Summer Fun Ch. 10


It was a Wednesday morning. I was in my kitchen, hoping that Kim would come over for our regular weekly fuck. Sometimes she couldn’t make it, and I really missed her on those days.

While I waited, I thought about my current involvement with Kim and Kitty. I hadn’t seen Kitty since the three of us enjoyed a weekend away together. But I realised that I hadn’t missed her all that much. It was Kim that I wanted to be with – to fuck, yes, but also I just enjoyed spending time with her. Maybe I really am in love with her, I mused.

I heard the side gate close, and a few seconds later Kim came in through my back door. She ran to me as she always did, but this time she was crying!

I held her while she wept. “What’s wrong, Baby?” I asked.

“Oh Tim,” she sobbed. “It’s terrible. Roger has got a promotion at work, and we have to move. Way up north. It will be so cold. And all that ice and snow…, I’ll hate it. But worst of all, I won’t be able to see you any more.” She burst into tears again.

As I held Kim, my future became very clear. I knew exactly what I had to do. “Then don’t go, Baby,” I said. “Stay here with me.”

Kim looked up at me with beautiful tear-filled eyes. “Do you mean it, Tim?” bostancı escort bayan she asked. “You’d want me to live with you?”

“Of course,” I said. “I’d like that very much.”

“But what about Jason and Lucy?” she asked, still sniffling.

“Well, of course they’re welcome to live with me, too,” I said.

Kim still looked doubtful. “What about Kitty?” she asked.

“Sure, Kitty and I have had fun together,” I said. “But lately I’ve realised that it’s you that I’m in love with. I wouldn’t see Kitty any more.”

Suddenly Kim burst into a big smile. “Oh Tim!” she exclaimed. “For so long now I’ve wished that we could be together all of the time. Thank you! Thank you!”

Neither of us had mentioned the ‘M’ word, I thought it was a little early for that.

Kim dried her eyes. “Oh Tim, please take me to bed,” she said. “But I don’t want to just fuck. I want you to make love to me.”

We went to bed, and spent the morning making slow, sweet love. Kim positively purred with pleasure.

I kept a low profile for the next few days. I didn’t hear any shouting coming form Kim and Roger’s house. I figured that was a good thing. When I next saw Kim, she told me what had ümraniye escort happened.

Roger had been surprisingly agreeable to a separation. We found out later that he had been seeing a woman in the city where his new job was, and that he had wrangled himself into that job so that he could be with her more often. Kim wanting a separation just made life a lot easier for him.

They talked to Jason and Lucy, explaining the situation, and gave then the choice of which parent they would like to live with. Lucy opted to say with Kim, but Jason decided to go with Roger.

Roger and Jason packed up and moved out. I spent a lot of time with Kim and Lucy – well, Kim needed consoling, didn’t she? Then one day, Lucy said to me, “Uncle Tim, are you and Mommy going to get married?”

I was completely surprised. “Why would you think that?” I finally managed to say.

“I’ve seen you kissing her,” said Lucy. “And she’s always so happy when she sees you. The two of you should get married. Then we could all live together, and you could be my new daddy. I love you, Uncle Tim. I’d like you to be my new daddy.”

The wisdom of a child, I thought.

After that, Kim and I would kiss in front of Lucy, escort kartal but we kept the rest of our relationship secret. Well, at least I think that we did! We continued to occupy separate houses, to keep up appearances for the neighbours. But I was keen for us to move in together.

One Sunday afternoon we had a visit from Kitty and Kelly. This was the first time that I had seen Kitty since Kim and Roger’s split, but of course she knew what was going on. Kitty said that she wanted to talk to both of us. In summer, when we wanted privacy from the children, we told them to go swimming. But since it was now Autumn, and was too cold for Kelly and Lucy to swim, Kitty told them to play computer games. Then the three of us went into my house.

“So, what does the future hold for you two?” Kitty asked.

“Well, I want us to move in together, soon,” I said.

“And what about you, Kim? What do you want?” asked Kitty.

“First of all, I want to know if you still have feelings for Tim,” said Kim.

“Oh, I’ll always have feeling for Tim,” said Kitty. “But don’t worry. I’ll keep my hands off him.”

Kim looked relieved. But then a naughty look came on her face. “Although …” She said. “We did have fun on that weekend away.”

Kitty smiled. “Yes we did,” she said. “Maybe we cold do that say once a year.”

“What a good idea!” said Kim. “Maybe even twice a year.”

I could only agree with her. I could see that things were going to work out just fine.

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