Step Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 02


April laid there totally naked and helpless tied wide between the trees. The fucking machine continued to stroke in and out of her slowly, only a couple inches at a time.

Rick ran his fingers lightly on the inside of April’s thighs, “I’ll be back.”

“Don’t leave, please? Rick?”

The excitement heightened as she watched Rick walk back to the house. She could feel her wetness running down the crack of her ass. The slow constant rhythm of the dildo barely parting her lips was driving her crazy. The helplessness and fear of being caught by her friends only added to the excitement.

Five long minutes passed before she seen Rick walking towards her carrying the briefcase.

“How are we doing?” Rick asked as he knelt down and checked her wetness. “Your little pussy likes my toy, huh?”

April didn’t know what to say. It felt good, and yet it didn’t.

Rick shut of the machine. “Time to adjust it.”

“Adjust what?”

“You’ll see.”

He lengthened the stroke to about four inches, then turned it back on, slow.

“Oh…fuck! Oooh.”

“That’s it,” Rick said as he opened the briefcase. He then leaned over and took April’s left nipple in his mouth and began to nibble on it, then sucked hard. She moaned as Rick licked and played with her little tits.

Rick slowly fastened a nipple clamp to her right nipple squeezing it tight. “Are you ready to call me sir yet?

April just ached from the constant stroking in and out of her wet pussy. She felt a building inside of her she had never experienced.

“No answer? Maybe this nipple will make you talk,” Rick said as he fastened the other nipple clamp tight.

“Ohhhh, Rick, yes, ooooh.”

Rick reached the control and turned the speed up on the fucking machine to about twice a second.

April moved her head from side to side illegal bahis squeezing her fists tight. “Oh my God, Yes, yes, yes, Ahhhhh…”

She shook as the machine continued it’s mission. “Oh stop, stop, stop, oh please stop,” April cried out as her toes curled.

“Stop?” Rick asked as he slowed the rhythm back down to slow. Hmmm, company is here!”


Rick got up and met the car in the driveway before it could come all the way in. April lay there terrified trying to see who it was. It was no use testing the restraints, she had done that before. Besides, she was exhausted from the most powerful orgasm that she had ever experienced.

April heard the car restart and back out of the driveway. She was relieved that her friends wouldn’t see her like this, and that Rick was coming back.

“That was Shannon and her slutty looking friend. Any more guests that I should know about? The next car I am going to let drive in.”

“Please, no!”

“Rick turned the machine on high again, “Time to come clean young lady, now!”

“No, no, stop it…yes, Mike is coming over. Please don’t let him see me like this, please?”

Rick shut off the machine. “Why don’t you want Mike to see you like this? If you are going to act like a little slut, why not let him see?”

“Please, please no?”

“We’ll see. Depends on your attitude,” He said as he added two more inches increasing the stroke now to six. April could only stare at the sky through the trees before Rick turned it back on slow. “Very good,” as he tapped her little muff.

Rick grabbed the largest butt plug in his collection and put a small amount of lube on the tip. He slowly encircled her virgin hole, then began to ease it in.

“Oh, nooooo, stop, st…”

Rick increased the speed again and pushed the plug in all the way until it illegal bahis siteleri seated. He pulled it out slowly, then pushed it in again hard.

“Rick! Oooooh, Gawd yes, yes, I’m gonna cum, Ahhhh….”

He tapped her muff lightly as he slowed the machine back down to a crawl.

“Stop it, shut it off, please?”

Rick let April catch her breath as he again lengthened the stroke two more inches. The machine now would take a full eight inch stroke.

April’s breathing was rapid as she tried to regain control. “Rick. Rick, I’m sorr…” Her sentence was interrupted by the deep thrust of the machine.

Rick set the speed to slow as he watched the expressions on young April’s face. Her face was flushed, and her body wet with perspiration as the relentless machine continued to take her deep. He kissed April softly on the lips touching the side of her face softly. April kissed Rick back passionately as she could feel herself building inside again.

“Oh Rick, I want you,” She whispered to him, then bit his bottom lip as the pleasure built inside. “You’re going to make me cum again, ooooh..”

“That’s it, cum for me,” as he turned up the speed.

“I’m coming, oooo yes, yes! Oh…my…God…yeeeees!”

Rick stood up, “Your boyfriends here!” April couldn’t stop the intense feeling. Her whole body shook as she released. The orgasm seemed like it lasted for minutes as the dildo continued to thrust in and out. She could see just the front of a car parked in the driveway. The thought of being caught like this only aroused her more.

It was several minutes before the car left and Rick returned. He immediately turned the machine down to a real slow speed. “Nooooo..”

Rick grabbed a vibrating egg and turned it on high. April could hear the high pitch sound of the egg but was startled as she felt canlı bahis siteleri the cold steel being pushed firmly on her clit. He pushed hard on her swollen clit with the egg while tapping at a steady rhythm on her plug.

“Stop, stop, Rick stop, ooooh, not again…Oh my God yes, yes, yes Ahhhhh…”

April shook crying out to Rick, but he continued to rub her clit hard with the toy. With his left hand, he turned the machine back on high.

The pounding of the eight inch dildo, the vibration on her clit and the tapping on the plug that was deep inside of her tight ass was just too much for April’s helpless body.

“Rick…Rick, Rick…I’m so sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Rick, Sir? Please forgive me, I’m soo sooorry, pleeeeease…”

Rick immediately shut off the egg and the fucking machine.

April, still out of breath, continued to apologize. “I’m, I’m sorry Sir…that I lied to you and disappointed you.

Slowly, Rick withdrew the eight inch dildo from April’s soaked pussy. She moaned as it slipped free. He sat the machine off to the side and lowered his lips to April’s swollen clit. As he slowly tasted her for the first time, April cried out.

Her clit was now so tender that Rick’s hot tongue repeatedly lapping on her clit was sending her again over the edge. “Oh yeees, Sir, that’s it, yes, oh yes…”

Rick pulled on her plug slowly releasing it from it’s tight home. He continued to eat here plunging his tongue in and out of her, then concentrating again on her clit.

As Rick reinserted the plug, then pulled it out as he sucked hard on her clit.

“That’s it, yes, yes, I’m gonna cum. Rick, oooh, yes…”

Rick’s face was met by an immense clear liquid that squirted from April. He continued to lick her clit as she screamed out and squirted again.

April lay limp as Rick untied the ropes that had held her all afternoon. He left the handcuffs on making sure that they weren’t too tight. He then picked up her limp body and carried her back to the house.

“I’m sorry that I disappointed you Sir.” April whispered.

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