Strip Poker with the Family


This story is based on true events, and all characters are 18 at the time the story took place (The names of the characters have been changed to protect the identities of everyone involved). Any feedback or comments are welcome.


Late one summer night, while on a long road trip with his family, Christian suggested that they get a hotel room because everyone was tired and no one was in any condition to drive.

Christian was the older of 2 children at age 20. He was about 6′ 4″ tall, had short blonde hair, brown eyes, and was muscular and athletic. His younger brother, Bill was 18, 5′ 9″ tall, had short brown hair, brown eyes, and was slightly heavier than his brother Christian. Their mother was Susan, a 45 year old, with an amazing body. She was 5′ 4″ tall, had long blonde hair, brown eyes, a pair of 36DD’s, and a nice ass. Mike was her husband and the boys’ father. Mike was 47 years old, was 6′ 0″ tall, had black hair, brown eyes, and was starting to gain some wait, due to lack of exercise recently.

The family had been in the car for over 14 hours when they saw a nice, small, quiet looking hotel called “The Lover’s Inn”. They pulled into the hotel hoping for 3 separate rooms, but unfortunately, the hotel only had 1 open room, room 30, a room with 2 queen sized beds. Christian and Bill thought it would be awkward sleeping in the same bed in a hotel called “The Lover’s Inn” The family said the room was fine and they would take it.

When the family got to the room, Christian noticed the room number was in Roman Numerals and laughed because it was room XXX. Everyone wanted to take a shower, relax, and get some sleep, before getting back in the car the next day. Since there was only one shower, they had to take turns, letting Mike go first.

While Mike took his shower, everyone else found something for themselves to do. Bill found the sports highlights on the television and watched them. Christian got out his laptop and kept quiet, while Susan sat and looked at a magazine.

After 10 minutes, Susan got bored of reading her magazine, and didn’t want to watch the sports highlights. She dug through her suitcase and found a deck of playing cards.

“Do you guys want to play poker instead of sitting in front of the TV and your laptop?” Susan asked the boys.

“Sure, I will play,” Bill said as he turned off the television.

“Nah, I think I will pass. I am already playing poker on my laptop,” Christian said as he continued playing on his laptop.

“But that isn’t real poker, and you can’t win any money playing that,” Susan said trying to get Christian to play.

“But I have something better to play for then money on my laptop,” Christian said.

“What is there to win that is better than money?” Bill asked.

“I could see illegal bahis this girl naked if I win, I am playing strip poker,” Christian answered.

Susan looked at her son, surprised he was playing strip poker.

“Well, we could play strip poker if you like,” Susan said.

“What?” asked Christian as he looked up from his laptop in shock?

“Yeah, come on, it will be fun. It’s not like we haven’t seen nudity before. Why not?” Susan asked.

“Alright, fine.” Christian said as he closed his laptop and put it away.

“Wait, I don’t know how to play strip poker,” Bill said.

“The rules are simple,” Christian explained, “5 cards are dealt to each player, each player can then exchange as many cards as they like. The person with the worst hand loses and has to take off an article of clothing.”

“Alright, sounds easy enough,” Bill said.

Just as the cards were about to be dealt, Mike returned to the room, having finished his shower.

“Hey, what game are you guys going to play?” Mike asked.

“Strip poker,” Susan replied, “Would you like to play?”

“Yeah, I would, but I feel like I have to little clothes on,” Mike says, since he is only wearing a pair of boxers.

“Alright,” Susan says, “Everyone make sure you have on 8 articles of clothing, so we are all evenly dressed.”

Mike and Bill put more clothes on to get to the 8 pieces needed, while Susan and Christian sit waiting.

“Are we all ready to start playing?” Susan asked.

“Yes, we are ready,” Mike, Christian, and Bill replied in unison.

Susan dealt the cards to everyone and the game began. Bill lost the hand to Mike and took off his shoe. The first hands were all similar with everyone taking off the insignificant clothes, like the shoes and socks.

After about 15 hands or so, Mike was in a t-shirt, jeans, and his boxers. Bill was in a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, jeans, and his boxers. Christian was in his socks, a t-shirt, an undershirt, shorts, and his boxers. Susan was in her shirt, jeans, and her bra and panties.

Susan suggested that they took a 5 minute break, so everyone could use the bathroom. After 5 minutes, everyone was back and ready to play again.

Susan dealt the cards and Christian lost, so he took off one of his socks. The cards were dealt again, and Christian lost again, so he took off his other sock.

“Two hands in a row? What the hell?” Christian asked.

As the next hand finished, Christian was glad to see that he didn’t lose. Bill did. Bill took off his sweatshirt. The next hand was dealt and Christian knew he was going to win. He had three Queens in his hand! Susan lost the hand and took off her shirt, revealing her 36DD boobs in just a black lace bra. The guys all stared at her boobs while she dealt the next hand.

