Surprised in the Country


I was staying with a friend’s sister, Anna, as I could not join my parents who worked for Shell in Nigeria. Her house was a nice large one in Sussex on the South Downs. After our adventures in the Bathroom, we took our sexual activities to the great outdoors by means of our bicycles. In the sixties, the roads were much safer as there were far fewer cars and motorcycles racing about.

On this day, we took some sandwiches and a small rug on the back of the bikes and found a field empty of cows, with a good view of the countryside. After eating our sandwiches and drinking our orangeade, Anna said she wanted to pee. So she went over to the hedge and pulled her white shorts down. She crouched down and started to piss, but suddenly shot upright again and cried “Something tickled me” and then a rabbit ran out from behind her into the open field, with its little white tail bobbing. I screamed with laughter. “You’ve pissed on a rabbit!!”

She immediately laughed too, and pulled up her shorts, saying, “I don’t think I can go now, as I’m frightened of being tickled!”

“How about it, if I help you? You can squat on my face and I can lick your slit to open you up.” “Well, all right canlı bahis şirketleri then, but I shall lick you as well”

So, she came over to where I was, and I removed my T-shirt and pulled down my khaki shorts. Anna positioned herself over my head so I could see right up at her hairy cunt. She bent forward and grabbed my limp prick and started to manipulate it. I lifted my mouth up and pushed my tongue through her pubes into her nether lips; I licked up and down and pushed my tongue into her vagina. Anna wriggled against me and put her mouth down onto my prick, up and down until it was stiff. Then she wanked the foreskin up and down. Suddenly she raised herself up right, pushing my head down, and stopped moving to concentrate. Next minute I felt warm, smelly piss flow over my face. I shut my eyes and mouth, but I couldn’t shut my nose. I shuddered with revulsion but also with a strange excitement.

The flow stopped and Anna raised herself up and looked down at me. “Did you enjoy that?” ” Well,” I replied, “it was an experience.” “Let’s carry on as we were” and she put her mouth back onto my member and pushed her fanny onto my mouth again. I licked with renewed vigour, and canlı kaçak iddaa she wet mouthed my prick again until I was hard. Then she moved herself down and held my prick vertically and slowly moved her cunt onto it, facing my feet. It was a different feeling for both of us. She moved slowly at first and then speeded up. I watched her lovely round, white ass with it’s furry hole, move up and down. I couldn’t resist pocking my finger into it. This had the effect of bringing her to a climax. She stopped moving and paid attention to my needs by wanking me hard until I spurted into the air and over her hand.

“That was good,” she said, and I agreed. I was all wet and smelling of piss but it was worth it. I dried myself off on my own T-shirt.

We didn’t go out bicycling for the next few days, as it was raining or cloudy. Then we went out again to the same place. This time we started with a snogging and a fondling session on the rug. I wondered what we would do this time and how. Anna suggested that I could do her like a dog i.e. `doggy style` for a change; and I said I could cum in her bum. “That would be good,” said Anna, “I am feeling a bit bloated.”

So we carried on kissing canlı kaçak bahis for a bit to excite ourselves then Anna pulled down her knickers and went on all fours to present her round white bum to me. I knelt behind her a licked away, first at her cunt, then her arsehole, at the same time pulling on my pud to stiffen it. I pushed it in and I felt Anna’s fingers tickle my bollacks as she held my prick in her twat. It was nice and wet and warm. I moved smartishly in and out and she fingered her clit. I felt myself approaching my climax so I pulled out and pressed my prick into her arse hole.

It was tight and dry. It reminded me of the verse from the Good Ship Venus
The Cabin Boy’s name was Nipper
By Gad, he was a ripper,
He filled his arse
With broken glass
And circumcised the skipper.

Anyway, I pushed hard and tightness of her hole was delicious. I was overcome with pleasure as I spunked inside of her. I pulled back out, and let my sperm lubricate the entrance, and pushed back in again. It felt so good I did it again and again until I climaxed a second time. I had `cum twice on the same horn` to quote an old work mate.

Anna enjoyed the sensation too, and said so. Then she pulled away and went over to the hedgerow to empty her bowels, which she did with ease now. “That’s better! I’ll call on your services again if I become blocked again.”

“Feel free,” I said with a big smile on my face.

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