Socks and Stockings Ch. 05


Once I arrived home I flopped down on the couch. Brian wasn’t home yet. I was exhausted and immediately went upstairs. I peeled off my clothes. I dropped them haphazardly into the floor and squeezed my breasts to ease their ache. It felt good to be free of clothing after a long day, especially a strange one. I turned on the shower, running the water on a medium high temperature as I usually did. I liked very hot baths.

My muscles almost instantly relaxed under the cascade of steamy water and I couldn’t help but sigh contentedly. This was the first time in a few weeks I was able to use a shower to relax instead of just get clean. I piled fancy, strong-scented soap on a bath poof and scrubbed off the day’s dirt and sweat. The smell of violets, amber and musk filled the bathroom. My mind drifted back to the hypnotism session, how the incense had aided in my trance. It had been amazing to be touched again and so refreshing to be in control, even if it was just in my mind.

Maybe there was something to what the doctor had said. For the second time that day, I felt in control of my situation. My body was aware of itself under the hot water. My eyes closed and my brain eliminated all sound except the millions of high-pitched tap of each drop slapping my body and the tub floor. In my mind I replayed the scene from earlier. Surely if I could think it, it could happen. If it was so strong and felt so real, it had to be possible.

I was resolute. Tonight I would seduce my husband and it would not fail. But I had little time. I quickly washed my hair before leaving the shower. I dried off quickly, not worrying about styling my mane. It was shamefully natural looking, the unruly waves appearing as I raked fingers through it. I thought quickly as I entered the bedroom. What to wear? What to do? He could come home any second.

I heard the front door open and footsteps. ‘Oh lord!’ I thought. I was giddy and panicked all at the same time. Without thinking much, I grabbed the comforter in my fingers and ripped it off the bed, throwing it into the floor. I snatched the white top-sheet from their careful tucks and wrapped it around my body.

“Eve?” Brian called out. I felt stupid, flushing as I realized I was only wearing a sheet. This wasn’t sexy at all! I looked around, ‘Where to wait for him? Should I call out to him?’

“Eve?” He called out again. pendik escort He was on the landing! I eased onto the bed in the dead-center. ‘Look seductive?’ How did one go about doing that consciously without seeming fake? ‘Fuck!’

“Eve?” His feet tromped up the stairs. ‘Oh God!’ I thought. As if a last defense against looking stupid, I slammed my wide eyes shut and pretended to be sleeping. ‘Why did I do this?!’ I screamed at myself in my head, somehow managing to slow my breathing. He walked down the hall past the office and his feet stopped at the bedroom door.

“There you are, I-” he stopped himself, I guess seeing that I was “sleeping”. I thought he might turn and leave but instead he stepped closer. ‘What is he doing?’ I thought, ‘I’m sleeping?’ I tried not to breathe harder as anticipation covered me with goosebumps.

He stopped at the bedside. I wished more than ever that my eyelids were like those two-way mirrors. If only I could read the expression on his face. The silence was killing me. Just as I was milliseconds from opening my eyes and pretending to wake up, I felt fingers on my face. It was such a small tender touch, something I hadn’t felt in a long time from him. He was watching me sleep and must have felt an impulse to reach out and touch me.

His thumb traced over my lip and I couldn’t help but shudder. Tenderness transferred into such deliberateness could make any woman shudder. My eyes stayed closed. I was too afraid I would stop him. His thumb moved and I felt the angle of his hand shift on my face and his lips replaced his thumb tip. Paralyzed, I let him kiss me. Small, soft, luxurious kisses. Each one meant the same thing… they all made me melt. Instant arousal nearly drove me to wrap my arms around him, but I fought with all my power to let him do what he wanted. After all, that was all I ever really wanted… for him to spend his pleasure on me whichever way he wanted. Though chaste touches, they were not weak or pedestrian, they were special.

He moved his mouth away and I thought my heart would shatter into a thousand pieces. Was he going to leave now? Involuntarily, I let out a little moan and immediately regretted it. I was sure that damned noise would destroy everything. It almost startled me when he… chuckled. It didn’t sound snide or mean, it seemed to be a chuckle of genuine amusement. He quietly maltepe escort whispered to no-one, though I could hear him clearly, ‘Don’t want me to stop?’ I wanted to vehemently scream, “No!” but again I fought hard.

