Strong Little Sister


Mandy was practicing her karate moves in the yard when I got home. She’s my eighteen years old little sister, two years younger than me. She was lightly dressed in a half-top and hot pants, sweating with effort as she moved her body. I couldn’t help but stare at her stunning form as she swiftly and elegantly kicked and cut the air, her shoulder-length blonde hair flailing around. It didn’t take long for her to notice me; she probably knew I was there the moment I arrived.

She returned my stare and smiled at me. I blushed and tried to avert my eyes elsewhere, pretending like I just got there. “It’s okay” I heard her say and turned to face her again, “you can watch if you want”.

I got nervous; “Uhh no no, I wasn’t staring or anything! I was just curious so I watched your body, erm, I mean I watched you train.. I-” she laughed as I was stammering, my face was very red and I felt hot, “So-Sorry, I gotta do something now; later!” I walked away from the yard’s entrance and was about to go upstairs when I heard her footsteps behind me.

“I’m going to take a shower” she said in a by the way tone; I stopped and she went past me.

“Uhm, sure, go ahead?” I replied, somewhat confused that she had to report that to me. Then I kept climbing after her.

“Wanna join me?” she asked as if she was about to watch a movie instead of taking a shower, naked. That scared the hell out of me and I just stumbled on the stairs behind her.

“What?!” I managed to croak; she laughed again, stopped and turned to face me.

“You heard me! You liked what you saw out there didn’t you.” I stared at her baffled, I couldn’t say a word. “You were staring at me, you’re attracted to me; admit it!” she just confronted me like that.

“Wait, what? How’d you come to think that? I wouldn’t; You’re my sister!” I stammered again.

“So what? I’m also a girl, and.. you know.. you’re a really hot guy. I’ve.. well…” now she was stammering too; could it be that she had a crush on me or something? My sister?!

“Thanks.. uhm, Mandy? Where are you going with this? We can’t…” she walked down a few stairs and looked down at me.

“Can’t? Can’t what; Fuck?” she simply asked as if we were talking about eating sushi and not having sex.

I almost fell down the stairs from shock, “Mandy!” I nearly yelled. “What.. don’t just say stuff like that!” I scolded her; she simply smiled and blushed.

“You’re so cute..” she started, her face slowly getting closer. “I can’t help it.. I like you, alot! I can’t stop thinking about it.. I think about you everytime I touch myself, you know, down there” she said and pointed down between her legs.

I stepped back down the stairs, stunned. “What?” I managed to blurt out and blinked at her; “Sis! This is way too wrong! You can’t think about me like that, i’m your brother!”

She started going down towards me, her face red and her eyes watering. “Why? We’re siblings but so what? Who’s gonna know?! Mom and dad aren’t here; and we won’t tell them! It’l be our little secret, okay? I’ve been holding these feelings bottled inside but I can’t do it anymore Tom! When you went on a date with that tramp Kacey, I wanted to kill her!” she shouted and threw her arms in anger. “I want you to be mine.. don’t you get it?” she sounded frustrated.

I looked away in silence, too embarassed to face her. Then she did something completely unexpected. Mandy rushed down towards me, grabbed my face with her hands and pushed her lips against mine. I tried to struggle and break away but I couldn’t; she deadlocked me and her lips deadlocked mine; her tongue slipped in and swirled inside my mouth with such force. The feeling was so intense, my body was losing strength; in fact I think I would have fallen over if she wasn’t holding me in her arms. My first kiss, with my little sister, it felt so amazing. Mandy finally let me go, I nearly fell so she held my hand to help me steady myself and laughed. “How was that?” she asked with pretend innocence in her voice, I tried to find words but I was stupified with a grin on my face. “So, how about that shower?” she pressed on, illegal bahis encouraged by my reaction.

I panicked, that would be another first time. Two first times in the same day. “I.. I.. Sis.. That’s…”

“Shhh..” she put her finger to my mouth, smiling and blushing, I was blushing too. “Don’t be scared. I’l be very gentle..” The look in her eyes right then made me trust her words without a doubt, she wouldn’t hurt me. Even though she could have forced herself on me quite easily. She’s a prodigy after all, having earned her black belt back when she was in junior high, i’m no match for her. My sister cared for me so much, she said she liked me but I just knew it was more than that.

I reached my hand forward, she held it in hers. I slowly nodded and she grinned. “Come” she said and walked up the stairs, pulling me after her. I let her lead me to the bathroom, where she let go of my hand and instantly put her arms around me, kissing me again; even more passionatley than before.

My sister smiled as I struggled to keep standing and grabbed the edge of my pants. I panicked even though I already consented to this; I grabbed her hands to stop her but she just pulled my pants and underwear down effortlessly, forcing me down with her. I covered my face in shame as her hand gripped my erect penis, she caressed it; I peeked through my fingers and saw an expression of lust on her face, her eyes having a dangerous glint to them. “It’s pretty big” she said, grinning. I moaned as she rubbed it further. At this point I had already surrendered to the idea of getting fucked by my sister, not like I could stop her; she was so into it. She continued undressing me, she pulled my shirt off me and tossed my clothes in a pile on the floor. I stood infront of her completely naked, and very embarassed. I don’t think my face has ever been more red in my entire life. I couldn’t look her in the eye; my eyes shifted everywhere around the room nervously.

