Stowe Inn Lodge



Victoria, having grown tired of working for/with Hugh ~ has accepted the full time job of Front Desk Manager at the Inn where she had worked in a part-time capacity in Stowe, VT.

~This is her story ~

They had met over the internet, inasmuch as one can call that “meeting”, and after exchanging emails, and numerous phone calls between them, he had asked if she would like to have a visitor. She accepted his offer, and made the room arrangements, using her position at the Front Desk to her advantage, now he was due to arrive within the hour. She was so lost in her running down the mental list of preparations, that she jumped when the phone rang.

“Stowe Inn Lodge, Victoria here. How may I be of assistance?” The words of greeting rolled off her tongue.

“You sound a bit breathless there, Sweet Lady,” came the pleasant, baritone voice she immediately recognized, and a smile lit her features as he continued to speak.

“Did the phone catch you taking a kip?” He laughed.

“No, not really. More of a preoccupation mode,” she laughingly replied. “Where are you at present, Sir William?”

“We’ve only just taxied from the runway and are headed for the gate. How are you? Are you sure I didn’t catch you napping?” He liked teasing Victoria, cause sometimes she could become so flustered, that her English accent would come out of hiding and then would take its time about returning to its hiding place.

“I’m fine, thank you Sir William. You say you’ve only just taxied in to the gate?” While Victoria was speaking she had signalled the bellhop and he was standing before her, on the Lobby side of the Front Desk. She continued, saying, “I’ll inform the courtesy driver to start out for you. Barring icy roads, we should see you in about three quarters of an hour, right?”

“Yes, Sweet Lady, you shall. I’m looking forward to this meeting. I hope you are as well. See you soon. Out.”

Without waiting for her to close her side of the conversation, he quickly closed off his side as the plane drew even with the gangway. They would start disembarking in a few more minutes.

Victoria hung up the receiver, and then turned her attention to the young college student who stood before her. “Robert,” she started, “That was Sir William Smythe. He’s going to be staying with us while on his holiday. Will you please find James and send him on out to the airport?” She started writing furiously on a piece of paper while she was speaking.

Handing the paper to him, she continued, “Then take this key, and please make sure the room is in readiness. Make certain that the Dom is on ice, and the strawberries are in a bowl and are also on ice. Now, go! He’ll be here in forty minutes.”

“Yes, Miss Victoria,” he replied courteously and left to find James and fulfill his duties as assigned by Victoria. After he had found James, he snagged the elevator and went up to the tenth floor, and then into Suite 1012 to make certain all was in readiness and to Miss Victoria’s explicit orders. He turned on the recessed lighting and then dimmed it.

Looking to the table in front of the picture window, he saw the bucket with the bottle of Dom, but there was no ice and no towel with which to cover the bottle. Propping open the door, he ran down the hall and into the service area. Throwing open the lid of the ice machine, he grabbed two of the styrofoam buckets nearby and upon filling them, stopped to grab two White Linen towels, then sprinted back to the room, and filled the bucket and placed the Dom on top of the ice. He then placed one White Linen towel on top and slightly around the bottle as Miss Victoria had taught him to do.

Then he added fresh ice to the bowl under the berries and placed the other linen towel over them. Grabbing the doorstop and replacing it behind the door, he pulled the door closed, picked up the styrofoam buckets and then whistled his way back to the service area, and then into the elevator.

Upon reaching the lobby, he checked his watch as he headed back to the Front Desk. As he approached, Victoria looked up in his direction.

Robert held up his hand to forestall the woman in mid-sentence, and smiled, saying, “All is in readiness, per your instructions, Miss Victoria. Will there be anything else tonight?” He was the picture of politeness and respect, and Victoria couldn’t help but smile.

“Oh, Robert! Thank you! I really do appreciate your going up and taking care of that for me.” She glanced at her watch and saw that they had about five minutes to spare, if that, and then turned her head to look out the Lobby door as she saw the approaching headlights and knew she had NO time left.

“Robert? You’re a peach and a lifesaver. Only one more thing and then you’re off for the night. Would you go meet the car and bring in Sir William’s bags and take them up? James is on overtime as it is right now, or I’d have him do it.”

