Sunday Dinner


Sunday DinnerLuann Dubicki rushed inside the house from the biting cold outside. She had just returned from mass and soon her family would be joining her for the weekly Sunday dinner. She became a widow after her husband, Bob, was killed in a car wreck a few years prior. The thought to remarry never crossed the mind of the registered nurse. She just poured everything she had into her five c***dren. She checked on the pot roast. It looked good and smelled even better. The graying blond washed her hands and started the cheesy rice.Bob and Luann had four male offspring and one female. The oldest was Brad. He was thirty-nine, a master electrician, married, and had three k**s. Thus far, he was the only one to have given Luann any grandc***dren. She desperately hoped for more. He was average height with thick legs and a bit of a beer gut. He worked out a couple times a week so he nicely defined biceps and decent pectoral muscles. He kept his head shaved clean.Next in line was their daughter, Jessica. She had gone by ‘Jess’ ever since anyone could remember. Jess was thirty-six, taught high school mathematics, and had never been married. It was apparent to all of her brothers that she preferred women, but the subject was never broached with Luann. She lived with her “roommate” Jalyssa and was the proud puppy parent of a chocolate lab called Buster. After Jess, came Mike. Mike had recently turned thirty-three. He and his wife, Heather, had been together off and on since middle school. Unfortunately, they had not yet been able to have c***dren. They were just coming around to the possibility of adoption. Luann thought that was great. Mike worked as a lecturer at UMass in the landscape architecture department and ran his own business on the side. He was right at six-feet tall with a slim, athletic build. He was the only one with his mother’s blue eyes.Finally, there were the thirty year-old twins – Joey and Josh. They were taller than their older brothers coming in at about six-three. They were solidly built with angular strong jaw lines. Most women of every race found them attractive. After earning baseball scholarships to Merrimack College, they went out into the world on their own. They were still incredibly close though. Joey studied criminal justice and now he was a fireman. He and Shannon were recently married and practicing heavily to conceive. Josh, who majored in exercise science, was still single and was a pilot for a regional airline. He got a good share of play and wasn’t quite ready to give that up – although he loved his Portuguese girlfriend, Marisa. Luann heard the car doors slam. In filed Brad’s k**s. The girls were first followed by their little brother. Luann hugged and doted on her three angels. Their mom entered next and Brad brought up the rear. “Smells great, ma,” he announced. His wife began setting the table while the k**s were glued to their tablets in the living room. Mike and Heather arrived next. Luann gave them each a kiss. Heather chatted with the ladies in the kitchen. Mike joined Brad outside for a lager. Joey showed up alone because his wife worked every other Sunday. And lastly, Jess appeared. Her brothers teased her for a few before she stepped inside to greet their mom. Josh would not be here today since he was on a four-day trip. The family sat down to dinner. Brad led the grace this week. The eager part Polish, part Italian, part German, part Irish brood dug in to the delicious morsels set before them.While his family was eating, Josh Dubicki was just completing his walk around of the Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft. He boarded the plane and chatted briefly with the captain. Then, he introduced himself to the flight attendant.“Hey, I’m the first officer, Josh. Good to meet you!”“Nice to meet you too. I’m Kabari.”“Okay, nice to meet you too.”