SUMMER SEMINAR – Part 3Later I hear “Hey, you guys decent?” It’s Travis’s aunt, Lucy. Les scrambles over to the couch as I answer “it’s ok we’re still in bed”.Lucy says, “I have to put a load of laundry in”. She comes down with her laundry basket and goes to the laundry room. When she comes out, she wants to know what our plans are for the day. I tell her I don’t have anything planned and Les says he’s going to check the want ads in the paper. She is leaving for the day to go shopping as soon as the wash is done and she gets it in the dryer. Les says “I’ll do that cuz, you don’t need to wait around for that.””Ok, thanks. You guys can fix your own breakfast then and I’ll take off now, see you later”.I shower, get dressed and go upstairs to eat. While I’m eating and reading the paper, Les comes upstairs. “I put Lucy’s stuff in the dryer and took the clothes out of the hamper and put them in the wash.” “Great” I say. He fixes himself toast and grabs a cup of coffee and sits down at the table.”Thanks for the HOT night”.I chuckle and say “thank you too, what made you crawl in with us?””I was cold and really horny.””Well it was a great idea, I luv’d it.””Yeah, me too.”Les starts doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen so I go back downstairs and make the bed. Les comes down and transfers the clothes from the washer to the dryer. I lay on my back on top of the day-bed while he re-makes the loveseat. He comes over and gets on the bed and lays on top of me. He takes my face between his hands and starts kissing me. Wow, he’s a good kisser. I kiss him back. Our canlı bahis lips are meshing and our tongues are slowly thrusting in and out of each other’s mouth. Next he’s kissing me neck, then my ears and my eyelids and back again to my mouth. He’s a lover, not just a cocksucker. Travis and I do not kiss, cuddle, hug or make out. We jerk or suck each other. I am tremendously enjoying what Les and I are doing now though and my cock is at full stand and I can feel his erection through our clothes.”Let’s get naked, ok?” I ask.”Thought you’d never ask” he replies and chuckles.We toss off our clothes and face each other on the day-bed. We start kissing again and our legs are inter-twined. Our pelvis’s are pushing against each other. I can’t wait any longer, I switch positions and get into the classic 69. Immediately we go down on each other’s cocks. I try to focus on Les’s cock but it is difficult when he’s making sweet luv to my pecker. His mouth is moving steadily back and forth on my dick. I don’t want to cum too quick so I say “let’s slow down a little, I want to enjoy this for a long time.” “Me too” he says. Our pace lessens but not the intensity of our luvmaking. He worhsips my dick and I hope I am responding in kind. When one of us gets close, he stops and just holds the other’s cock until the cum desire is lessened but not the hardness of our cocks. We keep at it this way for a long while until he says “I have to cum, I can’t wait any longer”. So I increase my sucking tempo and he responds with thrusting hips. He is gasping and breathing heavily. I hear bahis siteleri him give a mighty gasp and feel and taste his hot jism on my tongue. I swallow it all and lick the end of his cock and suck off all the juice, squeezing his cock empty with my fist. His taste is so sweet and thick and his loads are immense and intense. He had stopped sucking my cock whilst he orgasmed and now he returns to it. He rolls onto his back and pulls me on top of him. We are still in the 69 position. He tilts his head backwards and I skullfuck his mouth and he greedily encourages it down his throat. I can feel his tongue alongside my cock and the end of my cock is against the back of his throat. My cock twitches in his hot mouth. He has no gag reflex, he swallows and works my cock with his lips, mouth, tongue & throat. He’s done this before I think. Detroit must have lots of cocksuckers, lol.My nuts are crying for release and my cock is full too bursting and finally with a mighty gasp and spasm, I cum. My juices explode out of my cock and down his throat. He greedily swallows all of my stuff and keeps my cock captured in his mouth, sucking, licking, until it softens. Once my breathing has returned to normal, I change positions and face-to-face, I kiss him. And kiss him again. This has been so hot. A new experience for me and one that I will cherish and re-live in my mind over and over for years to come. We embrace, bathing in the afterglow of our lovemaking. I find it too overwhelming and our kisses turn me into a blubbering whale and tears are soon pouring out of my eyes güvenilir bahis and I am gasping and bawling like a baby. Les seems to understand, wise beyond his years. He holds me until I quieten and my tears stop.”Sorry about that Les, I have no idea how or why that happened.” “I think I’m just so so happy.””No problem, Bob. I think we enjoyed making love to each other so much that it just overpowered your emotions and feelings.”This has never happened before. I luv what Travis and I do but no more so than with any other guy that I have jerked off with or whose cock I have sucked or been sucked by. We embrace and hold each other. Our arms wrapped around one another and our legs inter-twined. We must have fallen asleep because suddenly it is noon. We are still cuddled together. We kiss each other………………briefly. It’s time to shower and brush our teeth :). We go out for lunch, my treat. We take the bus downtown and spend the afternoon shopping and browsing the stores. In one washroom, which is empty, except for us, we stand at the urinals and when we are done pissing, we embrace and kiss each other for several minutes. We break it off just in time as another guy comes in while we are washing our hands at the sinks. We get home around 4. Travis’s aunt is not home yet. We rush downstairs, take off our clothes and get to kissing, hugging and 69ing once again. We make luv hurriedly, anticipating her getting home soon. We each finish with grand exposions of ejaculate. Les’s loads do not seem to diminish despite their frequency. Nor does the taste diminish in any way. The basement and us smell like hot sweaty sex. Before Lucy gets home, we each shower and Les, the perfect wife, sprays underarm deadorant in the bathroom and basement. Now the place smells like deodorant 🙂

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