Sweet Sin Ch. 1


Terry dressed carefully. He groomed himself properly; nothing was ever to good for his Baby. He admired his clipper handiwork in the bathroom mirror. He had to admit to himself, he was one fine brother. His head was shaved to a glistening shine. His goatee was trimmed perfectly. He wore small diamond studs in each ear. The diamonds was set in platinum. His girl had given him those. Terry double checked his smile, bit his lip and winked at the mirror. He knew he was fine and knew he had it going on, but he was in love with his girl, and she had proven worthy of his attention and affections. “Nothing is to good for you.” He said blowing a kiss at the picture he had taped to his bathroom mirror of his girl Synthia. Terry finished dressing and checked his reflection in the hall mirror before pulling the front door of his house closed.

Cruising across town in his Acura listening to some old school jams, his own personal mix, Terry could not keep his mind off her. She had been able to keep him feeling like this for two years now, and he was convinced that she was not going to change. Terry felt like he knew Synthia, and what he knew of her was all good. His Sweet Sin he called her in the bedroom, and she loved that. She loved him, and he knew it. Knew it after those first seven days they spent together. She had called it their honeymoon, and it had been, but she hadn’t seen a honeymoon, not yet. He smiled to himself, singing along to some New Edition. Sweet Sin was his, and he had a bulge in his pocket to prove it.

Synthia was at home, dancing to some music, getting mellow for her man, the way he liked her. It seemed to here that whenever Terry came around, all stress left her body, her spirit, and her heart. She felt open to him. Heart and soul. She could never tell him no. She had tried, once or twice, but it never worked. She was totally his. Thinking about him right now, enforced her belief that there could never be another like him. He was beautiful to her. All smooth dark chocolate. Beautiful smile, with a mouth she sometimes felt like was her own personal torturer and lifeline. She loved his black ass, and had kissed it, sucked it, spanked it and bit it everywhere and at anytime she had wanted to, and he had never denied her. Never. He told her she was beautiful and had from moment one of meeting her. He told her she was sexy, and always made her feel that way.

She heard his car turn into the driveway just as she was finishing her drink. Synthia’s heart did a pitter-patter in her chest and she illegal bahis felt suddenly felt beautiful. She watched as he got out of his car. He had washed his car earlier and it gleamed black under the yard light, rims sparkling like diamonds. As Terry looked toward the house the porch light caught his earrings and glinted for just a brief second in Synthia’s eyes and she felt herself shiver. She strode across the room and opened the door just as Terry was stepping onto the porch. He had something behind his back and a devilish look on his face, and Synthia knew something was up. It didn’t matter what though, whatever Terry wanted she was down with it. He had done so many wondrous things to her body, never hurting her, always bringing her to extreme pleasure, and she loved him for it. She loved him.

Stepping into each other’s arms, they paused briefly, before their mouths met in a passionate kiss. Terry with his hands full of secret delights gave his body over to Synthia’s wonderful hands. She always started at his waist and worked her way upward. He felt her little hands pressed tight against his stomach, and then his chest, down his arms, around his wrist and then he stopped her, by biting her bottom lip.

“Stop. What you hiding from me? Tell me.” Synthia said against Terry’s mouth.

“Stuff. Nosy girl.” He bumped his pelvis into hers pushing her away, and letting her feel his semi-hardness. She still didn’t grasp the truth that she is the only person that keeps him in this state of arousal. But watching her dance away from him, doing a little bump and grind move for him, he felt those stirrings that no one else could bring but Synthia, his Sweet Sin.

Toni Braxton’s How Many Ways was playing on the stereo. Synthia was dressed in his favorite color, her. She had a robe pulled casually around her. His visit was not expected. Terry was supposed to be babysitting the kids tonight. So he caught her off guard, wearing nearly nothing, bronze and beautiful. One smooth bronze complexion from head to toe, except in certain delicious little spots, that he knew up close and personal. Thinking about this as he watched her dance and sing to him, made his semi-erection grow harder, so much that it was now visible in his pants.

“Sweet Sin, girl, look at you. Come here girl so I can give you this stuff and get it out my hands.” Terry said to her. He handed her a bottle of champagne, a little plastic grocery store basket of strawberries and grapes, a bottle of honey, her favorite chocolate candy and illegal bahis siteleri a bouquet of flowers. He had some other things, but that was all set up, back at his house. He said some good surprises waiting for her there, and she was worth it. After freeing his hands he pulled her to him.

