Son Joins the Family Pt. 01


All characters in this story are over the age of 18…

This is a story of incest as well as bisexual activities among family members.

There is some water sports.

If this is not your cup of tea, please do NOT read.

For all who do read it, I hope you enjoy it.


“Mom, I have a problem.” I said as I walked into her bedroom with my hard cock straining to get out of my shorts.

My mom looked up from the bed and said, “I can see that Jerry…a very big problem, but what do you want your mother to do about it?”

I replied, “I jerked off and my cock is still hard. Sis is still asleep and I need your help.”

My mom, Sandy, is a gorgeous 41 year old who has always been there to help, even more so since I became 18.

I am now 22 and for the last four years, my mother has taken especially good care of me.

I guess I should start at the beginning…

My mom is 5’6″, about 115, blonde hair deep blue eyes, nice ass and large tits.

My sister, Sherry, is 20, auburn hair, brown eyes, about 110, 5’6″, nice ass and nice tits.

I am now 22, 5’7″, 165, brown hair, hazel eyes, athletic build and have an 8″ cock.

One day, just after I turned 18 and in my room, I was thinking about my mother as I was jerking off. I must have mentioned her name aloud as I was going to cum and just as I was shooting my cum, my mom walked in and saw everything.

I tried covering up even as my cum was spurting out my cock but it was too late.

My mother just looked at me and said “You and I have to have a talk. Get cleaned up and meet me in the kitchen.”

I knew I was in trouble as I showered and got dressed and meandered down to the kitchen.

My mom was having coffee when I sat down. She asked me if I wanted a cup and I sheepishly said no.

She started out by saying, “I know it is normal for boys to jerk off but I heard you mention me. Do you think about me when you jerk off?”

I looked at her and replied, “Well, if you must know, I think about you all the time. You’re so sexy and I fantastize about you all the time. I just can’t help myself.”

She smiled and said, “Then, what shall we do? Would it help you if, instead of dreaming about me, you actually saw your mother in the flesh, so to speak?”

I looked at her and gulped and said, “Mom, you would do that for me?”

She smiled and said, “I’d rather you get your fantasy fulfilled so it would be better for you.”

I told her she didn’t have to but she insisted. Then she told me to go to her bedroom in 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, I went to her bedroom and knocked on the closed door. She told me to go in.

As soon as went in, I saw my mom. She was wearing a black see through negligee.

She looked up at me and said, “Come closer Jerry.”

My cock was already hard as I approached her.

She told me to sit next to her on the bed. As soon as I did, she took my hand and placed it on her breast.

Then she took my other hand and put it on her other breast and told me to feel them and squeeze them.

As I did, my hard cock was mofos porno visible and my mom noticed and she said, “Jerry, take your cock out for mommy.”

I undid my pants and lowered my shorts and my hard cock popped free.

My mom smiled and said, “That is so beautiful. Your cock is bigger than your dad’s.”

Then she touched my cock and started playing with it.

She then told me to remove her top and I did and her tits were now in full view.

My mom smiled and said, “Isn’t this better than fantasizing son?”

I just nodded a yes. She then told me to suck on her nipples which I wasted no time in doing, all the time thinking I must be dreaming.

After a few minutes, she moved her hands down to her thong and slipped it off.

She then asked me if I liked what I saw.

I told mom she looked incredible.

Mom then said, “Go ahead baby, play with my pussy…eat your mother…I want to play with your big cock.”

I did as she said and I then felt her mouth on my cock. I looked at her and started to talk when she stopped me and said, “It’s ok Jerry. It’s ok. I want your cock in me baby. I want you to fuck your mom now.”

She laid on her back and I mounted her.

Her hand guided my cock to her wet pussy and in seconds, my cock was in my mother’s cunt.

She kissed me and I started fucking her.

As I fucked her, she started moaning and meeting my thrusts.

Soon, I told her I was going to cum.

She said, “Baby, cum in mommy’s cunt. Fill it with your cum baby.”

A few more thrusts and I shot my cum deep into her cunt.

She kissed me even harder as our tongues met.

Then, I said, “Mom, that was terrific.”

She replied, “Baby, anytime you want me, I am yours…anytime.”

We rested awhile and before I got out of bed she said, “Jerry, there is something you should know.”

I asked her what it was.

She replied, “I couldn’t wait til you became of age so I could have you and now I have you.”

She continued, “Your father knew I was going to seduce you so he knows and is ok with it.”

I was in shock and said, “Dad is ok with me fucking you?”

Mom replied, “Yes. Just like I am ok with him fucking your sister after she became of age.”

My mouth dropped open and I had a bewildered look on my face.

Mom continued, “You see son, your father and I waited until you were both over 18 to seduce both of you. We want you both to be part of our sex life. Your sister is fine with it and she has joined me and your father in bed often. Now, you can do the same.”

Mom told me that my sister has been wanting to fuck me ever since she started.

I replied, “Let me get this straight…you let me fuck you so the four of us could fuck together or however we want with whoever we want.”

Mom just smiled and said that was correct.

Then she said, “Tonight, at dinner, we will discuss it all.”

I showered still thinking I was dreaming.

At dinner time mom started the conversation.

