Sugar daddy to hubby


Sugar daddy to hubbydeleteddeleteddeleteddeleted a middle class house wife from vizag Andhra pardesh. I am married to sumanth, an engineer in a private factory. I am 25 years old and I have been married for 3 years now and have a 2year old son. My husband works hard to give us a decent life but it wasn’t enough for me.From c***dhood I was a very beautiful looking girl. I always wanted to marry a rich man and lead a luxury life. All my friends used to be jealous of my beauty both in school and college. But I was married to sumanth eventually since I was from middle class too. I was very disappointed by this. But I didn’t protest or say a word because I come from a decent family.I liked sumanth. He is a humorous man and makes me laugh, cares for me and we have a very active and satisfying sex life. But he couldn’t afford to buy me costly sarees, jewelry, cars or any kind of luxury. I sometimes feel like my beauty is wasted. I was very attractive women with firm breasts and curvy hip, pretty skin and slender legs but I was modest too. I didn’t like to show my beauties to others. I was leading a compromised life with taking care of my son. My life was going on boringly until I met my new neighbor sandya.Sandya and her husband mukesh moved to our next flat recently. Her hubby works in a bank and she has two k**s who go to school. I immediately became friends with sandya as she too was of my age and she too looked good. Our attitudes too matched. She too was disappointed by her husband.One day we were discussing about our boring lives and how we wanted to live a luxury life. The suddenly sandya went to her wardrobe and bought a case and opened it. I was full of jewelry, gold, pearls, and diamonds. I was amazed how she could afford these with her hubby’s salary.Padma: oh my god sandya is that diamond and that platinum?Sandya: yup dear, they are!Padma: but how did your hubby afford these?Sandya: he didn’t!Padma: he didn’t? so is it from your dad’s side.Sandya: no these are from my sugar daddy’s side.Padma: what?Sandya: sugar daddy Padma, didn’t you hear it?Padma: no! What is it?Sandya: sugar daddy is a old person who gives a young women gifts and money in exchange of sex.Padma: what? Are you mad I can’t understand what you are saying!Sandya: well its simple dear. I know a person, an old person, a rich person here in vizag. He gave all these jewels to me and money too in exchange of sex. Its that simple.Padma: what? So you are having an affair! I thought you were a faithful wife sandya! Its disgusting.Sandya: don’t be naïve Padma! Its not an affair. I am young and in need of money. He needs sex and he has money. So we just exchange that’s all. There is nothing cheating here and I am faithful to mukesh. I am not a prostitute who has sex with everyone who offers her money.Padma: but sandya it’s not ethical or moral!Sandya: what is Padma? Do you think its moral to marry off beauties like us to middle class men, don’t you think we deserve better.Padma: I do, but we are married now, we can’t have sex with others!Sandya: don’t be stupid Padma. We are in 21st century and there is nothing wrong in adulterating. I am happy this way and I will continue to be.Padma: I am can’t agree with you dear!Sandya: maybe I should tell you more about him, then you will accept that I am right.Padma: well, go on then tell me!Sandya: his name is roopak. He comes from a very wealthy family. He wons two five star hotels in vizag and Hyderabad, has a factory that manufactures glass, 5 houses, 4 cars and countless amount of land and black money.Roopak is now 58 years old and has two daughters who are of my age both married. His wife is 55 now and she has all kinds of illnesses like sugar, bp, and knee pains. So roopak is in need of sex and I found him on internet. We met and I liked his offers. He told me that he will give whatever I wanted. He even wrote one of his houses in my name. Now my hubby is working in his factory and roopak said he would eventually make him the palnt head in coming years. Roopak is also caring and good and loves me. He is also great in bed too. We spend time in luxury villas and spend money extravagantly. So tell me now Padma am I wrong?Padma: ahh… I don’t know sandya, I can’t tell sorry, but it all sounds very tempting.Sandya: it is! It’s 100 times more tempting while doing it. I want to ask you something Padma, please don’t mind.Padma: no, ask?Sandya: I want you to find a sugar daddy for yourself Padma. You are young, beautiful, in need for money. It’s the best way to satisfy all your need and to do it safely, you don’t even have to look for them. Roopak has a lot of rich friends. I can tell him about you and he would look for a good sugar daddy for you. What do you say?Padma: I don’t know sandya! I need money and luxury but I can cheat on my hubby. What if he finds out that I am cheating, I would