“No worries, Miss Victoria. I’ll do it gladly!” Grinning at her, he gave her a mock escort ataşehir salute and sprinted for the Lobby entrance doors. He didn’t glance backward or he’d have seen a normally self-assured young woman, looking suddenly quite pale and flustered.

The time had come; and she was about to meet the man in whose company she had spent so much time, either in conversation on the computer, or on the phone. They had each made the other laugh, oft times stepping on what the other person was saying.

She looked up as the Lobby doors slid open, allowing a blast of cold, yet crisp air to sweep over and revive her. Just in time too, she thought, cause she needed to open her mouth and speak, as Sir William now stood before her.

Eyes the color of Blue Topaz slid up to meet eyes the color of a rich, warm Cognac. She took in the small mustache on his upper lip, and the glasses with their colored lenses. He was almost 6 feet in height, and his body was long and lean. She guessed his weight to be about 165lbs. He was quite pleasing to the eye; “easy on the eyes” was the expression.

“Good Evening, Sir William. Welcome to Stowe Inn Lodge,” she said when she was sure her voice wouldn’t squeek like a mouse. She extended her hand and continued, “I’m Victoria Phillips, the Front Desk Manager. I’ve readied your room and Robert here, will take your bags up; and then I’ll send someone up from housekeeping to unpack for you. I do hope you’ll find the accomodations to your liking and that you’ll be most comfortable.”

With a half turn in the bellhop’s direction, she said to the young man who stood, waiting patiently, “Robert? Will you take Sir William’s bags to Suite 1012?” She handed Robert back the key he’d left with her just mere minutes before when he’d come down from doing the room check.

“Yes, Miss Phillips. Sir William, if you’ll follow me please? It’s this way. I’ll get someone from housekeeping for you, Miss Phillips.”

Sir William silently assessed the young lady before him. There was a directness in her blue gaze that showed anyone looking on that she was sure of herself and could pretty much handle any situation that was tossed in her direction. Her hand was soft, and the grip gentle and yet firm. He imagined how her grip would feel whilst holding his cock, and he was finding himself becoming aroused. Getting to know her was going to be quite the adventure.

Her voice was just as pleasing in person as it was over the phone; soft, cultured tones were her strength, and yet he could imagine it with an edge if it became necessary. He made a mental note to be sure that he made every effort to have, and hear, her purr like a kitten, if she could, during his stay.

He realized that he still held her hand and the lapse of time was vastly becoming noted. He gently squeezed it and slowly let it slip from within his grasp.

“Aah, yes. Thank you very much, Miss Phillips. I hope the requests were no bother. There is a view I take it?” He raised his eyebrow ever so slightly as he asked this question, hoping that she would pick up on his lightly veiled undertone. He chuckled softly to himself as he saw the blush rise to her cheeks. She understood what he’d meant.

Unflustered on the outside, she looked him straight in the eye when she answered.

“Yes, Sir William. You have a view of the East Slope and the start of

our small valley at the foothills. I trust that will be to your liking?”

Locking gazes with her, he gave a slight imperceptible nod of his head, and said, “Yes, Sweet Lady; that will be perfect.” Then turning to follow Robert, he called out, “Lead on young man. I’m right behind you.” With that, the duo walked away from the desk.

Victoria leaned against the desk for support as the stiffening suddenly left her legs. He was quite possibly one of the most handsome men, in a Clark Gable sort of way, that she’d met. She suddenly felt like Scarlett O’Hara must have, in “Gone With The Wind” when she had found herself quite suddenly swept off her feet by Rhett Butler.

She was still leaning on the desk when the Front Desk side of her office door opened, behind and to the left of her, and Kris walked out holding a piece of paper.

“Victoria?” she called out, rushing over to the hunched over woman, “Victoria? Are you all right?” Kris pushed the secretary chair up to her friend and co-worker and helped her sit.

“What in the Sam hill is wrong with you? You’re as pale as a ghost!”

“Oh my god, Kris! Sir William just arrived, and like Rhett did to Scarlett, he swept me off my feet. Just by a mere few words and exchanged glances. What’s this,” she asked as she straightened in the chair, indicating the paper Kris held.

“It’s the list you asked me to compile for the incoming arrivals next weeksend. I wanted your approval so final choices could be made and the girls, and their respective duties, were assigned.” Kris answered.

