Sometimes You Have to Wait For It

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A Face From the Past

Sometimes you have to wait for it. The urgency of a youthful crush can make time stand still and the slow death of those powerful yearnings can be extremely painful. But sometimes, if you are lucky, time gives you a second chance. I seem to have a recurring theme in my life where platonic or unrequited relationships from my past return at unexpected times and in very non-platonic ways. The first time this happened was one of the best and still one of my most satisfying encounters.

I fell deeply in lust with Silvia the moment I saw her in high school. I did a serious double take when I saw her the first day of school. I was starting a new school at the beginning of 10th grade and her locker was in the next bank over from mine. She had everything I loved in a woman, and one extra thing which was the clincher.

She was short, barely 5 feet tall, and wearing a fairly short skirt with chunky high-rise combat boots. She was slender but she had enormous breasts for her frame. I have since learned that they are 36 double-D cups, but on a 95-pound woman who is just under 5 feet tall they look huge. She had short, bleach blonde hair and was dressed in a Cyndi Lauper meets the Ramones style of 80’s punk. I was fairly straight laced and mainstream back then and I didn’t care for the style. I assumed there was something wrong with her and that she lived on a different planet than my own, so naturally the seeds of a powerful crush were sown.

The clincher was part of my past. I had just had a nasty breakup and unfulfilling relationship with a girl who looked very much like Silvia, so all the unrequited and frustrated feelings I had for the old girl were instantly applied to the new one. I would wallow in this morass of desire for almost 2 more years.

We eventually became friends through school activities as we shared Spanish class and club, speech classes, speech meets, a play or two, etc. She knew I had a crush but I wasn’t her type. I was too buttoned down and plain, I guess. She was also heavily into music and our musical tastes did not match so we became good friends but no more.

In time the crush died, due in part to my burgeoning extracurricular activities with other willing women. We remained in contact even though separated by a thousand miles at different colleges. It was when she came up to visit that time finally brought the right circumstances to bear in my favor.

Silvia’s school was on quarters while mine was on semesters so her times home from college were sometimes while I was still in class. One of those times she came up to visit me and a few other friends she had at that school. We wound up spending some time together that Friday night and naturally we wanted to do what all college freshmen want on a Friday night – get drunk!

With no fake ID’s and me not having any connections at frat houses, we were stuck with what we could find on our own. We hung out with some other friends for a while but they had other plans and we were back in my dorm room by 9:00. Fortunately, I had a bottle of cheap cherry vodka and a 2-liter of Pepsi. And some porno.

I put on some music I knew she would like, poured some drinks, and sat with her for a while just talking. The conversation eventually made it’s way to the crush I once had for her, and I made sure to describe my lust in fairly urgent terms. I went out of my way to make her feel attractive and sexy. She knew she was but everybody likes to hear that kind of thing.

“Silvia, you have no idea how bad I wanted you back in high school. You filled my dreams, day and night.”

“I have that effect on men. It’s so hard to be me,” she said, giving a theatrical flourish to her voice and a flutter of her mascara-laden eyelids.

“Do you remember that leather miniskirt you had, the really scandalous one?”

“Yeah. Half the time I got sent home with that thing. You liked that one?”

“Hell yes. I think you might have been wearing it the first time I saw you.”

“No, that was a different skirt, but it was black leather.”

I raised an eyebrow at that. Did she remember or was she bullshitting?

“You remember what you were wearing the first time I saw you?”

“Uh huh. You weren’t invisible, you know.”

“I felt like it.”

“You made an impression. Not much, but a little,” she teased, softening the blow with a wink.

As the evening grew late and we got a little bored Silvia started searching for something to do. I had made sure to leave the porno magazine in an obvious spot so it could be ‘stumbled upon’ with ease, and sure enough she found it.

“What the hell is this?” she asked, holding up the hard core sex mag.

“What the hell does it look like? Do you need a lesson is sex ed?”

She scoffed dramatically. “Hardly. Lets see what kind of pervert you are.” She sat down on the huge pillow next to me, leaned against me and started to flip through it. From this angle I could see down her plunging neckline quite nicely, so between pendik escort her show and the magazine I had a lovely view.

