Stacy’s Struggle: Body over Mind


It was happening again. She wished she knew why it always happened to her. She just couldn’t quite understand….

This time the man was her therapist. Other times it had been friends, family, co-workers, strangers….. This time, she barely knew the man, but, just like with the others, she was helpless to stop him. And – just like the other times – her breath started coming fast and she could feel the pressure building in her swollen clit. Her head started to spin as she felt the spasms in her pussy and then the orgasm crashed over her. She moaned loudly as she squirmed herself against the rock hard cock that continued to ram into her over and over and over….

The effect was always the same. Her uncontrollable orgasms made the man think that she was loving what he was doing to her. “That’s it, come for me baby,” he said to her. His cock pounded into her even harder, encouraged by her reaction.

Inside, Stacy was struggling against the man. Inside, she was pushing him away, trying to get him off of her. Inside, she was begging him to stop.

Outside, she was also struggling – struggling to hold onto her ankles as she spread her legs wide. Outside she was also pushing – pushing herself onto his cock with each thrust. Outside she was also begging. “Oh god, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

She had gone to see the therapist to try to figure out why she acted this way. Why she was unable to resist men. Eventually, he asked her to tell him about her childhood, so she told him how she had been raised by her aunt. Her aunt taught her all the right ways to behave. How to dress properly. How to be polite to everyone. And her aunt also taught her another lesson – how to fuck like a cheap whore.

She remembered how during the day, her aunt was a very proper, very polite southern lady. She spoke in a fine manner, dressed very nicely, and took care of her home. Lots of women came over to socialize and they would drink tea and chat about all sorts of things.

But at night, her aunt was a very different women. She still had lots of visitors, but they were only men – friends that her husband brought home with him. Many of them were married to the same women who had visited during the day. Just like during the day, at night she also dressed nicely. A corset laced up tightly that left her tits fully exposed were one of her favorite outfits. Stockings and heels were always worn, although panties were somehow always forgotten. Her lips were always thick with lipstick and her eyes fixed beautifully.

Stacy would sneak out of her room at night into the hallway upstairs and peak over the balcony at what went on below. The mouth that spoke in such a refined way during the day was filled with the coarsest of language at night. Her aunt urged the men that had come to visit with her uncle to fuck her in every hole she had, often all holes at once. Her uncle was usually there, but not always. Sometimes he got a little rough with her, slapping her face lightly then shoving his hard cock into her mouth. He liked to tell her what a slut she was as he or another man fucked her. Her aunt loved it all and would come repeatedly in orgasm after orgasm.

As she lay on his reclining chair, Stacy told the psychologist that she thought maybe this is what made her act the way she did – feeling like she was resisting and avoiding men on the inside while her body seemed to do exactly the opposite on the outside. As she described her problem, telling him how it was hard for her to keep a man from having his way with her, the psychologist raised his eyebrows.

“That’s a very interesting problem,” he said to her. He tried to resist letting his eyes wander over her body, but it was hard when a girl shows up wearing such a tight, revealing top and a very short skirt. Even harder when she had a body like Stacy’s. “It seems you have a disconnect between your conscious desires and something deeper. Between your mind and your body.”

“Yes, that’s exactly right. That’s the problem. I can’t seem to make my body resist,” she answered. She noticed him looking at her, and before she realized it she slowly slid a finger up across her full lips, into the corner of her mouth, and let her tongue slide across it sensuously. Her eyes drifted down to his cock, and she wondered how big it was, then she realized what she was doing and tried to get herself back under control. Too late, though. She could already feel her nipples swell larger and her pussy started to get all wet. On top of that, when she looked back into his eyes she could tell that he knew where her mind had wandered to…

“I would never have guessed it,” he said as he put down his paper. “You look like such a nice girl,” he commented. His eyes drifted down to her large tits and his mouth almost watered at the sight of the large nipples sticking out from her tight shirt. He reached out and stroked her bare leg as he spoke, as if to reassure her of that fact. In reality, his cock grew stiff as he felt the smooth skin of her thigh. He wondered what would happen if he slid his hand a little higher. ataşehir escort He wondered if what she had told him was true. Slowly he moved his hand over her skin until he was just under her short little skirt.