destroy our married life completely.Sandya: nothing like that will happen. These men are rich and powerful. No one will know dear thrust me. I am doing this for one year and mukesh doesn’t even have a clue. Please think about it. You don’t have to lead a sad, boring and dull life. Please accept and I will immediately tell roopak.Padma: I don’t know sandya, I can’t make my mind. I need to go, I have to cook dinner, bye.Sandya: ya, bye but think about what I said and thing well and quickly dear.I left to my flat and started preparing dinner. My mind was still focused on sandya’s jewelry and thought about the life she has with roopak. I could take my mind off that. I desperately wanted money, jewels and luxury but not at the cost of my marriage.That night I couldn’t sleep so I turned the TV on and started watching. I saw the marriage of some famous actor. All the women were dressed in rich sarees and lots of jewelry and came in luxury cars. I envied them and wanted to lead a life like that. So I decided to have a sugar daddy.The next day morning when everyone left I went to sandya’s flat.Sandya: soo, made up your mind?Padma: yes, I need a sugar daddy sandya. Yesterday I saw a marriage of an actor…Sandya: bursa escort and you envied all those women in their riches and wanted to look like them right?Padma: exactly, I can no longer bare my middle class life. But promise me that I won’t get in trouble.Sandya: nothing will happen don’t worry. These are powerful people dear, they will take care of everything. Soon you will love having a sugar daddy don’t worry.Padma: ok tell roopak and tell him to find a good person.Sandya: ok I will but first I need to take a pic of you to send it to roopak.She took a pic of me with her mobile and I left her as she called roopak. I came back after 1 hr but she was still speaking. I was amazed by their love. After 15 more mins she ended the call.Padma: wow sandya that was more than 1hr call.Sandya: ya I know, its roopak who pays my bill so no worries. I said roopak about you and he promised he would find a best match and a rich match for you, so don’t worry and cheer up.Padma: thanks dear.Sandya: no need for that dear. Just enjoy…Padma: I don’t know how to manage sumanth…Sandya: don’t worry dear, I told these were powerful people. They will manage everything. Whenever roopak wants me he sends my hubby to Hyderabad on work. That’s how we meet.Padma: but sumanth can’t be sent away like that…Sandya: oh don’t worry your sugar daddy will figure out a way. It will be fine dear.Padma: I hope so…Then I left the flat and went to my home thinking that kind of a sugar daddy would I get. I desperately wanted one and needed a luxury life for at least some time when I meet my sugar daddy.Days passed by and there was no call from roopak. I enquired sandya daily and there was nothing. I was very depressed and disappointed. Slowly I began to go back to my boring life.One day suddenly sandya rushed in to my flat and hug me.Padma: what sandya?I said in shock.Sandya: roopak found your sugar daddy dear!Padma: what! Really?Sandya: here look…She showed a pic in her phone. He was almost 50 years and had a small pot belly and a semi bold head and was a bit fat. I didn’t like him that much.Padma: who is he?Sandya: his name is khunal khan. He is a close friend of roopak and nearly thrice as rich as roopak. He is 55, has 2 sons both married and in usa. His wife is a heart patient so he is practically deprived on active sex life. He has a lot of money and propery dear, you will be well treated and gifted.Suddenly I felt lust and attracted towards khunal. I think I was the money that attracted me towards him. I was happy and was ready for khunal.Padma: so, I am ok with khunal. So how do we proceed then?Sandya: khunal wants to meet you first, talk to you and then if he likes you, he will have you dear and I am sure he will like you.Padma: so when should we meet him?Sandya: tomorrow in gate way hotel, we will leave as soon as our hubbies leave and come back soon. So wear some nice saree and good makeup.Padma: ok dear I will…I left sandya and went to my bedroom and lied flat on the bed and started to think about khunal and how he would bring all my dreams true. I was eagerly waiting for tomorrow.The next day I dressed in my decent blue saree and left my hair untied and wore the best makeup I am capable of. We left to gateway hotel. As soon as we got out of the auto one man greeted us took us to the coffee shop where khunal was waiting for us.My heart rated elevated as we approached khunal. Sandya left me and went and sat on a different table and there was no one in the coffee shop other than us. I quietly went and stood in front of khunal in shy.Khunal: Padma! Please sit down!He said to me with a broad smile. He looked like a decent man with good mannerism. I instantly like him.Khunal: please be free, don’t worry it all