Stealing tights pantyhose panties etc from manager


Stealing tights pantyhose panties etc from managerThis is a new fictional/fantasy story to add to the tights pantyhose nylons foot fetish etc stories that i wrote last year (receptionist, neighbour, dept store, bus, housemate etc). When i worked in a large office for a number on years in a large building based on a few floors we were in teams and every now and again we had to change teams and change managers/supervisors to keep things freshened up. One of the managers Julie was a bit of a nasty bitch and didn’t like me much. She was never very helpful when i had to ask her a question or ask for help on behalf of a customer etc, I don’t know why she didn’t like me but it was obvious that she didn’t. Unfortunately after a few years i got put in a team with her as my manager which i dreaded. No matter how much i tried to be friendly to her she wasn’t friendly back. I could ask her how her weekend was and she would just respond with a 1 word answer and wouldn’t even look at me or try to have a proper conversation with me yet she would happily laugh and chat to other people in the team. I never found her physically attractive as to me she was just plain looking. Around the same age as me with a decent figure, straight brown hair and glasses but nothing special and nowhere near as hot as a lot of the other females or female managers in the building. However the only thing she had going for her that i liked was that she wore a uniform most days (except weekends when it was dress down and casual) with tights. And of course with me being a leg man and a lover and wearer of tights this always got my attention and made me lust after her legs. Her tights would vary each day sometimes black or navy opaque tights but not too thick a denier and now and again sheer black tights and sheer glossy natural tights and sometimes black pattern tights with different patterns which told me she must enjoy wearing them and probably had a decent collection of them. To my knowledge she was single as she never seemed to mention a boyfriend and never had any rings on her fingers. One day she had a go at me and shouted at me in front of the whole team about an issue that she should have spoken to me in private about so clearly she was trying to embarrass and humilate me in front of people and i knew i’d try to get even with her sometime. I didn’t know exactly where she lived but i knew which area in town it was but one day i was visiting a friend and when i was on the bus i just happened to see her leave her flat when the bus stopped just opposite it so i now knew where she lived which gave me an idea that was risky but kurtköy escort would be worth the reward and would get my revenge on her. Every day all the managers had 2 meetings in a large room which usually lasted about half an hour each time once in the morning and once in the afternoons to go over stats and targets and stuff. The morning meetings were around 10:30 and the afternoon ones around 3pm. Julie always left her handbag under her desk when she was at these meetings. I decided i would try to get her house keys from her bag in the morning when she was at a meeting then go out at lunchtime to get them copied at a key shop in town not far from our office then put her keys back in her bag in the afternoon when she was at that meeting. So on one of the days i waited on her going to the morning meeting then i went over to her desk with some paper in hand so it looked like i had some stuff to put on it. I looked around and no one was looking so i quickly bent down and saw her handbag was slightly open, It was a large bag and typical of a ladies bag it had a lot of stuff in it and i fumbled around till i felt a set of 2 keys and i grabbed them and put them in my pocket then walked away. I went to the keystore at lunchtime to get them copied and only had to wait about 20 minutes as it wasn’t busy and then done the same in the afternoon when she was at the meeting i went to her desk and put the keys back in her bag as i now had a copy of her house keys! My first idea was i would be able to get a pair of her worn tights but then i decided i would take more than that, much more due to the way she treated me! The following week she was in every day although she had a few afternoons off as she was on the rota to be one of the managers on duty for the whole weekend so every day during the week she was still wearing her uniform and different tights. I decided i would go to her house early on the saturday. As i knew she didn’t have a car and got the bus to work i checked the timetables and they were every half hour on weekends so i knew which bus she would have to get to work so i got there early and waited nearby where she wouldn’t see me but i would be able to see her get on the bus at the stop opposite her house and right enough i saw her leave her house and cross the road to the bus stop. Once she got on the bus i waited a few minutes then walked towards her house and let myself in with my set of keys. I had a quick look around the living room and kitchen but saw nothing of interest then i went upstairs where she had 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The spare room had nothing maltepe escort much it no clothes or drawers etc but her main bedroom was where i found what