Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 03


The next morning, I woke up to a room full of naked people. May was in my arms on one side, Sandra on the other, Julie at my feet and Anne sideways above my head. All of these beautiful women had a hand touching me somewhere. Not sexual as much as just…comfortable.

Jan and Carl were nowhere to be seen so I assumed that they had gone below to Jan’s or Carl’s room for some private time. I moved carefully to slip up and out of the knot of bodies that surrounded me. No one moved too much and my movement was pretty much unnoticed.

I took a nice long hot shower, then got dressed. It was four AM and the sun was rising over the mountains behind the yacht. I got out my camera and got some nice shots of that wonderful sunrise. The stillness of the cool air and the flat, almost mirror like water gave me a peace and calm like no other.

The air was fresh, cool, and a bit of the sea was there as well. I could hear some birds, probably sea gulls, crying out in the distance. I sat and watched the sun come up, looking out at the beauty and contrasts of the Alaska wilderness around me, marveling in all the differences yet how well those differences all fit in to make the scene before me real.

Sandra soon poked her head out and smiled at me.

“Hey, sleepy head. Did you get enough rest? I hope I didn’t bother you when I got up.”

“Oh, I didn’t’ even realize you were gone until I felt May’s hand brush mine. I opened my eyes to look across at her and then realized you were gone.”

“Have you had fun tonight? Well…heh heh…this morning too I guess.”

“Oh, yes. You know Bill; you have opened my life up, you and all the others. I have never had so much fun and learned so many things about myself, and as a matter of fact, sex…as I have with you guys. I’d say that I love you, but I realized that we have only known each other a few days…but that is how you all make me feel.”

“Well, I can sure say that I have strong feelings for you too. I guess the fact that we have shared our bodies between each other, all of us that is, that we have…bonded…strongly.”

“Oh yes. Very strongly. I want to so much quit my job and go live with you…all of you. I just…it’s just that…”


“Oh…you’ll think I’m being stupid…”

“No I won’t. I want to know…what is holding you back from joining us?”

“Truthfully, only the thought that this is all too good to be true. That somehow, it will all fall apart, and I guess, that I could get hurt.”

“Oh. I have to admit…I have had those thoughts too. I wasn’t always rich like I am now, and at one time I was sure that I would never find anyone to replace my late wife. I found out that many things are possible and can happen. There is nothing more I’d like to do than have you living with May, Julie, Anne, Jan, Carl and myself. Nothing at all. I think we could be one big happy family. All of us. It doesn’t mean that we have to stay together forever either. I know that people need change at times. Things can change. Just as long as we stay in touch, visit when we can, we can still be together. Just like family. I’d love that for sure.”

“I’d love that too Bill. Master. I’d love for you to be my Master all the time…well…you know…”

“Heh heh heh…yes, I think I do know. A month ago I would have not even understood the concept, but now…Sandra, I want you to stay with us. I know May does as well. I’m also pretty sure that Julie and Anne and the others do too. I’ll say this much…move in with us…if it doesn’t work out, I will set you up anywhere you want to be, and make sure you are all right, at least until you can fix things up for yourself as you’d like. I’ll even put it in writing.”

“I can’t expect you to do something like that Bill. I mean, It’s not like we are married or even engaged. Besides, what would May think about that?”

“May would think that would be the least we should do for you Sandra. The very least. I agree with Bill, you should stay with us…give it a shot. You might find that you love it more than anything. I’m sure I’m going to.”

May had slipped outside without either of us seeing or hearing her. Sandra and I both jumped a little at the sudden voice out of the thin blue air.

“Well, I’d like to…man, you scared me May. Bill and I were just talking about things…and…”

“I know, I heard you. I agree with Bill…give us a shot. I’m sure you’ll love it. If not, you will have lost nothing. I’ll make sure that Bill sets you up and even get you lined up with another job if you want. Actually though, I’d rather concentrate on us being together for a long, long time instead.”

“I’ll have to give notice…I mean, I can’t just leave the other rangers out on a limb. They need me to be here and there are no other people that could take my place for at least two weeks.”

“No problem. I’m sure we will still be close by…we’ll still get together when we can until you can come live with us.”

I wanted to make sure that Sandra didn’t waver again. It appeared that May was thinking güvenilir bahis like I was, so together we worked on soothing and calming her fears. All the details worked out a bit later; we went down for some breakfast.

