Special Plans


On his ride home from work he tried to push all of the days worries out of his mind, all he wanted to do was get home and take a nice warm shower. Pulling into the driveway he saw his wife’s car was gone and the house was dark, where could she be he wondered to himself. He got out of his trued and trudged towards the door totally give out from a long day of work. Opening the door he found the living room bathed in a glow from candles placed all around it. On coffee table he found a note that said she just stepped out on an errand and will be back in a minute and for him to go and clean up. Curiosity was eating at him but off he went to shower. After shaving and bathing he stood there relaxing under the needles of the hot water pounding on his back. Shutting off the water he dried off and threw on a t-shirt and some lounge pants and headed off to the living room. There he found his wife changed into a flannel cotton robe that fit her curves nicely and ended just at her knees and she had tied it together with a red satin ribbon in a bow like on a gift.

Stunned beyond words he just nodded when she asked if he liked her now robe. She walked over slowly and gave him a soft kiss and traced his lips with her tongue sending a shiver all down his spine. Then she told him to go fix a sandwich and stay in the kitchen till she came and got him. He watched her walk out of the kitchen swaying her hips so seductively and then made him up a sandwich and sat down to eat it at the table, his mind wondering what in the world she was up to.

Just as he ate the last bite she came in to get him and she led him back to their spare bedroom. She opened the door and motioned him in and he stopped just inside and stared in amazement. She had set up a massage parlor on their bed by putting a table top across it. Candle burned filling the room with a very pleasant aroma as she guided him to the side of the bed. On the nightstand beside the bed he saw an assortment of body oils she planned to use he guessed.

“Strip” she told him.

After undressing she instructed him to lie face down on the tabletop and relax.

“It has been a long time since we had a night all to our selves as we do tonight so I wanted to do something extra special for you to remember it by.

All I want erotik film izle you to do is relax and give me your full co-operation is that understood?”

He sighed out a yes as he felt her hands running along his legs. In the back of his mind he couldn’t help but wonder where that slight tone of authority had come from she just had. With his eyes closed he could hear he squeezing some of the oil out into her hands. Her first touch was cold and it shocked him but as she began to rub it got warmer and warmer. Her hands moved across his broad shoulders, rubbing and kneading the top of them and then moved to his neck and rubbed it so gently with her oil slick hands.

Her hands began to glide down his back as she squeezed out more oil onto his back and made a trail to his bottom. His eyes closed her hands danced across his butt and went down rubbing each of his legs now, moving down across his calf and gently rubbing his feet for she knew how ticklish he was there. He now felt her hands running along the inside of each of his legs, they brushed against his testicles as she moved them up and back up to his neck.

His eyes opened wide as he felt a slap on his bottom. She was standing above him now and first thing he saw was the little red ribbon. As he closed his eyes back she told him it was time to open his present. It took half of a beat for him to realize she meant for him to untie her robe so he decided to play it frisky and moved his head and untied it with his teeth. The robe fell opened and revealed her body to him. He could not help but think of how beautiful she is as his eyes traveled from her smooth shaven pubes up to her hair that was balled up on top of her head and had a few loose tentacles hanging down on her neck.

“Is something wrong?” she asked him.

“Not a thing” was his reply.

“Good, then turn over on your back for me now.”

There was that tone again.

So with out any hesitation he scooted around and rolled over onto his back and watched her as she walked to stand by his side. She told him to just close his eyes and enjoy. Doing so he felt the cold oil dribble out onto his chest and stomach. He felt her hands massage his broad chest and top of his shoulders then moved down his ribs and across his stomach, heading film izle further down she began to rub his thighs.

Down one leg then back up the other, casually grazing his swollen cock as she passed over it. Every time she would lean to rub across his body she would press her breast against him sending ripples of anticipation thru him.

When he no longer felt her hands on his body he opened his eyes to look for her. He found her. She was at his feet and had a bottle of oil turned up and was squirting it onto her breast and stomach. He stared as she took her hands and sperad the oil all across her breast and down her stomach, down her bald pubes and over her legs.

After her entire body shone with oil she crawled on the bed between his legs and began to slowly make her way up his body, letting her oiled up boobs drag across his legs, over his rigid cock, up his chest until finally she was face to face with him, her lips mere inches from his. Her hot breathe spilled across his lips as she kissed him deeply. He could feel her desire in the kiss and it swept over him as their tongues circled each other’s.

Nibbling at his lips she broke away and looked him in the eyes and asked, ” Do you want me baby? Wouldn’t you love to slide that hard cock between my hot wet lips of my cunny and fill me up so full?”

Shocked he nodded yes.

“Good, cause that is exactly what I want you to do to me. I am on fire with a passion that only you could put out.”

As he laid there he watched as she slowly lowered herself to where the tip of is cock could feel the moist dampness of her arousal on her lips. She kind of rocked back and forth against the head just teasing him until she started to lower herself down around him. His cock felt like I was surrounded by fire as he sank deeper and deeper into her hot hole. Sitting straight up she began to move her hips back and forth at a teasing pace. Rocking against him she manipulated her oil slick breast, caressing her own hard nipples. His eyes glazed over with lust he watched as her right hand crept down and began to rub on her bare cunt. He felt her fingers slide down on the sides of his cock every so often as her pace began to quicken. Her hips began to crush into him and she rocked faster and faster, her hand moving seks filmi izle at a blur, her orgasm was nearing. Her muscles contracted around his hard cock as the orgasm began to ripple thru her body. Sitting up straight she squeezed him tighter and let out a long soft moan.

He felt her slipping from around him as she moved off from him. Bewildered he looked up to find her turning around on her hands and knees so that her beautiful backside was facing him.

“Make love to my ass baby, pop my anal cherry.”

He moved up behind her and took some oil and squirted it into his hands and slathered it all around his cock and adds some to her virgin hole. Situating himself he scooted up so the head of his cock pressed against her tight ass. Ever so gently he pressed on, he could feel the head invade her now, and he stopped once it was in letting her adjust. When he felt her relax some he inched forward again going in a little further at a time. His cock sinking further in her ass he moved one hand under her and massaged her clit to help her relax, she moaned with his touch. Softly he began to work his hips back and forth, setting a slow sensual movement. She was so tight around him; each thrust felt as if she was pulling him deeper and deeper into eternal bliss. Now she began to match his thrust rocking back into him each time his cock sank in to her ass causing his balls to slap against her still damp pussy. All he could do now was grab her hips and hang on cause he knew a powerful climax was very near for both of them.

“Yes” she hissed out between thrust,” fuck me hard baby, cum all in my ass.”

He grunted as his pace quickened now for his balls were ready to blast off, as she wanted. She was moaning loudly and swinging her head from side to side as his hard cock rammed into her ass deeper and harder. Together their body moved in sync as he could no longer hold back and announced that he was going to cum.

“Do it, fire it deep into me baby”

He did. He felt his first shot fire from his cock the same time her body began to shake and quiver with her own orgasm. His hips bucked hard against her as his cock expanded and released he hot load. Moans of ecstasy filled the room as their climax peaked and bodies quaked together. Growing soft we withdrew from her and lay across her on the soaked bed. In the glow of the burning candles they kissed and cuddled for a little while.

“Guess we need to change the sheets now huh” he said to her with a devilish smile on his face.

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