Victoria took the list from Kris’ outstretched hand as she stood kadıköy escort bayan and walked round to the computer desk that stood in a cubby to the left of the Front Desk. Kris rolled the secretary chair round and Victoria sat down as the two ladies perused the compiled list.

“You’re sure they’re ready and know what’s expected of them, Kris?” Victoria asked, not looking up.

“Yes, Victoria. I’m sure.” Just as Victoria opened her mouth to speak, the phone rang and she picked it up.

“Front Desk. Phillips here” was how she answered this phone. A burst of male laughter filtered into her ear, and made her smile.

“William Smythe here. Thank you for the Dom and strawberries, Sweet Lady. You do know how to appeal to the senses; but didn’t you forget one important ingredient?” He laughed as he asked his question.

Victoria’s forehead furrowed as she thought, what on earth did I forget? Then it dawned on her. The Fondue Pot and White chocolate!

“DAMN!” she muttered under her breath.

“You’re quite right, Sir William. I’ll be right up with it.” With that said, she rang off and turned to Kris.

“As you heard, that was Sir William Smythe; Suite 1012. I need to go up and see to a few things that were forgotten. Would you mind taking over early for me? I really don’t want to keep him waiting. I know I owe you as is, so can we just chalk this one up to the total?”

“That’s why I’m here, Victoria. Go! I know how you are about whom to keep waiting and whom not to. Sir William is definitely not one to be kept waiting. I clocked in before I even came to your office to start work on this list. And yes, I’ll file it away in the proper place; and we can talk about it tomorrow when you come down. Now, Go!”

Victoria was up and out of the chair in no time. She opened her office door and grabbed her purse from the coat rack just inside, then closed the door and left the desk. She was officially off duty now, or was once she removed the name badge from her Navy Blue Blazer and undid her square knotted tie.

She stepped into the elevator and pressed “10”, and was then whisked upward. She stepped onto the tenth floor and turned right to go to the service area, pulling out her keys as she went into the area and found the cabinet she needed. Inserting the key and turning the lock, she reached in and removed the stainless steel fondue pot and two sterno pots. She had the white chocolate in her bag. She then stood, closed and relocked the cabinet and turning left, headed back into the hall for Suite 1012, her low heeled pumps making little noise on the carpet runner.

The soft strains of “Fur Elise” drifted down the hall as Victoria neared Sir Williams’ suite. Once there, she knocked on the door and it opened inward on quiet hinges. She stared into the same warm cognac colored eyes that had faced her over her desk just scant minutes before.

“Aaah, you found the errant items. Do come in Sweet Lady.” Sir William stepped back from the door and ushering Victoria into the room, closed the door behind him.

Victoria first pulled an oblong material trivet from her bag, then the chocolate and placed these items on the table. She then placed the fondue set on the trivet, opened a sterno can, and placed it in the bottom of the fondue stand. Then she crumbled up the chocolate into the pot and added the milk that Robert had so thoughtfully placed in the ice, along with the bowl of lush, ripe berries.

She felt Sir William’s presense behind her even before she turned around. She then placed her bag under the floor length tablecloth and turned around to face Sir William.

He barely caught her, as she turned around, so close was he behind her. She smelled like warm vanilla, and it tickled his senses. She was totally unaware of just how sexy she was. She emitted a small amount of what the ‘old boys’ called “animal magnetism” She felt good, soft; as he held her against his chest.

He brought his head down and quickly captured her exposed right earlobe between his teeth and brought his tongue to trace the outer edge of it. He felt her shiver as electricity shot through her, and he held her earlobe tighter when she tried to pull it out of his mouth.

“No, Sweet Lady,” he said in a low rumble, his mouth against her ear. “Relax, and be still.”

Victoria’s shivers were renewed with every word he spoke against her earlobe. Neither one moved, as he stood there, patiently waiting for her shivers to subside. Then, as he felt her relax, he recaptured the lobe, and slowly started to trace his tongue from front to back and from back to front along the edge of her ear. Then slowly he let the lobe slide from his mouth, and nibbled his way up the back of her ear.

She’d told him once that the inside of her ear was very sensitive when her lover would dart his tongue or swirl within it. He was about to test that theory for himself.