As everyone sat at the table it dawned on me that I was the only one dressed. May and Sandra were naked, both having taken a shower before coming out on the deck to be with me. I looked at two perfect sets of breasts hanging out, and the well-trimmed pussy’s as well, and found my cock stirring to life again.

I went to the refrigerator and opened the door. May came up alongside me and reached in, grabbed some fruit in a box at the bottom. Removing it, she took it to the table. Sandra came over and grabbed a couple cans of whipping cream in the door, and also some honey and strawberry jam.

“Hmmm…it appears that you two just want sweet things for breakfast.”

“Come over here…we got something to show you.”

I walked over to the table where May jumped up and began to unbutton my shirt. Sandra moved in and pulled and tugged at my shorts until they fell to my ankles. Guiding me around a bit, they got me totally undressed and naked as they were. Then, the fun started.

May picked up the jar of honey and taking my hardening cock in one hand, she began to drip some honey all over my shaft. Sandra opened up a can of pineapple slices, and slipped them over my cock, all the way to the base. They were split by the time she got them over the head of my cock, so she had to position them with that split hanging under me.

“Hey…I’m going to get all sticky. And this stuff is cold too.”

“We’ll clean you all up. Promise. Besides…you are our dessert you know. Mmmm mmmm mmm…all we need now is some strawberries and whipping cream.”

As May said that she pushed me on top of the table, on my back. There, as I laid waiting, the jam, and whipping cream were put to use too. Julie came in, and seeing what was going on, went to the refrigerator and dug out some more fruit. By the time Anne, Jan and Carl came down, I was covered in pineapple slices, strawberries, banana’s, apricots, grapes, whipping cream, honey and other things that I couldn’t be sure of.


May was laughing as she shouted it out. I was covered completely with sticky sweet fruit and toppings. I just laid there, as all the women began to lick and bite, eating right off of my body. Carl just smiled and finally, got a spoon and a bowl, scraping some whipping cream and fruit off me and walking around to the other side of the center counter to lean on it and watch.

I could hear each lady call out a fruit or topping and then begin to lick or bite or suck on whatever they called out. It had begun as a crazy fun thing and was now progressing into a sexually stimulating game. They were teasing me as they chose to lick her and there, or bite here and there. Soon, the only fruit and topping left on me was on my nipples and cock.

“Mmmmm. Taste’s great. But I still want something…I’m just not sure…”

“I know…I’m wanting something too. I just can’t tell if it’s pineapple, honey or whipping cream and strawberries.”

“Mmmm…I’m going to try some whipping cream and strawberries.”

Julie was smiling as she leaned in and began to lick and suck on my right nipple. The whipping cream was in a mountain with a strawberry on top, and she made sure that the way she took it inside her mouth was as sensual an act as she could. I felt my cock throb as her lips surrounded that berry, her tongue licking up some cream at the same time.

Sandra, not to be outdone, started on my other nipple in the same way. My cock was pounding and aching now. I wanted to fuck something…I wanted a touch…just a touch…

I heard May…”Hmmmm…I’m thinking that the three of us can share the pineapple slices and honey here…what do you girls think?”

Jan and Anne agreed quickly and loudly. I felt three tongues on my shaft, then tugging as teeth bit into the slices of pineapple that were around the base of my cock. All the stimulation was causing me to go into nerve overload.

Three tongues on my cock, two tongues on my nipples, fingers and hands everywhere else, massaging, caressing, and holding…I was building into a massively huge orgasm. Probably the biggest one I had ever had.

Julie moved up, taking my head in her hands, pressing her lips over mine. Her tongue slipped between my lips and began to caress my teeth…exploring me. Sandra began to finger the nipple left open by Julie’s change of position. Someone…down on my cock, pressed their lips around the head of my cock and began to slowly work down my shaft.

A tongue began to caress my balls, licking softly, with long slow wet licks up and then down. A finger worked into my ass, rubbing gently, poking deeper and deeper with each thrust. Hands on my belly, legs, arms, all the tongues and lips…I closed my eyes and just felt everything going on all over me.