safe in here. No one will come in. let’s talk openly.Padma: ok.Khunal: so I think you already know about me and what I need and roopak said what you seek from me.Padma: he did?Khunal: yes, he did. This sugar daddy thing I quite new to me. I was never with another women before but now my wife’s condition doesn’t allow me to have sex with her, so I wanted someone else for that need. You see I am rich and I can give you all you want ok? So just tell me what you are expecting from me.Padma: as you know I am a middle class lady, with a desire to live a luxury life like you. I want money, jewels and I want you to treat me like royalty. That’s all I want. So now tell me what you want…Khunal: well said. You see I am a very famous man with a big circle. I have a reputation to maintain so I can’t take you as my 2nd wife ok? I can have you now and then and when I am out of town I can take you with me. During the time you spend with me you will be treated like a rick women and in every luxurious way possible and for the time you spend with me I can give you decent amount of money, gold or anything you want. You see I love my family and I don’t want my family life disturbed, if you promise me that I will be your sugar daddy, I very much like you.Padma: that’s exactly what I want too, I don’t want my family life disturbed but how can I manage my hubby, I can’t come with you out of town.Khunal: just leave that to me, I am more powerful that you can imagine. So don’t worry at all. I will think of everything.Padma: then I have no problem, so when shall we start?Khunal: you seem to be very eager but patience dear, I need to plan for now take this 50000rs and spend it on your needs. I will call you when I am ready and thanks sandya for bringing Padma to me.Sandya came towards us and greeted khunal.Khunal: I can see why roopak loves you so much. He won’t stop talking about you…Sandya: thank you khunal ji…Later we left for our house. I was very happy that I would become rich. On the way I stopped and bought some costly heels as I always wanted them and went on shopping to buy costly bra and panties. I even bought a chiffon transparent saree for the occasion when I meet khunal. I was loving spending money and I felt happy that I had khunal. Later I went home and hide all the stuff I bought.Nothing happened for next few bursa escort bayan days. I was eagerly waiting for khunal’s call. One day my hubby came and said that his factory was bought by a rich man. I knew khunal did it. The next day sumanth told me that the new management wanted to reshuffle all the posts and remove some high level posts and appoint new people in it and that he was promoted to head of the maintenance department and that his salary doubled. Sumanth was very happy but I knew the real reason behind all this was khunal.The next day khunal finally called.Khunal: how are you dear?Padma: fine khunal.Khunal: I hope you hubby is very happy now?Padma: he is and I knew you did it.Khunal: all for you Padma, so that we can spend time together. Now I will send you hubby off to different parts of the country on work and we can meet and travel as we like.Padma: wow, I love that idea khunal, so when do we start?Khunal: this Sunday, I am leaving to delhi on a important deal. Its worth a lot of money and there will be allkinds of high class people with their beautiful wifes. I want you to be by my side. You are coming with me, I will show you how luxury feels.Padma: I am soo excited and happy but what about sumanth?Khunal: I am sending sumanth on a trip to tamilnadu to check some machinery for the factory. He won’t be back for 5 days, we will be back in 4 days so don’t worry.Padma: oh khunal you planned everything but my son? I will have to bring him with me.Khunal: your son will come between us dear. I arranged for you son to stay in one of my guest house with a crew specially hired to take care of the boy. Don’t worry he will be treated well, I personally took care of that.Padma: great dear, I can’t believe you did this for me.Padma: I will do anything for you Padma. Now our flight leaves at 9am on Sunday. You come to airport at 8 am I will be waiting.Padma: sure dear I will. ByeI was so happy that khunal showed so much love on me and spending money on me, also it’s the first time I am getting in to a flight. I was so excited.I said the good news to sandya and she felt very happy and excited too. She couldn’t control her excitement and left to roopak so a quick meet and mate. She was a silly girl.Later that evening sumanth informed me about his trip to tamilnadu and how long he will be gone. he was happy that the company would take care of his travel and stay and would pay him for his visit. I acted as if I knew nothing about it and felt happy for him.I was eagerly waiting for the big day. As soon as sumanth left I took my son and left him at khunal’s guest house. There were a