The city life is not one to be taken lightly, as Cindy figured out long ago when she first moved into an apartment in the downtown area almost a year ago. She decided to leave her parent’s place after graduating high school at the age of nineteen. She currently goes to college in the day, but almost every day for the last six months, she works at a restaurant during the night. Luckily for her, it is close to her place.

It is another one of those nights as she walks up the stairs to her third-floor apartment before she opens her door and enters. After closing and locking the door, she looks to the couch where her younger brother is sitting. He is playing a game. “Ugh…” Cindy says before heading to the couch. Her brother turns to her before pausing the game as Cindy gets on the couch and lays her head on her brother’s lap, her long red hair spreading everywhere it can go.

“Another one of those nights?” He asks. Cindy just groans.

“I really need to find a better job.” She says as she groans more into his lap.

“Well, you were the one that wanted to leave home early.” Her brother says.

“Stop repeating that, Robert.” Cindy says with a slight growl.

Robert chuckles a bit before he rubs her back. “Now, now. I’m just teasing you like usual.”

Cindy turns over and looks at him with angry, but tired eyes. “As always…”

“Want a massage? I know you love my massages.” Robert suggests.

Cindy nods slowly before she sits up. Robert sits her on his lap before he starts his nightly massages. Cindy groans softly as her little brother rubs his hands over her work clothes. “Today was really shitty. I sometimes hate the customers, the ones that just come there to aggravate people. It’s either wanting their food done a certain way or always wanting their spot or…” She moans softly when Robert undoes a knot on her back.

“I know, sis. Just relax.” Robert says. Cindy groans and moans softly as his hands work on her back. She loves her brother’s massages.

“Mmm, I love your hands.” Cindy says as she bends down while Robert goes lower. She slowly grinds on his lap, like she tends to do.

“What are you gonna do tomorrow?” Robert asks as he massages her lower back.

“Well, I don’t know. I don’t have classes since it will be Friday. And work as usual later on.” Cindy says before groaning more when Robert passes his hands up along her spine and rubs her shoulders again.

“Hmm, you can stay with me in the morning.” Robert says as he undoes her bra through her white work blouse.

“Don’t I always stay with you in the mornings?” Cindy asks playfully as she feels her brother slowly take her blouse off while still massaging.

“Well, it’s not a bad thing, is it?” Robert asks as Cindy’s blouse and bra are removed from her body, revealing her large D-cup breasts. Cindy moans softly as Robert starts massaging them.

“True. More…” Cindy moans as Robert massages her breasts more while rubbing her nipples. Cindy puts her head on his right shoulder. Robert licks her neck gently, making her shiver. “Mmm…” She keeps moaning as Robert gently massages and pulls on her nipples softly. “I love your hands…”

Cindy closes her eyes as she keeps feeling her brother touch her like he has done every night, except on certain nights. She thinks back to when this all started, and it wasn’t when he moved in with her. When they were younger, but in high school still, Robert massaged her whenever Cindy was stressed. They never went too far, but she always let him massage her breasts. It felt good to her and still does to this day. It was only about a month after he moved in with her that it went further, though she never stopped him or fought him, even if it was him that took it further.

Cindy keeps moaning as she feels Robert massage her right breast and nipple while his left hand trails down and starts rubbing her thighs under her skirt. It isn’t a long skirt, though it comes close to her knees. It is slightly frilly. Cindy keeps moaning when she feels Robert rub her pussy lips through her lacy panties. She is already wet thanks to his touches. Robert gently sucks on her neck as he massages her breast more while he moves her panties and rubs her lips directly. “Oh Robert… Yes, little bro…”

Cindy turns her head and kisses her Robert, who returns it while he massages and rubs her more. His fingers snake into her and fingers her quickly, making Cindy moan in his mouth as her body heats up. She loves it when they go this far almost every night. It is a taboo she loves. It is the only way she can ever get turned on. The couch creaks lightly as the siblings keep kissing and touching, with Cindy still grinding on his lap. She feels how hard he is, something bahis firmaları that she always loves feeling. Cindy moans loudly in his mouth as she orgasms on his fingers. They break the kiss. Cindy pants heavily as Robert chuckles lightly.

