Staying at My Aunt’s Ch. 02


I woke up and smiled. The last couple of days were amazing! First, I walk in on my cousin playing with herself and we end up giving each other some oral satisfaction. The next night she slips into my bed and we do things that two cousins should never do. Yet, after that was even crazier. Yesterday morning my aunt Deb confronted me about my relationship with her daughter, but instead of apologizing, I seduced her as well.

She said she didn’t want to have sex with me, but she couldn’t hide her desire. Aunt Deb was one horny woman! I was so exhausted after our fun that I missed the entire day’s worth of classes, but it was well worth it!

I slept most of yesterday away. Sheila visited me during the night for the third time in a row and we had a good time. So good in fact, that I missed my morning classes again. I didn’t know how she kept waking up for hers.

I could tell Aunt Deb was avoiding me. I wasn’t worried. She enjoyed herself too much to stay away forever. Besides, at least she didn’t tell uncle Karl about our little tryst. I’d know if she did by now. I’d be out on the street at best.

“Oh well,” I thought aloud, pushing my thoughts of incest away. “There’s time for a quick dip in the pool before my afternoon class.”

I dressed in my bathing suit and went out to the yard. Aunt Deb was already there, lying in the sun. She was wearing a bikini instead of her normal one-piece bathing suit. It covered a lot, but Aunt Deb still had plenty more to make my pulse quicken.

I frowned and tried to make myself turn away. I couldn’t keep missing classes! Yet, as I looked at my sleeping aunt and the tall fence surrounding her yard, I knew there was no way I was going to pass up this opportunity. I walked over to her and slipped my hand under her top. She startled awake and jumped out of the chair.

“Don’t do that!” she snapped. “Look, we can’t keep this up. We have to stop!”

“I don’t think so,” I replied as I lifted her and threw her in the pool.

I followed her in and corralled her against the side, near the shallow end. Her back was to me. I reached around and grabbed her tits through her bathing suit. I rubbed my hardening cock in the crack of her covered ass.

“Aunt Deb, Take off your bathing suit, I want to fuck you again!” I demanded.

“No way! You’re my nephew and I’m married! We can’t keep fucking! Especially not out here!” she snapped, but whether she realized it or not, she was pushing her large ass against my cock. Without further ado, I pulled her suit down for her.

“I said no!” she gasped, but didn’t resist.

“Aunt Deb, cut the shit!” I snapped back. “You can say what you want, but we both know the truth. You’re a horny bitch who craves my cock as much as I love to fuck and eat your pussy. So just shut up and enjoy it!”

A moment later I was once again working my dick into her pussy. Aunt Deb moaned. We fucked for quite some time. Eventually, I jumped up on the side of the pool and held my aunt by the hair so that she’d suck me off. She took it a step further and wrapped her tits around my cock as she took the head into her mouth. It looked hot and felt even better. I didn’t last long. Aunt Deb held her mouth open as my cum sprayed all over her.

She pulled her suit up and climbed out of the pool. I helped her, but didn’t let go when she no longer needed the help.

“I want your ass again,” I said without preamble.

“No way!” she replied as she broke away and ran inside the house. I chased her. She made it to the kitchen before I caught her. I pushed her face first onto the kitchen table and pulled her bathing suit down again. I worked my cock into her ass without another word. With illegal bahis every stroke her oversized ass shivered. Aunt Deb was moaning.

“You like my cock up your ass, don’t you aunt Deb?” I asked.

“Fuck you!” she snapped back. I thrust into her hard.

“My God, you dick is huge!” she groaned. I reached around and pinched her nipples. “You bastard!”

I continued fucking her ass and pinching her nipples until she was crying out with each thrust. I could tell she was very close to cumming. I wanted to watch her orgasm, but first I needed to prove a point. I pulled out of my aunt’s ass.

“No!” she cried out.

“What’s wrong? Do you want to cum?” I asked with a grin.

“I hate you!” she said as she started massaged her clit. I pulled her hands away.

“So you like to fuck your nephew after all?” I asked knowingly. She rolled over and sat up on the table.

“You are one sick bastard!” she snapped, trying to get off of the table. I held her there.

“Oh, admit it! You like the feel of your my hard cock up your ass!” I snapped.

“Never!” she replied. I pulled her ass to the end of the table and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit. Aunt Deb bit her lip and tried to pull me into her.

“Not yet. First you’ve got to admit you love fucking me,” I teased, kissing her roughly and then pulling away again.

“No way!” she snapped. I pushed in a little and then pulled out. “You bastard!”

“Admit it!” I demanded. She fought it for a moment more.