“Excellent,” the five-foot-nine, brown-skinned guy with art deco glasses replied. “If you or the captain need anything, just let me know.”Josh was used to be summed up by most everyone he met. Straight men did it because he was tall and bulky – he imagined they were determined whether or not they would attempt to fight him. Women did it too because he was tall and well-built with dark brown eyes. He knew they wanted to test his prowess. Gay men did it since he looked a perfectly chiseled conquest. And sissies did it because they craved to be dominated. He smiled at Kabari and disappeared into the cockpit. The young man with rounded hips and onion booty went to work assisting passengers and paying close attention to all the goings on. The effeminate, bubbly Beta called to the pilots to let them know things were ready on his side. “Roger that,” said Josh. Moments later they were pushing back from the gate. The first leg was from Hartford to Minneapolis-St. Paul. After that, they were terminating at Northwest Arkansas Regional. Josh announced for the flight attendant to prepare the cabin for departure. Shortly afterward, they were climbing and on their way. Back at the Dubicki place, Luann asked, “Jess, did you ever call that guy, Jim?”“Mom,” hissed the teacher.“What?!? He’s a nice a guy. And he’s not bad looking either.”“Ma, let Jess eat in peace,” pleaded Brad. “Besides I don’t know this dude. Is he even worth it?”“He most certainly is. He’s the UPS guy that delivers where I work.”“Those guys are all players, ma,” added Mike.“He is not. He’s been divorced about illegal bahis a year and hasn’t gotten back out there. I think he and Jess would be company. You know what I mean? Just coffee to start.”The sister rolled her eyes.Joey chimed in chuckling, “He’ll have to arm wrestle me before he goes out with my sis.”“That’s the problem,” fussed Luann. “You boys are too protective of her. No man wants to deal with a woman with four crazy brutes for brothers.Brad changed the subject, “Allie, Meghan, tell grandma about gymnastics.”Jess smiled at her older brother. It was unspoken, but he knew she appreciated him and the rest running interference. She sometimes thought, it’d just be easier to come out. In fact, she was openly gay to everyone in her life, but her family. Call it Catholic guilt. Call it fear. Call it whatever you pleased. It was just so hard to admit.Dinner came to a close. Brad begged off first. His boss had invited the guys over to watch the Pats versus the Packers at Green Bay. “Come on k**s! Let’s get ready to go.”“Oh, can’t they stay,” protested Luann. “I can drive them and Melissa home later.”“Oh no, mom. Don’t trouble yourself,” said Brad’s wife. “I have some stuff to do at home.”“Nonsense,” the matriarch shot back.“How about I drop you guys off when I leave,” offered Joey. “I’m in the Tahoe today.”“Perfect,” beamed the grandmother of three.Brad pulled on his down coat and covered his eyes with aviator sunglasses. He started up the family vehicle – a silver 2015 Honda Odyssey. The brusque man with the goatee always swore he would never buy a minivan. But, after three c***dren, he finally capitulated. Now he loved the damn thing. There was minimal whining from his adorable brats and it had plenty of cargo space. He drove away.Heather and Mike got going a little bit after Brad. They drove to their house. Heather jumped on the phone with her mom. Mike signaled that he was heading down to his favorite bar to catch the game. She waved him off.Joey was there rough housing with his nephew while his nieces fiddled with their devices. Jess packed up a couple of to-go plates and made her exit. Luann hugged her only daughter. “Love you, honey. No matter what.”“You too, ma,” Jess kissed her cheek.Brad arrived at the home of Marty Goh – a first generation Singaporean-American. The house was a grand Greek revival containing thirty-five hundred square feet of living space with four bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, and a curved staircase. It also contained a large finished basement that had a big rec area, guestroom and bath, plus an office space. The guys would be down there. He rang the bell and the door was answered by Susan – Marty’s second wife. He smiled at the tall, red head and she welcomed him inside. She told him to go on downstairs.Marty smiled broadly and said, “Brad! How are you? You remember my son, Skippy?”“Yes, sir! I remember. I’m good. How are you?”“Really good, Brad.”“Hi there,” Skippy spoke up.Mr. Dubicki extended his calloused hand. “Good to see you again, Skippy.”“Likewise,” the five-foot-four, slender, college sophomore with bright blue highlights in his hair shared.“I have to go upstairs for a minute,” Marty informed them. “I’ll be right back.”“So, are you gonna watch the game with us,” Brad checked.“No,” the student replied emphatically. “I just spent the weekend here. I’m going to go back later.”