Starship Starseeker Ch. 01


This is the follow-up story to the Starship Isabella series. The Feldon/Maxwell children have all grown up and are on their first interstellar adventure on their own. In his will, Allen Feldon willed the Starseeker, to his wife, daughter and granddaughter before his death. They hardly ever used it, preferring the child friendly Isabella instead. Now, Gia, Ana and Gabby had passed ship down to their adult children The Generation 4 heirs include Abigail, Michael, Joalice and Samantha. This is the story of their travels and encounters on Allen’s private interstellar sex palace, his luxury yacht. As always, all characters involved in sexual situations are 18 years or older.

Starship Starseeker Chapter 1

The Star Seeker was a midsized freighter, just as the Isabella had been. The newer freighters were more advanced and twice the size. The Star Seeker was the perfect combination of comfort and technology at the time it was built, and with continual upgrades it was still all those things. In addition to even custom, luxury versions of the old Scout class starships, of which Isabella was an example, it had more features. Star Seeker had three separate orgy rooms and showers, a swimming pool, several large hot-tub/spa areas and a theater where the party aboard could watch any type of video from the Classic mainstream movies and porn from the 20th century onward. Best yet were the recordings of the Feldon/Maxwell family orgies recorded by a constellation of nanobots that swarmed the space in the orgy rooms and got into every possible location to produce 3 dimensional images.

Before the Gen4 Maxwell children left Earth on their journey of discovery, they asked their mothers if they could change the name of the ship to Starseeker, one word instead of two.

They agreed to the name change immediately.

We’re not the owners anymore,” Gia told them. “It has been gifted it to all of you,” she said. “It was sweet of you to ask, but you can name it anything you want. Personally, I like Starseeker, all one word, better anyway. I think that it will look better on the hull of the ship than 2 separate words.” she told them. Ana and Gabby agreed.

Joalice was on watch in the control center of the Starseeker when Mike joined her and sat down heavily at the console beside her, his eyes still clouded with sleepiness. He had twenty minutes before his watch started, but he hadn’t been able to sleep well because of all the noise Sam and Abbie were making as they licked and sucked each other to one climax after another.

“Can’t sleep?” Joalice asked her twin brother as she handed him a tall cold protein shake from the cold compartment below the console.

“Too noisy,” Mike answered as he sipped the semen building protein shake.

Trapped for two months with three horny sisters, Mike needed the semen volume enhancer shake for survival. Not being able to fill his sister’s needy fuck holes was not an option. Sam, the sister interested in medicine, had researched the proteins and minerals that the male organs used to make semen. The concoction she’d devised had everything Mike needed to boost his semen volume as well as make it taste as good as any semen could possibly taste. The girls enjoyed eating their father’s cum, but Mikes was downright delicious!

Sam had even sent the recipe to Ana, Gia and Gabby after all of the sisters noticed the improvement in the taste of their brother’s cum. More often than not, Sam, Jo and Abbie preferred their brother to finish in their mouths instead of the assholes. Cum leaking from your cunt was easy and fun to clean up, but cum in the ass took more time.

Mike had been awakened to have sex with one of his three sisters every time they got off their watches for the first part of the journey. He’d finally had to put his foot down. He needed his rest and even though he loved his sisters and enjoyed having sex with them, he was nearly exhausted of over a month of nearly constant sex. After a sisterly conference, they only came to his room to have sex once a day. He and Joalice still slept in the same bedroom so she sometimes made love to him twice a day, but Sam and Abbie weren’t jealous of their sister at all. They knew that the twins had a special relationship.

Samantha was the most vocal, and the sexually neediest sister. It was Sam’s screams of pleasure that had awakened him. Sam had an unusually high sex drive, in earlier times, she would’ve been called a nymphomaniac. She just couldn’t get sex off her mind. Thank goodness they were landing on the planet of Himmel tomorrow. Maybe he could finally get some sleep.

Joalice chuckled. “Sam’s quite the screamer, isn’t she,” Joalice asked.

She should know, Joalice was the best carpet muncher on the ship. Sometimes her sister’s preferred Joalice’s talented tongue and fingers over their brother’s long, thick cock. Not Joalice though, she was in love with her brother. Sam and Abbie loved him too, but they illegal bahis were not in love with him. Part of the reason they were on this journey was to find potential husband material.

