Soul Mates


We all want someone who will accept us just the way we are…

Story line:

He likes normal sex. But anal adoration is the sex act he most wants to share with a woman. He loves ass, wants ass, needs ass, adores ass. Is there any woman who will love and accept him for that – without trying to dominate or belittle him? All he needs is one such woman. Did one even exist for him? After all, it is said we all have a soul mate — somewhere. Don’t we? If only we can find them…


For those who don’t mind getting a little behind in their reading…


***** Another day in paradise…

That feeling of peace came over him again – that feeling of warmth, of home. It was that feeling one gets only when we are with the one we love. And he was with that which he loved beyond everything else on earth. He was face to face, so to speak, with a soft, warm, female behind — the only one he had found that loved him as much as he loved it.

In large part he loved this ass because of the woman it belonged to. He knew her well. She was a good friend. He truly cared for and respected her. In general he respected women. He admired many of them. He even loved a few. But he was IN LOVE with the female ass. He loved it. He wanted it. He needed it. He adored it. He hungered for it. It was the most beautiful and desirable thing he had ever seen. It was the only thing that brought him true peace – even joy.

It had taken him a long time to fully accept that part of himself. When it came, like so many things, it was so simple – and liberating. “I am IN LOVE with the female ass” he finally admitted to himself. “I don’t just love it – I am IN LOVE with it. That is who I am…”

He wanted and needed to be with an ass as often as he could. All the time, if he could! It was the only thing that made him feel right, feel whole, feel at peace, feel alive – a dark, soft, warm, loving female ass.

He knew most would consider him just another ass licking pervert for this. Maybe that is all he was. He didn’t care. The truth had finally been faced. He was free in his heart and mind. Ass is my life, he told himself. No bullshit. No games. Just the simple truth. Truth as simple as the very thing he loved. And that was one of the things he loved so much about the ass – its unassuming, beautiful, primal simplicity.

It had not always been easy to accept this side of himself. It had been a love/hate relationship for many years. He had swung between his passion for ass that was slowly consuming him and his hatred for himself for being so weak. He would feel great elation then great self loathing. There were times when he found himself totally neutral – disinterested in the whole thing. That too gave him great peace – a sense of freedom. But inevitably the desire, the need, the passion, the hunger, would return. Slowly at first, building to a flame he was afraid would consume him.

Then he met Nicole. She was a quiet, unassuming woman. They found they were comfortable with each other. She wasn’t particularly beautiful, by many standards. Perhaps if she had worn more makeup. But that didn’t appeal to her. She was very down to earth. That was one of the things he most liked about her. But he found her quite pretty. More importantly she was very easy to be with. She had a smile that made you feel good about yourself, about life. And her eyes. There was much behind those sparkling eyes, if one could find it.

And to top it off she did have one fine ass. A world class ass. A full, round, woman’s ass. Not fat. But not a skinny, boyish ass either. It was an ass built for comfort, for love, for adoration. An ass that a man could get happily and comfortably lost in…

Their friendship was easy because there was no sexual tension between them. But she came to notice his preoccupation with the female behind. It’s no secret that men love ass. Normally she would just ignore it. But his affection for the female behind went beyond anything she had ever seen. It intrigued her, even excited her on some levels. No man had affected her like that before.

One evening, over a couple of glasses of wine, she asked him about it. Sex had never been a big thing with Nicole. She wasn’t asexual. She just found it usually more hassle than it was worth to her. The few times she had tried it she found it hard to get turned on and the payoff not worth the effort. So she resigned herself to the fact she was one of those people for whom sex would never be a big part of their life. She had those times when she had to relieve her tension through orgasm. It was nice. But it was rare and she only did it when she had to. In some ways she considered herself lucky it wasn’t a big part of her life.

As the evening wore on she got him to open up more about his anal inclinations. He had gotten to the point where normal sex held little interest for him too. It was OK from time to time, but nothing to write home about, not for him. The highlight for him was when he got to spend some time with the woman’s behind.

Most of the women he was with let him spend pendik escort time with their butt as a part of foreplay. Some even liked the affection he showered their ass with afterward. But none of them had the deep appreciation for anal adoration that matched his own. It was fun. But he always found himself wanting more. Then there were the ones who tried to dominate him. They thought that anyone who loved kissing ass so much would be an easy mark. He wanted a lover, not a domme. He kicked their asses to the curb quickly.