“Did you drive here?”“No, Susan picked me up. I’ll probably order a car to take me back.”“I could always drop you off. I was gonna leave at halftime.”“That’d be great,” smiled Skippy. “I’m gonna go pack up and chill in my room.”Brad adjusted himself as he watched Skippy walk away. He had been fucking the sissy boi since his graduation party. His boss and wife had no idea. But the manly electrician liked cute twink-like traps and Skippy fit the bill. Soon, he knew he would be stuffing his seven-and-a-half-inch White cock in that pussyboi’s tight little hole. Plus, Skippy was a whiner. It made Brad feel on top of the world and in complete control. Damn! His dick was at full mast.Mike made a quick stop at an economy apartment complex before going to the bar. He knocked at number 14. The door was opened by a forty-one year-old flamboyant Mexican called Chiquilla. They met through his landscape design venture. Chiquilla was known as Nicolas during the day. He was the de facto supervisor that translated between Mike and the myriad of Guatemalans, Hondurans, and Salvadorans that often worked for him.Chiquilla was fully dressed in form fitting black clubwear dress. It was an off-the-shoulder number with an asymmetrical hemline. He had on sheer stocking and gold high heel ankle boots. Today, his wig was platinum blonde. His makeup was done to perfection. “Papi,” he smiled.“Hey, beautiful,” said the middle c***d. “I been thinking about you all day.” He pulled the vixen close. His seven-and-a quarter-inch penis was pitching a tent in his jeans. Chiquilla unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans. The crossdresser knelt and slid the prick through the opening of the hunter green boxer briefs. Mike moaned as he felt Chiquilla’s warm mouth on his meat. “Good, little sissy,” he remarked. “Suck daddy’s cock!”Within moments, Mike was ready to explode. He told Chiquilla to stand up and lean against the wall. He slid up behind the girly Latino. He hooked one arm around sissy’s neck. He spanked the tender bottom as he illegal bahis siteleri positioned his dick at the waiting hole. “Ayyyyyyyye, papi,” squealed Chiquilla. Mike kept pushing inside. With each stroke he was lifting the fuck puppet off the floor.“Your pussy is so good, baby,” Mike huffed.“Fuck me, papi,” the tart begged. “It feels so good!”“You like this big White cock, faggit?”“Si, papi! Owwwww! I love it!”“Tell me you love it!”“I love that big White cock, papi!”“It loves that little asshole of yours too, pussyboi!”“Mike…Mike…Mike!”“Give that sissy pussy to your White Daddy.”“I love that Gringo dick!”Mike thundered in and out of Chiquilla’s booty. Pffffffftttt. Pfffffffftttt. The sissy began farting repeatedly as the thick rod stretched his anus open. He could barely contain himself. “Come swallow this nut, bitch,” Mike ordered. The Mexican got on his knees and stuck out his tongue. He took the foad all over his face. Mike slapped Chiquilla with his member a few times before the hostess got him a rag to clean up.Mike told Chiquilla he would see him Tuesday and left for the bar.Joey was finally ready to go. There had been some activity on his phone that had him slightly distracted. The k**s and Melissa loaded up so he could drive them home. After completing that task, he didn’t head home. He drove to house two towns over. The twenty minute drive was to meet up with Stacy – a little blond trap he met online a few months back.Stacy was slightly older than Joey and lived alone. She had been on hormones for a couple of years so she had small A-cup titties and very soft skin. Her eyes were brown like his, but they were wide set and vulnerable. Stacy usually liked Black and Latin men only. However, when she saw Joey, she was dying to get a piece of this muscular, handsome fireman with the strong chin. She was waiting for him wearing a light pink long sheer robe, black g-string, and five-inch clear platform heels that had white marabou trim.Joey picked up the petite, five-foot-six, one-hundred-ten-pound tranny. She wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed as he carried her to the bedroom. “Damn! You taste good,” he remarked. He threw her onto the bed and began undressing. She admired his hulky, powerful chest. Joey saw her looking and made his pecs jump,“Ooh, Daddy,” clapped the bottom bitch. “I love it!” She crawled over to him. She ran her tongue along the shaft of his eight incher. “Tastes so good, baby! I love this big White cock!” Stacy put it her mouth. Her blowjobs were super wet and sloppy. Saliva was going everywhere. Joey’s dick was oozing loads of precum.He wanted to fuck her so bad.