“Tell me what you were doing when you were watching your aunt,” he said to her. “What you were feeling?”

Stacy could feel herself starting to go into her meltdown mode. She knew what was going to happen next and she couldn’t stop it. She knew it was wrong, but in spite of herself she spread her legs open so he could move his hand higher. She saw his eyes on her tits so she slid her hands back behind the chair, making her shoulders pull back and her chest thrust out. She’d seen her aunt do this many times, on her knees in front of a man presenting her bare tits to him as she sucked his cock. She looked at this man now as his eyes went from hers to her tits to her legs then back again.

“I would touch myself,” she confessed to him. “I knew it was wrong, but…. it just felt so good.” Stacy remembered how sexy her aunt looked when she held her arms behind her back and sucked a hard cock. “It always made me feel very….. dirty. Like I was doing something wrong…. being a bad girl.”

As she talked, he slid one hand up her skirt until his fingers found her panties, pushing them aside so he could stroke her wet pussy. With his other hand, he reached over and squeezed her large tits through her shirt. Looking into her eyes, he saw the confusion that reigned inside her. They were almost pleading with him to stop, to leave her alone. At the same time, he could feel how stiff her nipples were through her top and how wet her pussy was under her skirt. He saw how she made her body fully available to his touch.

“Stacy, would you like me to stop touching you?” he asked her as he slid off her panties than resumed stroking her pussy, sliding a finger between her slippery folds.

Her body wanted nothing more than for him to continue what he was doing. Inside, though, she tried hard to fight back. With all the strength she could muster, she finally croaked in a very weak voice, “Yes, please.” Her hopes rose, thinking that her words would convince him. She had succeeded in conquering her body. She had told him how she felt, surely he would recognize what was going on and stop what he was doing to her.

The next words she heard made her hopes crash to the ground. “But, I feel how wet you are and see how hard your nipples are. It looks like you don’t REALLY want me to stop, do you.” Through her thin top, he pinched her hard nipple. Stacy sucked in her breath, closed her eyes, and arched her back as he did. Smiling, her therapist said, ” Stacy, be honest. You’re still just a dirty little girl, isn’t that right? You’re hoping that I’ll fuck you, aren’t you.”

Stacy couldn’t speak. Her mind fought with her body, trying to control herself. The problem was that his finger felt so damn good as it stroked her wet clit. She’d already noticed the big bulge in his pants and so the image of a big cock replacing his finger sprang to her mind. Without even realizing it, she closed her eyes and groaned with the thought, spreading her leg wide open, fully exposing her pussy for him.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that the doctor had stripped off his pants. He was standing next to her with his very hard, very thick cock hovering inches over her face. The veins were standing out and the head was a dark purple color. She could see the power that it held and it made her light headed to think about what was to come. She looked up into his eyes, but he was looking over the rest of her body.

Pulling up her shirt, her large, braless tits stood almost straight out. The nipples that had been previously straining against the thin material of her top now stood straight out, hard as could be. “Looks like the sex starved slut personality is winning out most of the time,” he thought to himself. As her firm tits came free, he reached out and roughly squeezed them. Pinching her nipples, first one then the other, he watched her eyes roll as the sensations gripped her body.

With his other hand, he reached down and took Stacy by the hair. Her eyes sprang open as he did, knowing what was coming next. Even as her lips parted slightly with the thought of sucking that nice thick cock, she was hoping that he would stop treating her like this. “Please…,” she said. She looked up into his eyes and, even as her own hand slid down to touch her wet pussy, she tried to say it again. “Please, don’t. I….”

That’s as much as she got out. With a strong pull of her hair, he turned her face sideways and shoved his cock inside her mouth. “Oh yeahhhh…. God that feels good,” he groaned. “You must have really paid attention to what your aunt taught you.” Her full lips, red with lipstick, stretched around his shaft and she locked on as he pulled her head back and forth, sliding her mouth up and down his cock.