She always came, and pressed her body close to his, fitting it perfectly to his. His thighs fit against hers, her stomach curved perfectly with his and her nice little tits fit right under his chest, pressed against his ribs. When he held Synthia close and looked down her body, it always turned him on. She was delicious to him, smooth and supple. For him and him alone. She was a beautiful cascading fount of feminine delights, and only he could drink here.

“You look beautiful baby.” Terry said to her.

“You always say that.” Synthia said as she went through the motions of putting the flowers in a vase. She was sexy Terry thought watching her. She did everything sexy. He thought back to the first drink he bought her, and how she had let watching her drink it be a sexy experience. He loved marqueritas now!

“Come her baby, let’s sit down and talk. I got something to tell you before we start anything else tonight. Okay?” he said seriously to her.

“What’s wrong baby?” Synthia asked from the kitchen. “Give me a few seconds.” She said as she came into the living room bearing drinks and cheddar chex mix, their favorite snack. She handed him a drink and sat beside him on the couch. “Come on baby, share.” She said giving him her full attention.

This was not a night that they had anything special planned. They had talked about getting married in the beginning, but the way things settled down to be was nice. Synthia hadn’t mentioned marriage anymore. She wanted kids, but with his son being 9 and her little sister 10, they had kids, that didn’t need pampers. They were a family unit. He had shipped the kids away to their best friend’s house for the night. Terry had business to take care of tonight.

“Listen Syn, we been doing this for two years, and I like this. I love this.” He said reaching over and stroking her bare arm. “You are truly my baby. I love you, and I want you to know that.” Synthia slid her body closer to his, her eyes never leaving his. “I want you to know, that you are the best girl I ever had.” He said to her mouth. The robe she was wearing slid open, as she slid her hips under his, pulling him on top of her reclining body. Damn he thought, I knew it.

Terry pulled her canlı bahis siteleri body under his, and pushed up to kneel between her legs. He pushed the robe away, and felt himself getting drunk on the sight of her body. Synthia was intoxicating, she made him high. Gave him a rush that nothing else in life or no one in life had ever been able to do. She was small, but fine as wine, and just as sweet. Synthia only stood about 5’5″ and now she weighed 145 pounds, with long shapely legs, smooth flat stomach, and nice perfect ass. She had a doll baby set of breast. Like two ice cream cones. Nice round breast topped with light brown tips, perfect for sucking and teasing. Her stomach was soft and flat and firm and it all lead down to that perfect curl covered V at the tops of her round juicy thighs. He watched as her hands unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it away.

“Ohhh, Sweet Sin.” He said to her as he watched her hands undo his belt and pants. He watched her face as she put her hands inside his boxer’s. He always liked the expression that came on her face. He remembered the first night that she had ever put her hands inside his pants. He had watched her face that night also. The look of shock that always seem to come across her face turns him on. She was shocked at his size that first time. Shocked but delighted as hell. She would always say that he filled both her hands and could fill another if she had it, lengthwise. And if she needed to use her middle finger to touch around it, that was thick enough for her.

She always would tell him that it didn’t matter if “he” had a little one, she would still love him. He doubted that seriously, because he knew what she liked, and what it took for her, and he had what it took for Synthia.

“Listen baby. Stop for a minute.” He said to her. But she was not listening, was not trying to either. She had her hands wrapped around his hardness and was stroking him. “Girl, damn baby. See what you always do to me?” he said against her mouth.

“What baby?” she asked in her smooth quiet voice. “Tell me. I don’t want to wait. Tell me.” Her hands had worked his pants off of him and they now lay tangled with his shoes on the floor, beside her robe. “Tell me Terry. Look.” She said pushing his hand into her steamy hot wetness. Terry was immediately overwhelmed with her soft musty sweet woman aroma. He could smell her all around him, touch her, taste her and hear her, as she moaned against his caressing fingers. “Mmmmm, Terry, that feels so good.” Synthia whispered into his mouth.

“I know baby.” Terry answered her. “You are so beautiful, so sweet. My Sweet Sin.” He whispered in her ear and felt her body respond to his voice. Felt her release that moistened his fingers and knuckles. Sweet Sin possessed him once again.

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