lot of workers and nurses there to take care of my son. I was very happy with that. I went home and packed my things. The next day morning I left to airport and was there my 8 am. Khunal was already waiting for me. I dressed modestly since I didn’t want to expose to everyone. I was very excited to get in to a flight.The flight took less than an hour to reach delhi. As soon as we landed in delhi khunal became a different person. He placed his hand on my shoulders and took me to the taxi stand. There a man with a benz car was waiting for us. He loaded our luggage and we left to hotal.during journey khunal showed me delhi and placed his hand on my thigh. It was weird having someone elses hand on my thigh but I got used to it.We arrived at a very big 5 star hotel. As soon as we reached one man opened the car door and one man took our luggage and showed us to our room. In fact the hotel was so big and beautiful I was mesmerized by it.I looked at every part of hotel in excitement. One man took us to our room. It was a luxury suit with a large circle bed, a computer, large TV, office, kitchen. The bathroom was bigger than my bedroom in vizag. Khunal paid the man 100rs tip and sent him to bring coffee. I roamed around the suit in amazement. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Suddenly khunal came behind me and hugged me. I was initially shocked but later calmed down.Khunal: so, how it the suit madam.Padma: superb khunal, I never saw anything like it and the bed is soo soft and beautiful.Khunal: all this is for you dear, to show how much I love you.Padma: I can really see it.Khunal: I really want to have you in my bed now but I have to leave now as my meeting is getting closer. Sorry dear, I won’t be back till evening. During evening we will have to go to a party with lot of rich people there. So I need you to go out to delhi’s best store possible and buy the best saree possible ok?Padma: sure, but I don’t know delhi much.Khunal: don’t worry, the hotel will provide you with a female assistant who will help you. I will take another car, you use benz, here is my credit card, use it as you like, buy everything you want ok? Just enjoy and be back by evening. The party starts at 7 pm.I kissed khunal out of joy. It was my first kiss to another man other than my hubby. Khunal too responded and kissed me passionately. He really got style and knows how to handle women. We were in cloud nine but were disturbed by the man who bought coffee.Later khunal left and I too got ready in my new chiffon saree and high heels and left for shopping. I looked like a bomb shell and I was loving the attention I got during shopping. I only went to luxury shops and bought the costliest saree possible and costly diamond necklace for the evening. I had lunch at a costly place and came to my suit my afternoon.I was tired and needed a bath. So I undressed and went to take a bath but I tried the tub in the bathroom. It was the first time I was having a tub bath. I loved it, completely dipping in warm water. I nearly bathed for 2 hrs and came out. I started readying for evening party.I bought a black chiffon saree and a black designer blouse. Both worth more than 50000rs. I removed my towel and wore my petticoat and designer blouse and was about to wear the saree when khunal came in with his key card. He was stunned to see me only in blouse and petticoat. He dropped his bag and came towards me and lifted me in air and threw me on the bed. I was escort bursa shocked by his move. Within seconds he removed his pants and it was the first time I saw his cock.I was a monster, with at least 8 inches in length and 2 inches in width. I was about to say stop but couldn’t speak after seeing his cock. He immediately made me bend in doggy style and raised my petticoat up to my waist and tore my panties in one swing and applied some saliva to my pussy and in one stroke inserted his cock into my pussy. I shouted in pain, but khunal didn’t care.Now he started to move his cock in and out of my pussy. My pussy juices were overflowing due to his large cock and I was unable to bear the pain. I was shouting khunal to stop but he didn’t care, he even increased his pace and rammed my pussy. He completely inserted his cock into my pussy. I could feel his balls hitting my pussy lips. I was shouting ‘oh khunal…oh khunal’ and he seemed to like it and started to give more powerful strokes. I was not able to bear the pain and was waiting for him to cum. Within minutes khunal cummed in my pussy and collapsed in bed.Our first sex was very rough and I came to know that khunal was a rough man. I too collapsed on bed with his cum oozing out of my pussy. Both of us were breathing heavily.Khunal: that was superb Padma, I never experienced a pussy this tight. I absolutely love it.Padma: I too loved your cock khunal, its very big compared to my husband’s. but you were very