The magazine had two ‘scenes,’ each with one man and one woman, and nothing too outrageous. I might have a kink here or a fetish there but this was just straight up couple’s porn. The first one featured a fake redhead with an excellent body and a large nose and a hairy guy with a generous dick.

“Nice dick,” Silvia exclaimed as soon as it was shown.

“Thank you,” I said.

I was rewarded with a raised eyebrow and a skeptical, “Uh huh.” She continued to flip slowly through the magazine. “This girl is really pretty but her tattoos are awful. Why would a girl do that to herself?”

“You are looking at the tattoos?”

“I’m not into girls so I’m not staring at her tits.” She looked over her shoulder, up at me. “Like the way you are staring at mine.”

“Guilty,” I admitted. I had known Sil for a long time and I recognized in her abrupt nature a definite invitation. I moved my right arm from behind her to over her shoulder, resting my hand squarely on her right breast. I can’t describe the feeling of finally touching something so long desired. My pants were quickly strained as my dick responded to her flesh.

She just returned to the magazine, flipping the pages slowly as I toyed with her nipple through her blouse. A few more pictures brought a new revelation from her.

“OK, now I can’t do that,” as she indicated a deep throat shot. The redhead had completely engulfed hairy-man’s long dick and had an appropriately fake look of ecstasy on her hawkish features.

“That’s a shame.”

“Sorry, sweetie. I’m a fragile little girl.”

She went back to the magazine while I became more aggressive with her shirt. I reached over with my left hand and undid a few buttons on her dark blouse, then pulled the opening to the right a bit to center on her right breast, the one with easy access. I then pulled her bra down and under, letting her heavy tit hang free and open. I have a fetish for partial nudity and something like that is just perfectly erotic to me – a woman with her breast exposed but completely ignoring it. After freeing that marvelous mound I sat back again and allowed my right hand to roam, cup and caress her flesh.

She was squirming a little but managed to keep her calm façade a wile longer. The scene in the magazine continued through a few unlikely or uncomfortable positions but Silvia remained silent while I brazenly fondled her. Then came the finale, a facial cum shot that I must admit was fairly hot.

“Do guys really like that stuff?”

“Depends. It can be a nasty little change of pace at times, but in general I’d prefer something else.”

Again she returned to the magazine, this time into the new couple. They were both blonde and young but the photo quality was lower and the models less attractive. At least the girl was less attractive and the guy’s dick was smaller.

“OK, now he is cute,” she proclaimed. I thought he looked scrawny and doe-eyed but she had particular ideas. “Shame about the dick.”

“That’s the last time you’ll say those words tonight.”

“I doubt it.” She flipped quickly through a few more pages, noting the poor quality of the poses and pictures. “OK, next time you get a porno mag make sure it’s better than this.” She quickly flipped through to the end, another cum shot but this time on the model’s belly and far less erotic.

As she reached the end, she snapped it shut and pushed herself off the huge pillow, then walked to the desk where she found the book. She did not rearrange herself at all, leaving her tit bouncing as she walked. She replaced the magazine, shut the desk drawer, and turned to face me with hands on hips.

“I’m bored. What do you want to do now?”

Again, you cannot understand how hot this was. I had lusted for Silvia for years. I had made love to other women and fantasized her face in place of the one I was with. I had masturbated innumerable times with Silvia dancing naked through my head. And here she was, exposing herself in exactly the way I most enjoy and making every move of mine clear and easy.

“I think if you don’t fuck me I’ll die right here.”

“Really? That’s rather forward of you, don’t you think?”

“If you think that was forward, this should really offend your delicate sensibilities.”

I rose to my feet and stood in front of her as my hands went to my buckle. I quickly loosened the belt, then popped the button and let down the fly on my jeans. Another moment and my dick joined her breast in the room, swinging free and open. A smile spread across Silvia’s elfin features.

“Tell me again why I never fucked you in high school?”

Our clothes were quickly discarded to various dark corners of the room until we stood naked together. She was stunning, slight and slender with those big tits hanging above her flat tummy. She had a slight treasure trail of fine blonde hair leading down to maltepe escort her abundant patch, proving that she was at some point in the past a true blonde. I didn’t take much time to admire her, I was too far gone.

