Sunday mass


Sunday massIt was a warm Sunday morning and I set off for church with my parents, everything was as normal , the usual meet and great before mass with the neighbours when suddenly I spot this vision of beauty across the car park!!Dressed all in white a goddess of unrivalled beauty, long blond hair red bag and red matching shoes, who was this girl where did she come from .?I was transfixed by this new stranger in my mists I needed to get closer hoping to find out more. I told my parents I needed to talk to one of my mates and quickly left their company , I crept around a the different groups till eventually I caught your passing eye. Then I recognised one of your party , old mrs smith from round the corner was a lovely old women so I walked over and asked how she was, and my plan worked as she immediately said ” Alan you’ve never met my niece she’s from overseas.Oh well mrs smith it’s a pleasure to meet her, you smiled and blushed a little and I gave a slight wink as I said hello, I was like a 16 year old boy all warm inside my stomach churning and sweating on my brow, then Bong, Bong , Bong it broke our stare the church bells rand signalling the start of service , well goodbye dear said mrs smith as she hurried her niece along I was left standing in my own , I snapped out of it and made a run for the Door to try get a seat next to you. You sat down near the back and I sat directly behind you. I watch in awe as you stand kneel In front of me every time your pink G string pops its head above you skirt ,I sit motionless watching this amazing ass move about I front of me, in kneel down behind you covering my mouth with my hands and slowly start to blow on your neck you half jump and twist a little but realise who it is, I continue to blow and you freeze but the bright red cheeks give it away , your getting excited and you can’t do anything about it , I slowly and slyly rub my finger off the back of your neck as I stand , again you freeze only moving when your grandma tips your arm again quickly jumping again shows off your Victoria secrets underware .you realise your error but slowly fix yourself giving a sly glance behind you. i smile and giggle to myself . again we kneel and again i blow your neck but this time you you gentle move your hair from round your neck you are falling into my sexual trap my prey is within reach and i want it now, i constantly check my watch i want the mass to finish so i can talk to you outside. the priest breaks my concentration as he starts to hand out communion again you stand but this time i notice a small vapour trail left on the wooden seat, “OH MY GOD SHES DRIPPING WET” quickly it evaporates before anybody notices it and you turn and walk by me., i get the unmistakable waft of pussy juice as you glide by i put my head in my hands and say a little prayer. please god please let me lick that young welsh pussy. i watch as you walk up to the priest and open your mouth to receive communion, how i wish you could open that mouth for me to slide in my cock. the priest gives you a father like smile and touches your head as you bow i jump up in my seat hoping to get a glimpse of your panties but to no avail. you return to your seat istanbul escort and by now I’m covering my crotch with my coat, i have too i have a raging hard on in the middle of mass and I’m surrounded by statues and paintings looking at me. you kneel again but drop your rosary beads, not the normal ones you get theses days but a large beaded set you got off your grandma many years ago. i wait for you to bend but someone else gets there first.fuck! i missed my chance to touch your hand with the hand that just seconds ago that was fixing my hard cock in my Sunday suit. finally the mass ended the crowd rise and begin to leave i deliberately hang around hoping to get a chance of a chat when suddenly all my prayers are answered. the priest asks the crowd if anybody would help collect the leaflets, Mrs smith said yes father my niece Rebecca will help i had my chance “ill help to if you need a hand”. that’s great and everybody left bar us two.we collected the leaflets and soon make our way to the room behind the altar. suddenly we were alone., two young horny k**s one with a dripping wet pussy and the other with a raging hard one. what will happen , i lick my lips and you bite you lower lip i want you ,you want me i walk closer and we kiss passionately and intensely. our hands explore each other and i begin to grad you ass roughly i want to rip your clothes off there and then but we will be caught. i think quickly and drag us both into the priests private changing room ,. i lift you straight up onto his private altar and immediately bury my head into you moist slit, your swollen clit calls out for me and i nibble gentle on it as i take my clothes off your skirt is next to go leaving only you top and bra covering you pert your titties. i venture up and pull you top off and reveal your teenage nipples still pretty pink and untouched by any man. i cant control myself i bite down on your nipple sending you into a spasm of pleasure , i slip my hand between your legs and begin to explore you virginal pussy. the smell of sex starts to fill the air and the moans of pleasure fill the room . do i care, do i fuck i want to do unimaginable things to this young teenage cock tease. oh please you cry stop teasing lick me please. i cant hear you i replied ., what do you want me to do . please oh please lick my young pussy.i oblige and lift your legs over my shoulder opening you pussy lips to the world. i slowly bend over and just nip you clit with the tip of my tongue you moan so loudly i hear people outside giggle . you dont care and the look in your eyes warns me not to play with you “”just fucking do it” you shout as you grab me roughly by the hair and pull me closer to you , i lap up all you pussy juice and almost loose my breath with excitement. then you ass then back to your pussy then your clit i just cant get enough you cant get enough oh god you cry oh sweet Jesus thats fucking amazing i cant let this young ass go untouched and try to poke a finger in, you jump, no no no not my ass, nobodies ever touched my ass. ok i promise i wont ill just lick it. but then i notice your rosary beads on the ground avcılar escort , i pick them up an dsuck on one or two. you instincktivly know whats going to happens i place the first bead at you ass hole and use my tongue to