Special Delivery

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Carlie pulled the van into the kerb and sighed. Last delivery of the day. She couldn’t wait to get home; it was a hot, sticky day and she needed to have a cool shower and then lie back on the bed and release some tension. The hot weather always made her feel even more horny than usual, especially as she hadn’t had sex in a few weeks. A brief memory of the hot night she’d had with the guy she met at the club a fortnight ago flickered through her mind and she felt heat bloom between her thighs and her nipples tighten. Damn, she thought, I really need to fuck.

Grabbing the parcel and her clipboard from the seat, she slid out of the van and made her way up the path to the door. She had managed to deliver every package so far and there was nothing to take back to the depot; as long as there was someone to sign for this delivery, she could go straight home and strip. Her pussy throbbed; forget the shower, she just needed to come.

It looked promising. There was a car in the driveway and she could hear the faint strain of some smoky blues music drifting from inside the house. Stepping up onto the porch, she pressed her finger to the doorbell and waited…


Matt had just settled back onto the sofa with a tumbler of vodka and ice when he heard the doorbell ring. He swore under his breath. As was customary when at home, he was naked. The heat of the day had been overwhelming and he’d been glad of the opportunity to take a shower and relax. All he wanted was to have a few drinks and listen to some music, maybe watch a little porn later. He certainly wasn’t expecting any visitors. Perhaps if he ignored the doorbell, they’d go away…


Carlie stood patiently on the doorstep, waiting for an answer. Come on, she thought. I know you’re in there. Shifting the box to the other hand, she leaned forward to press the doorbell again. The clipboard shifted under her arm and she heard her pen drop to the floor. With a sigh, she bent over to pick it up…


As the doorbell rang again, Matt quietly let out a string of expletives. Whoever it was didn’t seem to be taking the hint; probably some door-to-door salesman, desperate for a commission. Putting down his drink, he padded over to the bay window and carefully took a quick glance towards the door, hoping not to get noticed in this furtive act.

His gaze was caught by the sight of a set of perfectly rounded buttocks encased in white cotton shorts. The fabric was stretched taut across the cheeks of this delicious arse as the female bent over to retrieve something from the floor. Whoever she was, she was wearing a thong; the outline of the fabric was just evident through the shorts. Matt felt his cock stir. He watched as she straightened again; she was a pretty girl, blonde, very curvy, with a pair of full breasts barely hidden under a cotton vest top and long, tanned legs. His hand went unconsciously to his now semi-hard cock and tugged it slowly as he imagined stripping those shorts from her buttocks…


Carlie swore under her breath as there was still no response at the door. She was certain there must be someone home; ringing the bell again, she then stepped across to the bay window, peering through the net curtain to see if she could spot anyone inside. It took a moment to realise there was a man standing just inside the window…and another moment to notice that he was completely naked and holding his cock as he stood there.

Carlie stood still, unable to tear her gaze away from his naked form, feeling a familiar trickle of arousal slide between her thighs. Her gaze travelled down his body and back up to his face and she watched him slowly smile as he registered her appraisal. She held his gaze for a few more seconds; aware that his hand had started to move along his thick shaft, her eyes dropped to watch him. Oh god, she thought, that’s so fucking hot. Then, stepping back, she shook herself and cleared her throat.

“Ummm…Mr Craig? I have a parcel for you…” She stammered as she moved back away from the window to the door.


Matt heard the doorbell ring again, but before he had time to move, he saw the woman step across to the window and peer in. He froze, hoping that she hadn’t seen him. As he saw an expression of shock cross her face, he knew he’d been spotted; for some reason she didn’t move away. She remained, as the seconds ticked by, watching him as he stood with his turgid shaft in his hand. He realised she was boldly checking him out and a wolfish smile crossed his face. His eyes caught hers through the gauzy fabric of the curtain; holding her gaze he started to stroke his burgeoning cock once again. Then he saw her eyes drop to his groin and watch for a few seconds more before she stepped away from the window and called out something about a parcel.

He stood for a moment and wondered whether he should cover up to answer the door; considering the expression on her face as she’d watched him, web tasarım he decided to go as he was. Let’s see how she reacts, he thought. Moving down the hall, his cock still in his hand, he opened the door and stood half-hidden behind it.