“I really do hate you!…but I love fucking you!” she finally cried out. I slid my cock into her slit with one stroke. She sighed.

“Now was that so hard?’ I asked as I slowly worked my cock in and out of her.

“Oh shut up! You’ve made me your slut, isn’t that enough!” she snapped. I quickened the pace.

“Aunt Deb, before I’m done with you, you’re going to be my sex slave,” I growled as I started really slamming into her. She moaned and pulled me closer by my shoulders. I leaned forward and slipped my tongue into her mouth. She accepted it willingly. Her hands moved to my hips and pulled me into her hard.

“Mother! You slut!”

I looked up startled to see Sheila entering the room. Aunt Deb tried to pull away from me, but I refused to let her.

“Sheila…” Aunt Deb began, but I crushed her lips with my own and silenced her. I lifted my aunt and carried her to the bedroom. She wrapped her legs around me unconsciously to help keep my cock in her pussy. We fell on the bed together. Sheila was right behind us.

“Oh no!” Sheila cried. “I’m not being left out of this!”

“Sheila! You shouldn’t even be seeing this, much less get involved!” Aunt Deb cried miserably.

“Lighten up mother,” Sheila smiled. “Its just sex.”

“It sounds like you’re not the only slut in the family,” I teased. Aunt Deb bit my lower lip angrily. It hurt!

“You bitch!” I cried out and slammed into her hard. My pelvis smashed hers and she cried out.

“Wow!” Sheila said as she watched. “You two are rough.” My cousin didn’t sound angry. She sounded horny. I reached out to her and lifted her skirt. My fingers met her thin cotton panties. I smiled and ripped them away.

“Oh yeah!” she cried as my fingers thrust into her already dripping pussy. “Mother! Please cum already! I want his cock!” Aunt Deb looked at what I was doing to her daughter and groaned.

“This is so wrong!” Aunt Deb cried as her orgasm took her.

“Thanks, Mom!” Sheila said as she pulled me away from her mother. Aunt Deb lay there thrashing about while her daughter climbed on top of me. She guided my dick to her pussy and quickly engulfed it.

“Sheila! Stop illegal bahis siteleri this very instant!” Aunt Deb cried when she was able to speak again.

“I don’t think so,” my cousin replied with a snort.

“You can’t…” Aunt Deb began, but Sheila cut her off.

“Mother be quiet,” she said.

“You can’t fuck your own cousin. It’s just so wrong! I forbid it!” Aunt Deb added, ignoring her daughter words. Aunt Deb was trying to topple Sheila off of me, but between us, Aunt Deb was fighting a losing battle.

“Mom, I said shut up,” Sheila sighed. “You distracting me.”

“I will not shut up! Young lady, you get off your cousin…”

“I warned you,” Sheila said with a shrug. My aunt frowned, not sure what her daughter was going to do. I was a bit curious myself. Sheila reached over and pulled her mother closer.

“What are you doing?” Aunt Deb said nervously.

“This!” Sheila said as he pulled her mother’s mouth to her own. Aunt Deb froze for a moment, but then I could see her mouth open and allow her daughter’s tongue to enter. All three of us moaned audibly. My cock also stiffened considerably.

“You sick slut!” I cried. Sheila looked back at me and smiled.

“Yes, but your dick says you like it.”

Aunt Deb was done protesting. She forcibly pulled her daughter’s mouth back to her own. I reached up and massaged all four breasts hanging over me. Sheila moved her mother until my aunt’s thick thighs were straddling my face. I continued to squeeze their breasts as they kissed and rode me.

Sheila came first, but her mother quickly followed her and damn near drowned me. I pushed them both off of me.

“I want to watch you lick each other,” I said. Sheila looked uncertain for the first time.

“I’m not sure I want to…” she began, but her mother interrupted, surprising us both.

“Well I do!” she said, pushing Sheila onto her back. “It’s been so long since I tasted a woman.”

“You mean you slept with a woman before?” Sheila asked incredulously. Aunt Deb laughed.

“Two actually,” she said as she leaned over her daughter. “But it was a long time ago.” I watched Aunt Deb move down between her daughter’s legs and use the tip of her tongue to taste Sheila for the first time. “Very nice.”

“Oh mother!” Sheila cried as Aunt Deb started really working her daughter’s pussy over. My aunt moved until her knees were next to Sheila head. I watch Sheila moan in pleasure as she debated with herself on what she should do. It was a short debate. She used her hands to lift her mother’s knee over her head. I saw her neck stiffen as she raised her head.

“Right there,” Aunt Deb sighed. I couldn’t see what Sheila’s tongue was doing, but she obviously hit the spot.