“How you feel?” He asks, still having his hands on her.

“Good. I love your massages. Time to return the favor.” Cindy giggles and moans softly as Robert takes his fingers out. He cleans them, turning Cindy on more before she stands. She undoes the skirt and puts it next to the blouse on the couch before taking off her soaked panties. Robert just watches his big sister. Cindy stands over five and a half feet tall, though is shorter than Robert. Her body is something she is proud off thanks to her workouts. Most of her body is toned while her breasts are perky, but have a slight sag. Her ass, however, is something she could never control. It is large and round, which sticks out a lot. Why she always wears a skirt or any baggy clothes to hide it.

Cindy turns around as she watches her brother checking her out. He looks at her pussy, which has a patch of red hair in the shape of a triangle. He looks at her breasts and nipples, which are large and pointy at the moment. They are thick, almost the size of a nickel and stick out less than half an inch. Her areolas almost match her pale skin, though slightly pinker. Her long red hair almost touches her ass. Her legs are his favorite things, however, with them being slightly slender and smooth. Her thighs and hips are thick and wide, helping her ass stand out more.

Cindy blushes before she gets on her knees. She grabs Robert’s house shorts and pulls them down, along with his boxers, revealing his meaty member. She gently grabs his long seven-inch cock with a large girth, though is still be able to fit in her. Robert watches as Cindy licks the head before she gently begins sucking it. She looks at him as she starts her blow job. Robert has been her first for everything. She has always had back luck with guys in the past. Robert is the only guy she sees worthy to be a man, even if he is a gamer.

Robert moans softly as Cindy strokes him gently while sucking on the head, her tongue swirling around it. She gets it as wet as she can while she reaches down and rubs herself. She always loved giving her brother head, to the point of almost being dominant whenever she wanted it. She blushes at the thought while stroking him more. She keeps the head in her mouth, however, as she eyes him. Robert closes his eyes as he feels the tip of her tongue rub along the holes while her lips suck on the head more. Cindy smirks as she watches his expressions.

Robert rubs her head as he keeps moaning before feeling Cindy start deepthroating him quickly. Though she has a gag reflex, she never let it stop her, especially when her brother loves hearing her gag. She has five inches in her mouth as she strokes the rest, her head bobbing with each slurp and gag. “Mmm Cindy… Yeah, suck that cock.” Robert moans softly. Cindy giggles before she puts the rest of the cock in her mouth, gagging still, but sucks while using her tongue to rub it.

Robert moans loudly. “Cumming!” He almost yells, remembering how close the neighbors are. Cindy has her eyes closed as she feels his milk go down her throat. She drinks it all before she pulls out, looking at Robert with want. Robert pants as he looks at her, chuckling at her expression. Cindy pants as she drools. “You always go too far.” He says.

Cindy looks at him as she wipes her drool. “I’m not complaining. And you like it.” She says before getting on his lap. Before she can do anything, Robert grabs her and pins her to the couch, enticing a squeal from her. She gasps as she watches him trail his tongue down her stomach before opening her legs and licking her clit. “Mmm… Robert, no fair.” She whines and moans as Robert swirls his tongue around the nub.

Cindy watches as her brother licks her clit before licking her pussy lips while holding her legs apart. She moans as she grabs her nipples and plays with them. “Mmm, so good. Eat your pussy, little bro.” She moans out as she licks her right nipple. Robert keeps licking before sliding his tongue in. He can never get enough of her taste as his tongue moves around inside of her. Cindy groans lowly as she watches her little brother still. She grabs his head with her left hand and pushes his head more into her while gripping his brown spiky hair. “Yeah, right there. Ooh that’s the spot. Lick there, lick there.”