I moaned, knowing I was so close…my cock türkçe bahis was throbbing of it’s own will, my balls tightening up getting ready to pump out their contents. That fuzzy electric feeling of an impending orgasm shot through me…my heart beating harder and faster. Julie broke off her kissing of me to look into my eyes.

“Okay this is it now. Let yourself go. Think of all the tongues, lips, fingers, hands, everything…and let go. Each one of us wants to taste you as you cum…think of May…Anne…Jan…Sandra…and me. We all want to taste you. We all want you. Come on…come on baby…cum…cum…cum.”

Julie’s soft throaty voice was doing to me what nothing else could have in that particular situation. My mind traveled to a place it had not been before…my body shifted into a different phase…and all that stimulation carried me into the largest, longest lasting, best orgasm I had ever experienced. I almost…okay, I did pass out for just a second.

I was not even sure whose mouth was over my cock or whose tongue was on my ball-sack, or even who was sucking my nipples at that point. I was just in nirvana with the feelings and space of delightful orgasm.

I lay there on the table, too done in to move as the women broke away. I heard May, then Jan laughing and talking.

“Okay, whose left?”

“Oh look it here would ‘ya? Carl seems to be…available.”

“Grab him Julie. Give her a hand Sandra. Come on Anne, Carl needs our expertise. Get his clothes off. Here’s some fruit.”

“I’ve got the whipping cream. It is a good thing it’s low fat or we’d all be getting fat.”

“Nah. We’ll work it off. After all, we have these two strong virile men here to help us exercise.”

I heard Carl protesting, and then moaning…then a strange quiet began. One could only hear the spray of the whipping cream out of that aerosol can once in a while and soft moans. I knew what a treat Carl was in for. I was still laying on the table just as they had left me. I felt…well…great. Truly great.

I got up after a bit, watching Carl get his delightful coating and removal of food. Feeling a bit sticky, I slipped into the shower and cleaned up. I made a note to myself to check the water maker later today and see that it was okay. We had been using a lot of water over the last three days.

Stepping out of the shower, feeling refreshed, and believe it or not…horny too, I found Sandra, May and Julie standing by my bed. Naked, smiling, and hands reaching out to me.

“Ummm…is there something you girls wanted?”

“Ummmm? You have to ask? Here we are, three naked horny women, and you have to ask is there something we wanted? Hell YES there is something we want. Get over here buster…we need your hard cock…right now.”

May was giving me a playful ‘stern’ look as she fired off her response to my question. I felt my cock throb at hearing her say the they needed my hard cock right now. I walked over, and as I got in close, hands gripped my arms and I was guided onto my back on the bed. Then, three delectable and soft bodies were crowded in around me.

They were not licking and kissing this time. I could feel hands on my cock, hands on my balls, and hands on my nipples, but no lips or tongues. Then, Julie straddled my hips; her pussy lips dripping wet, brushing against my shaft.

May reached out and stood my hard cock upright, aiming it directly at Julie’s pussy lips, and as she lowered her body down bit by bit, I watched the head of my cock disappear inside that hot, wet, and oh so tight hole. Julie moaned as my shaft split her open, her bottom finally resting on my thighs, fully impaled on my shaft.

May and Sandra then began to caress Julie’s breasts, licking and sucking on them as well. Julie began to move up and down, groaning each time she bottomed out on my cock. I could feel her muscles gripping me, holding me tight and then milking my shaft ever so gently.

I reached out and put my hands on May’s and Sandra’s pussy’s. My fingers slipped between those soft wet lips, and I rubbed along the length of them for a bit before pressing my fingers inside of them. I also rubbed my thumbs on their anal buds…knowing that the stimulation would assist in their pleasure as well.

I heard an immediate increase in the volume of sound coming from both of these ladies, and Julie benefited from some more increased attentions as well. Sandra moved away from Julie a bit, then backed up and placed a leg on either side of my head. I was looking up at a almost bare skinned, wet inviting pussy.

She lowered herself down and soon my tongue was slipping along the length of her opening, caressing those soft lips, and tasting her sweetness. My nose, when she would move forward far enough, would press against her asshole, and I would rub it firmly against it.

I felt hands join in with the one I still had playing with May, and soon realized that Sandra was helping me. I moved my fingers up and began to play with May’s asshole as Sandra’s hands and fingers worked on her pussy with güvenilir bahis siteleri that knowledge that only a woman could have.