As he drew his mouth slowly toward the center of her ear, he heard her shakily in-drawn breath, escort bostancı and he quickly thrust his tongue into and near the center of her ear. Victoria let her head immediately fall back and Sir William felt her then tilt to the right as she tried, albeit in a very unsuccessful effort, to shake him loose from his plan.

She grasped the firm upperarms beneath her fingers as she felt his tongue fill her ear and stab at the center of it. A shakey sound was ripped from her as she felt her control shatter at her feet.

Victoria expelled a shakey groan on a whisper of breath as Sir William continued the onslaught of her ear. She stood against him, his shoulder acting as her rock, as she felt her knees begin to weaken as the stabbing sensations created by Sir William’s tongue continued to rocket through her. She closed her eyes on the need this was awakening within her belly and shooting downward and outward from there.

She let her head fall back again, this time exposing her neck and the slightly distended vein along the side, and under her right ear. She stood, completely pliant within his arms.

Sir William felt the change within the woman he held against him, and he knew he wanted to enjoy her, and not rush the night and its shared enjoyments. He slowly withdrew his tongue from her ear, and was quite content to just hold her until rigidity could return to her legs and she could stand on her own. He heard her breathing return to normal, and soon felt her heart stop its racing.

He raised his head until he could look down upon her face with its small and delicate features. Then, bending forward, he lightly kissed the lips that were upturned in his direction.

“Victoria? Could I interest you in some champaigne and berries? They’re both just the right temperature, and were, by the way, iced and wrapped, as is appropriate.”

As he had been speaking, he’d gently let go of her waist and had walked around to the table that stood behind them. As he walked around her, he had trailed his right hand along her right hip and lightly grazed, with an open palm, the right cheek of Victoria’s rear. He picked up the other fluted champaign glass and poured the chilled, amber fluid into both glasses, then turned and handed her one of them.

“Here, Sweet Lady, let’s toast to us and a night of unrivaled pleasures.” Their gazes locked and held, as they clinked the thin glasses together and then drank deeply of the throat chilling liquid.

“Did you find everything to your liking, upon entering the room, Sir William? Save for the forgotten fondue set and chocolate, I mean. I trust it was to your satisfaction and specifications? If nothing else, I do pride myself on making certain every last possible detail has been addressed when making the rooms ready.”

Sir William stepped closer to the small woman who had bent to dip a luscious, red strawberry into the now melted white chocolate and was in the process of taking a bite. He again caressed her rear as it fit into his hand so nicely, and he liked the feel of it beneath his hand. He was getting aroused again just thinking of later that night, while, with his cock buried in her cunt, he’d slip a well-lubed finger into the tightness he was sure he’d find in her rear.

He leaned forward just a bit, and after placing his glass on the table, he placed his hands, one on each side of Victoria, thus imprisoning her between his arms, his body, and the table. Then he inched ever closer to her rear, until his now erect cock could press itself against her through the material of her Navy Blue Wool Surge skirt when he leaned against her.

“You feel that against you?” He asked. At her nodded assent, he stepped closer and ground it against the crack of her rear. “Think of it as your own special lollipop. I’d like you to lick it later. And in answer to your questions, yes, I found everything to be to my liking and specifications. You did yourself quite proud, I must say. I was very pleased.”

Before turning around, she picked up another strawberry, dipped it in the warm white chocolate, turned to face him and placed the berry into his open mouth. He bit into the slightly hardening chocolate, with a light cruch, and was rewarded when the berry broke into succulant bits within his mouth, and the juice squirted on his tongue.

Victoria raised her thumb and forefinger to her mouth and sucked the juice from the tips of them. Sir William groaned at the suggestiveness of her movement and removing his hands from the table top, he raised them up and started to undo the blue and white pinstripe blouse of her uniform.

Undoing the last button, he slowly let his hands steal inside the now open blouse. He urged her to step forward just a bit, and reached around and unhooked her white lacy strapless bra, setting her breasts free of their prison with its underwire bars. He then took the bra from off her torso, and flung it in the direction of the armchair by the desk.

His hands then slid upward on her semi-warm skin until they were able to cradle the white orbs before him. His fingers, as if with a mind of their own, splayed outward and took a nipple between thumb and forefinger of each hand. He pulled on first one, and then the other; slowly turning them.

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