It felt so good that he didn’t even notice at first what she was doing with her hands. When he finally glanced over and saw kadıköy escort her feverishly rubbing her clit, he reached over and slapped her tits. “Are you trying to come, you dirty little girl?” he asked her. Her nipples swelled from the sharp blow and he noticed right away. He slapped her tits again, then a third time. He could see the effect it had on her as he watched her dig her fingers faster and deeper into her pussy, working herself hard.

The effect on Stacy was immediate and intense. The sting on her nipples from his slaps shot into her pussy and, with only a few more strokes over her hard clit, she started to come. Her body started to feel hot all over as the orgasm swept over her and without even thinking she pushed her mouth even further onto the hard cock until the thick head was pushing into the depths of her throat.

Her therapist groaned as she swallowed his stiff cock. “Oh god, yes. Fuck! Oh fuck yes!” he growled as he watched her take nearly all of his cock down her throat. She was groaning as she came and the vibrations from her throat made him nearly shoot his load right then. He pulled free, not wanting to come just yet.

As he pulled himself from her mouth, Stacy started to come back to her senses. She realized that she had lost all of her self control. It took her a while before she even realized that she was still slowly rubbing her fingers over her pussy. The tingling sensation still remained and it just felt so good that she didn’t want it to stop. But as she watched her therapist removing the rest of his clothes, she stared at his cock – thick, hard, and pulsing with desire – and she knew that she had to get under control fast or else she was going to get fucked right here in his office.

It was too late. He was already on top of her, putting his arms under her knees and spreading her legs up and out. He placed his cock up against her exposed pussy then pressed slightly, opening her up just the tiniest bit and letting his cock slide over her clit which was by now very sensitive after her orgasm. He reached up and covered her mouth with his hand then looked into her eyes. “Tell me. Do you want me to stop?”

Even if she had been able to make herself speak the words, his hand prevented her from making any sound except the slight mewing as she felt her body again responding to the attention being given to her pussy. Still, Stacy tried to make herself do something to show that she didn’t want him to do this. “Not again,” she thought to herself. “Why is this happening to me again?”

She finally made the slightest movement of her head. What was supposed to be a nod that meant “yes” instead turned into the slightest shake of her head. “Why did I do that?” she groaned to herself. Looking at the smile that came over the man’s face, Stacy knew that he had taken it as a “no”.

It was no use anymore. She knew what he was going to do. Her mind raced, flashing back for a moment to a mental picture of her aunt. The image she had was of one particular night. Her aunt was arguing with her uncle that she didn’t want to fuck the man that had come to visit. Disregarding her as if she hadn’t even spoke, she saw her uncle push her back over his desk, then move to the other side and grab her arms, pulling them over her head. The other man moved between her legs, holding them open as her ass hung barely off the edge of the desk, then he began fucking her. She could almost hear the sounds of her aunt, at first begging them to stop, then changing to moans after a minute, then cries of pleasure a few minutes later, then begging the man to fuck her harder.

Stacy looked up at this man that now hovered above her and knew that he was just like her uncle and the other man. It didn’t matter what she wanted. The only thing that mattered was his desire to fuck her. She knew she couldn’t, and wouldn’t, stop him. Even so, it still made her scream into his hand when he rammed his cock inside her a moment later.

Looking down at her as he entered her, the therapist saw her eyes open wide and heard her muffled scream. What he also noticed was how she submissively put her hands over her head and arched her back, pressing her body against his. The confusion that reined inside her was fully evident and it somehow drove him wild with animal desire for her.

He began fucking her hard. Enjoying the idea that she was unable to resist, he even taunted her a little. “That’s it. Take it like a good little slut. You like that, don’t you. It feels so good, doesn’t it.” Her eyes were now closed and he knew that she was trying to keep from revealing how her body was responding to him. Slowly he slid his hand from her mouth and down to her nipple. Pinching it, he watched her face.

Stacy’s eyes flew open and she gasped loudly as she felt the hard pinch on her sensitive nipples. She arched her back, twisting around under the intense stimulation that suddenly overwhelmed her. She saw him looking down at her and knew that she had given herself away again. The sensations were just too much.