Mike got up and brewed a pot of coffee. It wouldn’t do anything to help his cum taste any better, but he would need it to stay alert for the rest of his watch. The new Artificial Intelligence system on the ship, ALI, had been designed to navigate the luxury yacht as well as monitor and adjust the luxury features throughout the ship. Based on the utterly trustworthy AMI, several enhancements made it more efficient, but a little scary sometimes.

When the tone for watch change chimed, Joalice did a final scan of the readouts and reported their status to Mike. Even though Starseeker was rated to be fully autonomous, they had been concerned about that rating. One time, early in the trip, they encountered another ship coming through a jump point at the same time they were headed into it. ALI, the new artificial intelligence for the Starseeker, only avoided colliding with the other ship by a margin of one second. Even though that was a long time to a computer, it was too close for the humans aboard.

Using the well-known Feldon star maps, the ones Ana still called the secret routes, their trip would take a fraction of the time the older ships needed, but there were still some unavoidable jump points. The siblings had decided to take watches to see if the program change to ALI was working consistently. Several jumps met no challenge, so ALI was still untested.

Only one jump remained until they arrived off Himmel, and that was ten hours away. Joalice stood and stretched, showing off her tight sexy nude body to her brother. Mike had held that body thousands of times while they slept together every night growing up. Mike knew and loved every curve of her body. They couldn’t make love right now, but she knew that as soon as his watch was over, he’d be coming to their bed.

Mike couldn’t resist, he embraced his twin and kissed her passionately, hugging her tightly. Joalice moved down his body and took her brother’s growing dick in her mouth. A man could get a blowjob and monitor the instruments at the same time. Since Mike’s schedule always followed right behind Joalice, this had become a regular delight when he took his watch.

“I love you JoJo,” Mike sighed as he took his sister’s hair in his fists.

“I love you too Mikey,” Joalice told her brother.

Everyone else in the family called the twins Mike and Jo. The twins even called each other that in front of others. When they were alone though, they reverted to the childhood names they’d made for each other. It was their intimate names to express their special relationship.

Mike always let Jo set the pace in the beginning of the blowjob. She was an excellent cocksucker, every bit as good as Gia. Abbie and Sam also had amazing oral skills, but not like his JoJo. Her full soft lips were perfect for kissing and for cocksucking. They were even fuller than Gabby’s, he and JoJo’s biological mother. When he got close, Jo liked for Mike to take control of his pleasure, holding her head steady by her hair and finding his own pace. Mike was always gentle and never had hurt her, but he liked to control his speed and how deeply his cock went into her throat.

Joalice felt Mike’s fists tighten in her hair. She knew that he was getting close. Jo stopped sucking, she just opened her mouth and let Mike fuck her throat. Mike cried out when he came, filling his twin’s mouth with his semen. When he released his grip on her hair, Joalice stood up and shared a cummy kiss with her brother. He might’ve found the sperm omelet disgusting, but he didn’t mind his own cum from her body. It was the same with Abbie and Sam, he would clean the cum from their pussies or asses if one of the other sister’s wasn’t there. Those two usually shared the cum they had in their mouths with their other sisters. Jo was the stingy one, they always complained good-naturedly.

Soon after settling down at the monitoring station, Mike heard another screaming female, this time it was Jo. Her sisters were probably giving her the tickle treatment for not sharing his cum with them. Next, he could hear Jo’s moans. Sam and Abbie were double teaming her. Finally, the noise stopped. They were all sleeping he assumed, something he planned to do a lot of when they finally landed on Himmel.

Mike was relieved by Samantha when his watch was over. Sam handed him another tall cold container of the semen booster protein shake. Mike kissed his sister tenderly while she pressed her body against him. Sam and Mike loved each other too, but it was a different kind of love. Mike enjoyed having sex with Sam because she was so orgasmic. It was good for a man’s ego to have a beautiful woman writhing in pleasure underneath you in ecstasy while you drilled her cunt or ass.

“Thanks Sis,” Mike said as he sipped the cold shake carefully.

“We illegal bahis siteleri should be reaching the next jump point in about two hours. After that, it’s all the way to Himmel,” Mike summarized the ship’s status.

“Very well,” Samantha responded. “Go get some rest. Give my love to Jo,” she told Mike.

