Stop That Ch. 01


“Stop that! It tickles!” said Ann in a tee-hee sort of way. “You’re driving me crazy doing that”. Jeff was lying on his side, one arm supporting his head, the other draped across Ann’s stomach and Jeff’s index finger was making swirling figures around her ultra-sensitive nipple.

It always seemed to Jeff that Ann’s nipples were in a perpetual state of arousal no matter the time or location. Jeff thought they were perfect in every way, an odd color somewhere between pink and brown, with the circumference of a nickel and an exact length of one inch, and responsive as hell. Ann loved the way Jeff would gently capture one of her nipples between his teeth and aggressively batter it back and forth with his tongue, half the time causing Ann to orgasm merely from this simple exercise. Jeff also was amazed at how absolutely wet Ann would become whenever sex was in the air. Ann actually had to select clothes of certain color and/or texture because of the visible evidence caused by the sheer volume of moisture her pussy secreted.

Jeff continued encircling Ann’s nipple, much to her delight, when suddenly there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Jeff, you open this door right now! How many times have I told you to never lock this door when you have company in there?” Jeff’s mom had already tried the doorknob several times and Jeff was thanking God that exact moment that he decidedly disobeyed his mom. As Jeff got up to open the door, Ann pulled her tube top back up to cover her tits and proceeded to smooth out the bed and finally sit at Jeff’s computer.

Upon unlocking the door, Jeff’s mom practically fell into the room positive she was going to find them in some compromising position. When all appeared innocent, she turned to face Jeff and, almost insanely, asked; “Why was the door locked, mister? How many times have I told you never to lock that door when you have company?”

“Mom, I’m 19 years old and I deserve my privacy regardless of whether I have company or not. Now, what is so important that you had to barge in here like this?”

“I wanted to tell you that dinner was ready and you and Ann should come down before it gets cold. C’mon and hurry or I’ll feed it to the dogs.”

Jeff and Ann looked at each other and rolled their eyes as if to say Geez, what a lunatic!

Linda Brown was not a lunatic. She was anything but, but what she really was frightened. Jeff’s father left them 3 months ago for his personal trainer and Linda was petrified of being alone. Her fear was solely aimed at Jeff because he was all she had left and she also felt Ann was becoming a wedge between her and Jeff and, although she really liked Ann and tried to respect Jeff’s privacy, she just wasn’t ready to live all by herself right now.

After dinner, Linda announced that she was going to take a nice long hot bath, a sleeping pill and then turn in for the night. This left Jeff and Ann to clean up and then relax by a cozy fire in the Great room and watch some TV. As they sat on the huge couch, Ann’s mind was working overtime and Jeff noticed. “What’s going though that lovely head of yours?”

“Nothing, I was just wondering…your mom would be so much cooler if she was having sex again, don’t you think?”

“Maybe, but I’m staying out of it. Mom’s going through a rough time and I think she needs to get her own head straight before you and I start in on her.”

“Maybe you’re right. But don’t you think a woman with a body like hers could have her pick of men? Hell, I’d even be interested in doing her if the opportunity presented itself.”

“Really?” Jeff was now interested in what Ann was saying.

“Absolutely! You always knew I had an interest in other women and a threesome was something we’ve talked about before, so why are you so surprised now?” Jeff looked at Ann in amazement.

“I just never dreamed of a threesome with my girlfriend and my mother!” “Wow! What a vision that conjures up in my mind!” Ann had a devilish grin on her face and Jeff could see her wheels were turning rapidly. “What do you have in mind, Ann?”

“Okay, here’s what I’m thinking, when your mom takes her sleeping pill, she’s pretty much dead to the world, right? Well, once she’s asleep, we sneak into her room. I’m dying to see what’s under those frumpy dresses she always wears, aren’t you?”