rough to me.Khunal: sorry dear I couldn’t control myself after seeing you milky white skin and black blouse. I promise I won’t repeat it again. Now I need you to take i-pill, I don’t want you to get pregnant.Padma: good idea but I am tired now, lets rest for some time.After one hour I got ready and too the pill. Later that night we attended the party. I was very happy to spend time with all those rich people. We reached our suit at 11pm. Khunal ordered me to remove my dress and wait for him in the bathtub. I went to bathroom and removed my dress and wanted to see what khunal was doing. I peeped and found he was taking some tablet. I thought it was something for sugar or BP.He came in to bathtub with a fully erect penis and whispered in my ear ‘to night you wont sleep’. I was very afraid what he might do. Khunal made me suck his cock, though I didn’t do it before, I did it because I need khunal. Later he made be bend in doggy style and started to fuck me. he caught my hair and fucked me like riding a horse.He rode me for more than 30min. my hip started to ache so khunal took me to bed and we fucked in missionary position. After 30 more mins he didn’t cum. I was surprised but happy because I started to enjoy his fucking. I realized that khunal took Viagra to help him last longer. He continued to ram me. I experienced more orgasms this night than in my whole life. Finally after 2hrs of continuous fucking he cummed in my pussy and crashed. I was totally exhausted and happy too. Khunal was so happy.Khunal: thanks Padma for such a wonderful pussy. I cant get enough of it. I want more dear. I always loved my family and k**s but now I love you more, more than anything dear, you pussy is like cocaine to me. I want it dear. I love you more than any one.Padma: thanks dear, I love your cock and fucking style. I never experienced so many orgasms.With in minutes his cock got hard again and khunal took hold of my pussy again. Though I was very tired I could say no to him and disappoint him. Ask khunal was enjoying my pussy, my thought revolved around how I spent my day in luxury.I never wanted to go back to my middle-class life. I wanted khunal to have me as his wife permanently. He said he loved his k**s, so if I get pregnant with his baby he would marry me. so I decide not to take i-pill and get pregnant.According to plan I didn’t take any i-pill and we both fucked like a****l day and night. We fucked everywhere in the suit. Because of the intense fucking my pussy expanded. After four days we left to vizag. I hated every moment of my flat and middle-class life. I hated everything even my hubby. I knew what I am doing was wrong but I couldn’t help it. I needed khunal’s money and needed to be his wife.Fortune even favored me, khunal’s wife’s condition became serious and she was appointed in hospital. I didn’t meet khunal for a month. That month I skipped my periods. So I rushed to a doctor. She tested me and said I was pregnant. I was so happy as everything was going according to plan.After two more weeks khunal’s wife died. He was very sad and thought this was a perfect moment, so I went to his home directly. The was only khunal and some workers. He was happy to see me but I looked sad.Khunal: what happened dear?Padma: I am pregnant khunal, with your baby.Khunal: what? But I told you take I-pill!Padma: but I didn’t, I didn’t want to kill our baby and now I want to keep it khunal. It’s the result of our love making. I can kill it, you cant kill our baby.Khunal: I know dear, but what should I do?Padma: marry em khunal, make me your wife!Khunal: what? What about sumanth?Padma: I will divorce him, I am your wife now carrying your baby dear. please marry me, do you want your son to grow up in a middle class family?Khunal: no, never but will you be ok with me if I marry you? what about your son?Padma: I will take care of everything khunal, all I need is you!khunal: ok Padma, if that’s what you want, I will marry you and my baby will grow in a rich family.I broke the news to sumanth, he was very angry and slapped me but I didn’t care. I immediately left to khunal’s house with my stuff. Many members of khunal’s family told him not to marry me but he didn’t care. All he cared was about me and my son. My family members stopped talking to me but I didn’t care.We later married after one month and after 8 months I gave birth to a beautiful boy. I divorced sumanth. He went to tamilnadu to start a new life. Sandya too married roopak following me and they lived happily thare after. I and khunal were a good couple despite our age difference. I became pregnant 2 more time and now we had 3 c***dren and khunal totally had 5 c***dren. He I very loving towards me and I enjoyed his money and lived a luxury life like I planned at the cost of my first marriage. Finally my sugar daddy became my hubby

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