“Enjoying yourself?” I asked with a grin. Aunt Deb shook her head.

“I know I’m going to regret this later and I tried to do the right thing, but between you and Sheila, I can’t help myself!” she cried.

“Anything I can do to make it better?” I asked.

“Yes,” Aunt Deb said, surprising me. “Will you please fuck my ass while Sheila eats me?” She didn’t wait for my answer. She was once again using her tongue on her daughter’s pussy.

“Sounds like fun,” I smiled and moved around. Sheila looked half smothered, but she seemed to be enjoying herself. She obviously liked the taste of her mother.

I bent forward and joined Sheila at Aunt Deb’s pussy for a few moments. After that, I let my tongue drift up to her ass.

“Oh yeah!” Aunt Deb cried. I moved up and put the head of my dick at the entrance to her ass. I watch Sheila’s face disappear as I slowly thrust the entire length into Aunt Deb’s ass. Aunt Deb groaned and canlı bahis siteleri added, “Fuck it hard!”

“As you wish,” I said with a shrug as I started plowing her ass.

Aunt Deb was the first to cum. I pushed in hard and held my cock deep as she shuddered. Sheila took advantage of lack of movement. She used her tongue on my balls. I couldn’t resist. I blew the beginning of my load deep into Aunt Deb’s ass before pulling out spraying the rest on Aunt Deb’s ass and Sheila’s face. This set Sheila off. She cried out and came as she swallowed my cum. All three of us flopped apart once we were done cumming.

“Now what?” Sheila asked in exhaustion. “I’m sore.”

“Now nothing,” Aunt Deb said as she forced herself to stand. “I’m just as sore.”

“Same time tomorrow?” I asked.

“I really should kick you out of my house,” Aunt Deb said with a shake of her head.

“What?” I asked innocently. “You don’t want to do this again?”

“Want has nothing to do with it,” Aunt Deb replied as she looked away. I noticed that she didn’t deny her desire. “This was wrong and we all know it! It can’t continue.”

“But mom…” Sheila began. Aunt Deb cut her off.

“No!” she shouted angrily. “I wasn’t strong enough today, but never again!”

“Okay, Aunt Deb. Calm down,” I said gently. She looked at me for a moment before turning and walking toward the door.

“You two get dressed and get ready for dinner,” she said more calmly. “Karl will be home soon.” We nodded and she left the room. We gathered our clothes and remained silent until we were dressed. I only had a bathing suit, so truthfully I stood there watching my cousin dress. Sheila looked at me, grinned and rolled her eyes.

“You missed your classes today?” Sheila asked as she pulled on her top. I nodded, but smiled as well.

“It was worth it,” I said.

“I’ll bet!” she snorted. We looked at each other and laughed.

“Will I be seeing you tonight?” I asked. Sheila sighed loudly and shook her head.

“Not likely,” she replied. “I really am sore.”

“Too bad,” I replied. Sheila looked off into the distance for a moment.

“Do you think she means it?” she asked, referring to her mother.

“Absolutely,” I replied.

“So, what are we going to do?” my cousin asked. I smiled.

“Wait until tomorrow or the next day and do it all again.”

“But you said she means it?” Sheila asked in confusion. I pulled her to me and kissed her. She returned it.

“Hurry up you two!” Aunt Deb’s voice came down the hallway. We broke apart reluctantly.

“Your mother enjoyed herself far too much to not join us again. Her mind is telling her it’s wrong, but her body will win out in the end. It almost always does,” I said, answering her last question.

“I can’t wait!” Sheila grinned.

“Me neither,” I replied, and then raised an eyebrow and added, “Of course, you won’t have to wait quite so long if you visit me tonight in my room.”

“We’ll see,” she said, biting her bottom lip. I smiled because I saw that she was weakening. I kissed her once again and let my hand drift to her large chest. Her hand caress my cock through my pants as I massaged her tits.

“Now you two!” Aunt Deb’s voice called. We broke apart again and sighed.

“I’m going to make her pay for this tomorrow,” Sheila grumbled.

“I’m sure she hopes so,” I said, reaching for Sheila once more. “At least subconsciously.”

“Oh no you don’t!” Sheila laughed. “Save some for tomorrow.” I raised an eyebrow and she rolled her eyes as she added, “Or maybe later tonight.”

“I can’t wait!”

“I said maybe,” Sheila teased as she walked out of the room.

I was tired and spent, but I still couldn’t help feeling anticipation. Aunt Deb and my cousin Sheila were going to make my last few months at college a blast! I just needed to find a way to make sure I got to my classes. Maybe I could borrow someone notes.

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