Jeff illegal bahis thought this over for a minute and decided that this could actually be fun. “Let’s go check on her, she’s been up there for a while.” As they ran upstairs and stopped just short of bursting into Linda’s bedroom, Jeff quietly tried the doorknob. It was unlocked. Jeff then knocked purposefully on the door, but there was no response. As Jeff slowly turned the knob and opened the door, Ann was actually on Jeff’s back trying to see what Jeff could. There in the middle of the king-sized bed was Linda, lying on her back, eyes shut and breathing deeply.

Apparently, the sleeping pill kicked in rather quickly. The lamp next to the bed was still lit and the TV was still on. Linda was out cold. The satin sheets were pulled up to her shoulders and her hands were clasped together on her stomach. Jeff leaned over his mom and called her name three times, each time somewhat louder. When there was no visible response, he reached over and unclasped her hands, taking her right hand and placing it at her side. Ann copied this move with Linda’s left hand and then together they pulled the sheet and comforter down, exposing Linda’s form clad only in a flannel nightgown.

“I don’t know how anyone could wear those, they seem so…so….itchy!” Ann whispered to Jeff. Jeff just shrugged his shoulders and smiled, knowing that Ann slept in the nude all the time. Ann started the ball rolling by pulling on the hem of Linda’s nightgown up towards her waist. Linda’s near-comatose state prevented Ann from having an easy time of it, but Jeff started to help by pulling on his side of the gown in unison with Ann, thus making progress in exposing Linda. As the nightgown crept upwards, Jeff and Ann both were greeted with the sight of Linda’s panties coming into view. Beige nylon! Ann described them as ‘flammable’. Ann tried to continue pulling the nightgown up, exposing Linda’s stomach and finally her tits came into view. Easily a ‘C’ cup and still full with small but pointy nipples, Linda’s breasts were beautiful in both Jeff and Ann’s minds.

As Ann tried to get the nightgown all the way up under Linda’s chin, Linda’s arms kept dropping down, annoying Ann to no end. Jeff, seeing this, thought for a second and said, “Wait here, I have an idea.”

Jeff left and returned two minutes later with his Velcro ankle restraints from when he does his upside down pull-ups. Ann’s pussy positively gushed when she figured out what Jeff had in mind. Jeff tossed one of the restraints to Ann and together they velcro’ed Linda’s wrists to the headboard. Linda never once stirred from her deep state.

Now completely vulnerable, Ann and Jeff each grabbed a tit and leaned in to suck on Linda’s nipples. Ann was going at it with gusto, sucking the nipple into her mouth and pulling on Linda’s tit with the suction she was creating. Jeff was somewhat gentler, but his watching Ann had made his cock rock hard. As Ann continued to ravish Linda’s nipple, Ann slid her hand down across Linda’s belly to the waistband of those hideous nylon panties. Ann immediately released Linda’s tit and started to pull the panties down. Jeff saw what Ann was doing and decided to help. He grabbed the waistband on his side and together they peeled the unsightly drawers down and off Linda’s beautiful legs. Jeff always thought his mom had great legs and now he was able to caress and feel those gorgeous limbs all he wanted.

Ann watched Jeff do this and joined him on the other leg, sliding her hand up to the neatly-trimmed bush barely covering Linda’s pussy. The soft light brown hair had a slight curl to it, but Ann immediately recognized how it had been trimmed and shaped to its current condition. She also noticed that there were small beads of moisture attached to the hairs on the outer lips. Ann slid her finger into the folds of Linda’s pussy lips and felt how wet Linda really was. Once the folds were parted, Linda’s wetness seemingly flowed out onto Ann’s hand and Linda’s thighs. Jeff could only watch as Ann experimented further on Linda’s pussy. Ann knew Jeff was riveted to this scene and decided to push this envelope as far as possible.

Ann leaned in and dragged her tongue up along the slit of Linda’s pussy and retracted her tongue gathering all the moisture she could. Jeff was illegal bahis siteleri losing it. This was the hottest scene he ever witnessed. No porn flick he watched could compare to what his girlfriend was doing to his mother while his mother lay naked before him tied to the bed and out cold.