Turning as the door opened, Carlie was momentarily shocked to realise that the man was still naked, though partly hidden behind the open portal. She thought he’d have grabbed a robe or something. Stepping forward, she offered up the parcel to him.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, Mr Craig, but I need you to sign for this,” she said quickly.

“Excuse my state of undress, I wasn’t expecting visitors,” he chuckled.

“I got that impression,” Carlie grinned back at him, recovering her composure. “I do apologise for snooping in your window, I knew someone must be in, thought that you might have been in the garden or something.”

He moved to take the package from her and her eyes were drawn downwards again, registering the shaven skin around his barely concealed tumescence. As he turned round to place the package on the floor, she caught sight of his taught buttocks.

“Mmmm, great arse…” she thought, then clapped her hand over her mouth as she realised she’d uttered the words out loud. She flushed scarlet as the man turned back to her, grinning hugely.

“Thank you very much,” he responded in a deep voice that made her stomach curl. “May I say I think yours is utterly delicious too?”

He’s flirting with me, she thought. Carlie held out the clipboard and pen. “Erm, I need you to sign this,” she insisted.

“OK,” Matt responded, taking them from her. He waited a beat. “Did you enjoy the view? Through the window?” His eyes sought hers as he looked up with a sensual smile.

Carlie caught his gaze and swallowed. Before she could answer, he spoke again. “This pen isn’t working. Hang on while I go and get another one.”

He turned and strode down the hall; she just stood watching him, as another flood of longing swept through her. She felt her juices trickling from between her pussy lips and moaned softly. As he returned, she laughed out loud; he’d barely covered his modesty with a tea towel. Grinning at her, he walked back down the hall.

“Sorry, it was the first thing that came to hand,” he said, chuckling. He picked up the clipboard again. “You didn’t answer my question.”

Carlie was momentarily confused.

“The view,” he repeated, his voice low and sensual. “Did you enjoy it?”

She licked her lips to moisten them and considered her answer. He was definitely coming on to her. All that was waiting for her at home was a cool shower and a vibrator. The decision was made.

“I enjoyed it very much indeed,” she said huskily. “In fact, I’d love to see it again.”

Matt put the clipboard down and held out his hand to her. “Come on in,” he said. Drawing her through the door, he closed it behind her and turned to face her; deliberately, he dropped the towel and watched her reaction. Carlie swallowed heavily as her eyes travelled down his body. He wasn’t a model figure, but he was in pretty good shape. He had a broad chest, covered in a smattering of dark hair, arrowing down to his groin, where he’d obviously shaven it clean. His cock jutted proudly from between his legs, and she stared at it with naked lust in her eyes. It was a nice length, thick, with a smooth pink dome and she knew she wanted to taste it.

She moved forward and boldly curled her hand around his shaft. Matt moved one hand up to the nape of her neck beneath her hair and pulled her towards him, covering her lips with his. Her mouth opened underneath the pressure and she felt his tongue snake into her mouth, searching for hers. As they kissed, she felt his other hand move to her breast, his thumb brushing over her taut nipple sending a shiver of pleasure through her body. Carlie’s hand gently stroked his shaft, squeezing along the length before her palm glided over the smooth head. He drew in a sharp breath at her touch.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” he growled, sliding his hand beneath her top and pulling it upwards. Carlie released his cock from her grasp and lifted her arms up to help him. He threw her top to the floor and his mouth moved to close over one pebble-like nipple as his hands moved to her waist. He quickly unbuttoned her shorts and then slid his hand inside the opening, his fingers seeking the heat between her thighs. She shifted, opening her legs to allow him better access. “Someone’s feeling horny,” he chuckled as his fingertips encountered the soaked material of her panties. She shuddered as he teased her through the material, stroking her clit before he pushed the fabric between her wet pussy lips and inside her. A soft moan escaped Carlie’s mouth as his lips returned to her breasts, suckling and nipping on each bud in turn while his fingers continued to probe at her soaked cleft. His other hand tugged at the back of her shorts; she web tasarım ankara shifted, allowing him to slide them down her legs. As she quickly stepped out of them, he moved her back to rest against the wall.

