Sonal’s Secret


Although this is not a continuation of my earlier stories, the event occurs about the same time as the earlier ones.


This story is about Sonal, my younger sister who is 21 years old and studies in a college in Delhi. Let me tell you something about her before I proceed. She is 5’5″ in height and has got a good figure. Although her breasts are not too big, they are well shaped and firm for her age. Her figure and breasts have been a topic of discussion with the boys of her class and has attracted males of all ages. She has been the center of attraction for most of the years in her school.

I have never seen her naked although I have sometimes taken a peek at her bra covered breasts through various angles. However I have never thought about her in a wrong way and have never had lust for her.

It was summer time and my parents had gone to attend their friends’ wedding which was a week-long trip. I couldn’t go because of some urgent meetings in the office. Suddenly the doorbell rang and I opened the door. To my surprise Sonal was standing there. She had not informed anyone so as to give everyone a surprise.

She was a bit disappointed to know that our parents were not at home but was delighted to see me. I was also delighted to see her. She hugged me as soon as she saw me and her breasts pressed against my chest. God, they were so soft. Her breasts had grown bigger since the last time I had seen her and I wondered if guys were behind her in the college as well.

One day I came back early from office because I was not feeling well. I didn’t need to ring the bell since I had the key to the door. I opened the door and started to move towards my room. Suddenly I heard some voices coming from Sonal’s room. I went to check her and saw that the room was locked. I took a peek from the key hole and saw that she was sitting with one of her friends on her bed and was chatting with him.

I was about to leave when I saw him leaning over her and started to kiss her on the lips. She didn’t resist him and responded back. She placed her hands on the back of his head and started to kiss him with full passion. I couldn’t believe that my sister was kissing a guy in her bedroom which was locked from inside. I guessed what was about to happen but couldn’t bring myself to accept it.

After few moments of intense kissing, he leaned forward and started to kiss her on the neck and shoulders. She was getting horny by his kissing and was moaning a bit. He then laid her on her back on the bed and started to pull her t-shirt upwards and exposed her navel. Slowly he started kissing her navel and belly. She was moaning heavier now.

He then moved down and unbuttoned taboo heat porno her pants and opened them a bit. He then kissed her lower area and started pulling her pants down as well. Once her pants were off he moved back to her panties and placed a finger on the either side of the panties and slowly proceeded to slide it off her. While he was sliding them off, he was kissing her body which was now exposed. She raised her hips in order to help him and he took off her panties completely in a flash.

There was my sister lying on her bed bottomless and her I was outside the door spying on her. I knew this was wrong and wanted to leave but I don’t know why I was rooted to the spot. This was the first time I was watching my sister in this way and perhaps I wanted to see more of her.

He placed his head in between her legs and started to lick her pussy. She had her eyes closed and was now moaning heavily. He was licking her pussy like he was licking an ice cream off a plate and she also motivated him with her moans.

He then raised his head and then inserted his index finger into her pussy and started to finger fuck her. She was now super horny and her moans got heavier by the minute. Slowly the finger count increased and now three of his fingers were inside her pussy. His speed of fingering increased with every moment and she was on the verge of cumming. After fingering her for almost 10minutes, he again started to lick her pussy.

I think she was now very close to cumming because she placed her hands on his head and pressed his face against her pussy. Her body gave a shudder and she came right onto his face. All of her juices were on his face and he seemed to enjoy it. She then sat and kissed him and licked her juices from his face.

She then stood up and told him to lie on the bed. When she stood I had a glance at her pussy. It was completely shaved and she had a tattoo just above the pussy. It was one of the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen. I just didn’t have any way to get a look at her pussy lips. Then she turned around to face him and I got a pretty good look of her ass. It was so good and so sexy that almost every guy would like to ram his tool in her ass.

When he was lying on his back, she pulled up his shirt and started to lick his chest. She took his nipples in her mouth and bit them. After a while she moved down and started to open his pants. In a single movement, his pants along with his underwear were around his ankles and his dick was in her hands.

I couldn’t get a clear view of his dick but I could make out the length. It looked much bigger than mine and was as thick as mine. I wondered if it would fit in her teach that bitch porno mouth.

She held his dick in her hands and started to lick around the base. She was now licking his balls and at the same time was stroking his dick slightly. His face was absolutely full of pleasure and his eyes were closed and lips muttering something.