Jeff unbuckled his belt, opened his jeans and fished his cock out into the open. Another two or three moves and his shirt was across the room and his jeans and boxers were kicked away in another direction. Ann was now losing it herself. Licking Linda’s pussy while Jeff was stroking his beautiful rock-hard cock was becoming too much for her.

Jeff decided to have some fun of his own. He moved around the bed and behind Ann. As Ann had bent over to continue eating Linda’s pussy, Jeff dropped to his knees, placed his hands on Ann’s hips and leaned face first into the crack of Ann’s ass. The aroma almost made Jeff shoot his load all over the floor, but once he started to concentrate on Ann’s pussy and asshole, his cock settled down a little bit. Jeff’s tongue wormed its way into Ann’s asshole, causing Ann to moan very loudly. Ann also started to suck on Linda’s clit with much more gusto, almost trying to pull it off and chew on it forever. The firmer she sucked on Linda’s clit, the more Linda began to squirm and fidget on the bed. Linda’s juices seemed to almost pour out of her pussy, glazing Ann’s chin and neck while Ann gently bit on Linda’s clit and pull on it some more.

Ann was so close to cumming, she turned her focus from Linda’s pussy to her own. Encouraging Jeff to make her cum, Ann reached behind her and grabbed Jeff’s head, trying to pull him closer to her, deeper into her. Jeff could’nt possibly get any closer, his tongue already flicking back and forth on Ann’s clit and his nose almost completely buried in Ann’s ass. Ann was now gasping for air as her orgasm neared.

With one hand still on Jeff’s head, her other hand now squeezing her tit and pulling firmly on her nipple, Ann reared her head back as far as it would go, held her breath for ten seconds, and finally felt her whole body explode with one huge orgasm. Her juices literally gushed out onto Jeff’s face and tongue, which he continued to lap at which in turn kept pushing Ann further into orgasmic oblivion. Ann finally had to push Jeff away or she was sure she would just explode with pure pleasure. She turned around and kissed Jeff roughly, forcing her tongue into Jeff’s mouth and savoring her flavors from within him.

Ann also noticed Jeff’s cock, which she believed was bigger than she had ever seen it before. Ann sat back onto her heels on the floor of Jeff’s mother’s bedroom and slowly stroked Jeff’s cock, smearing his pre-cum all over his cock and balls, enabling her hand to glide smoothly over the engorged organ. Jeff just leaned back and closed his eyes savoring the moment. His cock was ready to burst and he told Ann so. Ann wasn’t about to waste that beautiful cock or its impending huge load on a mere hand job, so she pushed Jeff back further onto the floor and, while holding Jeff’s cock with one hand and her pussy open with her other hand, Ann slowly impaled herself onto Jeff’s rigid tool. Both Jeff and Ann simply closed their eyes and had their heads back as the sheer pleasure of that moment overtook the two of them. Jeff’s cock seemed to actually push Ann’s cervix off to the side in an attempt go deeper than it ever had before.

Ann was beside herself. She thought to herself how she never felt so full, so completely full of cock. She started to topride Jeff, slowly at first, but soon picking up speed and gyrating her pelvis into Jeff’s. As Ann ground her pussy onto Jeff’s cock and her clit into Jeff’s body, Jeff reached up and began pinching and pulling on Ann’s nipples. This maneuver sent shivers up and down Ann’s body, between the base of her brain and the nerve endings inside her cunt. They could both hear and feel the ‘squishing’ coming from Ann’s pussy as Jeff started to buck his hips up, thrusting his cock seemingly deeper into Ann, trying to go further than he’s ever been before.

“Oh my God, Jeff!” “I’m cumming!”


Jeff thrust his hips up as far as he could, Ann ground her cunt into Jeff as hard as she could, and Jeff pinched and twisted canlı bahis siteleri both of Ann’s nipples as roughly a she could. This combination caused the two of them to cum simultaneously. Ann screamed as the wave of pure pleasure washed through her body continuously. Jeff roared deeply as his cock shot burst after burst of semen into Ann, subconsciously thinking that he has never cum this much before. As Ann started to calm down somewhat, Jeff was still firing his load deep into her pussy, still bouncing Ann up and down in his lap until finally his cock started to soften.