She felt him pull the material of her thong aside and push one, then two, then three fingers deep into her pussy. Moaning heavily, she spread her legs wider as he started to drive his fingers into her pussy, rubbing them over her g-spot and almost instantly, her climax rushed through her.

“Oh shit,” she cried as her legs buckled beneath her. Matt grabbed her waist to support her as he continued to fuck into her spasming quim with his hand; her juices ran out over his fingers, wetting her thighs. He gradually slowed the movement of his hand as her climax came to an end, still lightly moving them inside her as she tried to catch her breath. Then he pulled his fingers from her and lifted them to his mouth, tasting her cum.

“Fuck, you taste good,” he said as he licked the juice from his hand. Then he kissed her and she could taste the salty, sweet tang of her climax on his tongue. Matt took her hand and led her into the living room. He stood her in front of the couch and stepped back. “Turn round for me,” he said. She gave him a quizzical look, but complied. He watched as she slowly turned to face the wall.

“Would you kneel on the couch and bend forward for me?” He requested. She did as she was asked, then looked back over her shoulder at him. “You really do have the most beautiful arse,” he said in a low voice.

He moved forward and kneeled behind her. Pulling her thong to one side with his hand, he leaned forward and inhaled the musky scent of her pussy. Then he darted out his tongue and teased her clit. Carlie shuddered and groaned with pleasure. Matt buried his face in her pussy, tugging on her clit with his teeth, licking and sucking at her pussy lips before burying his tongue inside her. His hands reached underneath her and his fingers twisted her nipples gently. She squirmed and pushed back against him, moaning heavily as his rough tongue scraped across her throbbing clit. “Fuck me with your tongue,” she sighed as he lapped at her engorged labia.

Then he pulled back, his face soaked in her juice. Moaning in frustration, Carlie pushed back towards him again; she stilled as she felt his tongue probe tentatively at her tight rosebud. His hands pulled her cheeks apart as his tongue circled the rim of her anus; hesitantly he pushed his tongue into the centre of her puckered hole. Carlie gasped and pushed back at him. That was all the encouragement he needed; he wriggled his tongue inside her, as his thumb moved to brush across her clit, rubbing over the swollen nub of flesh. Gently he tongue fucked her arse, while his fingers continued to torment her pussy. She bucked against his ministrations, whimpering with pleasure.

Matt groaned in satisfaction as he felt her respond to his tongue. He wriggled it deeper inside her as his fingers slipped inside her soaking slit and rubbed over her ribbed walls. He could feel his cock throbbing and his balls tightening. Gently withdrawing his tongue from her anus he grinned at her howl of frustration. Standing quickly, he moved in close behind her. He took his thick shaft in his hand, rubbed it along her swollen lips and then in one swift movement thrust into Carlie’s pussy. She gasped as she felt his balls slap against her thighs as he buried himself to the hilt. Grabbing her hips, he slid out of her until just his tip remained inside and then he sheathed his cock completely again, pulling her hips back towards him. Slowly he started to fuck into her; long, deep strokes that tormented and pleasured her in equal measure.

Carlie pushed back against him as his cock thrust into her over and over again; enjoying the feel of his thick cock as it stretched her soaking cunt. Her hand slipped between her legs and she started to rub her throbbing clit in languid circles, not wanting to cum again just yet, building towards her orgasm slowly. She could hear the squelch of her sex as Matt’s cock slid into her and the sound made her even hornier.

She pushed back frantically at him, wanting every inch inside. “Fuck me harder, don’t stop,” she urged him. “I love your big cock inside me; it feels so thick…I’m full of your lovely prick.”

Matt groaned as his hands tightened around her hips. “Fuck it, you dirty bitch…you’re going to make me come,” he growled as he tried to slow the pace. Sweat trickled down his chest; the day was sultry and the heat of their fucking almost overwhelmed him. Carlie didn’t hear him. She was lost in the moment; her fingers played over her clit as she felt her own orgasm building again.

“Oh god…I’m coming…I’m…” Her legs trembled as she finally tumbled over the precipice into a tumultuous climax, the tremors wracking her body as she clenched tightly around his cock, her juices coating his shaft. It was all too much for Matt; the sensation of her climaxing pussy squeezing his cock was enough for the boiling seed in his sacks to spill over and with a loud grunt, he thrust deep as the spunk gushed from his cock.