Mike was the next one to lose and illegal bahis siteleri he took of his t-shirt, showing his muscular, but heavier body. The next 2 hands Bill lost, leaving him in just his boxers. As Bill took off his jeans, Susan stared at the tent in his boxers by his cock. Bill was embarrassed of his body, because he was a little chunky, so he kept his head down, and kept quiet.

Christian lost the next hand on took off his t-shirt, showing his muscular body, covered by his undershirt. Susan then lost the hand and had to strip. She stood up slowly and began to dance while she took off her jeans. All the guys began to whistle as she seductively took off her jeans, revealing her long tan legs and matching black lace panties.

The next hand was dealt and Christian lost, so he took off his undershirt, revealing his toned body. He had an amazing 6 pack, large pecks, big shoulders, and muscular arms to match. As Christian showed his toned upper body, Susan licked her lips as she stared at him. Mike and Bill felt embarrassed and jealous, because they didn’t have a body like Christian.

The next hand was dealt and Mike lost. He took off his jeans and stood in just his boxers, where his bulge was quiet visible. Susan just smiled and giggled.

The game then got very serious because everyone knew that within a few hands, one or more of them would be naked. Bill and Mark had only there boxers left. Christian had his shorts and his boxers. Susan had her bra and panties left.

At the end of the next hand, it was Bill who lost. He slowly stood up to take off his boxers. Susan watched intently to see his cock. Mike looked away, but Christian watched, because he was always curious about how big he was compared to other men.

Bill pulled his boxers off and revealed a decent sized 7 inch cock. Christian sort of chuckled at Bill’s size, while Susan had to stop herself from reaching out a touching it.

“Since I am naked, what do I do now?” Bill asked.

“We will take it easy on you,” Susan said, “You just need to stay naked and sit with us for the rest of the game.”

Susan lost the next hand and all eyes turned to her as she stood up. She turned around so her back faced the guys as she unhooked her bra. She let the bra fall to the ground as she covered her boobs with her hands and turned back around.

“Awwwww, come on Mom,” Bill said, “I got naked without covering up, you should too!”

Susan slowly moved her hands away from her boobs and showed everyone her large breasts and pink puffy nipples. The guys stared at her boobs with their mouths open.

The next hand was dealt and Christian lost. He stood up and took off his shorts. As he pulled his shorts down, everyone could see a huge bulge forming in his boxers. Susan licked her lips as she could not wait to see canlı bahis siteleri how big Christian really was.

The next hand, Mike lost. Susan stared at her husband, waiting to see his cock. Bill looked away, not wanting to see his father naked yet, and again Christian watched as a man got naked to compare his size. When Mike pulled down his boxers, his big 10 inch cock sprung free. Christian was impressed with his father’s size, and knew he had a bigger cock than his father.

“Last hand!” Susan shouted, “Get ready to get naked like your brother and father Christian.”

“Yeah right, in your dreams,” Christian answered cockily.

Susan dealt the cards to herself and her son. Christian looked at his cards and was happy, but still traded in 2 cards. What he got back in return, was a Queen high straight.

“There is no way you are going to beat me Mom,” Christian exclaimed.

“Really?” Susan asked, “Then let’s see your hand.”

Christian revealed his Queen high straight and smiled.

“HAHAHAHA!” Susan chuckled as she laid down her four Kings.

The smile quickly vanished from Christian’s face as he realized he lost. He then slowly got up, put his thumbs in his waistband, and began to take his boxers.

“Wait,” Susan said grabbing his hands, “I want to take off your boxers and see my prize.”

Christian took his hands out of his waistband and put them in the air. “Go ahead Mom.”

Susan wasted no time at all as she quickly pulled Christian’s boxers to the floor. As she pulled down his boxers, Christian big, 10 inch cock sprung free and hit Susan in the face. She smiled when it hit her, but was surprised that he was only semi-hard.

“Wow, still not fully erect? I think I can fix that,” Susan said as she wrapped her hand around Christian’s thick shaft. She continued stroking Christian until he got hard. She thought that his cock must be at least 12 inches long.

“How big is your cock Christian?” She asked.

“It is 14 inches long I think.” He answered.

Susan then motioned Mike and Bill over to her. She grabbed Bill’s cock in one hand, Mike’s cock in another, and began to lick Christian’s cock. She increased her pace on all three men and began to deep throat Christian. Bill’s knees began to buckle as he screamed and shot his load. Mike’s knees buckled next and he shot his load also. Christian’s knees buckled almost 2 minutes later as he shot his load all over his mother’s face, boobs, and in her mouth.

Susan looked around and noticed Mike and Christian were still hard, so she got up, took her panties off and let Mike fuck her pussy while Christian fucked her ass. Christian and Mike matched each other’s rhythm so that Susan would be pounded by them almost simultaneously. All three of them came at the same time and they all slowly stopped.

The guys looked at each other, then at Susan and they laughed at the sight of her covered in all of their cum.

The rest of the night was filled with talking and more sex. They are all sure that they will never forget “The Lover’s Inn” or room XXX.

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