Mom said, “Well, just so you two know, Jerry fucked me. I told naughty america porno him about how we get together and now it’s up to him to decide if her wants to join us. I also told him that whatever happens in the house, stays in the house.”

My dad said, “Jerry, wasn’t your mom great? She is terrific in bed.”

My sister said, “I hope you join us brother. I do want you to fuck me.”

I thought about it as everyone encouraged me to join them. Then, I said, “Well, how can I refuse such an offer? What man in his right mind would not want to be able to fuck his gorgeous mother and hot sister? I’m in.”

Dad offered up a toast and mom said, “How about we start some family fun tonight?”

We all said that would be fine.

We finished dinner and relaxed until it was time to get together.

Well, for the next couple of years, we all had great sex with each other until one day my father was killed in an auto accident. Fortunately, he left us very well off financially.

We all took it pretty hard and things quieted down with our sexual get togethers.

Then, one day my mom called me into her bedroom. I sat down on the bed with her and she said, “Jerry, it’s been almost a year now since your dad died. I think it’s time for the three of us get back to doing our normal things. Don’t you?”

I looked at her and replied, “Mom, I will do anything you want to make you happy.”

My mom said, “I already spoke to your sister and she agreed too. So, tonight we will all sleep in my bed and my bed will always be available to both of you, whenever you want it.”

I kissed my mom and told her I loved her. She smiled and looked down and my hard cock outline was visible and she said, “Well, I can see that nothing has changed. You want me to?”

I looked at her, managed to get my cock out and mom wasted no time in filling her mouth with my cock.

It didn’t take long for me to cum in her mouth as she swallowed every drop.

We kissed and thanked her and left.

That night, the three of us got into mom’s bed, all of us naked.

Mom and sis put me in the middle and my cock was already rock hard.

We wasted no time resuming where we left off before dad died.

As I was kissing my mother, my sister was feeling my cock and balls.

Then, the both of them moved their faces down to my cock and they both shared my cock and balls in their mouths.

As they were giving me a blow job, I started playing with their tits, sucking their nipples as I went from one to the other.

Then I got them on all fours and got behind them.

I slipped my cock in my sister’s cunt first and started fucking her as my mom was playing with my sister’s tits as they hung and swayed as I fucked her.

Then,I slipped my cock out of my sister and slid it in my mother’s cunt and now fucking her.

It didn’t take long before I was ready to cum. My mother and sister got on their back and I gave my cock a few jerks and my cock exploded, spraying them with my cum.

After we rested awhile, with both of them playing public agent porno with my cock and balls, I was getting hard again.

This time I told them I was going to fuck their asses.

They each got on all fours as I lined up my lubed cock. I easily pushed my cock in my sister’s ass until it was in her. She moaned, both in pain and pleasure as I fucked her ass.

After a few minutes, I pulled my cock out and pressed it into my mom’s ass. She took it easily and I quickly started fucking her ass as she played with my sister’s tits.

As I was ready to cum, I asked them to get on their backs and I shot my cum on their pussies.

That night we all fucked until the early morning, never leaving the bed.

In the morning, I got up first and went to shower. As the water was cascading down my back, my mom joined me. We kissed and hugged and we played with each other.

Then I told mom that I had to get out and had to pee. She smiled and said, “Baby, give your mother a golden shower. I want to feel your warm pee on me.

I smiled and as I kissed her, I let out a stream of my golden liquid on my mom’s legs. She cupped some and drank it, then kissed me.

As I finished, I felt a steady stream of my mom’s pee running down my legs as she returned the gift.

We finally finished and got out of the shower and dried off. I told my mom I was going to get dressed and she said, “Baby, from now on, how about we all stay naked in the house? It would make things easier if we wanted to fool around.”

I told her it was ok with me and she said she will tell my sister.

My mom made breakfast and my sister joined us and my mom told her to get naked as that was the new house dress code. My sister wasted no time removing her top and thong.

Well, as a family, the three of us slept in mom’s king sized bed and any one of us could have sex with anyone or in threesomes, which was almost daily.

We never wore clothes in the house and mom set up a special bed with rubber sheets so we, even my sister, could enjoy water sports.

Then one day, mom said it was time to get a better house. We talked about it and decided on a four bedroom house with a pool hot tub, outside shower which had to be very, very private.

After a long search, we finally found what we were looking for.

There were no neighbors around and it was very secluded and had everything we wanted.

We did some remodeling when we moved in but that was minor. The one thing we did do was make a sex room out of one of the bedrooms.

As a family, we tried lots of different things, including BDSM. We bought a variety of toys, including handcuffs, whips, restraints, satin ties, nipple shock toys, collars and leashes and more. We even started video taping ourselves.

We even made a special enclosure big enough for at least two or three for our water sports. The enclosure had a small tub that we used often.

At this point, we were becoming fascinated by all the sexual things we could do with each other.

My mom bought me cock rings and ball extenders.

Sis bought anal toys, which she loved.

Then one day, over dinner, I said, “You guys know we do a lot of great sex things. Why don’t we make short videos and sell them? We could also do web casts of us having sex and make money.

Mom replied, “But people will know who we are.”

Sis said, “I wouldn’t mind doing it.”

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