He shared with Nicole, as completely as he could, that dark side of himself. A couple of bottles of wine had helped. But he also felt he could share this with her. He gambled she would accept him and still respect him, even if nothing ever happened between them. And that would be cool too. She was a good friend and easy to be with. You didn’t find that every day.

Nicole found herself being aroused by his admission. No thought of any other sexual activity had ever stirred her so deeply. She knew he wasn’t coming on to her. That both pleased and disappointed her at the same time. She was glad that he trusted her with his darkest secret – his most vulnerable side.

“It’s simple” he said to her softly, his face close to hers, as he stared warmly into her eyes. “Think of every pleasant thing that you can that a man’s hands and mouth could do to your bum, especially your asshole. Then imagine me doing them any time you want, for as long as you want — passionately, adoringly, hungrily…”

Nicole found his passion appealed to her more than she thought anything could. Her pussy got moist. Her butt began to tingle, specially her asshole. A delicious tingling she had never felt before. A warmth, barely perceptible at first, began in her anus and slowly flowed out to the rest of her ass and pussy, like warm oil. Even her nipples tingled and get hard. These were things she wasn’t used to, but wanted. No one else had ever made her feel that way.

She found herself staring at his lips, his tongue. She imagined the warmth, the passion, the tenderness they could give her in that most delicate and tender place — that dark, soft, warm place between the cheeks of her ass. Her anus twitched and tingled at the thought of such affection.

Yes, such love, passion, and adoration would be for her ass primarily, not her. But that didn’t matter much. At least it would be her ass he would be loving and adoring. The thought that he would make her ass the center of his world took hold of her in very deep, very strong, places.

Every woman wants someone who will make them the center of their world, to love, cherish, and adore her. That is the ideal situation. But the fact that her best friend would at least make her butt the center of his world was good enough. It was definitely the best prospect she had found so far, even better than she had come to allow herself to hope for. At least it would be with someone she truly loved and trusted.

“So, what do you think of having such a perv for a friend?” he asked her with a twinkle in his eye.

She was also happy that he was comfortable with this side of himself, that he had no hangups about it. “That’s quite a story!” she had another sip of her wine. “Did you think I would reject you or look down on you for having such needs, such desires?”

“I was pretty sure you wouldn’t…”

“No fears my friend. I still love you.” Her eyes sparkled. “Thanks for sharing these things with me. And I don’t think any less of you. I am glad that you accept who you are. Actually I think you are the finest man I have ever known.”

“Really? Thanks. That’s probably the sweetest thing any woman has ever said to me. You’re the only one I ever have been so open with” he said with relief in his voice. “You’re the only one I’ve ever felt comfortable enough to share this with, that I trust enough.” He had shared the activity with a number of women, but never spoken much about it. Nicole was the first woman to care enough to ask him about it.

“That’s good to know.” She took another sip of her wine. Her heart was fluttering. She spoke before she even realized it. “So why have you never approached me about this? Don’t you like my ass?” There was a hint of teasing in her voice. She blushed slightly. But the cat was out of the bag now.

He was surprised and intrigued by her question. “Hell no! I think you have a beautiful ass, probably the finest I’ve ever seen. I just didn’t want to chance hurting our friendship. I have only done this with women I have been sexually involved with. I wouldn’t know how to ask a woman about it otherwise. Besides, I thought you didn’t have much interest in sex…”

“I see.” She took another sip of her drink. “You’re right. So far sex has been a disappointment to me. But, then again, I’ve never met anyone like you before. I find your passion quite, um — interesting…” She took another sip of her wine. Her throat had gone dry. Her eyes twinkled at him.

All he could do was look at her, trying to assess her words properly. She broke the silence, maltepe escort speaking again before she even realized it. “So, if you had the chance, would you treat my ass the way you just described?”

His eyes widened. “My best friend’s beautiful ass? Hell yes! Every chance I got!” he laughed. “I would consider it an honor to love you like that. Would you really share your sweet bum with me?”