I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her forcefully. She returned my kiss with passion, forcing her tongue against my teeth. Her style was very wet and forceful, all tongue teeth as she licked and nipped at me. I had one hand behind her head and the other full of breast, while she had both hands on my cock. She stroked roughly for a while, then broke the kiss and told me to sit. I knew that she didn’t care for foreplay much and I was happy for it. Sometimes a slow buildup is the best way to go but right then I just wanted to fuck.

I sat down quickly on the large pillow, expecting her to sit on my lap, but she surprised me. She walked up to my face and swung her left leg over my shoulder while grabbing the 2×4 cross-brace of my loft. She shoved her pussy in my face and grabbed a fistful of hair with her other hand, wrenching my head back to service her.

I obliged with gusto. I rarely come across forceful women, much to my dismay. I don’t care to be whipped or abused but such direct action was refreshing and exciting. She pushed her clit into my nose and my eager tongue plunged into her warm pussy. She watched intently as I worked my tongue across her labia and into her depths while she did a slow grind on the bridge of my nose. Her taste was intense, musky and strong and erotic. I held her little ass with both hands, partially supporting her and partially guiding her to my needs, though she was mostly in control of her movements.

“Lick that thing,” she said under her breath, sneering down at me as she rolled her hips on my face. “Get it all over your face. I want you to taste me for a week, fucker.” Hell, that’s what I wanted too. Her juices dripped down my chin and neck and into the hair on my chest. I was in heaven! I brought my thumb down under her and pushed it up into her pussy.

“That’s it! Suck it! Suck my clit…suck it…” her encouragement hovered between a mumble and a whisper, some words rising above the rest for emphasis. Her fist tightened in my hair as if to retain my attention. She was getting rougher. Not that I minded, but it gave me some incentive to get a little rough myself.

I pulled out my sopping wet thumb and pushed it into her asshole.

“No! HEY! Ungh!” Again her hand wrenched at my hair, but in an attempt to escape my thumb she had pushed herself more fully into my face. I tried to hold my thumb steady and not poke around as her sphincter spasmed around it, but her bucking hips made it a little difficult.

“Oh you nasty fuck! God damn you nasty fucker! Ungh!” Curses mixed with animal grunts as she continued to ride my face and my flickering tongue. Her breathing quickened and the pitch of her filthy monologue rose; her orgasm approached. I held her ass in place and increased my tongue-lashing as she started to come. Her hand moved to the back of my head and crushed my face into her roiling pussy as her body shook violently, her asshole trying to snip off my thumb. The curses were gone and only grunts and moans escaped her clenched teeth.

I loved every moment of it, though I could barely breathe and I feared permanent hair loss from her rough treatment. Still, what came next elevated the moment immensely. A great gush of fluid, announced by a barking shout and heavy contraction from Silvia, filled my mouth and flowed down my face. Another spasm, less powerful than the first, dribbled more of her pussy liquor into my hungry mouth. Still her body shuddered and shook on my tongue as the heavy spasms rolled through her tiny frame.

Her orgasm left slowly, in shudders and twitches, and the tension flowed out of her body. She let go of the loft and slid down me, her luscious breasts dragging down my face before her sweaty, exhausted face followed them to rest against my chest. I slipped my finger from her fundament as she descended and I cradled her little body in my arms as her lungs worked overtime.

“Damn, girl. You sure know how to fuck a guy’s face. Hell, you even came all over me.”

“You deserved it,” she said through gasping breaths. “I can’t believe you stuck a finger in my ass.”

“You loved it,” I chided.

“I fucking well did not! That’s a one-way street.”

“I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to put this, then.”

“I’ve got just the place for it.” She pushed herself up and put a foot down to get the right angle as I aimed my needy prick at her sopping pussy. She quickly found her spot and slid down my shaft in one long motion.

“Aw, fuck….” She moaned as I filled her depths. She wiggled her hips to settle down as far as possible, and then leaned in to kiss me.

Her kiss was far different now. It was slow, passionate, and relaxed. The anger seemed to flow out of her as we moved slowly together. The heat of her soft pussy flowed kartal escort around my rigid dick, easing my pain and fulfilling my needs. She rocked forward ad back in my lap for what seemed like an eternity and I was in no hurry to rush her. My hands roamed her back, sides, neck, legs and breasts. She was too short for me to get her dark, hard nipples into my mouth, but I took direction from her pace and let it go. I would get my chance later.