His hand moved from my face, down my throat and over my collarbone then to the folds of the sheet over my breasts. Again I thought my heart might shatter but for a different reason. I was almost surprised he remembered where my nipple was, but he found it after a moment, stiff through the sheet. He turned the tips of his fingers lightly around the swelling bump and my whole body blazed to life. Surely I couldn’t handle it anymore… how much longer would I let him touch me like this?… till I went crazy?

Letting go of the aching diamond-hard bump, he ran his fingers down my stomach. ‘I can’t stop a response if he touches me there… I can’t!’ I yelped in my head. Index finger and middle finger pressed into the sheet between my thighs. His flat hand rubbed lightly from the place where my paralyzed knees almost trembled to the crest of my thighs. I was sure I would explode, the heat so intense where his fingers rested that he had to know I was conscious but he continued.

Lightly pressing, he stroked at the top of my slit, where my clit would be if he spread the soaked lips apart. A moan slipped out again and I cursed inwardly, though I wasn’t sure whether it was at the mistake or at the power the stimulation had over me. I was powerless to stop him, unable to react lest he stop…

Then his hands left me altogether. I heard him take a deep, long breath. Was that deep breath because he was aroused too? But why? How?

I felt some weight one either side of my head, his palms maybe? He breathed over my mouth, as if he was hesitating… thinking of kissing me.

‘Please!’ I called out in my head. He breathed shallower now and lowered his lips against mine. My body trembled as his tongue pushed apart my lips and slid over mine. I kissed him back, still restraining as much as I could, suppressing the moans that rose in my chest. After a moment, I tasted him with equal fervor. The sloth of the kiss became hurried and fumbled. It wasn’t suspension that held us in the air of anticipation, but the weight of lust that drove us downhill… our passion turning over itself until his shirt-buttons snapped and flew across kartal escort the room, his zipper screeched apart and his pants were around his knees.

Ineptly, I was touching his glorious cock like a virgin who’d never felt one. There was no mystery as to where it would be as soon as that last white impediment was removed. Soon it was and my legs fell open. One of his hands grasped the sheet along with a fistful of my long hair, another fumbled clumsily at my chest. Almost immediately he was between my legs. He ground his hips against mine attempting once then a second time to press into me, our groans shaking the walls, rattling our skulls. With one able thrust he fully embedded himself in me and began repeating the motion as fast and as hard as possible. Senselessly, I laid there cursing as he stroked himself with my body, unable to tell up from down. There was no time and not enough wit between us to employ any special skills… this was raw, stupid barbaric mating as perhaps the creator had intended it to be.

Accompanying my dizzy inability to tell the difference between up and down was the inability to distinguish one orgasm from the next. My orgasms instead heated, cooled, swelled and contracted violently into each other – instead of a definable moment, an immense, stupefying, inescapable state of being. He eventually climaxed, some eons or seconds later and still thrusted until he was no longer erect. He never-the-less stayed buried inside, his weight bearing down on my heaving chest.

And afterward, he rolled to my side and we laid there quietly. Glowing, I couldn’t help but smile. But once our breath was caught, I lay there confused as to what had just happened. What had this meant? Was it all primal? Was this an ‘I’m sorry?’ Were there feelings behind the events? Was this the end of our dry spell?

I knew what this had meant to me. I had felt loved and beautiful. I felt like he appreciated me. It had been very primal for me once I let go. I perceived it had been primal for him but what about the feelings behind the actions? They had been so tender and reserved at first but was he just testing the water or had he meditated on my body? He had apologized before… but was this the final physical way he expressed it? Was he ready to obey his more primal urges, to let go of worry and go for me anytime? I certainly hoped so. I decided not to feel upset about it but instead to deal with things as they came to a head. Why spoil this moment when it felt wonderful just to lay beside him feeling somewhat like a sexual equal… feeling so united with him while remaining a separate being.

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