Robert hears her words as he dines on his big sister. He keeps her legs apart still as his tongue swirls around inside of her walls. He hears Cindy moan louder, though she sucks on her right nipple to keep her quiet. He feels her heat kaçak iddaa up more and tremble as he tongues her harder. Cindy gasps before her legs overpowers his arms and grips his head while Cindy pushes his head in more with her hand. She bites her bottom lip to stop her from yelling as she violently orgasms. Her body twitches before she relaxes as she lets go of her brother. She moans softly as she feels Robert licking up her juices and pussy before he gets on her and kisses her deeply. Cindy returns it as the siblings hold each other, fighting for dominance in her mouth.

After the slight tongue war, the siblings pant as they break the kiss. They stare at each other as Cindy rubs his right cheek. She blushes before they kiss again, this time being gentle. Though Cindy moans when she feels Robert rub the head of his cock on her pussy lips before it spreads them then slides inside of her. She keeps moaning in his mouth before feeling herself get full.

Cindy breaks the kiss as she holds onto her brother. “Oh Robert… fuck me. Fuck your big sis and fill me with your cum…” She pants before moaning more as Robert licks her neck before his hips begin to move. Cindy closes her eyes as she grips his back while keeping her legs apart. Robert holds her close as his cock slides in and out of his sister’s wet hole. The couch creaks with each movement.

Cindy keeps panting as she moans softly while playing with Robert’s hair. She feels him suck on her neck as his hands rub her back. She thinks back to when it went further, roughly around when she started working at the restaurant. Robert moved in with her a month before she started working at the restaurant, her second job she started after the first job she had when she moved in to the city had to let her go when the store she worked in closed. Robert helped her find the second job.

Cindy was grateful her brother moved in with her, especially when their routine of his massages went back to how they normally went on the first day he moved in. Cindy wanted her brother for years because of how he treated her, how he touched her and made everything go away. She never voiced it until the second day of her new job was rough for her. Robert massaged her worries away until he decided to massage other parts, something he had always wanted to do. Cindy was ecstatic when he did and told him how she felt. Since then, both siblings have spent their free time together at night, doing things both want.

Cindy keeps moaning as she thinks about the days she and Robert spent together. Her pussy is soaked before she cums from the movements and thoughts in her mind. Robert doesn’t stop, however. Cindy keeps her legs spread. She obeys her brother during sex, except when she wants to suck him. That is something she always gets. The couch keeps creaking as the TV plays music from the game Robert was playing, somewhat muffling the sounds they are making.

“Oh Robert… You always feel so good to me… Don’t ever leave me…” Cindy mutters as she rubs his back. Robert leaves a hickie on her neck before kissing her deeply. Cindy returns it as their bodies slow down. The siblings stay on the couch as they keep kissing, Cindy rubbing her legs along Robert’s. Their tongues play with one another before they break the kiss for air. Both pant.

“Cindy, I’m not gonna leave you. What kind of little brother would I be?” Robert asks, licking her lips.

Cindy giggles as she rubs his hair. “Oh Robert… I just can’t be in love with anyone else… I know we are committing taboo, the best kind, but I want this always. Even if we are just starting out.”

Robert kisses her again. “I know. I feel the same way. Plus, you look so good. No way I can let any guy have my big sister.” Cindy giggles more before Robert moves around with her. He sits on the couch with Cindy on his lap. “Now, what do you want to do?” He asks as he rubs her sides.

Cindy shivers from that. “Well, you still gotta fill me. I’m still on the pill. Can’t get pregnant just yet. Though only you get that privilege.”

Robert chuckles before he grips his sister’s hips and begins bouncing her. Cindy moans from that as she grips his shoulders. “Mmm, so good…”

Cindy keeps moaning. “Oh yes. Only you can have me, love me, fuck me, fill me, control me…” She rides her brother more.

Robert rubs her sides as he watches her bounce. “You always say that, sis.”

Cindy looks at him with ecstasy in her eyes. “Because it’s what I want… I love being like this. I love my brother’s cock. His cum. Everything.”

Robert licks her neck. “Even when I annoy you?”

Cindy bounces harder. “Even when you annoy me… I still love my little brother… No one can have you. You are mine only. And my pussy belongs kaçak bahis to you.” She says as her ass slaps against his legs.