Then she bit me. A sharp pain shot through my lip and I pulled away. A vicious grin marred her pretty face, a sure sign that the angel in my lap had given way to a devil on my cock. I raised a finger to my mouth and it came a way with a trickle of crimson blood.

“That’s for the finger.”

I sat up and held her ribcage with my hands, preparing to take control of the situation. Without warning she slapped me in the face, only our close proximity keeping her from a full-arm swing that might have really hurt.

“What was that for?” I asked, starting to get angry.

“That’s for making me wait so long.” I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant but I knew one thing that wasn’t going to wait any longer. I picked her up from my lap, my sloppy wet dick snaking out of her belly, and tossed her to the side on the giant pillow. I quickly got to my knees and positioned myself over her, one of her legs between mine and the other leg in my right hand. It was a perfect position for deep penetration and total control, both of which I desperately needed just then.

“No more waiting for you, bitch.” I slammed my cock into her with a grunt. I was tired of being ridden and tired of the slow approach. I held her leg in my right hand and her hip in my left as I began pounding her as deeply as I could. Her nasty little monologue was gone now, replaced with grunts of wild lust.

“I’ve worshiped you for years! I wanted to fuck you so bad it hurt, but you wouldn’t give me the goddamn time of day!” I slapped her ass, hard, eliciting a yelp of surprise and pain. “No, you dated guys with black nail polish and long dark hair. How many of them gave you this!” Another slap on the ass, timed between punishing thrusts of my cock. “And this!” Again and again I spanked her, red handprints glowing on her pale white ass cheek.

She tried to rake her fingernails down my chest but my thrusts rocked her whole tiny body and she couldn’t aim well. Any damage she intended to do was wasted effort. She tried a few more times but it was futile. Eventually she gave up and just tried to hold on to the pillow as I drilled her with deep thrusts.

Watching her large tits flail around was almost hypnotic, and seeing her little body so completely under my control was intoxicating. So long I had waited for this, so deeply had I felt the need for this woman, that this was more than a dream come true. It was a fantasy fulfilled, a long-dormant fire fanned to roaring life. My hands roamed her flesh restlessly, feeling an overwhelming need to touch every inch of her skin.

I slowed my pace slightly as my orgasm neared, taking long, deep strokes into Silvia’s body. Restraint slipped away as the animal lust erupted through my cock. Over and over I dumped my cum into her willing depths, grunting loudly in time with my contractions. Electrified and paralyzed, my entire existence focused on pouring my seed into this angelic beauty, this nasty girl under my command. I twitched and jerked as the last few drops oozed out of me, then relaxed as the lethargy washed over me.

“You can’t be done already,” Silvia said with a demeaning sneer.

Fucking hell! What did she want? We had been fucking for nearly an hour! I’m not one to shy away from a challenge but I figured I had put out a hell of a performance! I guess some women just need a little extra.

“One last trick for you,” I said as I readjusted. I pulled out and grabbed her ass, lifting her up to her knees. Her short legs put her a little lower than normal in this position; a factor I hoped would have me hitting her G-spot like a hammer. I slid my slimy dick back in for sloppy seconds, savoring once again the glory of this woman’s body. No feeling compares to the sensation of sliding into a wet, willing woman.

I had little desire left for subtlety and I knew that it would be difficult for me to get off again after such a powerful orgasm, but I knew I had the strength to give it one hell of a try.

Clutching her little hips, I started off slow. My cock was a little numb from the recent orgasm, but I knew that would change. I just needed to keep up the pace and not lose patience. I reached around to cup a breast ad let my other hand roam over her back and ass, occasionally poking at her asshole. That got me a snarl every time.

She started to grunt with my thrusts as I slowly increased the pace. I was right, her G-spot was taking a pounding and as I put a little more power into my thrusts my balls started slapping against her clit. Faster and faster I moved, and she kept up with me. Her voice was rising in pitch and her breathing becoming more labored. She was nearing her orgasm. I was exhausted and dripping with sweat but her lustful mewling was working it’s magic. I knew I had enough left to get us both where we needed to go.

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