“Relax baby” she held my face in her hands again; “There’s nothing to be scared of, okay?”

“Yeah, okay, i’m okay” I said that but I still wasn’t, my heart was beating insanely fast. And then she started taking her own clothes off, I thought I was going to faint. She took off her half-top, her small perky breasts exposed now as she wore no bra. I was frozen stiff, she smiled as she slowly sat on the covered toilet and pulled her pants off. Then she stood up and, just as slowly, slid her panties down and let them fall to the floor. Her small amazing pussy was dripping wet, there was only a thin triangle of hair above it. Mandy smiled and slowly approached me, her threatening naked body getting closer and closer to mine, I felt so vulnerable; she could do it at any minute now, she could just fuck me, I wasn’t ready.

I panicked again and stumbled as I tried to turn to the door; I fell and she grabbed me, steadying me on my feet. I looked at her, terrified. “I told you, didn’t I? I’m not going to hurt you, i’l be as gentle as I can be, okay?” she tried to reassure me, seeing how scared I was.

“Sis.. No, I can’t do this, i’m not ready for this, please; lets wait?”

She brushed my cheek with her hand and smiled softly, “You won’t have to do anything, i’l be doing it all. You just relax, okay? Let yourself enjoy the feeling. Come here.”

Mandy led me by the hand again, to the bathtub. I took deep breathes trying to relax, but my heart continued racing. She turned on the water and let it trickle on both of us. Then she took some liquid soap and started rubbing me all over with it, I moaned as I felt her hands touch me everywhere: my chest, my shoulders, my back, my legs, my cock, my ass, everywhere.

She washed the soap off me and then handed me the bottle, “Your turn to do me” she said and giggled. I was nervous, but admittedly curious at the same time, I wanted to touch her too. I was thankful that she wasn’t rushing to fuck me right away, it made me relax a little. I took some soap and then returned the favour, I rubbed her small athletic body.. Her small breasts, her navel, her ass was so firm and round.. Her legs looked illegal bahis siteleri so strong.. I rubbed her back, her shoulders and then went back down to her ass.. It took me a while, but eventually I reached her soft pussy, she smiled as she watched me rub those soft lips, I accidentally touched her clit and she gave a short moan. “Okay..” she said, “you ready?”

I looked up at her, she took the hose and washed the soap off herself, then pushed me down on my back. I was relaxed so far but now my heart was racing again, she smiled as she lowered herself on to me. She sat right on top of me, her pussy lips brushing against my cock. I moaned and stared at her, bewildered. I watched nervously as she raised her body and grabbed my cock in her hand, aiming it carefully between her thighs. Then the room shook around me when my cock slowly entered her pussy as she descended. The feeling was indescribable, I moaned so loud, I think I screamed. I moaned and moaned as I saw it happen, staring in disbelief at her soft lips sliding down my cock, slowly engulfing it until it completely vanished inside her pussy. Mandy was smiling at me sweetly now, sitting on top of me. “Are you okay?” she asked, not that she had any intention to let me go. While she was sitting still I managed to catch my breath, “Yeah, i’m ok, for now.. This is.. unreal.. the feeling that is..”

“Yep! Thats sex for you, unbelievable pleasure!” she said and giggled. So she already did it before, naughty little sister..

“You seem to be ok sis; You’re not feeling the same thing?” I asked, seeing as she either didn’t moan or did so very quietly, I only heard myself moaning.

“Oh I do feel it trust me. Though I can’t say if we both feel the same thing; We are a little diffrent” she replied, teasing.

“Okay.. uhm.. just go easy on me here..” I smiled nervously.

“Sure, I already told you i’l be gentle. You’re very sensitive so i’l have to be extra careful with you” she said and smiled at me again. Yeah, I guess I am very sensitive, considering I felt the world shaking when she just slid down my cock, she wasn’t even fucking me yet. “Okay, brace yourself big brother, here I go!” she announced and my heart skipped a beat as she raised herself up.

Intense pleasure washed over my entire body and electrified me as her body moved on top of me, her lips sliding up and down my cock. Her pussy was closed tightly around it, such a strong grip and she wasn’t letting go. I screamed with pleasure, my body shook as the room kept shaking around me, I felt dizzy; it was the most intense feeling i’ve ever had; I was helpless.. My body not responding to any command I gave, I had no control over anything, I was at my sister’s mercy; completely.

I heard only the voice of my screams and the friction between her pussy and my cock as she fucked me. Her butt cheeks slammed against my balls as her rapid motion continued and accelerated further. Her soft yet strong lips caressing my hard yet sensitive cock with such force. I thought about what i’ve seen in porn videos and, while getting fucked so hard by my sister, thought that there’s noway that they showed the truth. There’s noway any man could put his cock in a woman’s pussy and be able to move, its impossible! Mandy’s pussy overwhelmed me, totally and completely, there was just noway I could ever hope to fuck her back if this is how it felt..