She slid her hands onto her bostancı escort bayan legs then up to her ankles and spread them as wide as she could. She was barely conscious of what she was doing. All she knew was that she wanted that cock deep inside her and that it felt so good to fully expose herself for his pleasure. The pressure building in her clit as his cock slid roughly back and forth over it was becoming too much for her to handle. She was going to come, needed to come, at any moment.

Stacy closed her eyes again, struggling hard to try to get herself under some kind of control. She tried to remind herself that she was not this kind of girl. She wasn’t supposed to be treated like this. She needed to yell at him, tell him to stop!

She had almost focused on that idea and was just beginning to build up the strength to resist when another hard pinch of her nipple immediately put her body back in full control. All ability to resist was thrown aside and all she knew was how good his cock felt. It only took a few more strokes before she felt herself going over the edge once again. She felt her pussy clamping down on him as she came and, in spite of herself, she ground herself shamelessly against his rock hard cock to bring on the full climax. “Oh my god! Fuck me! Harder, fuck me harder!” she cried out.

Happy to hear such encouragement, her therapist pounded himself inside her harder and harder, deeper and deeper. His cock probed sensitive areas deep inside her which sent her orgasm spiraling a level higher. Stacy lost all control, thrashing her head from side to side and doing her best to spread open her legs as wide as possible for this man. She screamed uncontrollably and begged him not to stop.

Seeing her like this was more than he could take. He’d never seen such an open display of wanton sexual desire. Feeling his own climax starting to rise from deep in his balls, the therapist pounded Stacy like a jackhammer a few more strokes then with one last mighty thrust buried himself as deep as possible inside her as he started to shoot a massive load of his juice. He came and came until her pussy overflowed, still fucking her with a few more strong thrusts, rocking her body hard as he spurted his load.

Finally, he was done and he laid down on top of her. He could feel Stacy’s body trembling and her breathing was very fast and short, almost panting. Eventually she calmed down and then he got up, pulling himself slowly from her.

Stacy laid there a few more minutes with her eyes closed. She could hardly believe that it had happened like this again. She felt a glow all over her body from the fantastic orgasms she’d just had, but at the same time she wished that, at least once, she could keep from behaving like such a slut. Finally, she opened her eyes and weakly got up. She slowly straightened her skirt and pulled her shirt back down over her tits. She looked at the therapist who had leaned back against his desk, still naked and looking very satisfied.

“I’m sorry,” she said to him although she really didn’t know why she was apologizing. “I didn’t mean to do that…. I just…. well, you know…. you remember what I was telling you earlier…..”

The therapist nodded his head. “Oh yes, I remember,” he said knowingly. “Your problem is a very interesting one that I think I would like to understand better. Why don’t you come back the same time next week.”

“I don’t think that I should…..”, she started to say before he put his hand again over her mouth to silence her.

“You’ll be here,” he said putting his face right in front of hers. He squeezed her tits through her shirt one more time, feeling her nipples harden again for him. “And next time, I think I’ll have another doctor here to help me assess your problem.”

Stacy’s mind reeled. Visions of her aunt with a cock in her ass and another in her pussy came to her mind. Another of her aunt on her knees sucking off her uncle and two other men also came to her. She almost quivered at the thought that this man and some other doctor would probably be doing the same to her. She nodded, slowly, then turned and left his office.

Stopping at the desk, the receptionist looked at her like she was just a cheap whore. She must have heard what was going on in the office. Besides that, Stacy knew her hair was a mess and her outfit was completely wrinkled from what had happened. Stacy told her that she needed another appointment in a week. The girl wrote it down, then handed her a card. “Why don’t you try to wear a few more clothes next time,” the girl said with a little sneer.

Stacy flushed with embarrassment. She turned and almost ran from the office to the elevator. As the doors closed, she was already sliding her hand onto her pussy. Another set of images filled her mind. The images had come to her so many times that she no longer was sure if she had imagined it or if it was real. She could see herself in front of a mirror with her uncle behind her. He was fucking her hard, slapping her ass as he did. Next to her was her aunt, rubbing her tits and pulling at her nipples as she was getting fucked. She could even hear her aunt’s voice. “I’m very disappointed in you Stacy,” she was saying. “I thought I’d taught you how to behave properly, but look at you. You’re not supposed to act like such a slut.”

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