Stirring Creatures


‘Twas the night before Christmas…and I landed on the fifth house in a middle-class suburban neighborhood. With my goodies in hand I slid down the chimney. By this time the seat of my pants was black. After all it was winter and the chimneys were stained with soot.

Once inside I did my thing, admired the beautiful tree, gobbled down my cookies and milk and arranged the childrens presents just so.

Before I left there was always one last thing that I liked to do and so I crept down the hallway and peeked in on the family.

The small children were sleeping, snug in their beds. Visions of Candy and expensive toys dancing in their heads.

Then I peeked in on the 18 year old Grant. As he lay on his back I could tell by the rise in the sheet what kind of vision was dancing in his head. Boys will be boys.

Next it was the parents bedroom, Eve and her husband Wayne. Not to my surprise, Eve was slithering out of bed and being extremely careful not to wake her husband.

I leaped to the far side of the doorway trying not to be seen. I knew where she was going, and knew I was safe here. You see…the mom in this home had a very naughty secret, just like many of the moms in the homes I visit. I could never put them on my naughty list though…it’s just what mommies do.

Eve crept out the door, slipping the flimsiest of short silk robes over her smooth tanned nakedness. The smell of her fragrant perfume wafted past me, mixed with the pungent aroma of the ripe fruit of her womanhood.

I watched the 38 year old blond sashay down the hallway, the curvy swell of her buttocks gracefully swaying back and forth. Her little tan bare feet gently tapped against the hallway floor, the toenails on her squatty little toes painted a deep Christmas red.

As I was expecting, she turned into Grant’s bedroom and the door closed softly behind her.

If it was one thing hundreds of years on the job had taught me, it was how to sneak around a house without getting caught. I crept to Grant’s door, turned the knob and peeked inside.

I was immediately rewarded with a site that never failed to take my illegal bahis breath away…

A tiny robe slipping from a mother’s shoulders and dropping to her feet.

A teenager truck with awe as he watched the naked middle-aged beauty he calls mom looming over him.

I could see the backs of the huge slopping contours of Eve’s breasts and could only imagine the view her son must have.

She crawled onto his bed and pulled back his covers. With her ass pointed at the door I was greeted by the site of a smooth shaven clam and a winking butt hole.

As their bodies disappeared under a mountain of blankets I decided it was time for a closer look. I lowered down onto my belly and wormed across the bedroom floor. You might wonder how the big bellied man could pull this off. As I said before, I may be a fat ass, but I’m extremely good at what I do.

Reaching the foot of the bed I peered up onto the mattress. The blankets moved around from the squirming, twisting bodies underneath.

“Oh-h-h mom.” I heard Grant’s young voice quiver.

“Mmmmm.” Came Eve’s soft loving response.

I watched as their feet peeked from the bottom of the covers. Clearly Eve was now laying underneath him on her back. Her sexy golden-brown feet arched as they slid up and down her son’s strong calf muscles.

So keen were my senses that I could actually hear their tongues dancing together and the beat of Grant’s excited heart.

“UUUGGHHH!” I heard Eve moan and knew that mom and son were now joined at the genitals.

This was confirmed for me as I saw the swell of Grant’s ass began to slowly rise and fall beneath the covers. I looked back at their feet because I knew mom’s next move. Sure enough, her feet slid up the back of his calves and disappeared beneath the blankets. I could see the protruding lumps of her knees rising on either of her son’s ass as she spread herself open and created a soft snug saddle for him to ride in.

Carefully, I crawled up onto the end of the mattress, being extra cautious not to bump Grant’s legs. I peeked my head under the blanket and the glow of my magical white Christmas illegal bahis siteleri beard lit up the scene beneath.

It was a site that I never tired of seeing…a large sturdy teenaged erection easing in and out of the wet sucking grip of his mother’s twat. Grant maintained a slow steady pace and I could hear the wet creamy sound of their juices as he sliced way up inside her inner core.

I watched as the lengthy dong disappeared and only Grant’s large hairless scrotum remained and bumped the pouty ring of Eve’s butt hole. I imagined what an incredible feeling it must be against his glans. Buried this deep, his cockhead was surely smothered against Eve’s hot spongy cervix, dripping it’s excrement near the place where babies are made.

“Oh God.” I heard him moan, confirming my suspicions.

I gazed up at Eve’s clutching legs, strong, bronze, matronly and as smooth as the finest silk. I marveled at they way they coiled around her son, griping him, guiding him.

“Isn’t it interesting that the position in which a woman takes the seed of life inside her is the same one she assumes when she’s squeezing out that life nine months later.” I thought.

Minutes passed and the pace of their humping seemed to gradually increase.

“Oh sweetie…oh God, don’t stop.” I heard Eve whimper.

I knew it was time to relocate. Nothing was better than watching the face of a mom, struck with orgasm by the cock of her own teenaged son.

I crept out from under the blankets and around to the front of the bed. I stood and watched their bodies wrestle with urgency.

Eve’s eyes were closed and Grant’s face was buried in the soft of her neck so neither one could see me. I had watched scenes like this enough times to know I was safe here.

It wasn’t long before the blankets slid off them and onto the floor from the power of Grant’s thrusting. I watched as the teen reached down and gripped onto his mother’s buttock’s for stability.

The sound of wet sucking slaps filled the room as Grant’s ass bucked wildly. Eve stretched her long shapely legs back into a huge spread eagle, her feet canlı bahis siteleri flexing, sexy toes pointing back towards me. The site made me massage my own cock through my pants, which strangely I hardly ever did at times like these.

I could see the muscles in her legs start to quiver. Her pretty mouth dropped open. I could tell she needed to scream, but didn’t dare with her husband down the hallway.

I could see the spongy breast-meat oozing out from between her and her son’s chests as they lay squashed between them.

“UUUNNNHH!” Grant grunted as his body jerked.

Eve’s eyes popped wide open for an instant, but I wasn’t worried, the only thing she was seeing was hearts. Big pink hearts everywhere, like the bubbles of a bubble bath…popping, beating excitedly and taking off like shooting stars.

She let out a cute, but primal little grunt. Her hands grasps her son’s fitted sheet and she held on for the orgasmic explosion inside of her.

Grant’s body jerked and shook. I had emptied my sack earlier, now he was emptying his. A different kind of sack of course. A nut-sack, full of millions of baby-making tad polls. I felt confident that next year there would be one more little one in this house for me to put on my list.

As the magic came to an end I slithered back onto the floor and made my way out of the room. It was always to the sound of the loving mother, praising her son for his impressive pussy-pleasing abilities.

I wandered to the end of the hall and stopped and waited. There was one more thing that I always like to see before I left.

I watched as Eve stepped from her son’s room, tightening the sash to her robe. She pranced towards her and her husband’s bedroom with confidence, her meaty buttocks rocking hypnotically. I could see a glistening stream of fresh spunk running down her thigh. I waited….

Just before entering her room Eve turned her head and spotted me at the end of the hallway. She stood there in a stepping pose, the swell of her big breasts thrust out proudly.

As expected, she gave me a gleaming smile and a cute little wink. As I said before, I was always good at hiding my presence, but somehow…some way…moms always knew.

She disappeared into her bedroom and I back up the chimney. On to the next home, where almost always I would be greeted with a little Christmas magic.

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