Stuck in the Snow


The snow is deep as I abandon my car on the side of a deserted road and start walking. I was lucky that I didn’t get hurt when my car skidded off the road. Walking is tough as I trudge onward, looking for some sign of life.

No mailboxes, no driveways but the trees are beautiful covered in a white blanket. Thank goodness it isn’t sleeting and snowing now. I just hope I can find someone to help me get home. I have been walking for about 4 miles when I spot a mailbox and driveway. Yeah! I just hope some big dog isn’t going to come charging up to me! That would be my luck.

I can see a house through the trees, about 100 yards from the road. A chainsaw cranks up and sounds to be cutting, what? Wood? Ah, trees. As I walk closer to the driveway, a man comes into view. A large pine tree has fallen across the drive and the guy is cutting it into chunks and moving them aside.

“Hello,” I call out when he pauses for a second, the chainsaw purring. He looks up and waves as I walk toward him down the drive. He puts down the chainsaw, turns it off and comes closer.

“Hi, can I help you?” he asks.

“Yes, please. My car slid off the road into a ditch and my cell phone lost power.”

“Well, you look very cold and wet. Would you like to come inside to warm up?”

“That would be delightful. Thanks.”

As we walk toward the house we introduce ourselves and chat about the weather and our careers. Once we enter the house, he takes my coat and leads me into the kitchen where he fixes us hot tea. We walk into the den and sit on the sofa. The tea is warming me up and I begin to relax.

We chat about things we like to do and share a few stories from our past. Without realizing it, his hand brushes against mine laying on the sofa.

He looks me in the eyes and there’s this powerful feeling connecting us. It’s a bit startling but pleasant too. My heart begins to race and my skin starts to tingle. There is a long pause.

Neither one of us is talking and he is caressing my hand.

I ask if I could kiss him. His eyes widen and his breath catches. Then he smiles and agrees. We both lean in to kiss. A gentle, tender kiss. Just as I am pulling away, I flick out my tongue and lick his lips.

He laughs and we share a smile. He moves to my side and places his hands on my shoulders, pulling me to him. The next kiss is heated. A slow exploration of lips, tongue, mouths. His hands are moving up and down my back and I feel like I want to melt right there. It feels sooo good.

I run my hands up his chest to his escort ataşehir shoulders as we move closer. He gradually moves over me and I realize that I am lying back on the sofa under him. We never break the kiss until I am flat on my back. He pulls away a bit, looks at me and whispers, “So sweet.”

Still looking at me he traces his fingertips across my lips and cups the side of my face. He gives me another slow wet kiss. His hands travel to my neck and then his mouth follows suit.

I shiver as he nibbles my neck and then his hand lightly brushes my nipple. I jump. It feels like a shock has been sent through my body! I moan as he squeezes my breast and rubs his thumb across my swollen erect nipple.

He pulls back a little and holds both breasts in each hand, squeezing and rubbing the nipples. Then one hand moves under my shirt. He pushes my bra up and my breast pops free. He looks in my eyes, smiles, and dips his head to the exposed breast to feast. Oh my!

The licking, lapping, and sucking are intense. I start to feel a warm wetness pooling between my legs. That familiar ache and throbbing, my pussy is on fire!

I move his head away from my breast and take off my shirt and bra. He growls and hums as he plays with my breasts. I am squirming. I want a taste too. So I pull off his sweatshirt and he smells so good, all man.

He has that outdoors smell along with a little soap and sweat. His skin tastes salty as I kiss his chest and tongue his nipples. He moans deep in his chest and I feel the vibrations on my mouth and hands. Hmmmm. So exciting.

Suddenly he pulls me up and sits, with me straddling his lap. He plays with my tits and I run my hands over his shoulders and up into his hair, caressing his scalp and neck. I can feel his hard cock knocking at my pussy and I wiggle my hips to rub my excited hot clit against him.

I throw my head back in response to what he’s doing and the hard wood I feel against my pussy. We both moan at the same time and then laugh. I move my hips back a little to undo his pants.

Then I slide down to the floor on my knees and run my hand along his cock. It answers with a little jump. These shorts and pants have got to go, I’m thinking. So I tug on the waistbands and he lifts his hips as I slide them down his hips and legs.

As soon as his cock appears, I am fixated on him. I’m actually salivating because I’m dying to put my tongue on his engorged head and wrap my lips around him.