push it in, you grab the wooden altar so hard you leave nail marks on it, i continue to insert the beads into your ass till there is no more , the thought of your grans holy beads providing so much pleasure sends you over the edge you start squirting and dripping all down your leg while im fingering you pussy hole and rubbing your clit. you come like the thunder and spray my face with all you love juices i can feel it rolling down my face . my god that was great you say as you laugh jumping off the altar you land almost on your knees Right in front of my cock., you look around and grab some of the priest clothes to protect your knees form the carpet. as i stand there getting the tightest blow job ever i look around and notice all the small statues of saints looking at me , does it have an effect on me sure it does my cock gets harder watching the virgin Mary while you start to do something that i have never experience before. you start to rub my ass hole with your finger. what is this what the hell is happening do i let her go on should i stop her , what can i do . i look down and you instinctively know im looking at you. are you ok you ask. i am but i never…. shusssh you say you ll like it i seen it in a film once. i close my eyes and wait for this new feeling , then suddenly all my inhibitions are lost in a sea of emotion. a finger is now in “my virgin ass”. now im calling for god this feeling is strangely great strangely weird but mostly strangely submissive. i feel like im giving up my body and i cant prevent it. i cant go on i have this lave flowing through my veins i feel light headed and full of Ecstasy. please that gre.. thats jsut grea….i cant finish my sentence . i almost collapse to the ground ontop of you. i want you more now than ever. i through you onto your back raiseing your legs and putting them behind your head i have full unbriedaled access to your gapping pussy and tight hole i want to fuck your ass but i respect you wishes although i sence your changing your opionion. i lash straight into you welcoming pussy as fast as i could like a wild a****l i shake my head uncontrolably as i pound you harded and harder.with all the noise we dont hear the altar door opening “fuck” the priest is back we stay silent but i continue to slowly slide my hard cock into youwell lubed pussy. you dig your nails into my arm to stop me but i grin and continue to pump. maybe he’ll go back out and we can finish. we hear him move about what is he doing will he cantch us? the tension is just to much to take. then we find out as he walks in wearing only his underware, he was obviously getting changed himself, and see’s us !! you lying spread eagled onthe floor and me crouched above you with only my cock conecting us.we both freeze we both wait to see what he’ll do. there was the priest in his own private quaters wearing only his priestly white Y fronts. i can feel my hard on softening and my cheeks are şirinevler escort burning with embarresment. your pussy beings to tighten aswell. then something unexspectant happend a see a twich a small but unmissable twich in the priest pants. holy shit this man of god is getting a hard on wating this young girl getting fucked!!. then it twiches again. he realises this and covers his face with his hands. i nod to him as it to say “its ok”. but what can he do now his hard on gets so big it starts to pop out the top of his pants. i smile at him and nod towards you. i look at you , the fear of getting found out is showing in your eyes you Look like crying but I tell you to relax, you know what you need to do and you slowly raise your hand towards the bulge of father Obrien , what will he do will he run will he freak out and scream for the cops??? He doesn’t do anything he tilts forward a small bit almost touching your hand you move closer and he closes his eye waiting for the touch that will change his life! Your eyes light up and you feel his large bulging cock head, you signal that you want to reposition and helping you up you are faced with two large rock hard cocks!! You feel obliged to suck the priest off first which leaves me one option to fuck your now flowing pussy, I slide my cock in and begin to slowly remove the beads which is sending you into unknown pleasures you call out please god oh please which only seems to spur the priest on ever more and he starts to face guck you hard, an hour ago you were a church going virgin now your ass is full of beads while your pussy and mouth has a cock in each !! You want more and give in to temptation I want more I want more I fucking want more cock I look at the priest he’s confused but I know what you want , I tell the priest to lie down and without wasting a second you lower yourself onto his holy cock , the site of you getting fucked is almost to must as more precum drips from my cock onto your back, I want it up my ass , I knew this I knew you wanted my cock up your ass , all your nasty wishes are out in public I remove the rest of the beads and position my cock at your brown star ! It slides in a little bit before you flinch I wait you take a deep breath I inch it in more and more I can feel another cock rubbing against mine through your vaginal wall it’s so tight im Barely able to move in and out the rhythm of cock and pussy moving makes sweet notice and you buck like a wild horse you can’t be controlled now and scream and shout for more fuck my ass you call that fucking you pussy fuck me harder I want it I want it!!! The priest starts to twitch again this time he’s Cuming hard and fast I’m not to far behind him as feel the pressure build in my balls , I’m Cuming shouts the priest I’m Cuming I shout aswell ,, I I Am I am I am ahhhhh the priest shoots his load so hard you feel it hit the back of your pussy ! His pulsing cock tips me to far and I begging to tense up ahhhhhhhh I ahhhhhh oh god I’m Cuming now ahhhh fuck fuck fuck yes oh god that was great . I stand up and hold you tight as we kiss father I brien quickly rises and leaves without a word !Your barely able to stand and get dressed as a mixture of cum rolls down your leg fromyour ass and your pussy you use you panties to wipe it up before stuffing them in my pocket !! Before I can say a word you wink and say “a little souvenir for ya ” you walk to the door and blow me a kiss before walking home to your grandmas Please comment good or bad Hope you enjoyed it

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