i was looking for! Her laundry basket was in the corner and when i opened it i saw it was full of clothes so i tipped them out onto her bed and bingo i saw all the pairs of tights and all with panties bunched inside of them! There were 5 pairs in total all that she had worn to work that week! A pair of plain black opaques, plain navy opaques, sheer black, sheer natural and a pair of black diamond criss cross pattern opaque tights. I took each pair of panties out of them and there were 3 pairs of black lace panties a pair of black nylon silk panties and a pair of red panties. i had a sniff of them and could smell her scent on them and on the foot part of the tights also and she had a nice scent and not too smelly or strong. I quickly stripped off my clothes and put the pair of the sheer black tights on and slowly eased them up my legs and over my cock and got an instant hard on. i then took the pair of black silk panties that i was going to sniff while i wore her tights for a wank, Before i started though i found her underwear drawers also as she had a large chest of drawers in the corner of the room. She had 1 drawer that contained just bra’s which didn’t interest me but the next few drawers contained lots more pairs of tights probably over 30 pairs as the drawer was full of them and lots of panties different colours and types and i checked some of the labels and some were ann summers and la senza so she had good taste in underwear! She also had a few pairs of basic boring cotton panties and a few g strings also which weren’t very sexy but i still decided to take them with the other panties. Also there was 1 suspender belt which was black and 1 pair of plain black stockings and also 1 pair of black lace top hold ups and 1 pair of sheer natural glossy hold up stockings. i also found a few negligees and a few silk nighties and also in the drawer with her panties were 2 vibrators! A large pink one and a smaller red one. I decided i was going to take everything! All the pairs of freshly worn tights and panties and then all of her tights and panties and stockings and the suspender belt and the sexy negligees and the silk nighties and i also thought fuck it i’m taking her vibrators too! i had brought a large bag with me and a few carrier bags also so i put the freshly worn unwashed stuff in one bag and then all the other stuff in a couple of other carrier bags then put them all in the main big bag. I found her shoes kartal escort also and she usually wore the same 2 pairs of shoes to work a plain navy pair and a plain black pair both heels but not too high a heel. i took the navy pair and then i got onto her bed still wearing her worn tights and i started to sniff her panties with her scent on them and started to wank. When i was ready to cum i decided to cum in her shoes so that when she wore them again they would have my dried cum on them and on her feet! So i shot my load and spunked inside her shoes then put them back. I kept the tights on and put my jeans back on over them. I put the rest of her clothes back in the laundry basket and checked her drawers again and only the one with her bra’s in it was fully 3 of the other drawers were now empty and she had no tights or panties left at all! She would only have the pair of panties that she was wearing today! i wished i would be able to see her face when she went to check her drawers to put on underwear and reaslised everything was gone and what had happened to them! I didn’t care at all though as i now had lots of tights and panties etc to wear and enjoy as well as her vibrators which i would use to rub against my cock through her tights.When i went to work on the monday i could tell straight away by her face that she was in a really bad mood (i wonder why!) so i steered clear of her. When i saw her get up from her desk to walk away a short time later she was bare legged! Also she had the navy heels on so my cum would have been in them and against her feet without her knowing! i don’t know if she ever told anyone else like her friends of any other managers of what had happened as it may have been embarrasing for her but over the next few weeks she obviously had to go shopping to get more panties and tights as she started wearing tights again the same types and colours as before so i waited a few months and done the same thing again and raided her drawers! Obviously she didn’t have as many pairs as before and this time i left a few pairs for her but i took all of her tights again except 1 pair and she had a few pairs of tights and panties in her laundry basket which i also took and i took the sexy lace and nylon panties from her drawer that she had but left her plain boring cotton ones behind. she didn’t have any other stockings or sexy negligees and i couldn’t find any more vibrators so she hadn’t replaced those yet. Before i left i again put a pair of her tights on and lay on her bed and i took a pair of her panties that were from the laundry basket and i used them to cum into and then put them back in the basket but again kept her worn tights on. i had a great time wearing all her tights and panties etc while always thinking of what she thought had happened to her stuff. I didn’t feel bad or guilty at all as it served her right for the way she treated me!

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