Summer Storm


We are camping in the mountains. It’s been a beautiful day of hiking, swimming and a quiet picnic. We returned to camp and decided to take a nap before dinner. I don’t know how long we’ve been asleep… hours? I am awakened by a not-to-distant roll of thunder.

I love storms. They pull at something primal in me. I am excited, but I know that being in a tent on top of a mountain in a storm could be a frightening experience.

I nudge you, “Babe…Babe, wake up… there’s a storm coming.”

“What?” you whisper, still half asleep. Another clap of of thunder, closer this time, and you are fully awake.

“Wow, sounds like we may be in for it.” you say as you pull me closer to your side.

I snuggle in, my head on your shoulder, my arm across your chest. Your hand lightly drawing lazy circles on my upper arm.

“It will be fine, these storms never last very long.” you reassure me.

“You know what storms do to me, but it’s still scary being up here in a tent.” I reply.

“Oh yes, I am well aware of what storms do to you.” you say softly as you turn on your side and cup my face in your hands. You kiss me deeply, sliding your tongue into my mouth to seek out my own.

Flashes escort bostancı of lightening followed closely by loud bursts of thunder have me shaking, but not just with fear… Oh God… storms make me so aroused. You feel me trembling and kiss me more passionately. Deeper, urgent, ravenous. My hands find your hair and I pull it, raking my fingers across your scalp as I do.

You moan into my mouth, breaking the kiss only long enough to pull my shirt off over my head. I grab the hem of yours and begin pulling, you help me and we are soon skin on skin from the waist up. You pull me tight against your chest, and feel my erect nipples as my soft breasts are crushed against you.

You release your hold slightly so you can get a hand around one of them and knead it, rolling my nipple between your fingers… first one and then the other.

Sliding your hand lower you dip a finger into my waiting pussy. “Fuck, you’re soaked.” you growl. Your thumb finds my clit and rubs circles around it… I arch into your hand, “Yes, more, I need more…” I plead.

The thunder and lightening rage directly overhead, and I jump, tensing with each flash and boom. The rain has started ümraniye escort coming down in sheets.

Our hands are everywhere now, grasping, clutching at each others flesh. “Pants off, NOW!” you order with a growl. I comply quickly, but you are naked before I get mine all the way off. You grab the ends and rip them the rest of the way off my legs. I raise up and push you onto your back, quickly kneeling between your strong thighs.

You wrap both fists in my hair and pull my face to your crotch. I have a hand on your hard cock and one on your balls. I take you in my mouth and suck you to the back of my throat, swallowing around the head.

I hear your loud groan even over the thunder. I pump your cock hard in sync with my mouth while pulling on your balls and rolling them and squeezing almost to the point of pain. I feel them draw up tightly, and I know you are close to coming.

You pull me off your cock and I whimper… I love sucking you off. You pull me up and I barely have time to take you in hand and line you up with my wet opening before you slam me down hard onto your waiting, jerking shaft. I cry out, it’s heaven, I am filled completely, stretched tightly, kartal escort bayan my pulsing pussy so hot and wet for you.

I arch by back, tilting my hips to get the right angle, oh yes, right there! I start rocking forward and back, making your cock rub the walls of my pussy so good.Your fingers find my hard, swollen clit, and you rub it almost viciously, hard, unrelenting.

“Oh God, YES!”I scream,”So good… FUCK!”

The storm is at it’s peak, lightening non stop, the deafening thunder booming… the wind and rain lashing at the tent. My pussy is clenched around your cock so tight, aching with need. Our moans, growls and shouts intensifying, our bodies glistening with sweat, muscles taught, flesh flushed hot and red.

“Can’t hold back… babe, I’m going to… FUCK YES!” you shout, hands gripping my hips and yanking me hard onto your turgid cock.

“I’m there! Cumming too!” I scream, my body jerking with the force of the spasms rocketing through my core.

We lay there, spent, gasping for breath… listening to the storm as it moves on. The temperature has dropped, our sweat drenched bodies chill. You pull an open sleeping bag over us and we drift off to sleep, completely sated, boneless.

The next morning we wake up to the sunrise and a cloudless, clear blue sky. “Where do you think the storm went?” I ask with a grin. You give me that smile that is all mine and reply with a wink, “Maybe we can get ahead of it if we hurry.”

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