Ann raised herself up and off of Jeff’s cock and sat on his stomach. This allowed all of Jeff’s semen to leak slowly out of Ann’s cunt onto his stomach so that she can play with it and clean him up as she has grown to enjoy during their relationship.

Ann leaned forward and kissed Jeff, their tongues going at it, Jeff sucking on Ann’s and Ann sucking on Jeff’s. Ann started to slide herself down Jeff’s body, gently biting on Jeff’s nipples and dragging her tongue south toward the huge puddle of cum that pooled on Jeff’s stomach. His navel was filled with cum. It was seemingly everywhere, from the base of his cock to his abs. Ann started to openly kiss and lick Jeff’s stomach, gathering as much cum onto her tongue, showing it to Jeff and then swallowing her mouthfuls audibly.

Once Jeff was reasonably cleaned off, Ann slid back up and settled into Jeff’s chest to relax. Jeff held her close and soon they both drifted off to sleep.

“Oh my God! Jeff! Jeff, help me! Please Jeff, come help me!”

Linda was struggling with her wrist restraints in an attempt to free herself. She looked down and saw that her nightgown was bunched up under her neck and she could see her panties on the bed next to her feet. Then it suddenly dawned on her that if Jeff heeds her call, he will most certainly see her naked. She continued to struggle with her restraints furiously, but the simple Velcro was doing its intended job very well.

Meanwhile, Linda’s cries for help were heard on the floor just below Linda’s bed by both Ann and Jeff. Jeff was scared. He fell asleep and forgot about tying his mother to the headboard and then stripping her naked.

Ann opened her eyes wide as she, too, came to the realization that the left Linda in her current state, not prepared to deal with this situation. They had to think real fast. Ann looked at Jeff, put her finger to her lips, and motioned for Jeff to follow her lead. Ann then slithered commando-style along the bedroom floor and out the door to the upstairs hallway. Jeff was right behind her. Once outside, Ann suggested to Jeff that she be the one to go back in, “responding’ to Linda’s pleas for help. She will keep Linda occupied while Jeff sneaks back in and gets their clothes and sneaks back out again. Ann went into Jeff’s room, put on a pair of his gym shorts and an old t-shirt and re-entered Linda’s bedroom.

As Ann took in the scene before her, she decided then and there that she was in control of this situation. As she approached the bed, Linda kept saying to Ann; “Thank God you came. I would have died if Jeff saw me like this. Please, Ann, help me and we can try to sort out what happened here.”

Ann approached Linda, scanning her body, the nipples so pretty and stiff, her pussy with the curly hair, her thighs so creamy and smooth.

Ann thought to herself and then said to Linda; “I’ll tell you what happened here last night, Linda. Jeff and I did this. We thought you were in need of some serious loving and wanted to help you out. We just got carried away and accidentally left you like you are now.”

“WHAT!?!? Are you INSANE!?? Untie me this instant so I can kill you both! Do it right now!”

With that outburst from his mother, Jeff came into the room and sat on the bed next to his mother. “Jeff, get out of here RIGHT NOW! I do NOT want you to see me like this. And get this disgusting slut out of my sight RIGHT NOW! I don’t want her in my house ever again.”

“Mom” Jeff replied, “Ann is right. We did this together last night. And we got carried away.” As Jeff was talking, Ann started to caress Linda’s arm, dragging her fingernails along the underside of Linda’s upper arm, down across her shoulder, and ultimately onto Linda’s breast. Ann could see the goose bumps form on Linda’s breasts as Ann flicked a fingernail back and forth over Linda’s nipple.

“STOP THAT! What do you think you’re doing?!?”

“Just having some fun, Linda. That’s all. Now why don’t you relax and enjoy yourself?”

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