I put my thoughts into action by grasping the shaft and bringing kadıköy escort bayan the head to my mouth. I gently tongue and lap the tip, along the ridge and then lick right under the ridge. I kiss his slit and slide my lips down around the head, sucking and tonguing him.

My hand starts to move up and down the shaft and his hips begin to press into me, my mouth taking in as much as I can. Sucking and licking. Sucking and licking. I move my mouth down to his balls. I lick them and take each one in my mouth and suckle.

My hand is continuing its massage of his hard, hot cock. I’m breathing pretty heavy and so is my friend. I look up at him as I slide away from his balls and with my tongue, lick his shaft from the balls to his head and I start all over again.

He puts his hand on my head and I look up at him. He gestures for me to stop saying that it will all be over too soon if I keep that up. We smile at each other.

So I stand up and he removes my pants and panties. I climb back onto his lap and we kiss deeply. Ever so gently, he moves me onto my back and starts kissing me down my neck to my breasts and then lower, brushing lightly over my bush.

He leans back a little, looking at my pussy and growling. His hands are on both my knees and they travel slowly along the inside of my thighs toward my wet pussy. He moves into position, kissing my thighs where his hands have traveled.

Then I feel his fingers part my lips and he places his tongue right on my hard, excited clit. I call out, Aaaaaaghhh! And nearly spring up and off the sofa!

He has me tightly pinned down and has started licking and sucking my clit. His hand moves along my thigh and finds its way to my pussy.

He slides in a finger and I can tell that I’m very wet. He continues to finger fuck me as his tongue and lips do their magic on my clit. My head starts to tingle and I feel the tension build, leading toward….

Then my brain explodes into this fireworks display that I feel all through my body. I cum and cum and cum!

After I catch my breath, I look down just as he is looking up at me with a big wet grin on his face. He kisses my belly and each nipple as he moves up and over me to give me a big kiss. I can taste my pussy on his mouth.

It makes me very excited and I beg him to slide into my pussy. He says okay but suggests we do doggie style.

With an enthusiastic smile, I flip over onto my knees and he rubs his cock along the slit of my wet pussy. He rubs my clit that is still trembling from escort bostancı my orgasm. Then he places his head at the entrance and slowly pushes inside my hot wet tight pussy.

He fills me up as he pulls back and then in again. Finally he has worked his way all the way in. I can feel his balls tickling my bush. Then the action begins.

He starts to move in and out with increasing speed. He is fucking me so hard and it feels so good. I reach around and rub my clit and his balls when they are in reach.

I can hear and feel the slapping of his hips against my ass and feel the beginnings of another orgasm. I flick my clit a few more times and cum all over his cock! Squeezing and grabbing his cock as he slides in and out. I hear him abruptly moan and stop, saying he wants me to turn back over on my back.

He pulls out and I flip onto my back. He is holding his wet hard cock in his hand. I want to feel him again filling me up and move my hand to his cock. I pull him closer and place the head at my pussy and he grabs my hips to adjust me under him just right.

Then he slides back in and I involuntarily squeeze him and immediately cum again. Oh it feels so good!! He chuckles deep in his chest, places one of his elbows along the side of my head, leans in and kisses me long and wet as he thrusts forward into my pussy.

I groan at the back of my throat. His tongue is mimicking the thrusts of his cock in my hot pussy. I’m beginning to feel that tingling again as I slowly build to another climax. He is fucking me and fucking me, his hard cock so far in it feels like he is bumping my spine.

We are looking at each other when I notice that he is beginning to cum. His lips part and his breathing has taken on a sort of rasping sound. As he fucks into me, I am pushing up to meet each thrust.

He lets out a moan and then “OH God!!” and I feel the warmth of his cum washing inside me. He keeps pumping into me and I start to cum and cum again. He lies down on top of me and we lie there breathing hard and feeling totally spent.

He starts to lightly touch my skin and we laugh as he tickles me. We kiss languidly, feeling satisfied. I start to hum the tune from the song “Feelin’ Satisfied” by Boston and we laugh again. His fingers trace the shape of my cheek, chin and neck. I feel a tingle again. We kiss some more. Slow, gentle kisses.

Finally I say that I better be going and remember that my car is 4 miles away in a ditch. With the realization of my predicament, I jump up and put my clothes on. He does the same saying that he has a truck to pull me out of the ditch. I am delighted.

Later, after he has pulled my car out of the ditch, he asks me to have dinner with him. I say okay because we seem to get along so well. I think this is going to be a fun night…

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