“It sounded like you were doing a good job at giving her your love earlier,” Mike said smiling, remembering JoJo’s screams earlier.

Sam smiled. “Oh yes, that. We left her with a butt plug still deep in her asshole. I think she has plans for you when you get there,” Sam told her brother, patting his bare ass and giving his coak a squeeze as he left the control room.

By the time Mike got to he and his twin’s room, he discovered that JoJo had indeed prepared her butthole for anal sex. Mike always enjoyed having anal sex with his sisters. He enjoyed vaginal sex more with JoJo, but she really enjoyed anal. They always tried to please the other, so sometimes it was vaginal and sometimes it was anal. Right now, JoJo wanted her ass fucked!

She was still wearing a butt plug and there was a tube of lube on the bedside table when Mike came in to wake her. Mike slid his hardening cock between Joalice’s soft full lips and she automatically took it in her mouth. Sometimes, Mike would watch her sleep while she gently nursed on the tip of his cock until he filled her mouth. JoJo never woke up, she just made a strange humming sound and rolled the cum around in her tongue, eventually swallowing it all and them smiling.

Mike wanted to wake her up this time, he’d had sex with all of his sisters today, this was he and JoJo’s bonus time together. When she woke, Jo moaned and swallowed Mikes cock completely. She wanted it to be rock hard as it probed her back door. Joalice liked to take Mike’s cock up her butt missionary style. She liked the contact between her breasts and Mike’s smooth muscular chest. Mike would hold and kiss her as the head of his cock pushed its way past her anal sphincter. She occasionally enjoyed a hard doggy-style backdoor pounding, and usually used that position when she was with anyone else except Rob, Brad or Mike. She preferred to be face to face with the men she truly loved.

Jo raised her legs over her head, opening up to Mike’s gaze and giving him full access to her asshole. Mike reached down between her cheeks and pushed and pulled the but plug into and out of her ass. He would occasionally take the plug completely out and put it in his twin sister’s mouth to taste. The next time he pulled it out, he would suck on it to taste her ass. Mike and Jo loved tasting their body fluids together. It tasted so sexy, even the taste of his own sperm. JoJo loved the taste of her pussy cream as much as Mike did.

When he finally took the plug out for good, he replaced it in her ass with his cock. Mike liked to take it slow with JoJo. They wanted to wring every bit of carnal pleasure out of their bodies as they could. Mike pumped the full length of his dick in and out of Jo’s shithole. He liked to put it in all the way to the hilt and push a little more to stretch the skin tight over the tip of his cock. Fortunately, all the women in his family had deep pussy’s and he could get this sensation with all of them.

As they were fucking, Abbie came in to the room. She was well rested and was looking for something interesting to do. She took the tube of lube and lubed her fingers. One by one, she stuffed them in Mike’s butthole. Mike was not gay, he never had any romantic thought about any other man, but the felling of having your prostate massaged was incredible while you were fucking someone. It didn’t take long before Mike was ready to cum. He told his sisters as much and as soon as he pulled out of his twin’s ass, he flipped over on his back and Abbie took his full load in her mouth.

Jo looked like she’d been robbed, that was her load!

Abbie looked at her greedy sister and showed her the mouthful of cum she had. When Jo opened her mouth to share the sperm, Abbie just smiled and shook her head no.

“I’m sorry I didn’t share earlier,” Jo said desperately to Abbie. “I’ve paid my debt for that. You and Sam tickled me until I peed a little,” Jo told her sister, with pleading in her eyes.

Finally, Abbie gave in and bent over Jo to share their brother’s load. As they kissed, Jo reached between Abbie’s legs and stroked her wet clit. Before he knew what had happened, Jo was between Abbie’s legs, making love to her sister’s pussy and asshole with her tongue. Mike joined in by eating out Jo’s pussy and ass from behind.

There was still an hour left on Sam’s watch before the next jump point, and a few hours after that before they would be orbiting Himmel. With no further duties, Mike and Jo fell asleep in each other’s arms and Abbie went up to keep Sam company. Before she left the room, Abbie watched Jo and Mike sleep together as she had many times growing up. They canlı bahis siteleri were a beautiful couple. They fit perfectly together as Mike held and protected his sister. She and Sam did the same thing as well. She was happy that their parents had started them out sleeping with each other so early. None of the siblings had ever felt isolated or alone in the middle of the night, they just felt surrounded by love.

