Student Teacher


Brad and Angela Domrays were classic local community college royalty, or so they thought. Yes, it was true, while the siblings were one year apart (Brad was the senior and Angie the junior) they were renown for their abilities at sports. Brad was a linebacker and was built like a Ford truck, while he was good at football, he was even better at baseball playing in the outfield and sporting a hitting average of about .452. He had the classic tawny skin the dark hair that was cut short and little bigger then normal ears, his eyes showed the dim awareness of intelligence while his abs showed where he concentrated the efforts of his brain. The only drawback (besides the fact that he was completely stupid) about Brad was that his chin leaned a little too far out.

His sister Angie was a hottie. Also not entirely smart, she was not stupid either, just mediocre. Her star athletic powers rested in soccer. She also played softball and sometimes entertained basketball, but it was always soccer that forged her name with the populous of Clarke College. Where her brother had slightly bigger ears and a jutting jaw, Angie had normal proportions, in fact she was beautiful. She too had the natural tawny skin, great legs and B size tits. Her dark brown hair fell just below her shoulders. Her body was great and made many guys jackoff about her. The best part of her physique was the colorless hair that was collected on her navel. It was so light that when caught in the sunlight the fuzz sent off erotic shivers to every guy who saw her in a two-piece.

She was dating yet another endless supply of high school jocks who threw themselves at her and she teased them, would give out handjobs, but was not like Monica (who received the nickname blowjob betty from the song) who handed out blowjobs like candy, or was she like Maria who stayed steady with one dumbass track geek throughout the tenure of high school.

But Sander was different, Sander was mature and at the local community college too. She wanted to fuck him so badly but she stupidly told him that she was no longer a virgin so she wouldn’t look childish.

She was in bad spirits when she got home that night, her parents were out getting drunk and partying in Portland that night, so they would probably just stay out until three or four in the morning.

Sweaty, hot, and tired from practice she got home and started to strip on her way to the bathroom. She didn’t know if Brad was home or not, they had seen each other in their tidy whities before so she didn’t care. In fact numerous times she had walked into the computer room to see Brad masturbating to computer porn. He had a nice cock and she knew that he knew she saw and that did nothing for either of them.

He stopped hanging around as soon as he hooked up with Katie Burlson. They fucked like rabbits at her place but sometimes the fucked here too. Katie had a nice body, her skin didn’t naturally ‘golden up’ so she faked and baked quite a bit. Sometimes the track star broke out awfully bad across her face. Her boobs were trying to get across the B cup finish line but were falling short. Angie illegal bahis had to admit it, but she hated her brother’s girlfriend. She was not only a sub par athletic individual she was probably only pretty fifty percent of the school year.

Angie knew she was a competitive bitch but that didn’t bother her one bit.

“What do I care anyway,” she said out load as she stripped off her soccer jersey and pulled off her shorts leaving her with just her sports bra, panties, and shin guards still on.

“Damn, you are a sight for every male fantasy in your little uniform Angie, heh heh heh,” Brad grinned as he came out of the bathroom with no towel. It was a game they played, see who could shock each other more; Brad was winning because Angie would not drop trout and show off her pussy.

“Dumbass.” A horrible rejoinder but she wasn’t in the mood. She was going to be going out with Sander tomorrow night and it terrified her because she was going to go down on him. She really didn’t know what to do. She looked at her brother’s cock. It was limply hanging but it still looked like a stuffed sausage at rest. It was big, she knew it was big when she walked in on him jacking it off, but it was not bad to look at. It was surrounded by a forest of thick pubic hair and his left ball was slightly bigger then the right one.

“Take a picture Angie, Jesus Christ! Heh!” With that her older brother walked off giving her a show of his ass. Angie just replied by stripping her sports bra off on the way to her room feeling the coolness of the air create a pebbling of goosebumps across her upper body.

“Nice tits Angie,” Brad reappeared in front of her going back into the bathroom. He always had to say that every time they did this.

“Nice cock.” She just was not in the mood for banter but she wanted him to take her seriously and for some reason she reached out in front of her and stroked his cock to life.

“Whoa! What the fuck!”

“I’m sorry, is this distracting you?”

“Jesus Angie!”

“I bet I’m better then Katie!”

“I don’t doubt it, you’re hotter! But come on, why now? When I was single you never offered me hand in the room?”

“Maybe now I need your help. I’m going to fuck Sander, but I’m still a virgin! Fuck me silly and let me practice with you!”

That got him solid. They had long ago dispensed with the idea that they were being incestuous and settled on the fact that they were just close. But this was taking it to the next step.

“I don’t want to wear a condom, I want a straight fuck, but I’ll pull out because a baby wouldn’t be good either!” Brad stated matter of factly.

“No shit dumbass. Now I’m all hot and sweaty so let me take a shower—”

“—and let you cool down first, no way fucker! I’m going to take you now!”

And with that Brad moved forward and yanked down her Victoria Secret Panties. She had long ago hated the idea of pubic hair, it was rough, unmanageable and she hated it. She kept a little bit of it around when she shaved because she was a woman and not a child and little girls had no pubic hair.

She kept illegal bahis siteleri what she saw her brother enjoyed so much in porn, the “track” look. Just a patch that ran from her labial lips a runway if you will. She kept that trimmed and very neat. Her brother found it fascinating.

