Suspense Ch. 03


When I returned from the bathroom, I saw you lying still in the spread position I had secured you in. Your head turned to the sound of my movements. You waited in anticipation. I walked around the bed to confuse you, then I crawled on the foot of the bed and lay on my belly between your legs.

You gasped when you felt my mouth cover your pussy. No kisses to tease you. No breaths of hot air blown across your lips to excite you. No nibbles of your thighs on the way up your legs. Just the wetness of my mouth covering your pussy. I sucked your lips hard and flicked my tongue up between them, never moving my mouth from over your pussy. I sucked your lips and lapped at them and you groaned and I felt your juices flow into my mouth.

I raised up and spread my tongue wide against your buttocks and then slowly drug it up against the face of your lips, lapping ever so slowly. My tongue pressed against your lips and the pressure with which I licked you caused your lips to open and I could feel the wetness against the center of my tongue as it moved up toward your clit.

I continued licking until I felt that fleshy shroud that hid and protected your little clit nub. I pressed my lips over it and sucked, and as I sucked, I pushed down against you, causing your clit to appear between my lips. My tonue flicked across it, provoking it and begging it to stiffen. As I felt it more defined, I traced my tongue tip around it, circling around and around, and gently pushed it back and forth with my tongue. Your moans told me that was what you needed.

I settled into that position and I blew across your lips and drug my tongue against the front edge of your lips from your ass up to your clit. You groaned as I repeated that slow licking motion. My hands slid under your buttocks and I lifted you up to my mouth. My tongue pressed deeper between your lips as I lapped again and again. Your legs strained to bend far enough apart to allow my hungry licks.

My face was pressed against your pussy as I licked and began to suck your lips again. I could feel them stretch and swell from my sucking and pulling and after a few minutes of alternately lapping and sucking and licking your lips, I moved back to your clit. A few quick flicks of my tongue brought it back up and I continued to dance my tongue across the little nub and then when I felt it erecting, I flicked my tongue against it, flicking from side to side then up and down and finally circling it.

It was easy to gauge your reactions and as I knew what stimulated you the most, I sped up my licks and flicks until i felt you heaving up against my mouth in desperate need for relief. I flicked faster and pressed my tongue harder against your throbbing clit and I heard a scream forming in your throat. I covered your clit with my mouth and sucked your flesh and clit together for a moment and as I moved back from them, I resumed my tongue play. You pushed your pelvis up hard and ground against my mouth.

My lips closed around your clit and I sucked it. I watched you as I held your clit captive. Your head rocked back and forth as you struggled to keep yourself from begging illegal bahis me to let you cum. Your lips formed words that were unspoken and you writhed in your restraints, fighting back at the powerful sensations that filled you. I sucked harder. Your head raised up as if you were trying to look through the blindfold. I sucked deeper. You collapsed back on the bed, your head back, your chin up, your mouth gaping open.

I softened my lips around your clit, and kissed it with soft little kisses. I pressed my tongue against the end and pushed back against your stomach, then licked my tongue up and down in very slow short movements, almost like rocking. I felt you relax as I plied you gently. The longer I rubbed your clit with my tongue, the more your excitement rebuilt and soon you were back to that same level of frantic urgency for relief.

I licked harder and soon my tongue was pushing your clit back and forth as it pulsed and engorged. I continued, as you pushed back against me. Your moans and groans were loud and interspersed with small screams. I licked faster and harder and I felt you push your pelvis up hard and hold it there. You shook and I felt your legs quiver before you collapsed back down on the bed. I moved away from you, knowing how sensitive your clit had to be.

I sat back and watched you breathe deeply. Your lips which had been slightly open from my licking were shrinking back and closing. I loved looked at your pussy. The pink color was deeper and your clit was almost red from the arousal. It shrank and soon disappeared back within its protective flesh. Your legs were flat on the bed as you relaxed from your pleasurable ordeal.

I got up and sat in the chair for a few minutes. It was silent in the room. You were so calm, I thought you might have drifted off to sleep. I knew you had cum many times when I worked on your tits and when I ate you and I knew you had to be drained. I idly stroked my cock as I looked at you. The thrill of having you tied in the bed, available to all of my pleasures was almost overwhelming. I was almost ready to take you for my pleasure.

I slowy stroked my cock. My right hand moved up and down the shaft, while my left squeezed the head and my balls. My balls were swollen and full of cum, from all of the excitement, and I knew I could cover much of your body with my thick cum if I wanted. The idea of seeing my cum spray and shoot on you made my cock stiffen. My hand gripped tighter as I planned my next use of you.

I stroked faster and harder and when I felt the hotness deep within my balls, I went to the bed and climbed up, and straddled you and I aimed my cock for your tits. I stroked harder and as I felt the cum flow up through my cock I leaned over so that the first stream of cum shot onto your left breast. You moaned when you felt it hit you, and immediately another spurt shot out and I turned my cock so that it hit your right breast.

I pumped my cock and my cum continued to shoot out onto your chest, then your neck and face and lips. The sight of my cum on your beautiful face and lips made my cock twitch and throb and I kept cumming until illegal bahis siteleri streams of my cream painted you. I sat back on my feet, still straddling you and squeezed the last cum to the tip of my cock. I leaned down placed the head against your lips. You opened them and I pushed my cock into your mouth.