After reaching Himmel and putting the ship in a parking orbit, Abbie and Sam went back to bed together and made love. When ALI woke the Maxwell kids, the sun was up on the side of Himmel where the colony was located. ALI had picked they largest settlement and had parked directly above it, moving in retrograde motion to maintain its location above that spot on the planet below.

They all checked the ships logs as they always did and discovered that ALI had sensed another ship coming out of the last wormhole jump point and had delayed 61 seconds before taking the same route. ALI was 100% autonomous! They all went down and shared breakfast together as ALI told them about what was waiting for them on Himmel. She had been in touch with other AIs while everyone else slept.

“Current weather conditions on Himmel are sunny, clear and cold, with a temperature of negative 4 degrees,” ALI told them. Today is the annual Wurstfest. There is an orgy this evening that always accompanies the festival.

“Worst Fest?” Abbie asked. “Why would people want to celebrate the worst anything?”

“It’s not W-O-R-S-T,” Mike explained, spelling out the words. “It’s wurst, W-U-R-S-T,” Mike corrected.

“It still sounds the same to me,” Abbie said.

Mike laughed. “Dad told me that Grandpa Allen was from Texas. It sounds like worst when they say it there, but the German pronunciation is VOORST. The Wurstfest is a sausage festival,” he told them. “Dad and I sell a couple different kinds of wurst at the smokehouse,” he said. “I’ve heard that the stuff from Himmel is some of the best,” he said “I’ve never even been able to find any before.”

We came at a good time then,” Jo told her brother. “Now you’ll get to try them for yourself”.

“That sounds delicious!” Abbie said. “It also sounds very cold. Remember what Mom said about shaving our pussies? It looks like the time has come,” she reminded her sisters.

After breakfast, Mike watched with fascination as Jo shaved Abbie’s fiery red bush, causing her to cum loudly on her sister’s fingers. Abbie then shaved Sam’s pussy who then shaved Jo’s pubic hair. When they finished and washed the cream off thoroughly, Abbie looked at Mike. “Brother, we all need a smoothness check,” she said, leading Brad back to the orgy bed. The next hour was an oral sex marathon. Mike checked each of the girls and the girls checked each other several times. As usual, Sam was being quite loud.

“Maybe a dick in her mouth will help quiet her down,” Jo said, leading Mike over to fill her sister’s mouth with his hard cock. The girls kept up their teasing of Sam. They loved to see her cum so hard. It was a win all around. Samantha’s screams of ecstasy caused her throat to vibrate in quite a delightful day and soon he was ready to shoot his load. Mike allowed Sam to catch a few unhindered breaths before plunging his cock back inside her throat and emptying his balls.

Jo was on his cock immediately, draining it completely and cleaning it up. Abbie and Sam were swapping Mike’s cum back and forth, waiting for Jo to join them. When she did, they both allowed the semen in their mouths to flow into Jo’s, who swallowed the entire load and then deeply kissed all of her siblings.

“I love you JoJo,” Mike said as he released her from the kiss.

Joalice just smiled. He had called her JoJo in front of her sisters. They smiled back at her. They knew that their siblings had fallen in love with each other. They were more convinced than ever now, that the two would eventually get married to each other.

After taking a quick shower together and washing each other thoroughly, they all took a cold weather flimsy out of their wardrobe and landed in the large open area outside the festival center. They were greeted by nearly a hundred people as they stepped out of the ship. “It looks like we’re a little underdressed,” Abbie noted, seeing the crowds dressed in traditional German outfits.

“That’s okay,” a beautiful Asian looking woman told them. We’ll all be going inside in a few hours and we’ll take everything off. You won’t stand out as much then,” she said.

They had a wonderful time, eating sausage and drinking beer. They met lots of people, most were their age or younger. The colonists were from all over the Confederation. Some of them had some kind of German heritage, but most were just lovers of wurst and beer. Many of the people they met were farmers. Himmel was an agricultural community, like most of the rest of the planets in the Confederation. Himmel specialized in growing barley and hops along with other crops and livestock. They learned that Himmel supplied most of the ingredients to make beer to nearly every brewery in this part of the Confederation, including New India, Brad and Rob’s current favorite brew.

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