“Always wondered what you did to yourself, always saw the pubic hair in the trashcan, wondered if you shaved your beaver or not! Heh!”

“I want you to fuck me in my pussy and ass! I need to know what it all feels like because I’m giving it all to Sander, you’re just a teacher so don’t get all sentimental on me, okay?” Angie wanted to be very clear with him so he wouldn’t come back later for more. “This is a one time thing!”

“Sure it is, heh!”

Brad tickled her pussy with his index finger gently probing her. It felt so good to be sticking his finger into his sister’s pussy. He had a fetish for incest themed porn ever since he started to take notice of his sister’s body. Angie closed her eyes and started to moan softly.

“Ohh… yes… Ohh, lick my pussy Brad! Do it!”

She was a bit forceful but Brad didn’t mind giving her what she wanted. He licked a little bit enough to shut her up and went back to probing her trimmed pussy. His other hand slid up her tawny belly, circled her belly button and made an ascent to cup a dark brown nipple. He started to pinch it between thumb and finger while carpet munching her pussy.

Angie was so ecstatic with her brother that she felt an orgasm coming on. She was used to sticking her own fingers in her pussy but to feel someone else’s and to know it was her brother, it was so taboo she came!

Her brother smiled at her as he got up from his knees, his lips wet with her pussy juice.

“Fuck me big brother, fuck me now!”

And that is exactly what Brad did. He took her into his room and asked her to take off her shin guards. Angie hurriedly complied and was stark naked. Her brother took her not unkindly by the shoulders and turned her around and placed her on his queen sized bed.

There happened to be a mirror in front of Angie and she saw the look of utter delight on her brother’s face as he started to guide his ten inch pole into her wet bog. As the cock slid into her pussy she noticed that Brad remembered he was capturing his sister’s virginity so he slowly puckered in and out at first as her wetness started to allow for more room as her pussy started to accept this foreign body.

Once he worked her pussy really hot and wet he started to slam into her. Each hit was like it was working a pleasure zone she never knew she had. She imagined his cock bursting through the walls of an erogenous zone each one more sacred and pleasurable then the last.

Brad kept a hand on her shoulder blades as he pumped in and out. Angie’s only response was inarticulate, “umphs.” Brad’s other hand was busy working her tight buttonhole asshole. With his pinky Brad was carefully exploring her asshole. He was very gentle for as strong as he was and Angie was grateful.

Brad kept working on her for a while until he pulled out canlı bahis siteleri and stated that his cock had enough of her juice. “It’s ass time!”

Brad took his immense cock in his left hand while he stuck three fingers, a bit roughly and deeply into his sister’s pussy. He came back with three well lubed fingers and started to apply it generously around her asshole.

“Turn around Angie and lie on your back and take a hold of her ankles and spread your legs wide! Heh!” Brad was grinning like a little boy who found his Christmas presents early. Angie noticed that he was smearing, with his right hand, some more of her pussy juice on his cock.

“Oh before I forget,” with that Brad reached under his bed and pulled out Vaseline. “Just in case, but your wetter then Katie ever gets!”

He slowly started to ease his cockhead into her tiny asshole. Angie wished she could see but her view was blocked. It felt like she was taking a giant shit but different. He pulled out. “Not enough.” He grabbed some Vaseline and started to rub it around her asshole and on his dick.

Brad went back to work probing his sister’s ass. It was tighter then her pussy had been but, of course, it was nothing like Katie’s. He had been fucking her in the ass so much lately she was expanding a lot easier.

“Uggh… Ugghh…” His sister was not one for screaming like Katie or moaning like he heard his mother late at night when he was passing his parent’s room. She just grunted like a woman hard at work.

“Just relax Angie,” and she did. Angie just relaxed her anal passageway and allowed her brother’s cock safe passage. After a while things started to ease up; it started to get pleasurable, she kept a hold of both of her ankles as her brother kept pumping into her ass.

Then he stopped.


“I’m close to cumming. Sit next to me and jack me off, guys love this!”

Angie complied she grabbed her brothers cock; it was wet and sticky and filled her hand. At first he complained she was too tight, she loosened her grip and moved fast, Brad enjoyed that.

Brad enjoyed watching his sister rub her hand all over his dick that had been her both her pussy and asshole, he was feeling the tingling sensation build up!

He put his fingers near Angie’s clit; he wanted to give her another orgasm! “Uggh… ugghh.” Was Angie’s response.

“Here, get on your back!”


Angie lied down on the bed as her brother pushed her tits together. Angie quickly got the idea and pushed her tits together as he pumped through her tits groaning and yelling out nonsensical words.

“Oh yeah… Iota… EIIIIhhh…”

Angie didn’t get a lot of it but she knew that after two orgasms it was her brother’s turn. As she watched his mushroom cockhead push towards her chin between her tits she would send out her tongue to greet the guest.

“Ohh… yesss! YES!”

And with that Brad unleashed two days worth of cum onto his sister’s tits and chin. “Lick it up Angie, guys love that!”

Angie just smiled and replied, “I’ll drink up Sander’s cum bro, and you’re just a teacher!”

“Yeah…okay…” Brad was out of breath. “Maybe I can teach you how to have a threesome?” Sighing and sweaty Brad got of his baby sister.

“Maybe Brad, but thanks for the fuck, you’re not that bad, Katie’s a lucky girl!”

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