She nodded. Her eyes sparkled even more. It wasn’t lost on her that he had said love you like that, and not love your ass like that… “Hell yes! Every chance I got!” she said from deep inside. “And you would really consider it an honor to love my bum?

“Damn right.”

“Mmmmm… That would make it even sweeter…” Another sip of wine.

They stared into each others eyes for a few moments, making a deep connection. Could it be this easy? he thought to himself. Would this wonderful woman really accept me this way, with no games, no bullshit? “Be careful” he laughed. “I could spend many hours, every day, with your adorable ass.”

“Pretty much what I had in mind…” She was grinning from ear to ear. “After all, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share my bum with my best bud? Especially when he wants and needs it so much?”

He was quite surprised at the turn of events. He kicked himself for not having the courage or smarts to approach her earlier about it. So much anal adoration time was just, hell, gone! “This goes way beyond friendship.”

Nicole shrugged. “Not to me it doesn’t. It’s just my bum. If letting you love it the way you want will make you feel so good then it would make me happy to share it. Hell, most of the time I’m just sitting on it anyway. It would be nice to put it to some other good use for a change. And I can’t think of a better use than to have you make us both feel good by caressing and kissing and licking and loving the hell out of it.”

He grinned from ear to ear. Her words touched him in all the deepest, right places. She had just transformed into the most beautiful woman in the world right before his eyes. “Anyone ever kiss your bum before?” he asked. He didn’t try to hide the bulge in his pants that was getting bigger by the moment.

“No. Had a few quite eager to fuck it though.”

“Did you let them?”

“Hell no. Sex hasn’t meant that much to me. Not even the normal kind. At first I thought there was something wrong with me. But I came to realize that many people are like me. Not everyone has to be sex crazy. So having a dick in my butt wasn’t appealing at all. Maybe, if normal sex had felt right with someone, I would have considered anal sex. But it never really did.”

“But having a tongue — a soft, warm, loving, hungry tongue – in your bum is something you would like?”

“Yeah. It is now. I’ve never thought much about my butt at all, specially when it came to sex. To me it was just an ass. But I see it a whole lot differently now, because of you. Now I see it as something that can be used to share love and, well, just have a lot of fun! And having it loved the way you described – hell, a woman would have to be brain dead to not want that!!”

“And you are anything but brain dead” he said as he sat closer to her. “So you wouldn’t mind that I would spend so much time with your sweet bum, loving the hell out of it, as you said?”

“I don’t think so. Right now it sounds very appealing. I would sure like to try…”

“Any time. Let me know when you are ready” he said as he gently brushed the hair that had fallen across her eyes. The wine had brought a nice glow to her face.

Her appreciation for the fact that he never pressured her, for anything, made her love him more. “Now would be good.” Her eyes sparkled.

“Works for me” he said softly.

“Good. How should we do this?”

“You get into any position you find comfortable. So long as I can get at your ass it will be good.”

Nicole thought for a second. Then she got up and removed her jeans. She was wearing a thong. She lay on the sofa, on her side, her bum hanging over the edge. “This OK?”

“That is absolutely beautiful, Nicole” he said as he knelt beside her and gently caressed the milky skin of her butt. It had looked good in the jeans. Seeing it in all its naked glory was almost a religious experience for him. Her skin was silky smooth and flawless. Her cheeks were full and round. Every part of him wanted to love and adore her ass until he dropped. It had also been awhile since he had fed on a woman’s behind. He was one hungry man and her ass looked like the best feast he had ever seen. Nourishing, but not fattening!

The hunger and fire in his eyes stirred Nicole in all the right places. The scene in front of her blew her away. Here was her best friend, the guy she considered the sweetest man in the world, on his knees before her ass. Her ass!! So far she had respected it for all its normal uses — sitting, shitting, holding her jeans up… But now it was becoming the object of her best bud’s love and adoration — love and adoration that she was realizing she wanted more kartal escort than anything else, and from no one else.

“Mmmmmm… That’s nice” Nicole said softly.

“If you like that then you should love this” he said as he gently placed a warm kiss on the full part of her right butt cheek.

“Mmmmmmm… Can I get lots of those?” she purred.

