After grabbing a soft flannel off the hanger in the closet, I tossed my purse on my shoulder, grabbed my keys and headed out to the car. It was a beautiful night and I opened the sun roof and window before lighting a smoke and turning on some music. The drive was quiet and I flew down the road with my thoughts drifting. The further I got from town, the brighter the stars and the louder I sang a long to the music “My baby may not talk sweet he ain’t go much to sa-a-ay”

My smile widened as I pulled into your drive and spotted the truck backed up to the fire pit. As I killed the engine and climbed out of the car, the dogs came running to greet me with you following just behind. With a soft sigh I stepped into your embrace, wrapping my arms around your neck and turning my face to yours for a kiss. It had been a long week since I’d seen you and I melted into you.

Pulling away, we wandered over to the truck and hopped onto the tailgate. The stars were so bright out here and not a cloud in the sky to obscure our view as we snuggled close together and just enjoyed the quiet. We didn’t talk much, but the silence was comforting and familiar as we listened to the sounds of the crackling fire and the frogs and crickets. My fingers traced soft circles on your thigh and my head rested on your shoulder, occasionally turning my face to plant soft kisses on your neck and shoulder.

It didn’t take long for me to lay back to get ataşehir escort a better view of the stars; my shoes kicked off and my body cushioned by the soft blankets you’d laid out in the bed of the truck. You didn’t join me right away, instead turning your head to enjoy the view of my short dress that had risen up my thighs and the small smile on my face as I gazed up. I glanced over, my eyes meeting yours and my smile widened as I motioned for you to join me. Laying back, you stretched out your arm and I snuggled in to rest my head on your shoulder. Your fingers tangled into the ends of my hair spread out beside me and I lifted one of my hands to your face, running my fingers along your cheek and the soft stubble there.

Turning onto my side, I pulled your face to me for a kiss; soft and sweet at first, our kisses soon turned hungry and you turned onto your side as well, wrapping your free arm around me to pull my body tight against yours. Your strong hand splayed across my back and your thumb traced circles on my spine as we continued to kiss, our tongues tangling. My hand drifted to the front of your jeans and I palmed your hard cock before throwing my leg over you. Rising up, I placed my hand on your shoulder and pushed you on your back, straddling your hips with my dress pooled at my waist. Kissing your neck, I slowly made my way down your body until my mouth reached your crotch. Teasing you through your kadıköy escort jeans as my hands made quick work of unbuckling your belt and undoing your pants and pulling out your thick cock. Lifting your hips slightly, you helped me pull your jeans down. Running my tongue along your length, I chuckled at your sharp intake of breath before engulfing the head in my mouth. You adjusted your position to rest on your elbows and watch as I slowly moved my mouth up and down, swirling my tongue around the head each time I reached the tip. The taste of your precum filled my senses and I moaned as I lowered my face to your pelvis and you hit the back of my throat. God I love sucking your cock, but my pussy was wet and throbbing and I desperately wanted you inside of me.

Moving back up your body, I straddled your hips before leaning in for another kiss. Laying back down, you brought your hands to my hips, tracing one thumb along the folds of my pussy through my panties and feeling how wet I was. I moaned as you slipped your hand from my hip and slipped your fingers into my panties and pulled them to the side. Rocking my hips, I rubbed my pussy along your length before using my hand to position you at my entrance and slowly lowered myself onto you. Groaning, I began to rock my hips relishing the feeling of you filling me. Each thrust of my hips brought you in contact with just the right spots and I came closer and closer to the bostancı escort bayan edge. My pussy clenched tightly around you as I tumbled over the edge and came, groaning your name. Falling forward, I buried my face in your neck as you began to thrust upward. With your hands grabbing my ass, you thrust faster and faster bringing us both closer and closer before with one last thrust you groaned into my ear “I’m cumming” and we crashed over the edge together. My pussy spasmed around your cock as you filled me with spurt after spurt of cum.

Lifting myself up, I released your now spent cock from my pussy before moving up and placing my knees on either side of your head. Tangling my hands in your hair, I lowered my pussy to your waiting mouth. Tentatively, you traced my folds with just the tip of your tongue and swirled it around my clit causing me to spasm. My whole being felt like it was focused on that one spot as you grew bolder and began to lick me in earnest. Pressing my pussy onto your mouth, I groaned as your tongue penetrated my depths. Your hands slipped around to hold my ass, fingers digging into the soft flesh of my cheeks. My whole body began to shake as I built to yet another orgasm. My fingers found my clit as your tongue probed deeper and your fingers slipped between my cheeks to tease the tight bud of my ass. All of the stimulation at once sent me over the edge once again as I cried out and wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me.

Spent I tumbled onto my side, one leg still draped over your chest as I struggled to catch my breath. The night was once again quiet and the stars were bright as we snuggled together, recovering our strength for round two…

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