herself upright in her nightie, which I knew was all that covered her, that she was open entirely beneath that fabric. I could picture her wet blonde puss when I looked at her, could still smell her wet sex, could smell all of their sweetness, warmth, flesh. I was in over my head. These girls were just messing with me now, and I was sinking fast. My cock was aching beneath my hand and I could not resist making slight undulations along my cock with my fingers through the silk fabric of my robe, my mind swimming. I was afraid I might come at any moment — and then what would I do? My breathing was ragged, my face was burning, my mind wandered to the thought of watching these girls in some obscure grocery store, watching their ‘dares.’

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