“Mmm, you love getting like this, huh? I won’t leave my sister, but we do have to be quiet. The walls may be thick, but the neighbors are some feet away.” Robert says before he licks her breasts.

Cindy bites her lip as she keeps riding. “Yeah true… Wish we could find a better place so I can scream your name. I do love getting this kinky. Every sister should be like this.” She watches her brother lick her nipples as he holds her breasts together while she rides him harder.

“Mmm, well not every sister has our fetish. I’m lucky to have a sister like you, though. Only you want me like this. Makes you the best sister in the world.” Robert says as he sucks on her nipples. Cindy grabs her panties quickly before shoving them in her mouth as she slams down and cums. She screams into the panties as Robert moans from cumming himself.

The siblings pant as they sit still, both covered in sweat. Robert fills his sister as he sucks on her nipples gently. Cindy pants as she holds onto his shoulders before taking her panties out of her mouth. “Oh fuck… That was so good… I love it when you complement me…” She says as she tries to catch her breath.

Robert chuckles lightly before he looks at her, massaging her breasts softly. “It’s not a bad thing, right?” Cindy giggles at that. Robert kisses her as he wraps his arms around her. Cindy returns it and does the same. The siblings kiss heavily as their tongues play with each other. Cindy rubs Robert’s back again as he rubs her back. The couch creaks a bit from Cindy moving on her brother. They break the kiss before looking at each other.

“I love my little brother. I will always be your obedient sister. I will suck you when you ask me, or when I want. I will have your cum inside of me as often as I can. I will do whatever you ask. And keep you happy.” Cindy says with a giggle.

Robert chuckles. “I love you too, sis. And I know you will. I’m not gonna leave you or anything.”

Cindy nods. “I know. I just like saying it. You give me a good purpose in things. A lot of things that I have done or will happen are because of you. I’m the happiest with you, Robert.”

Robert rubs her sides again. “That’s because I want you happy. It’s a brother’s duty to keep his sister happy.”

Cindy hugs him. “Thanks. I sometimes wonder how things would be if you never massaged me when we were younger…” Robert rubs her back. Cindy puts her head on his shoulder. “Would we be like this or would I be different?” She ponders.

“I don’t think you would be different. Maybe not being into incest, but you would still be you.” Robert says.

Cindy looks at him. “Maybe. But I did think about incest around the time I started high school. It was that odd fantasy most people have, one no one would reveal to anyone. Your massages were normal when we were in middle school before you got brave when I was a sophomore. Though I never said or did anything. I just let you…” She moans softly when Robert rubs her breasts.

“We always have this conversation, you know.” He says as he rubs her nipples.

“Just like to remember. Few people get to have their fantasy come true. Though was always hoping we could do things before we graduated. I did like grinding on you. Still do.” She says, moaning softly from the touches.

“That’s because of our parents. You aren’t exactly quiet.” Robert says, making Cindy blush. “Though I don’t mind. But only I want to hear your screams.” Cindy giggles, her blush still apparent.

Robert chuckles before Cindy remembers what he was doing earlier. “Oh yeah, I forgot you were playing when I came home.” She turns around on him. “What game is that?” She asks.

Robert holds her. “A game someone in class developed. It still in the early stages. No name yet.” Cindy nods as she looks at the TV. She bends down and picks up the controller before giving it to Robert. She then lays back and gets comfortable. Robert chuckles before he starts playing again. “You know, as much as I do like you on me like this, you didn’t bring any food.”

Cindy rolls her eyes before looking at him. “Yeah, it wasn’t a good day today. But I’ll cook something for you. What you want?” She asks.

“Well, I did buy a few things. Haven’t had your favorite in a while.” Robert says as he plays.

Cindy giggles. “Well it hasn’t been too long… But I know you love my cooking, so I’ll make it.” She says before getting up, both moaning as Robert’s cock slides out. Cindy gets down and quickly cleans him before heading to the kitchen of their small apartment. Robert watches her ass shake with her walking before he goes back to playing the game. Cindy grabs the stuff he brought and starts prepping the meal.

The night continues on as the siblings do their routine for the night, the city being as normal as it can be.

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