My eyes darted between her pussy repeatedly engulfing my cock and her grinning face as she kept mauling me. She was relentless, moving her body so fast.. I couldn’t believe she was even capable of such speed.. She didn’t flinch at all, and while I was screaming at the top of my lungs with the intense pleasure she was causing me to feel, she was smiling quietly; not even a slight moan leaving her lips. I was getting fucked so hard by little sis, she dominated and pretty much destroyed me. And that was her holding back! She said she’d be gentle with me; thinking that this was her being gentle I was scared to imagine what she’d do to me if she wasn’t holding back…

“Still alive down there?” she teased me, still smiling trimuphantly canlı bahis siteleri as she conquered my body again and again.

I tried to answer through my moans and screams, “Ahhhhh! Ahhh.. Sis.. y-yeah.. s-some.. how.. ahhhh.. oh my god! Mandy.. wow.. Aaahhh!”

I knew the feeling that was coming, I was about to cum.. inside her.. and she didn’t seem anywhere near her own climax. I tried to hold on and keep it in, but she kept ramming herself against my pelvis mercilessly.. Her pussy gripping and releasing my cock as she bounced up and down.. Relentless, unstoppable, amazing little sister. I exploded inside her, my cum pouring into her tight pussy; she squeezed it out of me as she kept moving and fucking me. She wasn’t stopping, even after my orgasm had passed she kept going! My cock was violently kept erect as her lips slid up and down caressing it. “Sis.. enough.. Mandy! fuck! Oh no.. oh my god.. sis.. sis it hurts! SIS! MANDY! STOP!” I shouted, my voice quivering.

It hurt so much, her pussy kept on molesting my cock, pressing on it, squeezing it, violating it.. She wouldn’t let it go, it was brutal.. After a few moments she realized what she was doing and came to an instant halt, staring at me bewildered. “Oh my god.. I’m so sorry.. I- I lost it and.. kept going.. fuck! I’l get off you now” she said in a panicked tone and quickly stood up, releasing my violated cock to drop on my stomach, spent and abused. I looked up at her with tears in my eyes, still lying on my back; unable to move a muscle. Then sis leaned down on me and put her lips against mine, kissing me and apologizing while doing so; “Sorry baby” .. “I didn’t mean to” .. “Hurt you like that” .. “Believe me” .. “It wasn’t intentional” .. “Forgive me!”

I didn’t answer her. She helped me stand on my feet and get to my room. I was still very shaky, my body still not fully listening to me.. She helped me put some clothes on and then went to dress herself up too. She quickly came back and looked at me, tears in her own eyes now; “Believe me baby, i’m SO sorry! I’l make this up to you, I swear! You don’t hate me now do you? I promised I wouldn’t hurt you, but I did.. Its inexcusable..”

I was more upset with myself for being so helpless against her than being upset with her for abusing me. Mandy was still my little sister, two years younger than me, yet I was powerless, completely powerless.. I placed my head on her lap and just cried for a while. She caressed my head softly, comforting me. “So.. Big brother; are we ok? Can you forgive me?”

I answered through my crying and nose pulling, “Yeah.. its not your fault i’m so weak I can’t handle you at all.. it was so overwhelming that I-“

She quickly pushed and pinned me to the bed, glaring at me. I was bewildered, “Sis.. what?”

Her lips pressed against mine again as she kissed me passionatley, her tongue invading my mouth and wrestling my own tongue into submission. I stopped crying, I even forgot why I cried in the first place while she was kissing me like that. When she stopped I still remembered it, but I didn’t mind it so much. She rested beside me then; “Silly big brother, I don’t mind that you’re weak. In fact its why I like you so much.”

I was shocked, she liked me because I was weak? That was a little odd, but considering her aggresive nature it made sense. “So, you like it that i’m weaker than you..” I said and stared at her.

“Yep! I have to confess.. When you cried and begged me to stop I; liked it. I’m sorry! I lost it and just; gave in to my dark side.. You have every right to be mad at me right now. You’d; tell mom and dad?”

I was shocked even more, I coughed and somehow managed a reply, “No I uh.. won’t tell them. Wow sis, you’re messed up. Don’t ever do that again ok? Don’t hurt me again..”

She leaped at me and kissed me once more, then said with a big grin on her face, “Don’t worry big brother, I don’t want to hurt you, not at all! I want to make you scream with pleasure, I want you to look me in the eyes and scream ‘OH YES MANDY FUCK ME’ while I fuck your brains out! Ok? I won’t hurt you again, ever; I promise!”

Yeah, I don’t think its possible to be more shocked than I was at this point. “Ok sis.. I’l try.”

Mandy kissed me again, and soon enough we were back to being naked. I think the neighbours heard my screams that followed…

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