“Get on your back,” Joey told her. “I’m gonna fuck you like you’re my wife!”Stacy was now lying down as instructed. Joey studied her elfin body. He was so turned on by her puffy nipples, smooth skin, itty bitty cocklet, and slender legs. He hopped on top of her. His massive frame dwarfing her. She felt safe, adored, desirable. It was a rush for both of them. He place the tip at her pink rectum and began to push it in.“Fuck me, Daddy,” Stacy implored him.“You know I’m gonna, sissy!”“I love your body,” she purred running her little hands all over the handsome beefcake.“I love yours too, gurl!”“Owwwwww! That cock is soooo big!” Stacy was squinting.Joey’s member had a good amount of girth and the trap slut’s butt hole was getting spread. “Take it, baby gurl!”“Yes, Daddy! Fuck me!”“This pussy feels so good, sexy! You like it when I go balls deep, boo?”“Oh yes, sir! Gimme that dick!”Joey and Stacy made love hard and raunchy in her queen bed. She still had on the heels.“You’re a hot little bitch, sissy!”“Thank you! You’re such a big strong man!”“I think about you when I fuck my wife!”“Really?”“Yeah! She’s not as hot as your little ass.”“Awwww, Daddy! I love it!”He grunted as he pounded her out. He flooded her inner sanctum with his seed. They spooned for a few minutes before round two.The second quarter had just ended. Skippy and Brad were getting ready to head out. Brad carried the twink’s luggage for him. As soon as they pulled out of the circular driveway, Skippy was going for Brad’s meaty cock. He blew Brad so well that he nutted in five minutes. The sissy swallowed the entire load then sat up.“That felt good,” the driver chuckled.“Tasty,” grinned the Asian. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”“Me neither, boi! I’m gonna punish that pretty little hole.”At the apartment Skippy shared with two others, Brad followed him to his room. Skippy began disrobing his burly, rugged Daddy. Brad’s hairy chest felt warm as Skippy nestled his head there. Brad held him close and whispered, “You’re my little ladyboy. Now, suck my cock.”Skippy was thrilled to do it. He brought the dick back to attention then got on all fours on the floor. Brad moved up behind the tease as he wiggled his sweet, diminutive ass. Brad spat on the brown hole. Then, he dove inside. Skippy winced and cried out, “Eeeeeeek!”“Good tight pussy, boi,” Brad commented. “Love this tiny little ass!”“It’s yours, Big Daddy,” wailed Skippy. “I’m your little punk faggot, sir!”“Yes you are, boi! You’re exactly what Daddy needs.”“Do you like it, Brad?”“More than you know, sissy! It’s so damn good!”“Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”Brad went at it like a pile driver. In the past six months, the only sex he had had was with Skippy and this one waitress he met. He enjoyed Skippy the canlı bahis siteleri best because of how tightly his anus gripped his manhood. “I love this big White cock, Daddy,” cooed the effeminate bottom.“Then take it, bitch boi,” ordered Brad. “I love fucking this little Asian booty.”They flipped onto their sides and Brad kept up the horrible anal assault. Skippy’s ass began to cream. Brad loved the feeling of the gushy wetness. “Ah! Fuck! I’m cumming!” Brad released his baby batter in the boi toy and rolled onto his back. Eventually, he got dressed and drove back home to his wife and k**s.The plane landed at the airport just south of Bentonville. Josh and the rest of the crew waited for the shuttle to take them to their hotel. Once they checked in, the three of them decided to meet back downstairs for a quick drink and maybe a bite to eat. He rushed upstairs to change out of his uniform and into a Red Sox sweatshirt and jeans. Kabari was already at the bar when he returned.“Hey,” the flight attendant said.“Hey! Where’s Jim,” Josh asked referring to the captain.“Hmmm. Haven’t seen him yet.”“Oh okay. Wanna go ahead and order. I’ll get the first round.”“Sure! I’ll have a glass of Malbec.”“Got it.”Josh placed the order and slipped the bartender his credit card. He handed Kabari the red wine and had a Bud Light and shot of whiskey for himself. They drank and chatted as they waited for their coworker.