Spring Cleaning…


Spring Cleaning…He had just left for baseball practice when I began to furiously clean as quickly as possible. I wanted him to have something nice to come home to. He didn’t know it but one day this week at lunch I stopped to purchase something special to surprise him with. As I finished up all the cleaning I hopped into the shower. I couldn’t help but think of my plans for the evening. I was already so excited. Heady with craving for him my insides began to dance as I tried to imagine was his reaction may be. Oh my! Just imagining his touch on my body, his big strong hands when he cups my breasts, the feel of him growing against my backside when he pulls me close, and grinds into me. Him! When he’s there… inside me. I touch myself with longing for him but gather my wits. I have a plan to carry out here. I finish my shower and head for the bedroom. I lay naked on his bed smiling with glee and anticipation. He’s going to have me here tonight…again…however he pleases…and I can’t wait! I sit up and walk to the closet I pull out a bag I’ve cleverly stowed away and pull the contents out. It is a solid light pink apron with a darker pink front pocket with little white polka dots and a white satin bow, and a ruffle trimmed hem in the same polka dot pattern. My time is almost up and I know he’s going to be back soon. I put the apron and a pair of white heels on and nothing else. I head out of the bed room picking up a sponge, bucket, and kitchen gloves. I fill the bucket will a little soap and water canlı bahis then I get down on the kitchen floor on all fours and await his arrival. I quickly stow away my giddy smile at the familiar sound of him entering the house as I feign work scrubbing away at the kitchen floor. When he enters the room and sees me there on the floor, in nothing but this apron and my heels, on all fours ass up in the air, he stops dead in his tracks and I know I’ve got him right where I want him. “What are you up to Babe?” he says inquisitively. “Oh just a little light cleaning.” I fib. He steps forward until he’s right in front of me standing over me looking down at me. I sit back on my knees and he lifts my chin to meet his gaze. “Did you miss me Baby?” he coos at me. “Uh-huh” I reply hoarsely like a nervous c***d. He motions for my hand and helps me to my feet. He quickly looks me up and down then uses his index finger to pull forward the top of the apron and me with it , so that he can look down into the opening and peek at my breasts. “What’s this? Something new?” he says in reference to the apron. I nod yes in response smiling at him. “Hmmmm turn around for Daddy baby, let me get a good look at you” he says. I slowly twirl exposing my bare backside to him as I go. “GOD DAMN BABY!!!” He says suddenly pulling me into his arms. Before I know it his lips are on mine ravenous. I begin striping him of his clothes. By the time I’ve gotten his bare chest exposed to me where I can begin my assault, he grabs my wrists bahis siteleri firmly but gentle. “Wait Baby…not yet…turn around.” He orders. I’m frustrated I want to touch him. I’ve wanted to be touching him since he had to leave for practice, but I do as he says because I know this is his game. His sweet torture. He makes me beg for what I want, what I always want, him. Now he has me bent over the dining table face down and ass exposed to him. He takes his hand sliding it up my inner thigh to my sex and gently glides his fingers back and forth twice. “Mmmm Vanessa look how ready you are? You’re so wet for me aren’t you Baby? ”he asks “YES!” I moan. He uses his foot nudging me to spread my legs a bit more. “Spread those legs for me baby.” He says as I hear him release his erection from his pants. “You want it Ma?” “Mmmm YES! PLEASE! Fill me up Daddy!” Suddenly I feel him spreading me open as he enters me. The feeling is exquisite! I moan and writhe with pleasure as he thrusts harder and faster. “OH FUCK BABY!!!!” I shout as he continues his sensual assault. He begins to slow down and pull out and again I am left wanting. “Come here baby.” he says “I want to fuck your mouth too.” He grins. I step away from the table and drop to my knees as he presents me with his god like cock. Without hesitation I spit several times and begin sucking and stroking. “Mmmmmm I love this cock so much baby! It tastes so good!” With that I go hard. Swallowing deeper and deeper as he thrusts in and out of my throat. güvenilir bahis I’m going to make him cum. I begin to G** but I push through it swallowing him deep as I can. Soon he pulls out again. Just when I think he’s going to let me make him cum. He once again he pulls me to my feet. This time he grabs me and we clumsily make our way to the bedroom. He stretches out on the bed and I fallow him. He takes me into his arms and pulls me on top of him. He guides his cock into me as I slowly…carefully…mount him. I begin to ride and it feels so good. Mmmmmm I’m so close and I can tell he is too. Fuck it’s intense! I feel as if at any moment I’ll explode around him. Suddenly he pulls out quickly stroking his cock. Again I am left desperately wanting. “Please baby! I need you!” I beg. “Not yet baby I’m going to cum…open your mouth” I lean down and do as I’m told as he blows a massive load of jizz into my mouth. There is so much cum I can’t swallow it all. I spill a little and it seeps from my mouth and onto his belly. I swallow my mouth full then lick the rest of it off him swallowing that too. “Mmmmm good girl baby…now…your turn” I lay back on the bed as he crawls over me. He’s kissing me as reach for his cock lick my hand and begin to stroke him. “Mmmmm baby hard again!” I coo at him “Always for you baby” he smiles at me and with that he glides into to me once again spreading me around his thick black cock and driving me wild. Faster and harder he goes and soon I explode into a million pieces around him juice flowing down my thigh. He reaches a finger down swiping a little and tasting it. “Mmmmm you taste so good Ma.” We lay back, I curl up against him, and he wraps his arms around me as we lay there in sweet bliss.

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