Step Daughter Antics

Alexa Nova

The following happened. All of it. So, I remarried when I was 46 to a woman who was in her late 30’s. She had two kids, one of each sex. Turns out, prior to us meeting the son had exposed himself to his sister a year prior to me meeting his mother. Skip forward to high school and the Merissa was caught give head to several boys. Her mom lost her mind of course. The stepdaughter then gets engaged to a real twat. He ended up abusing her cats and that was the end.

She moves in with us. The very first week she is here, he mom went to visit one of her sisters in Iowa and we were here alone, which I spaced out. I came out of my room, about 4 in the morning, naked, as I am wont to do, most nights, since that is how i sleep. I did not even see her on the couch, until I turned around and heard a gasp. Oops. I apologized and went back to bed.

Later than morning, I went downstairs to talk to her, only to find her on her bed, with the door agar and rubbing her pussy. I started to walk away and then heard her whisper my name. I returned and she was still quite engaged. I kept watching and seeing her fuzz covered pussy getting really wet. After about 5 minutes of this and hearing my name three more times I just walked in. She looked shocked once she realized I was there, but then took her hand away, at which point I replaced it with mine. I leaned in to kiss her and my god, her lips were so good. Her pussy was so wet and swollen, after a minute or so I quit working on it and just went to licking her, from her neck to her back and legs and after 30 minutes or so of finding all her erogenous areas, finally landed on her pussy. While licking it and teasing her swollen clit and her little anal pucker, I inserted a finger into her pussy. She finally started to come and with a little bit deeper into her, I found a spot which while not gushing/squirting, she became like a swamp she was so wet. at this time she took my cock out and sucked it deep into her mouth. After a few minutes of this, she looked into my eyes, took my cock out and begged me to fuck her. I spun her around and had her glide it in. She was so amazing. I am not going to lie, that first time in her pussy I only lasted a few minutes, but WOW was it awesome.

As noted before, her mom had gone to another state to see her sister and during that time me and her 19 year old daughter had hooked up.

The next day was a bit odd in that I had to work and so did she and at opposing hours so neither was home while the other was. On the third day, in the evening i decided I needed a soak in the hot tub, so went for it. after about 5 minutes in the tub, I heard the screen door open and close and then saw the Merissa coming to the tub. She was wearing a bikini, which was good. After entering and some small talk she finally addressed the fucking of two days prior. She asked how i was doing with it and said ok, but that we really needed to try not to repeat the mistake. To which she removed her top and said, “nope, I think that the remainder of her time gone, I am going to get the most out of this, since it will be over, forever when she comes back!” she then took off her bottoms and then proceeded to sit on my lap, which was sporting a hard on. We proceeded to make out in the tub and I suckled on her ample tits for quite a while.

We then exited the tub and went into house. While drying off and stripping I asked her what had got into her, no pun intended. She said that the previous episode had shown her that older men knew what the fuck they were doing and while it was hot and heavy, she also appreciated the time i had taken in finding and exploring her erogenous areas. I asked her which one she wanted to explore more, in depth. to which she replied she had always wanted to try anal, but the boys she dated were always just. a little too anxious and never felt good beyond just the touching. Who was I to argue.

We got in the bed and I had her suck me off, and she swallowed it all, which was just fine. I then proceeded to again lick her all over and of course ending at her pussy. This time, I turned her over in a bit of a 69 and went a head and spent some time on her clit and pussy lips, which if I haven’t said, are long and dangly, which I fucking love. after she came I then started playing with her ass with my tongue while fingering her pussy and clit. She came a couple of more times and then asked me to fuck her.

This time instead of some missionary-ish position, I had her face down and ass up. she asked if I was going to fuck her ass, and I said yea, eventually but not today. Today is all about getting you used to and relaxed around anal play. since we are going to be going at it for some of this week, we will get there eventually.

