Sunset At The Beach


The dying embers of the sun wash us as we walk…two lovers hand in hand along the shore of the ocean. The breeze is cool, refreshing our sun drenched, warm skin. The smell of salt and lime mix in the soft wind, creating some sort of perfect paradise for us. The tinny sounds of a reggae band echo into the dusk, but the lovers prefer to not hear it.

They skip along the water, two young playful things without a care in the world..friends, family, work and school all melted into the background. The wind whips the girls long, coppery hair around her face and breasts. The boy cant help but look and shake inside…at how he wishes that he could gaze at her naked body, warm and salty from the sea. He wishes that her hair would wrap around her naked breasts…her pink nipples barely peeking through. What a sight that would be. At the same time, she gazes upon him shyly, the glow of the tan he has across his shoulders…how good he looked with his shorts slipping low on his hips…how she wanted to run the tip of her tongue over the tan, warm skin on his neck. He reaches out to grab her hand and swing her around over the water, lifting her off her feet, her toes mere inches from the blue gray waves He lists canlı bahis şirketaleri her to him, slipping her down h is body, his eyes getting dark. He slips his hands around her face, and let his lips drift to hers, keeping her rooted to the spot, there lips tangling with their tongues…so much heat between them.

The boy slips his hands down…caressing her neck, pushing her hair back, parting her bathing suit top to expose her pale, perfect breasts to his body and the cool ocean air. His hands, made smooth by the sand, rubs her cool skin, making her hot. Her nipples turn hard, aching for him to slip his lips around them and warm them to, and he does…gently swirling his tongue around them…pulling gently with his lips. She tosses her head back and sighs, slipping her fingers through the cool strands of his hair. They slip down to their knees as one, coming to rest in the damp sand the waves crash upon. Their lips come to rest again on each other, breath and heart mingling. His chest pressing into her, the heat from his body moving up her legs, her stomach to her soft breasts. Her hands raced over his chest, gently massaging the muscle beneath the taught skin. Her lips were so canlı kaçak iddaa soft and tender beneath his almost demanding ones.

She adored him with her body, twining her shapely legs about his, her hips pressing into his, loving the heat emanating from his body. He pulls away for one moment to gaze into her eyes, so dark and warm..they held so much passion he thought he would burst from just looking at her. He pushed damp strands of hair away from her face, his eyes taking in the sight of her damp breasts. He leaned his head down, never breaking the eye contact he had made with her, and gently licked the water form her skin, slowly savoring the salt and the taste of her skin. His hands slipped down her waist and hips to slip her bikini bottoms off, the water splashing up between them.

He could only stare breathlessly at her…how tempting she was, how he couldn’t wait to slip between her thighs and bury himself inside her. She lay beneath him, a hollow feeling in her that she knew only he could fill right now. She became aggressive, her passion taking over her actions. She sat up and basically tore the shorts he wore off his body. She pushed him back so she could be the aggressor, licking canlı kaçak bahis the water droplets off his skin as the waves began to crash around them higher and higher because of the incoming tide.

She began to straddle him, intent on sitting on him and slipping him inside her, but he caught on to her game and beat her to it. He lay her back, imprisoning her legs by his back with his arms, and took her slowly, slipping barely the head of himself inside of her, teasing her, taunting her with it. His entire body shook..all he wanted to do was plunge deep inside her and die a little death here in the ocean with her wrapped all around him like a glove. They held each other, writhing like the ocean. Each pant was in sync with the splashing of the icy waves. The sun sank, but the lovers were brought only higher, to heaven and back. To a place neither one of them had ever thought existed.

His body was smooth and hard, his damp blond hair falling in his grey blue eyes. She drank him in. Her body held his close. She tangled with him, closer than anyone before…closer than anyone would ever get. Who said there is no such thing as perfection. She felt not only her body, but her soul being penetrated by the god she held inside of her. They rode each other slow and sweet, crescendoing with the wicked waves.

After, he picked her up and carried her to drier sand. They were chilled, but didn’t care. They lay tangled, savoring the night and each other.

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