“Where are you from,” Josh inquired.“I grew up in Richmond,” Kabari shared.“Cool.”“What about you?”“Western Mass.”“Nice! Married or single?”“I have a girlfriend.”“I bet you do.”The pilot chortled. “Oh really?”“Yes, sir! No offense, but you’re a nice looking guy.”“Why would I take offense to that?”“I don’t know. Some men can’t handle a compliment from another guy.”“Well, I’m confident in who I am. Are you single?”“Sort of…I think.”“How can you not know?”“It’s complicated.”“Yeah! I get that. Not sure where the hell Jim is. Let’s get some wings and another round.”“Sure!”They noshed and nursed their drinks. Jim never showed up. Kabari offered to buy one last round before turning into bed. Josh kindly accepted. The conversation turned interesting.“How do you blow off steam on the road,” Kabari asked.“I usually hit the gym. Or, you know,” Josh evaded specificity.“No, I don’t know.”“Sometimes, I may meet a friend for some extracurricular activity.”“Aha! That’s always nice.”“Sometimes.”“I could use a little of that myself.”“You mean to tell me you don’t have anyone coming to see you tonight?”“Nope.”“I don’t believe it.”“Why not?”“No offense, but you have an ass like a woman. I’m sure lots of guys hit on you.”“Excuse me!”“My bad!”“It’s okay,” Kabari assured him. “I just didn’t know you saw my ass.”“It’s kinda hard to miss,” Josh said.“Thank you, sir!”“Is it natural?”“Wow, you seem to know a lot. I got it pumped a while back.”“Cool! I know a guy that did that. His butt was gigantic and he was super small.”“Were you two close?”“We had some fun together a couple times.”“Damn! So, you get down?”“Occasionally. I’m straight, but I like what I like.”“Good for you. I’ve got some honey Jack in my room.”“Let’s go get some then.”Kabari grabbed two glasses off the credenza. Josh volunteered to go get ice. They poured the liquor and began to sip.“Have you ever been with a White guy before,” Josh quizzed Kabari.“Yes, I have! Have you ever been with a Black pussyboi.”“Yep!”“Did you like it?”“Best sex I ever had. He was real freaky.”“Still see him?”“Sometimes when I can get layovers in M-S-P.”“Cool. Do you wanna fuck me?”“Sure do! But first I wanna see you twerk that ass!”Kabari stood up and pulled down his leggings. He started clapping his booty sheeks. Josh was mesmerized by the movement. He pulled out his eight-inch prick and began jerking it off. Kabari looked over his shoulder and saw what his guest was doing. He got on his knees so he could service the White man.The juicy lips ran up and down the shaft. Josh savored the feeling as he spanked the horny sissy. “You want this big White cock in that big ole ass?”“Yes, sir,” beseeched Kabari.“Bend it over then!”Josh stepped behind the femboi and and jiggled the substantial booty. “Oh my god,” he huffed. “I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you!”“Ooh…Ooh…Owwwww,” whined Kabari.“Come on, sissy boi! You can take it!”“Yes, sir!”“Tell me what you want, fag!”“I want that dick!”“What kinda dick, baby?”“That big White dick!”“Oh you like big White dick in your juicy Black booty?”“Yes, sir!”“I’m gonna give you all my big White dick, you pretty little Black fag boi! This boipussy feels good!”“Fuck me, master!”“Oh, shit! I’m your master?!?!?”“Yes, master!”“Well, be a good boi and lay on your stomach. Master wants to pound you out with his big White cock!”“Yes, sir! Fuck me, master. It’s your faggot ass boipussy!”“Damn right, boi! I can fuck you whenever I want. I own this Black ass!”“Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Fuck it. Damn, that’s some good dick, Daddy!”“You didn’t know White boys could fuck like this, did you?”“I believed it, Daddy! I saw you and knew you’d tear my faggot ass up!”“Hell yeah, bitch! Now shut the fuck up and take it!”Josh went deeper and deeper. Tears began to well in Kabari’s eyes. Their sex was a spiritual experience. The flight attendant coaxed him after a while. “Nut in my boipussy. Fucking cum in my faggot booty hole. Give me all that big White dick! I need it so bad. I wanna be your good little boi, master. Fuck me, Daddy!”Josh could bear it no longer. His cock shot nine pulses of cum into Kabari. He collapsed on top of the big booty sissy exhausted. “That was hot! Give me ten minutes and we’ll do round two.”Kabari grinned, “Yes, master!”

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