Going at it this way, I was going really nice and slow and a couple of times just stopped, forcing her to rock back on my cock, in order to fuck. She really liked using the whole length of my cock. During one of these times I placed my hand in such pendik escort a way that the thumb was right next to her little starfish and just touched her there, to which she clearly jumped a bit. I told her as we were fucking to just relax and enjoy the sensation as I played with her asshole. Lubing my thumb up a bit with her pussy juices, I then started rubbing it pretty vigorously, which then drove her a bit crazy, as she was loving it. She actually asked me to put my cock in her ass, and it took a bit for me to decline, as I wanted two things. A, her to really want it, to point of begging for it and B, for her to enjoy it, so I could get it more than once. To that end I pulled out, as I was close to coming and wanted to extent the game. During this time out I explained, as I was rubbing her clit and pussy that the best way to have something enter your ass, is to gently push out a bit, and as you relax that is when it is best to have something then enter. I also warned her that in order to get to point my cock, about 6″ in circumference would best fit would be to start small and eventually get to 2-3 fingers, then the cock.

I got back behind her and again started slow stroking her cunt with my cock and playing with her asshole with my lubed thumb. I then told her, I was going to push in, after I saw her push out a bit, which with my thumb placed perfectly, she then did and I slid it in to first knuckle and she startled a bit, but kept bucking onto my cock. I then said, how about again, and she did, which got my whole thumb into her ass. I asked how it felt and she could barely talk. I noted her pussy was soaking wet. I then for next 5 minutes proceeded to fuck her in as long and hard as strokes as I could, trying to bottom out in her pussy while at same time started to run my thumb in and out of her ass. after a minute or two of this, she basically screamed to put two fingers in, which I did using same technique as prior. For about two minutes of both my cock and fingers fucking both her holes, she started quivering and coming, at which point I couldn’t take it anymore and filled her pussy with my cum.

As noted in previous post about Merissa, she has/had a short haired/fuzzy pussy, which was very nice to eat. And then, one of the days her mom was still gone, she came to my room and asked me about shaving her pussy. I asked her why and she said she had recently thought about it, but was somewhat reluctant to do it herself as she was afraid of cutting her self, specifically her labia, which I have mentioned dangle a bit.

After some discussion I asked her if she was trying to ask me to do it for her, to which she said yes.I asked her is she wanted to be totally clean of have a tuft of some hair above her clit, she was fine with clean shaven and said she could always let it grow out in something or other.

After drawing a nice warm bath, I had her sit in it for a bit and as she did so, she sucked me off, so i wouldn’t be distracted while shaving her. After cumming in her mouth and her swallowing it, I had her sit on edge of sink as I placed a very warm cloth on her crotch, to further soften her up. I then took some of my shaving oil and rubbed it into her pussy, paying a little attention to hitting her clit, which got a nice result out of her, noticing her nipples harden. I then took my electric razor and a

cover and proceeded to trim all of her hair away. I then swept this off with a wash cloth. Now I took some of my shaving cream and again covered her pussy with it and began from closer to her legs and shaved first the left then the right side of her external labia, more than once “accidentally” blowing on her clit as well as touching it, sending her into a bit of a tizzy.

At this point, she was quite moist inside her little pussy and easily could smell her juices as well. I continued with the work now getting the last of the folds near her internal labia and closer to her clit, as well. By the time I was now done, there was a very large tear, if you will leaking onto her taint, which I leaned into and licked it up, which started her into an orgasm, helped a bit by my finger in her pussy and rubbing my thumb around her ass.

I had her climax two more times, by which time I was more than ready to fuck that perfect little pussy and her bald lips. She yelled out how much better this felt with my cock running in and out of her pussy. I felt her start to come, which squeezed by cock and I filled her cunt with my cum and continued fucking her for a bit, at which time she spun around and took me in her mouth and proceeded to clean us both off my cock.

The wife and my step-daughters mother will be out of town for two weeks and in the first 4 days, I have already fucked Merissa 3 times and played with her ass as well as shaved her little pussy. I had to actually go into work on the 5th day of the wife absence and while there I got no less than a dozen selfies from the stepdaughter, in various stages of clothing. maltepe escort The last 2/3rds of the day was nothing but nudes with it not gone un noticed that her pussy was getting more and more wet as the day wore on. I also got a few texts, telling me how much she wanted to fuck, suck and just explore each others bodies.