Carlie squealed as she felt him spurt inside her. “Oh god, that feels so good!” she cried, still caught in her own climax. Her pussy milked every drop of goo from Matt’s balls until finally they both stilled, panting heavily. Matt’s softening cock slipped from between her puffy labia and he watched as a final shudder ran through her. Carlie collapsed forward onto the sofa, her skin slick with perspiration; a dribble of their combined come trickled slowly from between her bright red pussy lips and instinctively he bent forward and licked the length of her slit, catching the salty, sweet, sticky goo on his tongue.

“Let me taste it,” she begged, turning towards him. He leaned towards her and kissed her, his tongue melding with hers, sharing the taste of their fucking. Carlie moaned into his mouth and then pulled her lips from his; with a grin, she moved forward and took his soft cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the shaft, cleaning the mixture of semen and her juices from him.

Carlie lavished attention on his prick. She raked her teeth gently over him as her hands gently squeezed and caressed his balls. Matt stood silently, enjoying her tender ministrations, watching her as she worked on him. Then her lips trailed slowly upwards, tongue tasting the salty sweat on his skin as she moved towards his nipples. Carlie took one into her mouth, catching it between her teeth and gently tugging. Her fingernails traced languid patterns on his damp skin as she explored every curve and hollow of his body with her hands; her stiff nipples brushed over his body as she moved behind him. She caressed his back, fingers drifting down to his buttocks; her lips followed the same winding trail. She licked droplets of moisture from the small of his back. Matt felt her finger slip between his buttocks, swirling teasingly over his anus; her tongue replaced the finger and probed gently.

To his amazement, his cock stirred to life once again. “What the fuck are you doing to me, woman?” he muttered. “Get round here and suck me, now!”

Carlie wasted no time, kneeling in front of him, her tongue licking the length of the veiny shaft before her lips closed over the purple dome and slid along his length until he was fully enclosed in moist heat. He groaned, his hand threading into her silky hair and tightening; holding her in place, he started to fuck her mouth. She gagged as his tip hit the back of her throat and she pushed him away, threads of drool dribbling from her lips onto her breasts as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Are you ok?” Matt asked with concern; his question was answered as she looked up at him and opened her mouth to take him once again. His hand still woven tightly in her hair, he held her head in place as he rubbed his cock over her face, smearing a mixture of precum and drool over her cheeks. Then he slid between her lips once more and pushed into her mouth, gently this time; within moments, Carlie was sucking ferociously on his cock, taking him deep into her mouth as her hands slid between his legs to play gently with his balls. Matt felt them tighten in her hands as he felt the surge in his cock; wrenching her head back, he pulled his shaft from her lips and sprayed hot jets over her face. Spurt after spurt covered her and then dripped in slow, stringy threads down to her breasts.

Carlie reached down and scooped up dribbles of his come with her fingers; with a lascivious grin, she popped them into her mouth, savouring the taste of his seed. Matt chuckled as he slumped onto the sofa, totally spent. She stood, looking round enquiringly.

“Could I use your bathroom?”

“Help yourself,” Matt responded. “Up the stairs; first door on the right.”

He watched her beautifully shaped bottom with a wry smile as she grabbed her discarded clothes from the hall and made her way upstairs. A few minutes later, she returned; although fully dressed, she was still slightly rumpled and definitely had that ‘just fucked’ look. She’d washed her face, but the upper slopes of her breasts still glistened with the shine of his sticky goo.

Walking to the door, Carlie retrieved her clipboard and pen and stepped outside. Turning to him, she grinned.

“Thanks for a fun afternoon…Oh…and you never did sign for your delivery.”

Matt took the clipboard, laughing. He signed his name with a flourish and passed it back to her.

“By the way, my name’s Carlie,” she said. “See you around.” She walked back to the van, enjoying the familiar sensation of soreness between her legs and the slow trickle of come that was now running down the inside of her thigh. Climbing into the van, she checked the delivery note. Punching the phone number into to her mobile, she grinned; she hit the call button, put the phone to her ear and waited a few seconds.

“Hello, Mr Craig,” she said, the smile evident in her voice. “I have a parcel that I need to deliver to you tomorrow afternoon…”

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