Soldiers Girl part 3


Soldiers Girl part 3I was gonna have his babies, I knew this from day one. He made me so happy that I almost couldn’t stand it. He was always so kind and so caring towards everyone and was always willing to give someone help. That’s why I loved him.. It was October and He told me that he would be gone all month and be back In November. I helped him pack his bags, the usual camo uniform, boots, socks, tooth brush, tooth paste, all the goodies. I feared this day for a while. I guess I always knew it was coming, I told him before he found out he was gonna deploy that you never know, he might get called in early and I was really upset about it and sure enough, He has to deploy in march and Here it is October, And He’s gonna be gone all month. Not to mention his babies growing inside of pendik escort me each day. He kissed my belly and I watched him leave. At first, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I was constantly finding myself crying because someone said or did or even reminded me of something we laughed about. I sat in the shower and cried my eyes out till the water ran ice cold. I paced the house In the middle of the night, back and forth, back and forth all the while my belly getting bigger and bigger. I smiled Knowing that I still had a piece of him inside of me. I was in the hospital multiple times for malnutrition, stress, I knew it was bad for the babies and for me but I just missed him so much, I couldn’t stand it. I was getting sick every 5 minutes my bones hurt kartal escort from the inside out I seriously felt like I was dieing and I was. The end of October rolled around. No Brad. November started I called him almost everyday. By the end of November my belly was Huge and the pain was terrible, having two babies in me at once ughh talk about pain. I eventually I took it that he wasn’t coming back.. I spent, Christmas, and New Years alone. But on the First of January, He sent me a message. He told me he loved me. He told me he missed me and still wanted to be with me. I drove to the airport to pick him up and The second I saw him I couldn’t move, His Barret on, his uniform so crisp and clean, his wide lips and muscular shoulders. I started maltepe escort to cry and He only smiles then came over and gave me the longest passionate Kiss. His tongue surveying my mouth remembering all the hidden places, he traced my bottom lip with his tongue that was his specialty. He put his hands on my belly, Pressed he lips to my stomach and said “Daddy’s home” The k**s knew it was daddy I could tell by the soccer game they had started playing my my womb. I smiled. They loved their daddy just as much as I and they haven’t even met Him yet. The ride home he was just looking at me drive and smiling if I wasn’t staring at the road then I probably would be looking at him too!!! I did glance down when He wasn’t paying attention, and the bulge he had going on was something I was glad to see. Three monthes without coming, damn it was hard! I raced home.”Baby, why are you going so fast.” He asked as we sk**ded around the last corner.”Because I wanna get home.” I told him. I saw my house and just got more and more Excited.. ****add meh to know the rest of the story.*******

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