He nodded his head without lifting it so his lips would brush gently across her skin. Her bum pushed out, reaching for his affection. He spent the next hour caressing and kissing her cheeks. Nicole reached back and removed the thong from her ass crack. The heat from her asshole wafted into his nose. He placed it against her anus and breathed deeply of her aromas. Her musky scent swirled in his brain. It was a scent he never grew tired of. Nicole’s unique anal odors reached him like no other woman had.

He spent several moments examining her sweet asshole with his eyes and his fingers. She shaved so everything was silky smooth. Her perfect little rosebud instantly became the one he would gladly love forever. “You have the most beautiful anus I’ve ever seen, Nicole. It is… perfect… absolutely gorgeous…”

Her eyes widened at his words. She blushed. “Now there’s a compliment I never thought I’d hear! Fuck, I love it!” She laughed a deep, full laugh. She tried to look stern. “You sure you’re not just kissing my ass here, telling me what you think I want to hear…”

He loved the playful look on her face. “I’ve never lied to you, Nicole. And this is definitely something too important to me to start now. I mean it. Your asshole is the most adorable anal jewel I’ve ever seen. And just so we’re clear, here’s the only way I kiss ass…”

He wasted no time burying his face in the dark, soft, warmth of her anal valley. “I love you” he said softly as his lips kissed her sweet asshole for the first time. “Damn, how I love you” he said as his lips and tongue began a long anal adoration session of her delicious rosebud. Her anus responded eagerly to his affections. It twitched and tingled and pushed out at him.

As his lips met her anus Nicole almost levitated off the sofa. She tingled from head to toe. She felt that she was truly being made love to for the first time in her life. No other man’s touch had affected her so strongly as his lips and tongue on her anus. But it wasn’t just the feel of his warm skin. It was the heat and passion and hunger she felt pouring from him into her bottom. Her hand caressed his head and pushed his face in farther. “Fuck, that’s just too incredible! Deeper, please!”

Her passion fulled his. He tried to fill her ass with his tongue. He would have crawled inside her bum if he could have, if that is what she wanted. For the next while the only thing that existed for either of them was the connection between his face and her ass. When he was finished he lay his head on her hip while his fingers slowly and gently traced every curve of her hips and cheeks.

“Mmmmmm… That was great” she said softly as she turned around and gently kissed his lips. The smell and taste of her ass on his mouth sent more shivers through her. She kissed him again, slowly. “Just one thing…”

“What’s that?” He was afraid he had hurt her somehow.

“It felt to me like you were holding back. Please don’t do that. I know that the affection is for my ass, and I have no problem with that. I just want you to let go. Love my ass with all your heart and passion. I’ll let you know if it is ever too much. Can you do that? Please…”

He kissed her gently. “Yes, I can do that. From now on I will. Thanks for being so understanding. And I’m especially happy that you like this and want more. Your ass is definitely the finest I’ve ever loved. And because it is yours makes it extra special.”

Nicole smiled. “That’s so damn sweet. I just want you two lovers to be happy” she said as she glanced over her shoulder at her bum, then back into his eyes.

“I hope I will make you and your sweet bum as happy as you make me by letting me love you there” he said as he kissed her gently on the lips. “Thank you for sharing it with me. You are the sweetest lover I’ve ever known. And I’m glad it is your ass, Nicole. You are the best friend I’ve ever had.”

“Any time” said Nicole softly. “You’re my best bud too. I think it’s great that my sorry ass can make you so happy. And it makes me feel damn good too. Who’d a thunk?”

He gently slapped her bum. “There is nothing sorry about your sweet ass, Nicole. So don’t ever let me hear you say that again or you will find yourself over my knee for some very different anal attention.”

Her eyes widened with surprise. She loved the playful twinkle in his eyes. “Hmmmm… I’ll have to think about that…”

It was his turn to be surprised.

***** The love affair grows…

The next night found them in the same place. This time he totally abandoned himself to his passion. It had been a long time since he had been able to make his kind of love to a woman’s behind fully. He was glad it was Nicole’s bum. He knew that she was truly cool with this love affair he was having with her ass. And it truly was the finest ass he had ever been intimate with. It was his ideal of the perfect female ass, in all ways. He kept asking himself how he ever got so damn lucky, blessed even.

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