“Suck my cock clean.”

You sucked and managed to urge a little more cum out. Your tongue bathed the head within your mouth and when I pulled my cock out, your tongue flicked across it as you licked up the remaining cum.

“Are you ready to be fucked?”

“Uh huh”, you sighed. I smiled to myself, realizing the depth of your submission to me. You were still obeying my order not to talk. Your trust in giving yourself to me and submitting to me made me love you even more.

I climbed off of the bed and reached into the bag again. I removed a small massage palm vibrator and strapped it onto my right hand. I turned it on and moved my hand near your left ear. The hum made you smile in recognition. I trailed my hand slowly from your ear across your cheek, down your chin, then your neck and across your chest. By the time I reached your right breast, you were breathing faster.

My cum had run down your cheek and breasts and some had soaked into your flesh. I could feel the dampness as I moved my palm across you. The vibrator on the back on my hand tickled a little as i passed the flat of my hand over your nipple then across the mass of your breasts and across your chest to your other breast.

My hands brushed over you lightly, without gripping or fondling or feeling your breasts. I circled my hand over your stomach and chest for a few minutes and then I moved between your legs. I took your left foot i my hand and as my left hand and fingers pressed into and massaged your foot, my right hand vibrated over the top of your foot. My hands continued this massage and moved up your ankle, then calf, then up your thigh.

I didn’t stop as I brushed against your pussy with the edge of my hand. I rubbed across the face of your pussy as if it were only another part of your body without special sexual sensations. I passed over your wetness and moved down your other leg. Your legs shook from anticipation as My hands moved back up your thigh. I placed my thumb against your lips and slid it down to your ass. I pressed it between your lips as I rubbed up through your pussy. Your groans and moans drove me on to continue that tease.

I fingered you with my thumb slowly pushing in it as far as I could and holding it still so the vibrations flowed through your labis and inside your vagina. I stroked it slowly in and out, careful not to rush you. Your head was raised up and I knew that meant you were coming close to an orgasm, so I pulled my thumb out and removed my hand. You dropped back down on the pillow in obvious disappointment.

I let you lie there for a minute of two as I removed the vibrator. I took out a toy and cleaned the shaft and head of it with antibacterial soap and dried it off. I stuck a couple of fingers inside your pussy to see how wet you were. They were were shiny with canlı bahis siteleri your wetness, so I put the lube back in the bag. I placed my fingers against your lips and you sucked your juices off and continued sucking until I pulled them away.

I sat at the foot of the bed and immediately placed the head of the toy against your lips. The head was about the size of my cock, and was set at a slight angle to the shaft. The shaft was slightly smaller and about six inches long. Two inches of the end was designed to rotate. I pushed the head inside your pussy so that your lips engulfed the head, then I slowly pushed deeper, then pulled back and then started a slow stroking motion, pushing the cock toy all the way in then almost all the way out.

I fucked you with the toy like that for two or three minutes and when you knew the pace and were pushing against and with me, I turned the rotation on. You gasped when you felt the head turning inside you and stopped all movement as you concentrated on the sensation that filled your mind. I pushed the toy deep inside you and held it still as I sped the rotation up. The toy pulsed in my hand as the head stirred inside you. Round and round it went and your head was up off the pillow, straining as I turned the speed up even faster.

They toy spun inside you. The cock head turned and massaged deep in your vaginal canal and opened you up. When you were more used to that sensation, I turned the vibrator on. The toy whirred to life. The rotation was now accompanied by the hum of the vibrator that shook inside you. I turned the vibration speed up and soon the toy spun and vibrated in you relentlessly.

You shook and screamed as you started to cum. I held the toy still as it spun and shook you and you started to cum and cum and cum. I held it for at least two minutes as you spasmed and shook and collapsed and when you thought you couldn’t stand any more, I started to fuck you with the toy. I started slowly at first and the head continued to rotate as the vibrator shook you. In and out I pushed the toy. Your lips shook as the head flailed against them when the toy was almost out and they vibrated visable when the toy was sunk deep inside you.

I fucked you harder and faster and soon my hand rammed the toy in you with a furious speed and force and you lap spread taking that fucking machine in your cunt as deep and hard as I could drive it. One cum wouldn’t end before another began. I worked that toy in you until you couldn’t stand it anymore and struggled to close your legs against the onslaught.

“Please stop. Please. I can’t stand anymore. Please” Your voice trailed off in exhaustion.

I turned the vibrator off and then shut the rotation off and left the toy in you for a few seconds after it was still. I leaned down and kissed your pussy at your clit. Soft gentle kisses to soothe and calm you and let you know my love for you.

I removed the toy and kissed your pussy again, then got up and took it to the bathroom and put it in the sink. When I came back out, I kissed your cheek and your lips. I removed your blindfold, released your restraints and undid your clothing and undressed you. Soon you lay naked on the sheets. I pulled a sheet over you and kissed your forehead.

“Sleep for awhile, sweetheart. We have much more to share tonight.”

You looked at me and smiled as you closed your eyes.

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