When I finally got home she came down the stairs wearing nothing but very nice heels. honestly, they were the ones she had picked out for her wedding and they screamed “FUCK ME!”. We proceeded down stairs and sat on the sofa and made out for about an hour, during which time my hands were all over her little body and in her little wet pussy and even played around her little puckered ass. Each time I approached that she’d clearly get turned on to the next level. During this time i asked her what she had in mind for this evening, at which time she said she’d like for me to anally fuck her, as well as her other two holes. In the last three days, she had found my stash of viagra, so she knew we could play around for an extended amount of time. what she didn’t know, as I had not yet taken any when we fucked was it seemed to add some girth to my cock.

I went up and got the viagra and she made us some drinks and i came down and had two packets, I took one and asked her if she’d like one as well. She asked how it would affect her, and I was honest, and told her, I wasn’t sure, but that since her clit was very similar to a cock, it might swell as well. So, I proceeded to place them in my mouth and delivered them to her via a very deep tongue kissing that lasted a bit. We again sat down and made out and after a bit she was clearly quite aroused, as her nipples were flushed and hard as rocks and when I finally put my hand on her pussy, he clit was quite swollen and judging from her jump, quite sensitive. I decided I needed to fuck her down stairs, so I started working my way south with my mouth and finally got to her pussy and did all I could to avoid her clit for about 10 minutes, which only seemed to make it larger and more flushed. by the time I took it into my mouth, she nearly jumped off the couch and came quite hard into my mouth and screamed for me to fuck her. I spun her around and took her missionary, kinda style with one leg outside the other, which really rubbed her clit while we fucked. She came a couple more times and on the third one, her pussy squeezed so hard I came as well. As per her MO, she took me out and sucked off the combination of our cum.

I suggested we get in the hot tub and relax a bit, which we did for about 30 minutes and we had another drink. I could tell she was getting quite relaxed so had her climb onto my cock in the tub and just sat there with me inside her. I would make my cock jump with some flexion of my ass and every now and then she’d use a kagel and squeeze her pussy, we finally got in sync with this, which again lead to both of us cuming. I then asked her if she still wanted to get her ass fucked? She hesitated for a split second and then a smile spread across her awesome lips and she said fuck yea.

We went into the house and I asked if she’d remembered the lesson about pushing and relaxing, from the time I had placed my thumb and fingers into her ass. She had and I said then we are good to go. I asked her if she wanted to control it, or is she trusted me to, and she was totally ok with me doing so, thus I had her get on the bed face down and pulled her lovely ass up. I then got behind her and licked her pussy for a good 10 minutes and in so doing, teased her and not allowing her to come for 9 of them. finally she was allowed to cum and as she was descending from that, I put my cock firmly into her pussy, again. While fucking her this way with our mixed cum as well as new juices she was quite sloppy. I then grabbed the lube and went ahead and used a generous amount on my thumbs and then placed one, then the other into her ass, she came when I had the second one in there and she could feel my cock and thumb on the thin membrane between her pussy and ass. After a few minutes of this she asked me to put my cock in her ass, and I said I would gladly do so, but she would have to hold her ass apart while I did and then once I was in, all the way, I wanted her to play with her self. slowly, I hit and passed the first ring in her ass and just left it there for a it, so she could get used to it. after a minute or two, and after instructing her to play with her clit, I then pulled out, and dumped some lube into her ass and got back to first ring, after 30 seconds or so, I very slowly pushed my cock passed the second ring and was clearly in, but still not balls deep. I left it here for a bit and I could tell she was getting close to cumming as I could feel her vagina starting to spasm. After a few minutes of this and noting her breathing becoming very short, I started actually fucking her ass, at first very short strokes and then the length from tip to base in long smooth strokes. kartal escort This lasted for a few minutes until I could not take it anymore, at which time I went balls deep into her ass and filled it with my cum. She also came for a full 30 seconds as she was going to town on her clit with one hand and had at least two fingers knuckles deep into her sopping pussy.