I now had my tongue working deep inside Sandra’s pussy, licking and stroking in and out like a little cock. Once in a while I would slip it out and run it over her very stimulated clit…listening to her moan loudly as I did. I loved that. Knowing I was causing so much pleasure to someone like that.

I felt Julie moving faster and with jerky like motions, so I knew she must either be close or actually cumming at that moment. May was jerking around too, and I could feel a flood of juices flowing out of Sandra’s pussy into my mouth. They were all about or in the process of orgasming and I knew that I was the cause of that.

Sandra’s pussy pressed hard against my face, and her hips were rolling back and forth quicker and quicker as her orgasm overtook her. I felt my fingers pressing deeply into May’s asshole, and I could even feel Sandra’s fingers as they jerked around inside May. Obviously, Sandra being in orgasm, her fingers were in an uncontrolled state for a moment.

This extra movement caused Julie to clamp down on my shaft and then I felt her whole body weight pushed against the bas of my cock. The milking action of her pussy muscles was sucking my cock deeper and deeper inside her and the way she opened her legs up as she squatted down all the way on me let me gain a bit more depth as well. It felt to me like I was about to get sucked inside Julie all the way.

May was shaking, her hands went to my belly now. I could feel her hair on my bellybutton too. Her head must have come to rest on me as she lost herself in her orgasm too. The pulsing in her ass, as it seemingly sucked on my fingers, was a neat feeling. I couldn’t remember ever feeling anything quite like that before.

Sandra moved off of my head, and then leaning down, kissed me. Her tongue shot inside my mouth and her lips ground hard on mine. I looked up as she pulled away for a moment and saw May moving to straddle me in a sixty-nine position. I could see her juices running down the insides of her soft thighs.

I lifted my head and licked her pussy lips from top to bottom, and back again, loving the taste of her. Soon, I was licking her and loving it. I was pretty sure that May would stay with me like this until she came again, and I truly wanted to be the one to get her off.

The cool breeze on my cock let me know that Julie had moved off of me, and then I felt lips surrounding my shaft. May had gone right for me as Julie moved away enough for her to get her mouth over me. We were left alone as we sixty-nined each other. Our own love making for a bit.

I could feel her lips on my shaft, her hands on my balls, cupping them gently. I sucked her clit into my mouth, and using light pressure, held it still. Then, as she pressed her mound down onto my face, I began to hum, letting the sound vibrate my lips causing her to shake, freeze, shake and freeze.

I stopped after only a little bit, not wanting to overdo it and cause her clit to ache. Her lips tightened on my shaft and she began to bob her head up and down faster. I could feel the head of my cock bumping against her throat on her down-strokes and the knowledge that my cock was completely buried in her like that was making me hotter and hotter.

The feeling of her lips moving up and down, her tongue licking, and caressing me, her hands holding my balls as they were…all worked together to feel exquisite and sensual. Probably more so than at any time in some while.

I began to work my fingers into her pussy and asshole, stroking in and out like they were little cocks, and my lips were still sucking her clit. I could feel her tensing up…and then her orgasm flowing through her body. Her pussy was tugging on my fingers buried there and I could also feel her ass muscles as they throbbed around my two fingers back there too.

May came hard, and I was so happy that I was able to bring her off with my mouth and fingers like I had. She collapsed on top of my body and I just hugged her bottom to me. Her mouth was still around my cock, and soon she began to really work me over.

After a bit, I rolled her off, and then put her up on her hands and knees. Getting in behind her, I pushed my cock back into her hot wet pussy, and with my hands on her hips, steadying her, began to ram my cock in and out in a rapid motion.

My balls were smacking her clit as I fucked her hard and fast. I could feel cum building up and getting ready to shoot out. May braced her body and was shoving back onto my cock as I rammed forward, causing us to really make smacking noises.

There was nothing calm or gentle about this fucking at all. We were like to animals in rut. Her breasts were flying around, my hands barely able to hold her still enough to keep us together. As I began to cum, May suddenly cried out and shook hard. She was orgasming along with me.

Together we came and then as we relaxed, we laid spoon fashion. My cock never left her pussy at all. We both fell asleep, and didn’t notice when Carl took Sandra back to her cabin. We slept for hours, my arms around her and May had one hand on my lower arm and one on my hip.

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