She then licked his dick from bottom to top before she planted a kiss on the head. She had now teased him long enough and he was pleading her to suck it now. she then had a last lick of the entire shaft and then took his dick inside her mouth. Like I had thought a good portion of his dick was still outside her mouth but both of them were enjoying this. Her head was moving up and down and was now making gulping sounds.

She even tried to give him deep throat but was not so successful because of the length. So she simply began to lick him again. The way she was giving him a blowjob, I wondered if this is what she has been doing with guys of her college. She was sucking him like an expert and it was quite surprising that he had still not come. Had I been in his place, I might have had shot my load into her mouth by now.

All this time I never realized when I had opened my pants and had my dick in my hands. Maybe when she had taken him in her mouth, I couldn’t resist and had taken it out. I was stroking it lightly watching my little sister giving blowjob to one of his friends.

Her movements had gained speed and her head moved up and down with supersonic speed. I wondered if the guy would ever come. But after few moments he was too excited and was calling out her name. He told her that he was about to cum but she didn’t take his dick out of her mouth but increased her speed. The very next moment he exploded in her mouth and she gulped it all.

He was shooting in her mouth for almost a minute and had perhaps emptied his balls completely. She also didn’t miss a single drop of his cum and swallowed it completely. When she raised her head, from sides I could see few drops of cum over her lips and some on this dick. She proceeded to clean up his dick with her tongue and in a moment he was all clean. They kissed again and I felt he did feel the taste of his cum from her lips and tongue.

I thought they were done and would now get dressed. But she proved me wrong as she stood up and crawled over him. She was kissing him with all her passion and both of his hands were on her breasts and he was pressing them over her dress.

Before I knew it, he had spread his legs with his dick upright, she held it in her hands and slid it inside her pussy. The way it slid easily inside her with no lubrication team skeet porno needed, I knew this was not her first time. She had definitely fucked many times before.

He was now ramming his dick in her pussy. She was moving up and down in top speed and I could see his dick coming out of her pussy almost entirely before it disappeared again. After sometime she held her t-shirt from the sides and took it off and threw it in a corner. She was now only in her bra with his dick inside her pussy.

It didn’t take her long to take off her bra. She unhooked it in a flash, slid it off her shoulders and threw it on his face. She was now completely naked and enjoying herself thoroughly. He was ramming her hard and she was now moaning loudly not caring about anything. She was calling out his name and was asking him to fuck her hard like… ‘Oh yeah Bobby, fuck me, fuck me harder. Yes this is it, harder and faster, tear my pussy today. Slam it hard. Oh God, yes yes yes, cum in me today Bobby, harder, come on, yes yes yes.’

Whenever he stopped or slowed down, she slapped and abused him and told him to fuck her harder. ‘Bobby you motherfucker, don’t you dare stop fucking me. Ram it deep in me, slap slap, faster faster. You fucker, don’t you know how to fuck a girl.’

I never knew she could speak like this, I was absolutely speechless watching her in this way.

I was about to cum watching her fuck like this when she suddenly stopped and stood up. She then turned around to face the door and asked him to push his dick in her pussy from behind. Absolutely naked as she was, I was watching her breasts completely naked for the first time and they were absolutely gorgeous. They were not as big as Neha’s but were still as beautiful as hers.

They were of perfect shape and the nipples were pointing out like a cherry on top of a cake. They were long and dark brown and complimented her light brown areola perfectly. I was absolutely stunned and never knew when she had started fucking again.

The speed of fucking was more than it was earlier and as she fucked, her breasts also matched her rhythm. They were moving up and down at top speed and I was amazed by her breasts seeing them in this fashion. My hold on dick increased, and I was now shaking it vigorously. Taking another look at her juggling breasts, I shot my load in my hands, so as to not create a mess. My dick was shooting for almost a minute and the quantity was simply immense.

I think they both were now reaching climax but she was not budging. She really wanted him to shoot inside her. After few intense moments, they both climaxed together and their faces wore an expression of satisfaction. She lay on her back with his dick still inside her pussy and he grabbed her breasts and softly pressed them.

She then got off him and licked his dick clean. They both then shared a final kiss and she went inside the bathroom to clean herself.

I also went out of the house so that she doesn’t know that I was watching her.

To be continued…

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