Merissa and I have had the house to ourselves for a period of time, during which she and I have fucked more than once and we have both loved it. I have introduced her to anal and shaved her little pussy.

She is quite the little fuck toy. She loves to suck cock and is very good at it. She uses just the right amount of suction and hand involvement and she has even pushed on my prostate, which gets me really hard.

The morning after our night of fucking while at breakfast, she naked of course, mentioned wanting to visit an adult store, at which time I reminded her she still had a dildo upstairs from the last time she had stayed at home for an extended time, which caused her to blush and mention she was looking for something for her other hole, which really intrigued me.

Off we went to Fascinations™ and after about an hour there found a lush remote vaginal toy and a b-vibe anal toy. While i was paying for them, she demurred to the bathroom and unbeknownst to me then, placed both in their respective slots. When she met me out front, she had a sly grin on her luscious lips and handed me the remote to the b-vibe and her phone, to which she had already downloaded the lush app. On the way home, about 10 miles, I start with both on very low constant and she is clearly getting the full effect as I can not only see the effect on her nipples and flushed face, but she is leaking so much pussy juice, I can smell her. As we get close to the house I turn up the anal plug a bit, still leaving it constant, while the lush I started playing around with her pussy.

By the time we got home, her shorts are literally wet over her crotch and she was a mess. We continued to play with these, well I did for about another 45-60 minutes by which time she was a puddle and naked.

I turned off the lush and pulled it from her pussy and proceeded to clean it for her. I then dove into her sopping pussy and went to town on her labia and clit for about another 30 minutes. During this time I put the anal plug on a variable vibrate pattern that escalated. Add my fingers to the mix and rubbing inside her pussy and she nearly passed out from her last orgasm.

She was coming down from her orgasm a bit and basically screamed for me to give my cock to her, which since I had already popped a viagra was rock hard and ready to go. I jammed it into her pussy and fucked her good and hard in a position that continued to hit her clit. She came at least another 3 times and was so wet, I kept slipping out. I finally came into her sloppy pussy and as I pulled out a thick lob of cum and her juices slid down to her plug and as she tookmy cock in her mouth I pulled the plug and dove back into her pussy, taint and ass.

Her taint, by the way gets really sensitive and as she came a few more times while sucking my cock and me on her ass and cunt. Nearly getting me to the point of dropping a load into her throat, which she loves, and I decided I need another attack at her ass, so I pulled out of her mouth and turned her around, such that she was on her back and facing me.

She asked if I were going to fuck her ass, and as I said yes she broke a little smile. She then pulled her legs back and placed her hands on her ass and spread her cheeks, inviting me to enter her. I spit a little on her ass as well as the tip of my cock and slowly entered the first ring, without any problems, as she had been a good student and had relaxed and even more so as I then went, in a slow manner, balls deep and then rested it there while she had a few spasms. She then wrapped her fingers from her left hand around me cock and said, “give it to me long and slow, daddy.” this in and of itself almost made me cum, right then and there. I then started to pull back a bit, and just before the swollen head of my cock popped out, I slid it back into her again balls deep with a slight pause at the bottom. I did this for about 10-15 strokes and at the end of these she started to rub her clit and told me to finger her pussy. I did this for another 10 or so cycles and then she whimpered, “pound my ass, dad!” At her prompting I did exactly that, I went from long and slow, to hard and fast and I could feel her pussy and ass starting to spasm and then she said, “I want your load on my tits and face, dad.” Just then I pulled out and shot a load on each of her ample tits and two onto her face, while she had yet another orgasm. As the last shot came from my cock she took it into her mouth and licked it clean.

So… after our fuck fest with the toys the night before last, we decided we would take a rest on Saturday. Which meant we went to the pool and laid out. She looked amazing and while in the pool she would ride on my back and at least twice wrapped around my waist, from the front. I of course got a boner as I could feel the heat from her pussy. she teased me like this all day.

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